Beware Biden’s Desperate Anti-Gun Pivot, When All Else Fails Confiscate Guns!

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Washington, DC  – -( The Biden-Harris administration is trapped inside a hostile media spotlight, a victim of their own incompetence. They’re like a cornered animal – desperate for a way out, but clearly willing to settle for anything that would shift the public focus off of their ever-growing list of foibles. They’re a consistent bunch, that much is true. They consistently lurch from one self-inflicted crisis to another, while we pay the price for their mistakes.

It began with Joe’s unconditional surrender of Afghanistan and was followed by the Build Back Better bust and the deadly fiasco on our Southern border. Added quickly to the mix were skyrocketing inflation, lots of empty shelves, the Supremes embarrassing denouncement of a clearly unconstitutional vaccine mandate, COVID tests becoming unobtainium while omicron surged, the filibuster remaining as strong as it was a year ago thanks to good Sens. Manchin and Sinema, and the fact that Russia is making ready to launch an invasion of the Ukraine, which could trigger a third world war, in which Joe Biden would be the defender of the free world!?

The Biden-Harris administration tried to get the focus off of its near-daily faux pas by uploading a Jan. 6-themed “democracy is under threat” speech onto Joe’s teleprompter. The speech caught hold of the media’s news cycle for about a day, but the respite didn’t last long, despite hard-sell attempts by Pelosi et al.

Next, Joe tried pivoting to voting rights, but when voting rights advocates themselves boycotted his speech, his pivot lost its luster. The speech itself – “Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?” – was about as easy for most Americans to stomach as a fistful of ghost peppers. It was, in fact, more of a cry for help – another what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-Joe exemplar.

Now, what has me and some of my much smarter and more experienced friends losing sleep, is trying to fathom what Joe will try next.

It is time, we fear, for Joe to pivot once again toward gun control, as he did right out of the box a year ago.

The pivot could take the shape of a new ATF rule – most likely his long-threatened attempt to move ARs, standard-capacity magazines or whatever else scares the anti-gun crowd, under the regulatory of the National Firearms Act, or NFA, which currently regulates machine guns, suppressors, short-barrel rifles and shotguns and other devices that give the gun-grabbers fits.

To be clear, such a move would be clearly unconstitutional, and the ATF certainly lacks the authority to impose such a rule. However, that hasn’t stopped this crowd before. Biden or whoever else is really calling the shots has shown they don’t care about the constitution or the rule of law. If they did, the Supremes wouldn’t have pulled down their drawers and given them a public spanking for trying to reinvent OSHA’s authority with their vaccine mandate, which Biden’s own chief of staff Ron Klain admitted was a “workaround” of the United States Constitution.

The timing of such an anti-gun workaround couldn’t be better for Joe. Within the past few weeks, Biden has lost the support of the mainstream media – the very folks who got him elected.

“President Biden left Washington tonight to spend the weekend at home in Delaware. He probably couldn’t wait to get out of town after one of the worst weeks of his year-old presidency. A series of setbacks from voting rights, the Supreme Court blocking his vaccine mandate for large businesses, and soaring inflation driving up prices for consumers. And today we saw the news that retail sales last month were awful. Plus omicron is still causing havoc, with staffing shortages and empty shelves, and some say Democrats are upset with the White House over testing shortages. I could go on. It’s a bad week for the president. Is there any other way to cut it?”

That’s not a quote from Tucker, Sean or Laura. CNN’s own Don Lemon said it just days ago – the same Don Lemon who broke into actual tears the night Joe Biden was elected. If Don’s given up hope, Joe is truly lost. That’s one of the reasons I suspect Joe will pivot to guns. It would land the mainstream media back in his camp, and the gun-ban industry – Gabby, Everytown, and the Demanding Moms – would be ecstatic. They, too, had all but given up on Joe. They certainly wouldn’t care about offending the constitution or more than half of the country.

Like with any crime, and to be clear, willfully violating the constitution is a criminal act, you have to look at motive, means, and opportunity. Joe Biden has the motive to violate our rights and the means to do so, and although I believe it will happen sooner rather than later, unless fate or the 25th Amendment intervene, for the next three long years he’ll have the opportunity for all the infringing he and Kamala desire.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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Please give dates and locals where these pictures were taken. I cannot confirm these pictures show what you are implying.


I wish that even gun sites like Ammoland would quit perpetuating the myth that FJB was elected President. They should be calling it was it really was, a coup. A coup by massive voter fraud, something must be done. “that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,” “But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to… Read more »


I’m old, in pretty severe chronic pain. If that Senile Dipschitt wants my guns, he’s more than welcome to try. Better send extra Body Bags.

Deplorable Bill

Biden GIVES the terrorists that attacked US nearly half a million automatic weapons, aircraft, vehicles etc. but he wants to confiscate my gear? Good luck pal. You can have my ammo first ——- airmail. I have every RIGHT and obligation to keep and bear arms, my LORD says this, our constitution says this. Strange thing that you are sworn to uphold the constitution, funny thing that you consider yourself a Christian. Does not math your oath does it. Should you attempt firearm confiscation what you will have is a repeat of history; Lexington, Concord and a war for freedom and… Read more »


“Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”

I didn’t want to be on the side of Jefferson Davis or either of the other two of his “bad guys” and that would be just three of the NUMEROUS reasons I’m not a democrat.


Fear-mongering click-bait. He’s already trying to violate our rights with the 2 unconstitutional proposed rules that we won’t be paying any attention to, so he can go ahead and issue or have others issue more “orders, mandates, rules, regs”, etc. We will continue to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies.




Eternal vigilance… Come an get ’em and bring your lunch.

Henry Bowman

Deprivation of Rights under color of law is a felony. Doubly so if it is done with lethal weapons. We all know what touched off the American Revolution. I guess the tyrants and their bluecoats want us to do it again.

Brace yourselves… When Dems start pushing for gun control you know that a false flag mass shooting is inbound!


Saw 3 Apaches and a Blackwawk in formation over Westmoreland Co. Pa, a couple weeks ago, and a lone Blackhawk last week. Before that we would see an Apache here and there every few months. Just sayin…. Apaches WERE based in Johnstown up to a couple years ago.


My Dad asked me if I heard the choppers flying over in the middle of the night the other day. I said I heard three flights’ when feeding the fire, he said there where six, never had that many in a row fly over before.


When I lived in Pa, I used to see Cobras and Huey’s, caught sight of a couple of Apaches, was close to Willow Grove!


With the closing of Afghanistan and the near-complete drawdown in Iraq, most of the combat units are finally back from the Middle East (it’s been nearly two decades). Regular training is resuming. I’m a ret USAF O, who’s still in the business, and one of my tasks is getting all the units shifted back to normal routines. So far its been a headache and bit of a nightmare as no one is around at unit levels that remembers a pre 9-11 setting. The budgets those units are used to have already dried up and we still have repair and refitting… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Tackleberry

The federal government doesn’t have the bandwidth to confiscate, register, buy back, etc.

Just too many ARs for that. Destined to fail.


Sure they can. Heck – I don’t have any ARs, they’ve decided to self identify as Fudd-guns. Don’t you know it is not acceptable to not accept self-identities? I’ve got an FF-10 (10″ Finn’s Firearm) and an FF-16 – but no ARs.

Do not consent, will not comply. Preparing to withdraw remainder of consent.

We draw ever closer to an independent Texas – but happy to work together with other like-minded states.

Henry Bowman

Destined to fail, provided that the government’s intended victims use their 2A for its original purpose, and possess the physical courage to see it through. When that happens, the rest of us will surely pile on!

Arizona Don

There has never been and never will be a restrictive gun law that reduces crime! Those who commit crimes do not adhere to laws. Therefore gun laws will never reduce crime. The only thing restrictive gun laws do is take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens making those people who are always the victim(s) even more vulnerable to the criminals. The goal of the gun haters has always been and will always be to confiscate all guns. There is also little doubt that will never be accomplished if the citizenship is unwilling to comply which many, if not most Americans,… Read more »


Zackley !


The Feds don’t have the resources for a broad confiscation.

Wild Bill

Allow me to propose a possible scenario: The federal government secretly creates a shortage of food and blame it on supply chain issues (notice the shelves are beginning to empty, even now.) Soccer moms cry for federal help. The federal government nationalizes the state National Guards to distribute MREs to elevate the hunger. The feds become the hero Each family gets only so many rations, but if the family turns in a firearm the family gets extra rations . Who would not turn in something to diminish their children’s hunger. The feds shed not one drop of sweat or blood.… Read more »


Gave you an upvote to bring you back to zero. The only thing I can fathom is that the reason for the down vote is that there is someone on here that doesn’t appreciate the truth or are to blind to see it. Your scenario is spot on. The down voters should think of fast and furious designed to bring guns from Mexico that we illegaly gave them back to America to increase semi auto violence to try and produce the illusion that AR’s are bad and we need to take them away. Can’t they see it. They should think… Read more »

Wild Bill

I have my fingers crossed! Oh and thank you for your support.


That could and probably would work in the cities or areas where those with “hungry children” cannot or for whatever reason, will not hunt. My firearms would be and have been used to feed my family, they have for years, not going to let their *planned* food shortage change that in any way.. Plant a garden and stockpile or buy MRE’s. You couldn’t PAY me to live in a city OR socialist state.
My 2 cents.

Wild Bill

My feelings exactly. If I have to read “Granny Clampit’s Possum Roast Recipes” and raise my own collard greens, in opposition to giving up my firearms, then it is a small price.


Stockpile Heirloom seeds!


This is the same Federal Government that: deliberately tried to exterminate the buffalo in order to eliminate the native Americans of the great plains. poisoned ethyl alcohol supplies during prohibition in an effort to “discourage” people who were still drinking bootleg whisky. conducted the Tuskeegee Experiment in which African American men who were infected with syphilis were denied treatment while the progression of the disease was studied. and for a more recent example, cut off Florida’s supplies of mono clonal antibodies to punish Governor DeSantis. So…would they deny nutrition to people unless they turned in a gun? The ends justify… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, I think that they would use food and medicine control as a weapon. Quietly get out to the country!


They already are using such tactics! Empty store shelves, get the jab to have a job……I spent the last fifteen of my working years as a pharmacy technician in a hospital. Big Pharma rules the world……We have the capacity to treat Wuhan virus folks with generic drugs that work… How come we don’t?


I am thinking of MAO and Stalin, Both of these ABOMINATIONS used STARVATION to ASSASSINATE — BILLIONS of their own countrymen. I would not put it past the DemoKKKrat communist party and their CABAL of FOREIGNORS and DOMESTIC TERRORISTS would use the same tactic here, in America!


I would submit that a more likely, more immediate move by Biden, et al, to salvage their regime, will be to push Russia into a war! Then, the question is will it go atomic? Have a nice day!!!!!!!

Wild Bill

Hmmm, most worrisome. Well … I’ll try to have a nice day.




AND would undoubtedly lose substantially more “resources” if attempted.

Wild Bill

You are quite right and the feds know it. That is why I think that they will use some other technique, but their end goal is clear.


No thanks ilegitiment clownshow Joe Biden, Patriots will pass and you can stick you unconstitutional gun control up your ilegitiment old senial ass !


Let’s go Brandon, FJB!!!!

Matt in Oklahoma

Seriously? So this side is gonna lose its mind like President Biden? Nothing more than fear mongering. I don’t care if he says all ARs are outlawed tomorrow I’m not gonna listen to him anymore than I did on the mandate. I know what’s legal and so do y’all. Don’t be saying shit that’s gonna cause issues. Your a whole lot better using that energy to deal with food security which we no longer have than trying to figure out the next move of an Alzheimer’s patient.


Exactly, and remember Matt. All the civilian weapons, along with 8 Trillion rounds of ammunition were lost in a terrible boating accident at an undisclosed location. I for one volunteer to help them go look for them as soon as the food, inflation, and every other crisis they have caused or invented have been solved.

Henry Bowman

Food security is achieved when you grow your own food using heirloom (non-hybridized) seeds. At harvest, set back an adequate supply of seeds for the next season. Be as diverse as possible for your region/climate. If you live north of the 45th parallel, be sure to build greenhouses so you can extend your growing season. Beyond that, all I can say is DEFEND WHAT’S YOURS.

Matt in Oklahoma

I prefer to have stocks of both hybrid and heirloom. I don’t commit to just one thing in any preparedness thing. Food consist of growing, raising, canning, freeze dried, Mylar and pantry. Have eat on the go as well as meal ingredients.
Same with water. Have bulk, bottles, collect, filters and transport methods.


You must remember Bidet’s HANDLERS, also the SES “elites”.


Well, let’s get this party started!

2A Gun Guy

Hope Your wrong Lee


Dems are already Pf-cked in this year’s elections. No way do they grab the gun control 3rd rail. They can’t even get Sinema & Manchin to jump on vote fraud & ending filibuster, let alone gun control. You heard it here.

Wish they’d try it, though. As dissidents used to say before wall fell, “Worse is better, Comrade.”

Last edited 4 months ago by Russn8r
Monkey Mouse

They are dumb enough to grab the rail – look at what garbage they focused on in 2021…

Problem is that even the gun control states have added millions of new gun owners since 2019 – NJ added 1M, majority women and minorities. The incumbent liberal shitbag governor came within 1% of losing his re-election as a result of additional gun control (which was blocked), 10k COVID nursing home deaths, and of course the tyranny.


Some of them are dumb enough. Not the most powerful leaders. Even Pelosi, Schumer & DiFi back off when it’ll cost them too many seats. They’ll continue yapping though, as Republicans do while doing nothing, for donations and to keep the base happy.

Green Mtn. Boy

Let’s Go Brandon,with a hardy FJB.


add nancy to that,

LightSpeeds Lab

Easy solution. When he comes for our guns, we’ll givem the ammo first. We certainly cant follow Canada’s or Austrailia’s compliance

Wild Bill

What ever happens, will happen in the big cities first. Quietly sell, and move to a rural area.


Cities are Dem breeding grounds, enslave them by huge FREE EVERYTHING handouts while they destroy themselves from within. Watch them destroying and collapsing on themselves, it’s on the news every DAY.
Vote for ME and I will give you whatever you want, invoking modern day slavery, yet they put them in office over and over again, completely blinded by the free “trinkets” while their freedom is slipping away.


If THEY can eliminate gasoline driving wll become untenable forcing people back into the cities. Build a wall, a wall the Leftists will support: “Escape From New York” anyone!


Let em all move to the cities. I can hunt, fish, trap and grow my own food. I also have horses.

Wild Bill

Oh brother, ain’t that the truth.


True. Much of the problem is high density, which inevitably breeds Control Freak Karens. Nearly all of our population growth is imported. We need to end illegal & slash legal immigration.

Wild Bill

We have much common ground.


Thanks. I think so.


Even the Nazi’s never confiscated the guns from rural Germany, they probably didn’t need to.

Wild Bill

If one of the various government ruling us would try, my plan is to put everything in my covered pickup and drive it over to the neighbor’s place. She has no record of gun ownership nor ammunition purchase; and owes me more than one favor.
After “they” search my place, I would move it back here.


The Nazi’s confiscated guns everywhere there were Jewish people and people that did not support Hitler or were non-German speakers. They took their land to feed Hitler’s army’s and had the army people working the fields with the Jewish and other slaves. After they confiscated the guns, they went around and imprisoned all the Jewish people they didn’t rape or kill after stealing anything of value including that of the sympathizers and then after that they started killing anyone who did not support Hitler. My mother, born and raised in Germany during WWII told me about these things when I… Read more »

Wild Bill

That is a terrific original research interview of an actual witness! Thanks for sharing. I hope that you pass it on to the grandkids!


Thanks, I will have to settle for nieces and nephews and their children, cousins and others who will listen. The key for me is that I share the story so others know some of what they hear is true but a lot of it can be government propaganda which is what obummer tried to do by taking over NPR but failed. As soon as he did that, three months in to his first term, I knew he was a crooked bastard and the hope and change was what he wanted not what I was looking for.



I was sorting through my ammo, reloads in particular and it dawned on me the “We the People” aren’t going to run out of ammo.

Wild Bill

I have at least one eight lbs container for each specific cartridge that I shoot, also, and a life time supply of factory ammo in the odd calibers like .17 WSM.


I take a regular ammo can not sure of the cal but it is about 14 x5 x 12. I take ammo that is in boxes on stripper clips and place two of them side by side in the middle of the box going length ways. Then I take the bullets and place them next to each other staggard so they are flat as you stack them. After you have the first bottom rows complete, I put another row of boxes on top of whats in there and do the same thing over again. I have had as many as… Read more »