Visit Vertx: Learn About the Capitol Dress Shirt and Other New Products

Vertx Capitol Dress Shirt
Visit Vertx: Learn About the Capitol Dress Shirt and Other New Products

U.S.A.-( Prepared Professionals – you should visit Vertx at SHOT Show 2022! Vertx, a leading manufacturer of low-profile tactical apparel and accessories, will be exhibiting at the convention. There they will be releasing several new products, some in new categories, including the Capitol Dress Shirt, and a squared-away team on-site to help with agency, unit, or personal needs. 

One of the things to check off your must-check-out checklist is the Vertx Capitol Dress Shirt. It’s a classic, professional, tactical button-down designed with input from some of the most skilled (and best-dressed) close protection specialists in the world. 

Vertx Capitol Dress Shirt

What makes it tactical? All aspects of the cut and fabric were chosen with mobility in mind, including a tapered athletic fit and extended tail. These features eliminate interference with holsters, magazine and handcuff pouches and other necessities – and of course, the drawstroke. And, when coupled with the Capitol Shirt’s underarm articulation and stretch capability, provides an unrestricted range of motion.

The Capitol Dress Shirt features a comms pass-through.

Now add in the temperature regulation provided by 37.5 active particle technology, built-in comms features, and hidden stash pockets, and you have a garment tailor-made for armed professionals who must work in semi-formal and formal environments. Particularly those who wear concealed armor.

Capitol Dress Shirt Blue

Denny Bogard, GM/VP of Vertx, explained it this way when the Capitol was first released:

“A full day in suit and tie gets uncomfortable pretty quickly and especially on the job. We’ve designed the Capitol Shirt to combat the challenges our customers face when it comes to the mobility and comfort of professional attire.”

Find out more at Booth 14253, SHOT Level 2!

The Capitol Shirt is available at a number of trusted places, including but not limited to such companies as:

You can also find it online at Customers can also find their nearest dealer using the Vertx store locator at

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Who knew Connor McGregor carried?


Well Many of us Are Not Built like this Model ! What about us Suburban Dad Bod’s out here?

Ansel Hazen

Vertx should focus on selling to the private sector and not providing support of any kind to rogue govt agencies.


Ansel Hazen, you are correct. Marketing to the alphabet agencies
may be off-putting to much of society. If the product becomes
accepted in the general marketplace, the agencies will find it.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ram