Second Amendment Supporters Should Learn From Biden Blunders

Oppose Gun Control Take Action
Oppose Gun Control Take Action

United States – -( In some ways, Joe Biden has only himself to blame for his lousy situation. Biden’s blunders have, for now, ensured the Second Amendment is safe on the federal level, especially with Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin again refusing to kill the filibuster.

But Second Amendment supporters must not miss this opportunity to learn the lessons from the errors made by our enemies. Is it a harsh word? Well, look at the records Biden and Kamala Harris have on the Second Amendment, and ask yourself, if even a hunter should view them as friends.

Let’s be very blunt – one of the reasons Biden is currently in the White House was because Donald Trump, for all the good he did, managed to put off a lot of people. This has been discussed before, but it clearly bears repeating: If you put off voters, you will pay. It may not be immediate, but it will happen – and it can happen at the worst time.

Remember, the 37 electoral votes of Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia were decided by roughly 45,000 votes overall. That is a “no room for error” margin in the best of circumstances, and there is an investigation into allegations of ballot harvesting in Georgia, a judge ruled against the drop boxes used by Wisconsin in 2020, and an audit of one county in Arizona turned up a lot of questions.

Since New Year’s Day, and even before it, Biden has gone all-in on treating those who don’t immediately fall in line with his positions like crap. In Georgia, he pretty much said that if people weren’t on his side to eliminate the filibuster and ram through certain items on his agenda, they were traitors.

How did that work out for Biden? Well, he didn’t succeed in getting Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (W-WV) to stop putting country before party vis-à-vis the filibuster. He managed to anger Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT). Biden was even repudiated by one former ally, Tulsi Gabbard, in no uncertain terms over the way he is treating opponents of his agenda.

This is why I have been adamant in the past about the need for Second Amendment supporters to be aware of how they come across and what approach they use in the course of their advocacy for the Second Amendment. Second Amendment supporters have been hurt by those who were abusive in the past.

Being polite and showing respect never hurts Second Amendment advocacy.

Joe Biden’s actions over the last two weeks have alienated supporters. 2020 showed he had very little room to alienate supporters, and 2021 shows that it could make some real problems for Biden worse.

In the congressional midterms and the 2024 election, Second Amendment supporters have a chance to make real gains that could take advantage of the upcoming ruling in NYSRPA v. Bruen and defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels. But that will only come if the lessons from the Biden blunders of the last two weeks are heeded.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Henry Bowman

NO, little Harold, Biden is in the White House because the Commiecrats cheated like hell, not because Trump pissed off voters. Biden couldn’t fill a phone booth to have a rally, yet tens and hundreds of thousands of people showed up at every Trump rally, in numbers so massive that the biggest stadiums in the country could only hold a FRACTION of those who showed up!
We know what really happened, even if you lack the mental capacity and acumen to keep up with current events!

Elisa Delaurenti

Being polite and showing respect to whom? The gun grabbing socialists, marxists, communists and other trolls of the world? NO WAY. I will show them the same sort of courtesy and respect they have shown me. And I’M A LOT BETTER AT THAT THAN THEY ARE. I’ve been on the front lines of this fight since 1982. I stopped being “polite and respectful” to those evil monsters a long damned time ago. And if more treated them how they deserve to be treated, we would have cleaned this horrid mess up a long time ago. In fact, I will even… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Little Quisling Harold is a spineless RINO appeaser. He lacks testicular fortitude, probably on account of what I suspect is an overabundance of soybeans. The NRA is run by a Demorat deep-cover mole, and Harold shills for him & the paper-tiger NRA… I have no clue why Ammoland lets this pencilneck keep posting columns here, since his writing is juvenile at best and as far below the caliber of the other writers as Satan is below Almighty God!
The boy needs to be FIRED.

Last edited 1 year ago by Henry Bowman

fired? out of what circus cannon? (no net)

Henry Bowman



Well stated. I predate you a bit in both the discovery of the Progressive New Left and their nefarious plot to upend and destroy our Constitutional Republic but I commend your clarity. We need to all accept the fact that the incrementalist assault on our Republic started in the early 1970’s and was launched in a very well organized and systematic way. Most on the ‘right’ ignored the declaration of war and the rumors of war until it was too late. Our Republic has been deconstructed piece by piece. Many have excuses, few have regrets. I have both. I fell… Read more »


“We need to all accept the fact that the incrementalist assault on our Republic started in the early 1970’s and was launched in a very well organized and systematic way.”

It started many decades prior to the early 1970s.


it started in early 1900s 1934 gun control act was a clear shot at people. title 18 was put in place to allow removal of bad eggs, but is not used that way. I too have the same regrets, sad part is the groups we trained for there became a bigger part of the problem . the zetas from mexico trained in the us. many of the cartels have people trained by US government or contractors. you are likely the only one here to have witnessed, and sadly been part of the carnage. Iran contra and other things to be… Read more »

Wild Bill

Welcome to the site, and thank you for your efforts!


Being polite does not mean being a doormat. Being an active proponent does not mean being a jerk.


Ilegitiment clownshow Joe Biden won nothing Harold you are confused and pushing Democrat talking points . The steal was in in 2020 and the courts have failed the American people . 81cmillin people did not vote for that buffoon so quit pushing the lies of the left . You sound like Lizard chamelion Cheney !


trump was attacked in ways that should have put some demoncrats in jail, congress would have had less cons , we do need to be polite to people with questions, have had some left leaning people I know ask if I would protect them when the riots were going on. they now have guns and are learning best practices to protect themselves will I travel 100 miles leave my house a stuff to protect someone who until covid did not think I should have guns (their son has a registered mak10 and lives in the Carolinas bet they dont know… Read more »

Elisa Delaurenti

Just out of curiosity…… What was it about covid that changed their minds?


Being passive and polite is what emboldens aggressive gun grabbers and their useful idiots. Now that the gun owner/ gun rights voter is destined to have their votes diluted by illegals voting for democrats, all the manners in the world aren’t going to stave off more infringements. It’s the nature of mankind to fight for their beliefs and if we don’t face it, we will be defending our homes with bats and kitchen knives. Incremental appeasement is a loss for gun owners.


Lizard chameleon Cheney


Trump “loss” was NOT due to those he “PUT OFF”… It was due to the biased left media, leftist lies, massive voter “irregularities”, lost or misplaced ballots and in general underhanded Dem dealings. FEW were put off or turned against Trump, HE had this nation doing GREAT in ALL aspects. The Democrats played the proverbial nutshell election game with unprecedented secrecy and falsity. If you or anyone else didn’t realize that FACT you are braindead. Those stupid enough to have ACTUALLY cast a vote for him have seen the actions of what they have done by helping the added dead/illegal/… Read more »

Arizona Don

So true!


Unless Everyone of you keyboard warriors actually stands up off your comfy chairs and fights for our rights, the house and senate is all we have right now. Their vote is the make or break for our rights. Flood their emails with what we the people want and believe in and maybe we will have an honest chance at taking back our freedoms. Bickering back and forth at one another on this site does nothing. Take action now. Send your thoughts to someone who can actually do something about this.

Wild Bill

On that note, here is a bit of good news:
The lead investigator for the Jan. 6 House select committee investigating the Capitol riot has been fired from his position as the University of Virginia’s counsel by the state’s new Republican attorney general, per the Washington Post.”
That is good fighting back!


I’m not kissing anyone’s ass to express myself & my right. I hope they do push even harder to remove the 2A. We’ll see where the tire hits the ASSphalt. I’m tired of empty threats. And the scam. Pay me to fight for your right. You appease to these clowns, CLOWN.


OK, I grant you this: reason and disciplined debate do hold under normal circumstances. But we are not living in a period of normal circumstances. Long gone is our tradition of disciplined debate. The left has infused our politics with Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. While we play Roberts Rules of Order they do the end run and flip over the card table. Our political dialog is now emotion driven, fact free and deceptive. Good manners do you no good in a firefight. We are in a virtual firefight, an existential firefight with the Progressive New Left. One side will… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, I’m thinking that well turned phrases, jokes, and memes are powerful tools. Those who would destroy the Second Amendment are famous for “Saturday Night Special” and “gun violence”. We are famous for “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6”
We need fresh, new, phrases, and jokes that imply entire arguments … like “they” invent.


something catchy that does not offend? In this day and age the fact that we like our independence does offend these people. They want to tell you what to do and how to live, and have you noticed the idea of humor has turned from thought {whos on first) to vulgar? Word play shows mental activity, grabbing your balls and saying suck this and the wheres the electron microscope reply are just sad, rather watch mo, larry curly and shemp.

Wild Bill

I did not write “… does not offend…” I do not mind if we all offend the gun grabbers, but we should try not to offend each other or the fence sitters.


the fence sitters we need to grab and get to dance on our side. and that is happening more with the stupid stuff the goobers have done over the last two years


fence sitters are spineless or weak and want to be liked by others. if you are going to talk about something, get informed and then speak, don’t be an idiot or just a talking head without a brain.
personally, i like to debate the 2A, politics and religion, but rarely find others willing to take up the challenge.

Wild Bill

Ok, I won’t.

Knute Knute

I will! Take up the Religious debate, I mean.
Point one of my opening statement; Organized Religion has brought little besides pain, suffering, and death upon mankind, from it’s beginnings to date.
Anyone care to disagree?

Knute Knute

Not you four. Anyone who votes without knowledge or speech is disqualified. If you can’t even be bothered to speak, who would ever give a chit about your stupid opinion? Even if it IS worded as a vote, rather than just the unfounded opinions of those unwilling to even put their usernames down.
Obviously QUITE frightened of even the most cursory questioning!


a lot of the fence sitters were taught lies, and are now waking up to find they were lied to,but dont know where to look for the truth. there has been many years of brainwashing in the “schools” even about religion his-story is what they are told little to no truth. so the ones we can salvage or are saving themselves those we need, and yes the rest are just chum in the water

Wild Bill

Ok, here is my contribution to catchy, pro-Second Amendment phrases. Democrats and the American people are like brothers: Cain and Able!


I can see that,:and like Samson someone is forever trying to take our power by cutting the constitution our proverbial hair.


@Wild Bill How about , better a shark than chum in the water


Roosevelt was as close to a dictator as we have ever had, truman was kept out of all decisions the only reason there were black soldiers was his wife remember ‘Eleanor Roosevelt ni__ers’? she knew people were either good or bad color did not matter. the attack began after the last shot was fired in “hot” war and has been growing ever since.


I am so tired of the Democrats and them getting away with everything. When are the Republicans going to step in and remember that they work for us its not the other way around. They are stealing from we the American people. We have to TAKE BACK AMERICA. They censor all the bad stuff, but when Trump was in, they attacked him in such horrific ways. They should be in jail. They lied about Russian collusion, had fake notes and they never were held accountable.Hunter Biden should be in jail today along with Hillary and the rest of the crew.… Read more »

Knute Knute

After years and years…. I can now tell Harold the whiner’s writing by the first paragraph. The same kind of thing. Finish the first paragraph and then the thought pops into my head; “This sounds like Little Harold”. So I check the byline. and sure enough. It must really suck to be so predictable that everyone can tell its you talking in three sentences or less. I’m sure glad Harlod isn’t on any fire teams that I’m a member of. Predictability like that gets people killed as they’ll walk right into shitstorms that they were TOLD were there! Their last… Read more »


Re: Joe Manchin (W-WV)
What’s that “W” stand for? Whore?