Jen Psaki Blames Guns, Not Criminals for Crime

By Larry Keane

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The White House can’t seem to bring itself to admit crime is a problem. IMG iStock-1021174468

U.S.A. -( White House spokesperson Jen Psaki should know by now that speaking the truth is much easier than spinning a yarn. Yet, this White House can’t seem to bring itself to admit crime is a problem.

For the Biden administration, it’s always the gun. Not the criminal illegally wielding a gun.

Psaki made the stunning admission that the Biden administration doesn’t feel crime is a pressing issue The White House has to address. Unless, of course, it comes to blaming the firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners.

No Laughing Matter

Psaki spoke to former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett, a co-host of the podcast “Pod Save America,” when she attempted to gaslight America on crime concerns by noting mainstream media reporting was focused on the looming Ukraine-Russia crisis, but Fox News was reporting on the administration’s soft-on-crime policies.

“And then on FOX is Jeanine Pirro, talking about soft on crime consequences,” Psaki said according to a RealClear Politics report. “What does that even mean? So there’s an alternate universe on some coverage. What’s scary about it is a lot of people watch that and they think that the president isn’t doing anything to address people’s safety in New York and that couldn’t be further from the truth or other places.”

Psaki doubled down in a press conference when confronted with her flippant remarks about crime. She said President Joe Biden proposed increasing funding for police, calling those “uncomfortable facts” for the president’s detractors. She added, “… that gun crime is a major driver of crime across the country, also a fact.”

Face Facts

Hold on. Psaki didn’t say that criminals were an issue. She said guns were causing the crime. This is a long-standing effort on behalf of the administration and their gun control cabal to paint with a broad brush all gun owners as the same as criminals and ignoring the administration’s refusal to address crime.

Psaki is ignoring that President Biden previously voiced support for eliminating cash bail, which turns criminals back out onto the streets. Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted support and encouraged people to donate for bail money “protestors” to get out of jail during the riots and looting in the summer of 2020. U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) called attention to the bail fund plea, which raised over $35 million. The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), which Vice President Harris promoted, paid $75,000 in bail for Jaleel Stallings, who was charged with attempted murder after shooting at police, according to a fact check by The Washington Post. Local Minnesota television reported the MFF bailed out multiple people charged with violent crimes, including posting $100,000 for a woman accused of killing a friend and $350,000 for a twice-convicted rapist charged with kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault in two separate cases. Another man, Lionel Timms, who was bailed out with MFF money after an assault charge, was later re-arrested for third-degree assault, leaving his victim with a traumatic brain injury and a fractured skull.

Just weeks ago, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) lambasted the Biden administration’s proposed Executive Order that would, “limit law enforcement access to nonlethal and lifesaving resources, and impose greater restrictions on federal grant dollars.”

Time and again, the country is witnessing a duplicitous approach to crime by The White House. On one hand, they claim to be taking crime seriously, but the actions by officials within the administration minimize criminal activity and reduce support for law enforcement. The only blame they are quick to assign, though, is on guns.

Law-Abiding vs. Criminal

CNN attempted to make the connection between increased lawful gun ownership and crime, but their own experts, even those within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) said that connection isn’t true. Adam Winkler, a professor at UCLA School of Law who specializes in constitutional law and gun policy stated the obvious.

“We shouldn’t necessarily expect a tight connection between the number of background checks and the number of guns that are found at crime scenes,” Winkler told CNN. “Many criminals do not buy their guns at gun stores.”

Thomas Chittum, acting deputy director at the ATF, told CNN in the same report that the “vast majority” of lawfully purchased firearms won’t ever be used in a crime. The ATF’s own Trace Data, which tracks “time-to-crime” from when a firearm is purchased to when it is discovered at a crime scene is still seven years. Bureau of Justice Statistics surveys have shown criminals don’t buy their firearms legally. Over 90 percent obtain them through other means like theft or the black market.

The firearm industry wants criminals locked up. That includes criminals who misuse firearms to prey on the most vulnerable in our society. That requires a focus on enforcing criminal laws on criminals. Pretending crime isn’t a problem doesn’t solve the problem. Blaming guns and law-abiding gun owners for the criminal misdeeds of others doesn’t stop crime.

Naming the problem is the first step in stopping the problem. The problem is and always has been crime. If the press secretary wants to know what the consequences of soft-on-crime looks like, I suggest she step out of the protection of the Secret Service at The White House and witness what’s happening across America.

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Criminals like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want other criminals on the lose so it distracts the attention from thier criminal acts . They frauded the American people in the 2020 election and now they want to villanize the gun so they can eliminate any chance of the American people removing the frauds by force !


The proof of your statement can clearly be shown by the lack of discussion concerning “Communist Chinese Collusion” in our corporate media. This is a classical false flag diversion program to cover for the Biden crime family.

Mystic Wolf

Well considering that in the last few years the biden crime family has raked in over 31 million bucks from china, ask yourself this how much more has quid-pro-joe raked in that they know nothing about? And how can quid-pro-joe and some of the others afford multi-million dollar mansions on the pay level they have? Every person in the DEMONcrat party is as crooked as a corkscrew, that biden is running a den of thieves and murderers. Many of those in the satan worshipping DEMONcrat party ars complicit ina variety of high level crimes and treasonous acts against this country.


I blame saki and her ilk for letting predatory criminals out free.

If someone doesn’t want to reform, either give them life or the gallows, or air drop them into China. The rights of peaceable citizens are being infringed all over the place by leftist ideology in the laws.

Mystic Wolf

Air drop them sounds good but no parachute, let them go splat.


Ohhhhhh…. definitely no parachute. In fact, infect the THUDs with some of our bio-weapons.
It should be Tit for Tat……….. (NO TATS allowed)


let 1918 flu have a second go? it eliminated 10% of earths population in 26 weeks without an airplane or ship able to cross pacific in 15/30 days time it took to cross atlantic in 1918 . something like 1918 flu would likely fundamentally change society we have people that claim soldiers brought it around the world only places not touched are not on animal/bird migratory paths , we have this deadly pathogen in a lab in atlanta same idiots that sent gain of function stuff to china , it also still exists in bodies frozen in permafrost around the… Read more »


Psaki is just a Mouth Piece Moron.
The Biden Admin. is Clueless about what’s really happening across the USA.


I understand your sentiment, but I must disagree. I submit this administration (not Joe, since he is brain dead) knows EXACTLY what is going on, and it is all part of a master plan to take down this country.


And…. the Mouth Piece Moron, (the orange-haired mouth organ)….. has also paid her dues, to get that white house gig (just like KamelToe). She’ll gobble a knob in a Washington minute


Her opinion has as much value as what sticks to your shoe in a dog park-she is a bimbo that got her jab the same way Kamala did


what sticks to your shoe has more value , it fertilizes, the spew from her contaminates


“Jen Psaki Blames Guns, Not Criminals for Crime”
Did someone ask her if that also means cars are responsible for drunk driving?

Wild Bill

Your point is well taken!


She believes spoons are responsible for obesity and pencils cause bad spelling.

Arizona Don

Yes just as pencils are responsible for misspelled words!


Democrats name all violent crimes involving guns as ‘GUN CRIMES’ but they never re title any other crimes as KNIFE CRIMES, VEHICLE CRIMES, FIST CRIMES, TOOL CRIMES, BASEBALL BAT CRIMES, and so on. This is all an attempt to delude the 2A and remove your right to protection under the law. I am glad I live in a FREE STATE.


Don’t forget… from the news last night… QwanTervious arrested for a penis crime with a minor


Chops – I expect you know as well as most of the rest of us that they HAVE to blame the guns or their entire memes of ‘gun violence’ and ‘gun crime’ fall totally apart. If that were to happen, they just ‘might’ have to acknowledge that crimes are committed by people and not objects. And if that were to happen then they would have to admit that there really are such things as personal responsibility and accountability.


The real Criminals are two of the three branches of the government.
These crooks have killed more people and stolen more money than the Mafia
could ever dream of.


Everybody on the left knows this one simple truth: all criminals are victims. They also know another simple truth: inanimate objects form criminal intent. This is Progressive New Left magical thinking at work. Look at the obvious, turn it upside down. Truth is not a leftist value.


Another democratic tactic shift the blame from there own policies and failures another case of Do as I say not as I due. The gun debate has been a key part of there election process. Funny while they were out to get President Trump there wasn’t any political grandstanding on firearms from the democrats. Under President Trump shootings were not news as there were few in his 4 year term in office. I would as Jen to have look at school shootings dating back to the the late eighteen hundreds till today. Ask her about drunk drivers do they want… Read more »


I hope she is carjacked by a machete wielding loon, with luck run her over with her car
jen is a waste of oxygen

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft
Wild Bill

Yes, a total waste, but she was chosen for that position for a reason. I think it is because she is proven to be committed to destroying the U.S.A. and she is never at a loss for a come back. That makes her a valuable commodity to the democrat marxist party.


swm – while that would indeed be poetic justice and/or karma, I wouldn’t wish that sort of crime on anyone, no matter how much damage they have done to the Republic. Even if it were to happen and she survived, would she really learn the lesson?

Mystic Wolf

Just call the dems what they are demonic, every last member of that party is in some way is demonic.


“Jen Psaki Blames Guns, Not Criminals for Crime”
Well, it’s not so much “blame” as it is the target.
They don’t want to outlaw crime, or murder – they want to outlaw GUNS!
So as BLACK CRIME AND VIOLENCE rages . . . Biden’s plan is to expand ATF and WAGE WAR ON FFL’s!

But be sure . . . if the criminals were all WHITE . . . They’d be blaming the CRIMINALS!!!


Jen Psaki ain’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. However, she does give away the current reasoning, if there is such a thing, floating around the White House.


The illegitimate administration that is currently occupying the White House should be in constant fear of “We the People”. That’s “Liberty”, as defined by Thomas Jefferson himself.


Jen, How much money has the Biden family taken from Russia, Ukraine, and China? Joe Biden’s mental state, that told us Hunter is the smartest man Joe knows,Wasn’t enough to falsely accuse Trump of Russian Collusion. Now YOU are colluding with Russia if you disagree with Biden. Given their complete failure to exit Afghanistan without innocent people falling from the sky clinging to C-17s and leaving hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines, it’s reasonable to ask questions .Why go halfway around the world to protect a countries borders when our own are being over run..Open Borders……Highest crime rates since the… Read more »


lets go brandon hes talking throuth her