New Blackhawk TecGrip FormLok Unleashes Limitless IWB Holster Fits

Blackhawk TecGrip Form Lok
The new Blackhawk TecGrip Form Lok IWB holster. IMG Blackhawk

U.S.A. -( Blackhawk, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, announces the introduction of its new TecGrip FormLok IWB holster, the industry’s first nylon holster that can be custom molded to fit almost any handgun. The TecGrip FormLok makes for a straightforward and simple concealed carry solution with all the TecGrip performance shooters know and love, but now with more passive retention and a customized fit.

Finding a compatible holster with today’s wide variety of available handguns can be a daunting task, especially for certain handguns like Walther, SCCY, Taurus, and others, or for guns with special configurations such as threaded barrels and optics. TecGrip FormLok makes finding the right holster easy, no matter your handgun.

The TecGrip FormLok is crafted with moldable Memory-Lok material which, when used with the included “dunk bag” and T-handle molding tool, allows a user to mold the holster to fit their specific handgun and leverage passive (friction) retention. The holster is also re-moldable. Consumers who buy a similar-sized handgun later can simply re-mold the FormLok to the new gun. The holster can also be molded to accept optics with its low-cut front sight track channel.

The exterior of the holster is covered in a textured material that clings to the fabric and the body, providing users with a no-clip, inside-the-waistband carry solution. Optics compatible, the TecGrip FormLok utilizes low-cut, sight-track geometry that maintains a slim design. The holster is also completely ambidextrous and comes with a low-profile shirt guard to make it a more flexible and comfortable carry option for any shooter.

With six sizes available to fit a wide spectrum of handguns from micro subcompacts to full-sized autos, all TecGrip FormLok models have an MSRP of $54.95. The new holster will be shown publicly for the first time during the 2022 SHOT Show and will be available at retail this April. To learn more about the TecGrip FormLok or other Blackhawk holsters, check out

About Blackhawk

In 1990, a Navy SEAL was navigating a minefield when his pack failed. As his gear tumbled to the ground, he vowed that if he got out of there alive he would make gear the right way. Today, this obsession with quality applies to everything we do. We’re constantly researching, refining, and perfecting every detail to provide gear that won’t let you down. Because we’re not just making stuff – we’re honoring a vow.BLACKHAWK!

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I love my TecGrip strapless/claspless holsters for IWB carry. Despite no clip they never slide down and are that much more concealable and comfortable because of it.

My heavyish metal Bersa TPR9C never falls, nor does my Sig P238.

I look forward to this improved version.

Oh and very affordable.

Last edited 1 year ago by GeniusJoe
Green Mtn. Boy

The answers my number one question of the holster,Thanks

Matt in Oklahoma

I can buy a handcrafted kydex that locks in just fine that I don’t have to do anything with for the same price.
My panties ain’t gonna fall off cause “navy seal” either.
Whatya do about WMLs that Blackhawk seems to ignore?


Use a stand alone light just as we did for all of the years before wml’s were invented.
Just because there’s new gear doesn’t mean that the old gear or techniques are no longer feasible.


I agree – Most LEO’S Only use Hand Held Lights ! why -If they Lose their weapon in a Struggle – They use THE TACTICAL LIGHT AS A “WEAPON” !