Kyle Rittenhouse NOT Guilty via Rule-of-Law, GUILTY via Critical Race Theory ~VIDEO

Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty, all counts

U.S.A.-( This correspondent has reported extensively on the Kyle Rittenhouse incident and trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for AmmoLand News, with over two dozen articles in the last 14 months.

Very early on I explained there was no murder case, no criminal reckless endangerment, and no firearms charge which was consistent with the law.

Repeatedly, the prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Binger, informed the court the firearms charge was based on what the prosecution believed the law had to be, rather than on what the law was.

It is a microcosm of the left. Decisions are made on what the left believes reality *should be* rather than what reality *is*.

The firearms charge was important to lend the air of illegality to what was obviously legal and ethical self-defense. The case should never have been brought. The performance of the prosecutors during the trial confirmed the prosecution was done for political purposes rather than to bring justice.

The job of a prosecutor is to pursue justice. It is not to obtain successful prosecutions.

The Decision Not To Charge Is Every Bit As Important As The Decision To Charge A Suspect

Six (6) charges were brought against Kyle Rittenhouse less than 48 hours after the self-defense shootings occurred. Wisconsin does not require indictments by a grand jury. Charges are commonly brought exclusively by prosecutors.

Kyle Rittenhouse tried to turn himself into the police within minutes of the events. He later successfully turned himself in to the police about an hour after the events. This was characterized in the media as “being arrested” or “being taken into custody” rather than the factual “turning himself into the police”.

A seventh (7) charge, of violating curfew, was added to the first six charges, in late December 2020, months after the events in August. The prosecutors botched this late, attempted pile-on. It was later determined no lawful order about the curfew had been entered on August 25.

The next strategy was to hold Kyle in jail with exorbitantly high bail, in order to prevent a good defense, to push him to accept a plea bargain. It is a common, and despicable, prosecution tactic.

In a self-defense case where the defendant turned himself in quickly, where voluminous evidence of self-defense existed, Kyle should have been released on signature bond, or, at most a few thousand dollars bail.

Kyle’s bail was set at $2 million. This is more evidence of political persecution, instead of criminal prosecution.

The Media/Tech Oligarch/Left mob actively worked to prevent Kyle from collecting funds from the public for bail. Both GoFundMe and Fundly kicked efforts for Kyle off of their fund-raising platforms. Only a Christian fundraiser, GiveSendGo, accepted Kyle. GiveSendGo was then denied the ability to accept funds through Discover credit cards.

After Kyle was out on bail, the prosecutors repeatedly attempted to have the bond revoked for political reasons. They were denied.

During the run-up to the trial, the curfew violation was dismissed by Judge Schroeder.  The weapons charge was used as the basis for serious charges against Kyle’s friend, Dominick Black. The weapons charge was dismissed during the trial. The charges against Dominick Black should be dismissed. The wheels of the justice system turn slowly.  The charges against Dominick Black should be dropped before the end of the year.

Many, many, lawyers have made the case charges should never have been brought. It is now documented the weapons and curfew charges did not withstand the simplest of legal scrutiny.

In contrast, the same prosecutor’s office refused to charge the police officer who shot Jacob Blake, the life-long criminal who was armed and fleeing from the police, with children he was under judicial order to avoid contact with while refusing to comply with police commands. Blake was shot in the back seven times, reaching for a knife. This correspondent supports the decision not to charge the police officer.

The Evidence For Self-Defense In The Rittenhouse Case Is Several Times More Compelling

The charges against Kyle were brought for ideological purposes. What kind of monster puts an innocent 17-year-old, who already was forced to go through the trauma of defending himself and killing attackers, to go through almost 15 months of legal hell, defending himself against a corrupt prosecution?

The Media/Tech Oligarch/Left movement is the monster.  None of this would have happened if the major media had bothered to report facts and actual law instead of imagined falsehoods and imaginary law.

The purpose was, and is, to prop up false narratives about the nature of reality. Once a group of peers, united by an ideology, are fully committed to a false vision of reality, it is almost impossible for them to reverse those decisions and denounce their previous deeply held beliefs. They will construct false narratives and conspiracy theories to account for every contradiction of their false worldview. It becomes too painful for them to acknowledge reality. Their entire worldview and major parts of their personality are integrated with the false visions. They suffer from cognitive dissonance.

The nation saw the same media machine work to achieve the same goals in several previous events. The first obvious event was the arrest of Rodney King in Los Angeles. There the Media learned the power of taking an incident, distorting it from edited video, and using it as a tool of racial division.

The tactic was violently resurrected in the Obama administration following the justified shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Hands Up Don’t Shoot Was Always A Lie

The riots following the legitimate self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida were based on media narrative lies. Both of those events have had their Media/Tech Oligarch/Left narratives destroyed by the facts uncovered in subsequent investigations.

The false narrative of Kyle as a white supremacist active shooter mass murderer has been destroyed by incontrovertible facts in a court of law. It was always destroyed by massive amounts of incontrovertible video evidence.

The Media-Leftist movement has turned to the conspiracy theory called Critical Race Theory (CRT). In CRT, any disparity in outcome between white people and other people is considered proof of systemic racism, unless the disparity is in favor of black people (such as football players). Disparities in favor of Asians are somehow considered proof of CRT.

CRT does not allow to be considered that there are infinite other potential causes of such disparities; or that disparities have always existed, long before the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

As expected, the reason given why Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all counts is not allowed to be because he was, in fact, not guilty.

Instead, the reason is explained as “white supremacy”. Kyle never shot a black person. Kyle never shot anyone who was not actively attacking him. Kyle showed remarkable fire control, refraining from shooting several people, where he was on the edge or beyond of being justified.

White supremacy, under CRT, becomes defined as the whole system of the rule of law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Trial by Jury, and, essentially objective thought, truth, equality before the law, and private property, even the nuclear family. By proxy, this includes all of Western Civilization and Christendom.

The goal of CRT is nothing less than the destruction of Western Civilization, the rule of law, the reliance on objective thought, logic, and equality before the law.

This is why Kyle Rittenhouse was prosecuted. It was not that Kyle violated the law. It was because he followed the law. It was because he opposed the violent overthrow of Western Civilization, the Constitution, property rights, the rule of law, and the Bill of Rights.

Any crime; murder, arson, stealing, lying, raping, a false witness in court, cheating, are all justified by the Media/Tech Oligarch/Left in order to bring about the downfall which they desire. The claim is, this will bring about utopia.  There is no evidence to support this fairy-tale. It is all false narrative and nonsense.

Many want to believe; many desire the license to burn, loot, and murder. Many see the opportunity to become powerful and wealthy by looting the dying carcass of Western Civilization; many are so self-deluded they cannot discern between lies and truth.

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, because they followed the rule of law, and did their duty. They stepped up to the plate and did what needed to be done, as was required of them. They were able to consider the facts, outside of the false narrative of the Media/Tech Oligarch/Left. They were capable of seeing reality unfiltered by leftist ideologues.

The real question is: How have we come to the place where elected officials deliberately plot the downfall of the rule of law, the Constitution, and Western Civilization, as beneficial, needful, praiseworthy, and good?

When most people understand the media, the ruling class, including the education establishment and much of the bureaucracy, have embraced the destruction of Western Civilization as positive and beneficial, we will have begun to solve the problem.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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I have a kid that has this problem. She projects her wishes into the world and states them as truth because that’s what must be true from her viewpoint. It’s very difficult for her to even recognize that she’s lying since she’s really just trying to make what she’s experiencing fit with what she believes. The Left and the media work this way. Any evidence that what they believe isn’t reality is simply an indictment of our culture or of “the system”. The difference is that my daughter is still a small child, I am her father, and her mother… Read more »

Wild Bill

That is a typical teenage failing. It used to be remedied by getting one’s first real job. Now-a-days … well … I dunno because so many so many out there have aged without maturing. Good luck and MC, brother.


Hopefully we can have some impact before the teenage years. I would like for her to at least learn be honest with herself. She’s a smart one. If she can learn that, she’s going to make one kickass adult.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.


have a friend whose son never got past that beauty is truth , he has spent 6 of his 26 years in jail (first time he was 15) god I hope you have better luck

Green Mtn. Boy

The answer is rather simple, the Marxism being practiced by the Left.

Arkansas Rob

Spot on, Dean. Each individual must recognize the lies and corruption from the tech/oligarch/media Marxists, and, once recognized, will never go back to being deceived.

Deplorable Bill

Good job Dean. The trial of Rittenhouse was not just about him but freedom, self defense. the right to keep and bear arms for all free Americans. If there is a case in which the evidence was so blatantly pro defense I have not seen it. Had the same thing happened before the age of cell phone cameras the left may have gotten their way and railroaded him. It has happened many times before and it will again. A good example of this is in D.C. on January 6, 2020 at the communist fort pelousy. After watching the video, it’s… Read more »


Deplorable Bill

I’m not a Soros fan -far from it. I find it necessary to point out a extremely grotesque lie that you are a perpetrator of.
In your post, you reference “the WW-2 concentration camp guard, George Sorros”. It is either ignorance of the truth or your choice to perpetuate such a lie. Soros was born in 1930, which would have made him all of 15 at the end of WW-2. A bit young to be a guard in a camp, don’t you think? You do the cause of freedom a disservice by perpetuating such lies.

Last edited 1 year ago by GmanNM

I think this is the best article you’ve written in a while. ..hard to call. . Nevertheless…you did a great job. I enjoyed reading it.


Minor quibble here, the curfew charge was dismissed during the trial, after the prosecution rested, for failure of the prosecution to show sufficient evidence that a lawful curfew order was in place. Other than the Detective mentioning the curfew, they had made no case for that charge. That’s why the curfew charge was dismissed, not because the curfew order was unlawful. That still had not been decided at the time of the trial.


Binger proved he is a complete idiot just by filing charges on Kyle and there is no such thing as CRT . CRT is just another Marxist pipe dream the left has pulled from thier rectal port to discriminate against people who are not of color ! CRT is a false narrative !

Doug G.

Binger was just a the ADA who took the case to trial. An incompetent one, but not the originator of the charges. The charges were filed by the DA, a Soros bought elected official, within 48 hours of the shooting. It’s in the video. FYI
No way would the DA want to carry this fuster cluck of a case on his record. Despite his bluster in the immediate aftermath and at filing. Better to sacrifice a subordinate by handing off this loser of a case.


The time arrived that more people will have to step up to protect their communities


Rittenhouse will make a fine cop. He knows his way around a AR15 we know that. He will qualify with handgun once in the academy. When the kids a cop that will have the socialists going really nuts! I’m looking forward that that too!


Will (“TEX” et al.) – 12/7/21

“Rittenhouse will make a fine cop. He knows his way around a AR15 we know that. He will qualify with handgun once in the academy. When the kids a cop that will have the socialists going really nuts! I’m looking forward that that too!”

Response to Will (“TEX” et al.):

The cops pepper sprayed him and then the detective lied on the witness stand to Kyle’s detriment. Afterwards, Kyle indicated he’s interested in pursuing a different career.


You must have missed that part of the trial – when Kyle’s lawyer’s eyes popped open and he just laughed at the detective.

The things you overlook . . .

Wild Bill

… pale to insignificance.


Kyle was idealistic about law enforcement prior to the Kenosa riots. He expressed a desire to go into law enforcement. He watched law enforcement (who are paid to enforce good laws prohibiting arson and other destruction of property) stand by and watch a town burn. The next night, Kyle (a “civilian”) came out with a rifle and joined other “civilians.” Again, the LEOs did little to stop the rioting. They drove around in armored vehicles while wearing body armor. Kyle (wearing no body armor) defended himself, was pepper sprayed by LEOs, and then watched a LEO lie on the witness… Read more »


WB = sarcastic a-hole, as usual. Pretends to be pro-Kyle, but sucks up to the cops who F’d him over and made his sacrifice necessary in the first place.


Duh HUH!!! Bedtime for TEX. Give the chimp a banana.


I missed that. It would have been priceless to see. Thank you. The DA and members of LEO getting their preverbal d–ks slapped.


You’re welcome.

Not all lawyers are bad. Rittenhouse’s lawyer had a sense of humor as well as being effective. The detective made himself look small and the lawyer allowed him to do it.


Agreed Good for Rittenhouse ‘s lawyer.


Police are under no obligation to protect anyone. See Warren vs DcC Metro Police 2nd Circuit Court 1981. The police are Revenue Generators, Pirates and Freebooters! After seeing how he was treated by them, I would be very surprised if he would want lower himself to be one!

Wild Bill

And in the light of that non-obligation, the states all diminish our Rights by claiming an interest in protecting us. How have courts let them have it both ways? MC, brother!


last honest cop i met was frank serpico ,police hate him he was a roll model

Wild Bill

You met Frank Serpico!? I’d love to hear about it.


I was a cop that emulated Serpico. I didn’t last. They set me up for a phony bust and that was the end of a cop who wouldn’t have just enforced “laws”. I remember riding with a TO who would have shit at one of our stops where a kid had a joint and dropped it on the ground and I stepped on it and shook my head and let him go. Shultz would have shit bricks had he known I had done that! PEACE OFFICERS don’t last in today’s “LAW ENFORCEMENT”


Good man. I just offset one of TEX’s downvotes, though I doubt you live for votes like they do.

Mystic Wolf

He has been talking about becoming a lawyer to defend those wrongfully accused of crimes.

Doug G.

For what little he knew about his own gun, he damn sure knows more that both the lawyers, and that includes his own lawyer.

Doug G.

He won’t be one in Kenosha, which is why he started down that path. He may never be able to stay in Kenosha or Antioch, IL after all this, because it may be too unsafe to do so. His attorney suggested he change his name and move somewhere else to start over. (Bad advice, the name change, IMO) Why should he? He wasn’t guilty of anything. Look at twitter’s dumbest tweeter, David Hogg, got an invite to Harvard for his continuing displayed ignorance of history and the law. Kyle was forced to mature, that night and since, he will find… Read more »

Wild Bill

Well said and I hope that you are right about his future! MC, brother.


I say Rittenhouse won’t have work if his lawyers put together good lawsuits against those who had him guilty even before his trial, the news media, any who slandered his character, this would be the same as the Starman case, what the media tried to do to him!!!!!!!!!!!


Rittenhouse will be so wealthy he will never have to even think about working if that’s what he wanted. The kid will have more cash then Sandmann. But he’s so young and ambitious he will still pursue,achieve,and succeed in Law Enforcement. (If just for something to do) There will be agencies all over the country wanting to hire him. The kid has a great life ahead of him.


Not Kenosha – he made the police look like fools.

Kyle wants to be a lawyer.

Put this in your search engine:

“Chillin’ with That One Kid from| Guests: Kyle Rittenhouse & Sara Gonzales | 12/6/21”

You know, if you don’t stop upvoting yourself so furiously, you’re going to go blind.






The police made the police look like fools,not Kyle.



“The police made the police look like fools,not Kyle.”

Reply to Will/TEX/etc.

You finally made a comment that was half correct – the police did make themselves look like fools. Kyle magnifed the look – a 17-year old “civilian” did what a bunch of overpaid, heavily armored and armed government employees refused to do.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Will(“TEX”) – 12/9/21

“Rittenhouse will be so wealthy he will never have to even think about working if that’s what he wanted. The kid will have more cash then Sandmann. But he’s so young and ambitious he will still pursue,achieve,and succeed in Law Enforcement. (If just for something to do) There will be agencies all over the country wanting to hire him. The kid has a great life ahead of him.”


Naaa…he wouldn’t. He has integrity. To be a cop these days you can’t have integrity. You have to be willing to cage people for victimless acts because it’s “the law”. Oh and lie to get the convictions and a few other activities which psychopathic control freaks engage in. The meme should say WHY did this happen???


Shortly after the trial Kyle indicated he wanted to go into nursing. A few days ago he said he wanted to be a lawyer. During the interview in which he said this, and on-line poster wrote this: “CJ   Kenosha resident here. Outsiders and those who weren’t in Kenosha have no clue what it was like during those nights. We were absolutely abandoned by our leaders. Law-abiding citizens stayed home after the curfews, kept their guns close, and helplessly listened to police scanners and watched live-streams, while criminals ran wild, burning buildings to the ground, injuring people, breaking into stores,… Read more »


Reply on hold, but I quoted a Kenosha resident who said the town was up for grabs and the cops did nothing while the city burned for days. Finally, armed “civilians” took to the streets to defend the town themselves. After Kyle, one of the “civilians,” shot three of the criminals, the riots stopped.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

This was not reported by the ‘msm’ propagandists. Never heard of what you said.


Of course you didn’t. There were several interesting things that happened that were not supportive of the media’s narrative. I didn’t hear Fox report on the detective lying, but I listened to the trial and heard it myself. Fox downplayed the reporting of the police watching the town burn while safely wearing body armor and riding around in armored vehicles. Why? Because Fox likes to portray themselves as “pro police.” Hannity says 99.9% of cops are heroes and do a great job. Based on the data that is available, that is a statistical impossibility (depending on your definition of “hero”… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

And do THIS?


Stop pointing out isolated incidents.

Just because Brailsford was bad and 100% of the other cops in the hallway were bad, and the Mesa enforcers who supported him on-line were bad, and the mesa chief was bad, doesn’t mean more than 0.5% of cops are bad! Learn how to use Minitab. You’re a cop-hater!

I hope Philip is coming to terms and coping with the PTSD he incurred while murdering Shaver.

To all you “civilians” out there – watch those furtive movements.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Poor Philip. Shaver’s family should compensate him for the stress.


Maybe he used some of the disability money to get another tattoo – something with special meaning, like the etching on his dust cover “You’re Fucked.”


Rittenhouse will make a fine cop…!…!” -WillTEX/FordWILL/WB

Maybe so, if he doesn’t say things like this:

“LMFAO ! Send that African boy to prison and forget about him!”

“LMFAO !…!…!”

Green Mtn. Boy

Let’s Go Marxist’s


Will(“TEX”) “Officer Braisford found not guilty in Shaver shooting returns to force. It’s tragic that Shaver was shot by the police. Shavers blood alcohol was x3 higher than legal limit,he had been displaying an air rifle in the lobby of hotel shooting birds and people in the butt. He had become threatening to hotel staff (prob.due to extreme intoxication) This was a perfect storm for a tragic ending. This event didn’t have to happen Tragic!” Reply to Will (“TEX”): Tragedies happen. Atrocities are committed. This was an atrocity committed under color of law. For those who haven’t seen the video,… Read more »


Yeah, that’s right – delete your comment right away. This is why a certain percentage of “civilians” don’t trust a certain percentage of cops – because of people like you who defend a POS like Brailsford and his psychopath partner and the department that defended them and pulled strings to get Brailsford a monthly disability payment for the rest of his life for fake “PTSD” he “suffered” while murdering Shaver. The entire Mesa police department should have publicly denounced Brailsford and his partner. They didn’t – they supported them. You really are something else. Watch the video people – you… Read more »


O.J. Simpson was found “not guilty” as well.


Would any of the many current and former Ammoland LEOs care to comment on Will’s view on the Daniel Shaver killing?

Wil/TEX deleted his comment, but I quoted it above.

How many of you think Brailsford acted appropriately?

Wild Bill

The problem with purportedly copying someones post, that may have been deleted, are two fold. First, perhaps that person changed their mind. We have the power and authority to change our own minds. Second, because there is nothing to compare the copy to, we don’t know if the copy has been altered. That is no kind of evidence.


You are like a lawyer doing pro bono work for some meth head. He thinks the meth head is a likeable enough guy that just went astray, so he keeps helping him out. Unfortunately, the meth keeps reverting to his old ways and makes the lawyer look foolish in front of the judge after awhile. At some point, the lawyer just walks away in disgust. I didn’t alter one word of what Will/TEX/FORD Will wrote. Regarding “evidence,” Will/TEX/FORD Will is like a certain percentage of enforcers who destroy or tamper with evidence when they think it is to their benefit.… Read more »

Wild Bill

“They” are holding up your comments, you say?


It seems that sometimes my posts get hung up for reasons not related to length.

You keep using “we,” like you have been elected as the spokesperson for the board (or someone else appointed you “commander” of everyone).

You are just making law enforcement look worse.

What would make law enforcement look better is if there were a dozen posts from LEOs/former LEOs condemning Brailsford.


TEX (“Will,” al.)

“LMFAO !!!”

Reply to TEX (“Will, et al.)

Which one are you again, frick or frack?

Sometimes you come across as Obie, other times Buford T. Justice, and other times as Grover Dill.

Wild Bill

Ok, here is some important news: Moderna was working on a flu vaccine that included the Chinese Corona virus vaccine. That way if you got a flu shot, you also got the Chinese Communist Party virus vaccine, too!
That effort has failed. Moderna was unable to make some part of that effective. This comes out because Moderna stock is down.


This just in . . . look over here.

Wild Bill

Happy trails!

Wild Bill

Just part of the Holly Jolly Christmas season! MC everybody.