Philadelphia’s Emphasis on ‘Gun Laws’ Guarantees Violence Will Continue

Just blame the record homicides on citizens buying guns to protect themselves from the predictable results. (Larry Krasner for DA/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “A rising tide of stolen guns helps fuel Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. “A surge in new gun owners and a spike in gun thefts from cars are contributing to the city’s gun violence crisis, police and experts say.”

An anecdote presented to prove the case involves an armed criminal who, with two armed accomplices, robbed a store of cash and a gun. The incident is then tied in with “Philadelphia’s surging tide of stolen guns, one that has risen in the last two years to an unprecedented high water mark,” and that in turn is used to segue into another factoid:

“Philadelphia has recorded more homicides this year than ever before — 545 — the vast majority of them caused by gunfire.”

While “caused by predators firing guns they obtained in spite of citizen disarmament edicts” might be a more accurate way of stating that, doing so would not support the next contention The Inquirer is betting readers will swallow:

“More people with guns – The pace of people purchasing legal guns in Philadelphia has soared, with many of them first-time owners. The swelling ranks of gun owners over the last two years has likely made the stolen gun problem worse.”

Note the use of the word “likely,” but give them that. What they’re really trying to make us believe is that owning a gun is a big front-end part of the problem.

“[C]ar break-ins that yield guns have shot up 37% this year, according to police data,” we are told.  “The rise in new gun owners and gun thefts from vehicles may be related.”

They “may be.” Leaving a gun in the car carries definite risks. What else “may be” is that “law-abiding” armed citizens don’t wish to travel through dangerous areas unarmed but also fear being caught if they have to park their cars and enter a “gun-free” establishment. The mandate is what creates the unsafe condition.

While it’s also true that new gun owners with less experience and training may be less informed on security options, it’s also true that “seasoned professionals” have guns stolen from their patrol cars seemingly all the time. Want some examples?

I could keep doing onesies all day, but I’m going to let Michael Bloomberg’s “journalism project” give me a break:

The Trace examined records from more than 100 law enforcement agencies and found that they had collectively reported the loss or theft of at least 1,781 guns between 2008 and 2017. The vast majority were department-issued handguns, but the count also included hundreds of rifles and shotguns, as well as four fully automatic submachine guns. The firearms were stolen out of glove boxes and closets, left in airports and on the roofs of cars, and in one case, forgotten in a high school bathroom. Some were later involved in crimes ranging from aggravated assault to homicide.”

Don’t get me started on “Only Ones” and bathrooms.

There is one admission in the Inquirer piece that again, points back to “gun laws” as being the catalyst and shows how those who are intent on flouting them do so without missing a beat: So-called “straw purchasers” make false police reports to give themselves an out if a gun traceable to them is recovered.

Enact a rule and the criminals will find a way to ignore it, if not turn it to their advantage.

That’s because it’s really not about guns and never has been. It’s about people who don’t follow the rules preying on those who do, and about government edicts aiding and abetting the predators by imposing ever more infringements on citizens inclined to obey.  The “dilemma” the Inquirer reporters are wringing their hands over has no solution if that reality is ignored and politicians instead go for the supposed “commonsense gun safety law” that is actually stupid and dangerous.

That is exactly what Philadelphia politicians are doing, suing the state over preemption and demanding “restrictions that the city can’t impose without state approval, such as requiring a permit to purchase a firearm within the city, setting limits on how many guns someone can purchase within the city during a certain time period, or ‘disarming firearm owners who pose an extreme risk of physical harm to themselves or others but have not yet acted.’”

Like the insane, totalitarian Queen of Hearts said:

“Sentence first — Verdict afterwards.”

Who seriously believes violent sociopaths who kill for petty gains, over disagreements, for revenge, or just because they feel like it, and do so without remorse, need permits to get as many guns as they want? Who seriously believes putting restrictions on people who don’t victimize others will do anything to change that, except to give an advantage to the aggressors?

Maybe focus on the attackers and on what they do, with full due process, and if they are proven beyond a reasonable doubt  “to pose an extreme risk of physical harm,” maybe keep them apart from the potential victim pool until they no longer do?

Not that Soros DA Larry Krasner sees that as an option…

It seems the people who would benefit the most are the ones who keep voting for politicians who make everything worse.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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2A Gun Guy

Spot On David


what the atf and fbi giving guns to cartels


“Philadelphia’s Emphasis on ‘Gun Laws’ Guarantees Violence Will Continue”
“GUN LAWS” are not written to stop crime.
They are written to disarm legal gun owners by outlawing ownership and USE OF firearms for legal use.

Henry Bowman

You were going good till you had to bring in the jooo thing. FAIL.
And you wonder why you consistently get downvoted.


I beg to differ with your opinion, sir. His reference is to those who call themselves Jews but in reality they are non religious; and the ones Christ called out as “the children of Satan the Devil! Reference The Gospel of John chapter 8 verses 44 to 48. Or, do you wish to argue with the one who is without Sin?

Henry Bowman

No, he’s a fracking antisemite. Period. His position is wholly indefensible. “Khazarian Mafia” is a GIANT dog whistle. I see this baloney all the time on Gab, which is a free speech social media and the only place where disgusting and wrong speech is allowed because unless all speech is protected, then none is. Fakebook, Twatter, instagram are but a few examples of the slippery slope of censorship.

So either you’re completely ignorant or you’re actively defending bigotry… I’d like to think the former, because everyone can be sincerely wrong.


a lot of drugs ARE government people involved, just as weapons supplied Do you think fast and furious was first atf gun deal? us and Russian governments have supplied arms to “friendly” terrorists forever , we supplied both sides in central america , you want to see tax dollars at work united self defense forces of Colombia was a cia counter drug co-op and the people this was to “help” died by thousands and afgan government people were involved in opium and we did protect them , one of the generals who was fired it was over his attempt to… Read more »

Henry Bowman

This rise in crime unerringly corresponds with blue sh!thole D-rat cities & states. Policy choices have consequences, as 2 D-rats found out when they were carjacked within the last couple weeks just days apart and in separate antigun states. If these D-rats had been murdered, you’d expect the Commiecrat Party would use the occasion as they always do (being the vultures they are) to ‘not waste a crisis’. But IF they’d been killed, I would have cynically laughed and declared “serves them right”. At this point, I really hope all of these enemies of liberty get to experience the same… Read more »


need to publish home address type of car and plate number , with the will comply with robbers stuff too. gun store owners need to talk to potential customers and not sell to people in government, no sales to comi states NOTHING no cleaning supplies no gun parts no holsters

Henry Bowman

Yes, in that Fenix Ammunition leads the way. They NEVER sell to govt. types, etc.!


I don’t know the lws and requriements for carrying upon one’s person in PA or in Philly (shuold be the same, what wiht state preemtion and all but who nows for syre?) but I won;der how many of the guns light0fingered from poarked cars were left in the car rather than carried upon the person of the owners because they bought that new gun but cannot yet leglly carry it about upon their perosons in public. We’ve all heard of the woman, in fear for her life due to her ex’s stated intentions to kill her, bought a gun but… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Tionico

lazy journalism. where are the statistics or data sets? may be, could be, might have, means we are not going to put forth the effort to find out the truth and will just publish whatever bovine excrement they have been fed. print media like the talking heads on television are losing subscribers and subscriptions like mad.
and they wonder why.


Krasner = What an IDIOT.


I wonder how many of those stolen guns belonged to cops like the ones in Kommiefornia Sacramento and Auburn that sold them to criminals.

Yep it’s true.




What I find totally Bizarro-World is Krasner’s re-election ad at the top. It reads like the sort of thing the Babylon Bee would write to lampoon his record, not like the sort of thing he’d write himself and hold out as some kind of accomplishment to be proud of. Democrats are so out of touch that they think this is a good thing. Or else the mask is finally off and they are admitting they are the Felons’ Party and don’t give a damn about “normies” anymore. It’s like writing a campaign ad that says, “Criminals are no longer stealing… Read more »