5 NYPD Shootings Draw Attention To Mayor Eric Adams’ Plans To Make NYC Safe


New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- Five NYPD officers have been shot in the line of duty, only three weeks into the New Year in Eric Adams’ reign as New York City Mayor.

Most recently, on January 21, 2022, a psychopath and recidivist criminal with multiple violent felony arrests in New York and other States, Lashawn McNeil, 47, on probation, shot two police officers in New York City. See New York Post article.

Officer Jason Rivera, 22, died in the line of duty, and his partner, Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, is clinging to life. The officers had answered a call involving a domestic situation in Harlem. The wife of the slain officer posted a moving tribute to her husband. The killer also shot and wounded a third officer, who returned fire, hitting McNeil in the head and arm. The killer is in critical condition as of Saturday morning. See report in The New York Times.

A helluva guy, isn’t he? Let’s wish him well. Maybe the City should erect a statue to him, just like the statue it erected to George Floyd, in Brooklyn—at the same time the City removed the statue of Teddy Roosevelt.

George Floyd was a drug addict and small-time crook—another character worth emulating.

Just think: If Floyd had not attempted to pass a counterfeit bill off on a grocery store clerk, he would still be alive. But, then, the Neo-Marxist Democrat Party would’ve had to bide its time, awaiting some other pretext to speed the destabilization of society. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes that point clear, for which her own cohorts slammed her—apparently for being too straightforward and literal.

America’s Neo-Marxists Retain Stranglehold On New York City

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Official Headshot
New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Neo-Marxists retain a nice, firm stranglehold on the City, even after one of their own—Bill de Blasio—has packed up his bags and departed from Gracie Mansion.

The new Mayor, Eric Adams, had once served as an NYPD officer, retiring as a Captain.

Unlike de Blasio, Eric Adams isn’t a rabid Communist, but he is still subject to manipulation by those elements that helped get him elected and who seek the destruction of the City and the Country.

This is clear enough from Adams’ own words, following the recent shooting of these young police officers.

And what did NYPD Captain Adams—now NYC Mayor—say to the City and the Country after the most recent shootings? Just this——

“ ‘The police department is doing their job taking thousands of guns off the streets, yet each time you take a gun off, there’s a constant flow of new guns coming here. . . .

‘And if we don’t coordinate to go after those gun dealers that are supplying large cities in America such as New York, we are losing the battle, and the federal government must step in and play a role in doing so.

‘We need Washington to join us and act now to stop the flow of guns in New York City and cities like New York.’” See NY Post article.

Later, Adams told Dana Bash, host on ABC’s Good Morning America:

“‘We are able to stop terrorism in this city when state, federal and local law enforcement agencies shared information. . . .

‘This is a sea of crime that has been fed by many rivers. . . . We have to dam those rivers.’” See report in NY Daily News.

Honestly, is this what the City and the Country want or need to hear from the Mayor? Does the City and Country need to hear seemingly glowing, but vague and bland, or tiresome and nonsensical rhetoric, of Anti-Second Amendment zealots who wish to distract and deflect attention away from themselves and from a failed Criminal Justice System they, themselves, coldly, callously, calculatedly thrust on America?

Obviously, the Deep State gun-banning puppet-masters had scripted Eric Adams’ words for him. And Adams dutifully regurgitated them. The words were contrived, all pretense. His intent was to keep New Yorkers in a perpetual state of passivity, apathy, and mental darkness.

If Adams had truly sought to come across as a transformative figure, rather than as a carbon copy of the previous inept, yet smug de Blasio, he might have delivered something to stir the passions; to shake the public from its stupor and naivety.

Adams might have said something like the following——


“Criminals take notice: if you kill a ‘Cop,’ you’re going down! I will not tolerate murders and assaults or attempted murders and assaults on Cops on my watch. I am, this day, declaring war on Cop Killers and would-be Cop-killers.

For twenty years I served proudly as a New York City Police Officer. My first obligation as Mayor is to the well-being of the people of the City, just as it was when I served as a New York City Police Officer and Captain.

An attack on a New York City Police Officers is also an attack on every other good citizen of our community, and I will not tolerate it.

Two years ago, after an assassination attempt on a fellow police officer, the Sergeants Benevolent Association wrote to my predecessor:

“‘Mayor De Blasio, the members of the NYPD are declaring war on you. . . ! We do not respect you, DO NOT visit us in hospitals. You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you. . . . NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you. . . . This isn’t over, Game on.’” [taken from an article appearing on the website, Right Edition]

I am here to tell the Sergeants Benevolent Association that I have burned your words into memory. I am not de Blasio, nor do I choose to be. His days are over.

In the next few weeks, I will be implementing my plan for a safe, secure, and thriving New York. That plan will include the following:

The creation of police intelligence units and quick reaction forces to target organized crime, criminal gangs, and sociopaths that commit violent crimes against police officers and against innocent civilians;

  • Encouraging City’s prosecutors to bring criminal charges against all violent offenders and to seek incarceration and, for repeat offenders, lengthy prison sentences;
  • Encouraging all Branches of the City Government to swiftly draw up concrete, comprehensive, and robust plans to secure the City from the violence that has plagued it for so many years under the previous Administration;
  • The Creation of task forces, mobilizing business and community leaders to assist my Office in developing zero-tolerance policies toward crime, vagrancy, and random violent acts committed by criminals, sociopaths, and psychotics against innocent citizens;
  • The Complete overhaul of the New York City Licensing Division concerning the issuance of firearms and handguns licenses for retired police officers, licensed security guard companies, and civilians.

As a former police officer, I am able to carry a gun. But that doesn’t make me special. I believe all responsible, law-abiding citizens of New York City, no less than I, should be able to carry a handgun for self-defense. That is their fundamental right. That is why I am undertaking a complete overhaul of the New York City Licensing Division.

During my campaign for Mayor, I was asked whether, as a former police officer, I would carry a firearm if I became Mayor. I answered,

‘Yes I will, number one. . . . ‘And number two, I won’t have a security detail. If the city is safe, the mayor shouldn’t have a security detail with him. He should be walking the street by himself.’ [from the New York Post]

Now that I have been elected Mayor, I stand by those words. Unlike my predecessor, I intend to make our City safe.

For far too long this City has had its priorities completely backward. The previous City Administration made its commitments to the wrong people, to the wrong groups, and to the wrong elements of society. This will all change on my watch.

I will provide the impetus for a revitalized New York City—A City where people will want to live and feel safe and secure, where people wish to visit rather than avoid, and where businesses can grow and prosper.”


Alas, in his actual public remarks Mayor Adams didn’t say anything to suggest a sea-change from the prior disastrous Administration.

During his conversation on ABCs Good Morning America, Mayor Adams did mention he will be rolling out a plan this week to take on the “gun violence.” We can’t know what that plan entails. We would hope whatever it is, it will include our aforesaid recommendations. But we have our doubts.

Our concern is that, by Eric Adams’ use of the Neo-Marxists’ buzz-phrase, ‘gun violence,’ and by tying that phrase in with ‘[domestic] terrorism,’ and by constantly exclaiming and reiterating that “the federal government needs to step in and play a role,” Eric Adams is playing directly to the Harris-Biden Administration’s goal of Federal Government intrusion on State’s rights in violation of the Tenth Amendment and on the American peoples’ rights under both the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

The ball is now in your court, Mr. Mayor. We pray to God, you do the right thing for the people of New York City.

As the Mayor of a major, prominent American City, what you do will set an example for good or ill not only for New York City but for the Country as a whole.

You can kowtow to a rogue Federal Government or you can defend the Nation’s Bill of Rights. But don’t think for one moment you can play both ends against the middle. The public won’t fall for it; not anymore.

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uncle dudley

The new mayor doesn’t need Washington’s help as much as he needs Albany to change the laws allowing criminals to be put back in jail by doing away with their no bail policy they instituted.
They have made the problems worse with the liberal policies they put in place, now it’s past time to overturn those laws.


  The terrorist are those elected democrats they have their own version of the rule of law .They roll with what fits the narrative of there needs backed by the propaganda media infusion of lies. The democrats have now effectively begun to control you ability to choose treatment at your doctor’s discretion that could save your life.This in itself is the most dangerous policy to date when elected bureaucrats control your doctor.          We as americans have let the government in this past year become servants of communist China who now control the influx of goods be it medical or tangible items… Read more »

Wild Bill

McKinsey and Co. counseled businesses to move their manufacturing operations to China to reduce labor costs and thus increase profit margins. Once one company did then the rest had to so as to remain competitive. The man behind McKinsey and Co is Dominic Barton!


Yes this is true Thank you


there are so many megalomaniacs in government it needs a through house cleaning and downsize. from cities to federal ,rules like felons loss of rights need to time out no repeat back to normal society , yes there are cases where someone has continually committed crimes and not been caught sociopaths thankfully are not the norm. there are sooooooooooooooo many rules and laws that say almost the same thing that the records should be culled and corrected

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft

We must remember who wants to alter America and who are the puppets the Influencers. China the influencer the Puppets are those elected 545 in Washington along with local socialist democrat party. It is fair to say the republicans do not wave the flag of the socialist agenda. The marxist media refuses to produce journalist that are committed to facts, truth and honesty. Opinions nightly in the media are now as bad a social media sites that fail to allow free speech while banning those that are willing to reveal the facts the truth with honesty. Like the communist party… Read more »

Wild Bill

The Biden inflation will be with us forever. Ammo will not be going down. Dry fire. No ammo cost. No range cost. No transport cost.
I like watch the westerns and join in. You have to be quick, and empty.


I never could beat the guy in the mirror. lol

Wild Bill

Not the mirror, TV because the camera angle changes ever 2 or three seconds. If you are going to become quick, you have to compete against quick.

Wild Bill

Perhaps if you would explain it to them correctly, they would understand better.

Wild Bill

Yes, I recall and he is a puppet, and now his handlers will put a socialist marxist on the S. Ct., whomever that will be. I wonder if the Repubs can stretch out the hearings until after the elections? Maybe, they could bribe him to stay a few months longer. I’d contribute.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill

Adams’ election, changes nothing. The city is still run by a Democrat, with the same Democrat values, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”.
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.”


Bernie Ghoetz for Mayor of NYC!


Those DAMN GUNS! I don’t know what they think they’re gonna do. GUNS SHOOT! In heavily populated areas they end up shooting PEOPLE! There are people EVERYWHERE! It’s not like the country where guns can shoot a bear or an elk! For as long as governments deny reality and blame guns – the problem will never be solved. This is a global agenda to “transform” the western democracies being pushed in large part by George Soros . . . and the democrat party. It’s the same in Europe with their “migrant” population. 1 Deny the existence of minority crime and… Read more »


Someone said, “When they make it illegal to have guns, only criminals will have guns.” Simple, obvious, and undeniably true. Too complicated for New York politicians and their like to understand, though. The whole point of the Second Amendment is that the people need to have free access to guns to defend themselves from criminals and tyrants, and few people, including the people themselves, seem to understand that anymore.


criminals will have guns whether you make them illegal or not. the definition of criminal is someone who does not follow the laws of society.
you cannot legislate morality; if you could there would be no crime or abortions. it is evident with our politicians and criminals, but i repeat myself. no one is able to protect themselves or others if they do not have the equipment to do so and by taking away the ability to possess and carry firearms politicians are exposing their citizens to criminal behavior.


Te democrats work together as a party one lies the rest swear to it. The republicans can’t come together and do not want to the party is broken. We are headed to a one party government voting will never be the same again. Republican never wanted Trump they had no choice remember Mitch and his words.


Article is correct about his words being crafted for his usual political rhetoric reply to NYC’s Gun violence. How about tougher prison sentences to repeat violent offenders ?

Ever notice how the contemporaneous term Deep State gets bandied about regularly but not too many seem to be willing to read or research actually who is the Deep State. Yet anybody who reads & researched with regularity has heard the term Hidden Hand.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

“Unlike de Blasio, Eric Adams isn’t a rabid Communist,” Yes, he is. He enforced insane gun laws for years. “. . . but he is still subject to manipulation by those elements that helped get him elected and who seek the destruction of the City and the Country.” Adams is not a victim who is being manipulated. He wants more police. He is not committed to arresting, prosecuting, convicting, and incarcerating violent criminals (and keeping them incarcerated for an appropriate amount of time). There is a reason why he did not outline those actions as his plan. The above article… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC