Feuer Going for More Gun Laws Hides Failure of L.A. Government

And if we can’t take the rabidly anti-gun L.A. Times’ word for it, whose can we take? [Mike Feuer/Facebook)
U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer on Tuesday, Jan. 18,  announced an eight-point plan to address increasing gun violence in Los Angeles,” Los Angeles Daily News reported Tuesday. “Feuer — who is running for mayor this year — submitted a plan calling for an inter-jurisdictional response to gun violence to Mayor Eric Garcetti, the City Council, the Board of Police Commissioners, Police Chief Michel Moore, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.”

The very first sentence is an admission of the utter failure of every fraudulent infringement Feuer — and the L.A. government he has been a prominent part of for decades — have mandated by diktat in the name of “gun safety.” Not only has the state of California attained the highest “gun laws” grade from both the Brady Campaign and the Giffords gun-grab groups but Feuer and every person he submitted his latest citizen disarmament scheme to has built a powerful political career on Second Amendment subversion.

If their edicts really did work, why is there “increasing gun violence”? Isn’t proposing new prohibitions not only a masked admission that none of them have, and that the violence monopolist will never have enough until they have it all? And what do we call those whose control is total?

Looking at Feuer’s “new” plan, the first thing that becomes apparent is there’s nothing new about it. This stuff has all been tried and failed before, in lots of high-violence places, including in L.A.

He wants a cross-jurisdictional collaboration, which is another way of saying he wants to put together a commission that does nothing but come up with new pretexts to ban more citizens from owning guns. He also wants more “city/county collaboration.”

So he wants more collaborators. And we might ask what the hell the Joint Regional Intelligence Center has been doing all these years and if taxpayers can get their money back.

“Feuer also called for the city to add resources to the LAPD’s Gun Unit to help it address the 136% increase in unserialized ghost guns that were recovered in 2021 compared to 2020,” the report continues. Without knowing numbers, that is, how many had been used in crimes of violence, who the firearms were “recovered” from,  and how that compares to all of the guns confiscated, that percentage is pretty much a meaningless figure thrown out to spook the herd. And how having a serial number in the first place helps trace a gun to a “prohibited” perp who is outside the data stream and then prevent anything is a magic trick that has yet to be explained.

Feuer also wants “more gun buyback programs,” because after all the ones they’ve been having all these years, “gun violence” — by his own admission — is “increasing.” Perhaps he and his fellow collaborators never read the National Institute of Justice’s “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies” which concluded:

“Gun buybacks are ineffective as generally implemented. 1. The buybacks are too small to have an impact. 2. The guns turned in are at low risk of ever being used in a crime. 3. Replacement guns are easily acquired. Unless these three points are overcome, a gun buyback cannot be effective.”

But I guess it’s only “commonsense gun safety” to entice widows who may not have a clue on how to safely clear a gun to handle and transport one, with a high probability of being in violation of California law when they do. Still, it does make for “good press” to see LAPD trot out an inert tube while a gushing media lauds the “Only Ones” for saving them from a rogue rocket launcher! Except when someone besides the “real reporters” notices the gun collectors endangering themselves and the public by having their booger hooks on the bang switch

That’s some “commonsense gun safety.”

“To address neighborhoods that have persistent gun violence, Feuer’s plan calls for the creation of a Neighborhood Solutions Program that brings representatives from city departments and elected officials together to identify priority problems and work across jurisdictional lines to address the issues,” the report continues. Again, this is just so much babbling to cover the reality that, rather than provide solutions, “progressive” urban wealth transfers have instead perpetuated and enabled violence.

Notice we aren’t  given any verifiable specifics on those “intervention programs that have been proved to work.”  A prominent one I remember didn’t:

“Hector ‘Big Weasel’ Marroquin, 51 — who founded the one-time city-funded group ‘No Guns’ in 1996, purportedly to work against gang and gun violence in the inner city — is charged with the sale of an assault rifle, a machine gun, two pistols and two silencers…”

And Feuer noting that “gun violence declines when sources of blight are cleaned and high-crime neighborhoods are beautified” ignores that cleaning up for and after someone hardly provides the same incentives for continued maintenance that people taking care of their own turf provides. “Give” something and don’t be surprised to see more stories like:

“The new $18.6 million Gold Line Bridge, designed as a piece of public art, was defaced with significant graffiti over the weekend and the cleanup could force an eastbound lane closure at least one night early next week.”

Instead, we see crime going unpunished in Los Angeles, with “authorities” scrambling to prove who is most “woke” at distancing themselves from accusations of “overrepresenting” minorities in the criminal justice system. It’s no wonder we see rampant “smash and grab” robberies, freight trains looted “with impunity,” and much, much worse:

“LAPD identifies Brianna Kupfer’s ‘killer’ as a career criminal with dozens of arrests who was out on $1K bail as they tell public not to approach ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect.”

Naturally, one of Feuer’s plan recipients is DA George Gascon, another in a line of government functionaries beholden to George Soros, whose latest outrage was allowing a no-jail wrist-slap sentence for a child molester. Except apparently, if I mention Soros I’ll make myself vulnerable to accusations of antisemitism (despite years of working with Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership to help them promote the only credible way to say “Never again!” and mean it).

As for Feuer, I’ve been responding to this political wretch’s obsessive hatred of his countrymen’s rights for years, certainly for longer than I’ve been chronicling his obnoxious attacks over at The War on Guns blog, which was started in 2005.

I’m reminded of an emotionally satisfying little project I conducted at one of the “ATF Night” dinners we used to hold when I lived in Southern California. Then-councilthing and domestic-enemy-in-training “Der” wanted the city to mandate thumbprints for ammo purchases. I brought a piece of paper and an ink pad, and a bunch of us signed and stamped it under a note telling him we were giving him a fingerprint instead of a thumbprint, and inviting him to guess which one we’d used (and past second-guessing over that story compels me to point out it was hardly the same level of risk as what some better men who came before us took, there comes a time to put such fears aside and stand, and aside from some natural deaths in the intervening years, we’re all still here).

When Angelenos vote for Feuer for mayor, they’ll get exactly the government they enable. And exactly the results.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Your point bout ghost guns is well taken. REad recently of a gun that had begun to turn up by proxy in a number of crimes, including severalmurders, in and around Chicago some time back. Over the space of three years or so that gun, by way of spent brass and recovered projectiles, nad beenlinked by microtraces on both, but the gun itself was never idnentified. No clue who had it who bought it now what kind it was. After aobut three years and some forty five crimesnlinked certainly to that gun, it was recovered at a crime scene. NOW… Read more »


this is the case with most of these. when i was with dea several machine guns were traced back to Mexican government they were never charged


Hell, Sacramento Kommiefornia sheriffs were busted for selling arms to felons and kommiefornia had a legislator that was lobbying to remove all AR rifles from existence while he was selling them to Chinese gangs and other criminals. If you don’t have honest law enforcement then they will never be able to control anything about guns and it’s just more proof that honest people will be denied the right to defend themselves while criminals still have guns supplied by the people we are supposed to be able to trust.


I left kommiefornia 9 years ago and I won’t go back and if I go to Nevada, I will go around it rather than through it which is the shorter route. To bad I didn’t know OreGONE was so bad when I moved. I should have gone to Montana or Wyoming like I was thinking but Oregon is such a beautiful state and I love all the pine trees and rain.

Arizona Don

Why would Mike Feuer or anyone for that matter think more restrictive gun laws would have an effect on gun crime? He is, it seems, trying to use gun laws to impress people to think he is a man of action who will make a difference but more gun laws will do nothing of the kind.    There are, as you read this, somewhere between ten thousand and fifteen thousand restrictive (infringing) gun laws on the books in all fifty states. They were all passed since the 1920’s. Few if any restrictive gun laws existed prior to that time. With the exception of the Sullivan… Read more »


@AD; I agree with your comment. However a correction is in order; There are OVER 25,000 anti-second amendment infringement laws across America. The DemoKKKrat communists are pushing for more each day they are in office.

Get Out

I wonder if these anti-gun buffoons went after and prosecuted the criminals instead of going after the lawful gun owners if crime would drop? It’s obvious that these anti-gun politicians allow criminals to use a revolving door to stay out of prison only to continue their crime sprees.

Wild Bill

I’m thinking that those anti-gun buffoons are trying to make lawful gun owners into criminals. Then what?

Get Out

Put up a strong pro-gun candidate to go up against him and hopefully defeat him with facts concerning that criminals will be turned loose on his watch.

Wild Bill

So support a strong pro-gun candidate in the primary, then? I’m thinking that neither party is going to help a real pro-gun guy win.

Get Out

Well, I suppose do nothing and let Feuer become mayor.

Wild Bill

I did not suggest that. If you are in Los Angeles do all that you can. Heck, if you are not in LA, go to LA and do all that you can!


@GO; Considering “kamala harass” gave funds to BAIL OUT the DemoKKKrats’ “civilian army”! You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!


Unfortunately……for them, in the first degree…. they will get what they vote for. More crime and violence but with more Commissions having meetings to talk about it. And the Normal people of LA basin take it in their shorts! WHEN WILL THEY LEARN?


I still say in the RECALL of Nasty nancy’s nephew, machines were used which CHANGED many “NAY” votes into “YAE” votes. Thus, the communist ‘newsome’ remains the commander ‘n’ thief of Kalifornication!


This is a prime example of why the Progressive New Left is dead on arrival as both an ideology and as a source of sound public policy. They have believed in magical thinking as a source of ideas and have maintained that magical thinking in a bubble. Now reality has come along and burst that bubble. Facts overwhelm magical thinking and reasonable people see right through the very fog that blinds leftists to reality. Let us hope it is not too late for LA and Kalifornia to see the light. I think it is too late, too far gone, too… Read more »


We need fewer Feuers!


someone say Führer ? lol


Thats exactly what came to mind when I saw the name.

Wild Bill

Boy howdy! Führers seem to occur at all levels of government now-a-days. Federal, federal bureaucracy, state, state bureaucracy, county, and even city Führers!


 “Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer on Tuesday, Jan. 18, announced an eight-point plan to address increasing gun violence in Los Angeles,” 
‘m feuer’ IS A LIAR!!
Inanimate objects CANNOT COMMIT violence!
It takes a — LIVING, BREATHING being in order to commit violence!
Thugs such as the two ANARCHIST groups in America have committed VIOLENCE, with some DemoKKKrat CON-gress individuals INSTIGATING INSURRECTIONS, last year. They set fires, burned others’ PRIVATE PROPERTY, ATTACKED federal buildings, shot at innocent civilians and have committed ASSASSINATIONS!