Five Last Minute Picks For Christmas Gifts From Pro-Gun Companies

Smoked BrosSpice Blends and BBQ Rubs (From $5.95)

U.S.A.-( Christmas is almost here, and if you need help finding a gift for those gun owners in your life, then you come to the right place. Every once in a while, I like to step back from the breaking news stories or posting ATF leaks and write something fun. This article will reveal my choice for last-minute Christmas gifts at different price points that I recommend for the gun guy/gal in your life.

Smoked Bros Spice Blends and BBQ Rubs (From $5.95)

One of the things Green Berets and other special operations soldiers learn when deployed is how to grill. In between fighting evil and training, there is downtime. What is better than collecting local ingredients and making spice blends and rubs? That is where Smoked Bros was born.

Smoked Bros is a company that believes in the right to keep and bear arms. Each of their unique blends is named after something that holds deep meaning for those in the military community. From Knuckle Dragger to Apple Shrapnel, their spice and rub’s names are great.

My two favorite blends are Agent Orange and Point Man. Agent Orange is Smoked Bros Buffalo seasoning. It is hot but still has a lot of taste that other seasonings don’t have. It isn’t hot just to be hot. I love it. Point Man is their steak seasoning. The only bad part is that my in-laws make me grill whenever we have a cookout because of my “skills” on the grill. Little do they know that Point Man is my secret ingredient. I even use it on hamburgers.

Defender Coffee (From $15.99)

Defender Coffee

Defender Coffee has to be my favorite 2A friendly coffee company. There are a lot of coffee companies out there that are jockeying for the gun owner market now that Black Rifle Coffee Company has fallen out of favor with a lot of people, but I think the best has to be Defender Coffee, and I like them for more than just their breakfast beverage (even though it is delicious).

Before we get into the different roasts, I have talked to the company’s management feelings on guns. They believe in the right to bear arms, which is why the company started. I am not talking about it in a “fudd” way either. They are no compromise in the strongest sense of the term. They use part of the company’s profits to help pro-gun rights organizations (FPC, GOA, or SAF) stand up and fight back against those who want to take our guns and our freedom.

Their blends are also incredible. They even have a GOA roast (yes, as in Gun Owners of America) that is their medium roast which is excellent and smooth. But if you like me, it is all about the dark roast. That is where their Swamp Fox roast comes into play. Trust me. It is better than any anti-gun chain brand coffee on the market.

Nexbelt EDC (From $61.99)

NexBelt EDC

One of the most overlooked pieces of gear for gun owners who like to carry their firearms is a good belt. I have used a lot of different brands of belts, but the belt I always go back to is the Nexbelt EDC. In fact, I have multiple ones since they are great belts.

The Nexbelt EDC is a ratchet-style belt. That means that the belt doesn’t have holes. Instead, the belt tightens by teeth catching against a latch. This tightening system makes the belt fit precisely to the gun owner. Also, hatch marks inside the strap let the wearer cut it down to the perfect size. It is also a stiff belt that will not bend from the weight of the user’s gun.

One thing that I really like about the Nexbelt EDC is that they don’t look “tactical.” I have a dress belt from NexBelt that works well with suits. My everyday belt buckle isn’t as shiny as my dress belt, and it works with any outfit. Then I have my 2A belt with a buckle that celebrates the Second Amendment. These belts are worth every penny, and the company is very pro-gun.

Mantis Laser Academy (From $99) & Mantis X10 Elite ($249)

Mantis Laser Academy

I have been using the Mantis X system for a while, which really helped improve my shot placement. It works by monitoring slight movements and reporting those movements to an app on the user’s phone thru a Bluetooth connection. I have referred to Mantis as the “Tesla” of the gun work, and I still think they are that innovative.

Now Mantis has the Laser Academy, which uses a laser cartridge, an app, your phone’s camera, and paper targets to help the user improve their shot. The app will run the user through drills and give real-time feedback. This system has also improved my shot. It is perfect for these times of expensive ammo and shortages.

I have been using both products together. That is the thing that I like about Mantis the best. Their products merge perfectly together.

Safe Life Defense FRAS Body Armor (From $1407.12)

Safe Life Defense Concealable FRAS

Now let’s say the gun lover in your life has been extra good. Why not treat them to high-end body armor? That is where Safe Life Defense FRAS comes into play.

I have been a fan of Safe Life Defense for a few years now. I never would recommend body armor I didn’t know works. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to put multiple rounds into Safe Life Defense’s body armor, and it was able to stop everything I threw at it. I have tested their level IIIA armor to their level IV ceramic plates, and they have all worked flawlessly.

The FRAS is the company’s flexible rifle-rated body armor. It is the best of both worlds. The armor can stop rounds from an AR-15 chambered in 5.56 to an AKM rifle firing a 7.62×39 round. It is the ultimate in flexible body armor technology and what I keep in my bedroom closet.

The Final Conclusion

There are a lot of products on the market that you can buy the gun owner in your life, but don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all the readers of AmmoLand News.

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