Another Piece Of Good News For The Second Amendment

Take Action Time to Act
Take Action Time to Act

United States – -( Second Amendment supporters have been seeing a lot of hopeful signs lately. The oral arguments in NYSRPA v. Bruen point to a win that will likely gut “may issue” laws. Pro-Second Amendment candidates swept statewide races in Virginia. Furthermore, anti-Second Amendment extremists are looking at an increasingly bleak political landscape as their big long-term bet seems to be a loser.

That last item now gets another datapoint, this time from the Economist, which cites a study from Northeastern University. It notes, quite clearly, that the subset of the American population that exercises their Second Amendment rights is growing more diverse.

Keep in mind, when we discussed Biden’s big blunders, we noted that he really was operating in a “no room for error” situation. Already, we have seen that the “emerging majority” some predicted for Democrats isn’t coming to pass.

Now, with women and other minorities increasingly exercising their Second Amendment rights, if anything, there is a demographic doomsday of sorts coming, but it is not necessarily to the advantage of those who placed a bet on demographics.

Months before the 2021 election, we noted that Hispanic voters were becoming more supportive of the Second Amendment, as were younger people. Now, the Economist reports that a Northeastern University study has shown that gun ownership is increasing in the black community.

“[T]he fundamental problem is that Democrats have been relying on the support of roughly 90 percent of Black voters and 70 percent of Hispanic voters,” Dan Shor told New York magazine back in March. This was before a lot of the Second Amendment trends were becoming more and more obvious to us.

In one sense, Second Amendment supporters are getting lucky. These trends are happening despite the colossal failure to hire translators that has taken place on Wayne LaPierre’s watch, one that could have been a crucial backstop to make things even more difficult for anti-Second Amendment extremists. This, not any of the BS from the Lavrentiy Beria-inspired with hunt Letitia James is carrying out, is why Wayne LaPierre needs to step down.

In another sense, Second Amendment supporters need to not just engage in outreach to these new gun owners, but to also find who among them can become the next wave of Second Amendment activists. Whether they choose to work with NRA, GOA, SAF, FPC, or some other group, it will only help with the most important task: Defeating anti-Second Amendment extremists at the federal, state, and local levels via the ballot box this November.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Matt in Oklahoma

I don’t buy the diverse voters thing. They still vote dem and always will. As long as they have their gun they could care less about rights. Look at the carjacked politicians recently. Neither of them changed their stance even though one’s husband has a gun that ended it.
“Diversity is our strength” is hogwash. Case by case. Y’all better wake up.

Arkansas Rob

I agree. Just look at New Mexico: pro-gun but blue as can be.

Matt in Oklahoma

Some antifa in Oregon buys an AK and a case of ammo and suddenly everyone’s acting like he’s voting republican.
Guess the leader of NFAC will be playing a round a Mar A Lago with President Trump next month huh? Lol
All them cartel straw purchase doers ain’t gonna be at the next American flag waving convention now are they?
Karen believes the media and thinks she needs to protect herself from toxic masculinity whites but the NRA fudds here are ready to slap a bumper sticker on her Prius
Wake the F up


More people owning more firearms is a good thing.

Wild Bill

Yes, more voters! But less ammo, I suppose.

Matt in Oklahoma

Definitely less ammo. Not necessarily more voters.

Matt in Oklahoma

Man you’d better wake up and figure out why they are buying those guns. It’s outta hate not freedom. It’s outta fear and you are what they fear.
Not all cases but a lot.


Funny ain’t it ? They act like the left can’t read the writing on the wall.


Yes. And “safe and effective” with those guns is better yet.


more conservative people buying guns yes, the leftists are just worried their slaves may be acting up


This is a better column for Harold because he is allowing that there are Gun Rights groups in existence other than the NRA. Although he does not call for the removal of La Pierre, he does call for him to step down. Two steps forward, but I strongly disagree with his idea about translators. One big step back . It would not surprise me that in the near future he will advise us that we should all learn Russian or Chinese so we can become citizens of the world.


Harold’s point was not to encourge you and I to learn russian or chinese or swahili. He is simply acknowleding the FACT that millions of citizens here are not native english speakers. Though conversant and functional in that language, they still have their “first language” and use it a lot. To translate material, even courses, etc, into some more common languages ohter than english WOULD indeed roll out the welcome mat a little farther, and make many of these folks feel more at home and comfortable with the whole “gun world”. In some areas, instructors familiar with otehr languages are… Read more »


I think I fully understood Harold’s points,as well as the intent,meaning and their consequences. Your response, I must admit did seem confusing. If these non-native English speakers are functional and conversant in that language,… where is any need for translators ? When you wrote ” butmy tate ” it took me a little while to figure out you were intending to say – but my state. I do not think states should spend millions on translation. I think it falls upon immigrants ( legal and illegal ) to learn to speak English, and not at taxpayers expense. There can be… Read more »