ARMSLIST: What You Should Know About the Firearms Marketplace

ARMSLIST: What You Should Know About the Firearms Marketplace
ARMSLIST: What You Should Know About the Firearms Marketplace

U.S.A.-( If you’re into firearms, chances you may have heard of ARMSLIST., and with over 2.5 million users and over 1,300 registered FFL dealers, chances are, you’ve also been on the website. They don’t actually sell firearms. Instead, they help their large network of registered FFL dealers to help service users.


ARMSLIST allows people in the United States to list firearms for sale and communicate safely, securely, and legally. Whether you’re a dealer, manufacturer, or individual gun owner, they provide you with an alternative to auction sites and have drastically lower fees, and zero commission fees.


ARMSLIST has guns and gear, accessories, blogs, and reviews on hundreds of products you’d be interested in owning, all while conducting business easily and legally.

Buying or Selling

The first thing to know about buying a gun on ARMSLIST is that you don’t need an account to buy a gun. As a non-subscriber, you can still purchase from the network of over 1,300 FFL dealers. However, having an account opens up new possibilities for you.

Armslist offers two different account types, the Premium Vendor account, and the Personal account. Each account is adjusted to the seller’s needs, which provides options that many online companies don’t offer.

ARMSLIST Legal Defense Fund

Armslist also helps maintain the ARMSLIST Legal Defense Fund that fights to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans, focusing on issues regarding the internet. They also provide up-to-date news articles about guns, gun laws, and opinionated articles to educate the public on matters affecting the 2nd Amendment.


We strongly encourage anyone interested in selling or buying guns to try ARMSLIST today. But, of course, if you’re not interested in buying or selling products, you could always support their Legal Defense Fund to ensure the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans are not taken away.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can read more on or visit You can also find them on Youtube, Gab, and Twitter.

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As with all things ATF or any other federal agency you must know the laws pertaining to what you are doing. And then there is no ganutree with any government agencies. Under federal law, it’s legal for people to sell guns without a background check. It’s only when they become “engaged in the business” of selling guns that they are required by law to obtain a license from the ATF and run checks on every sale. So when does selling guns turn from a hobby into a full-fledged business enterprise? It’s difficult to tell. One person might, for example, inherit dozens… Read more »


I created an account years ago, yet I can not do anything because I don’t have or use a freaking cel phone. I’m an 07 FFL and have done business from my current locale since 1998, but, I can’t login to armslist any more because I don’t have a cel?!?!?!?! “… yeah well, SCREW YOU. I’m from TEXAS.”

Wild Bill

Well zed, brother!


Why should any American citizen need to send funds to protect a Constitutional right ? Are blacks donating money to be free ?


Or, I could go on GunBroker or GunsAmerica without having to pay $7/month.


In Texas, Texas Gun Trader is free to individuals although many make a small donation after a sale or purchase. Other states may have a free-to-individuals service like TGT. TGT works a lot like Armslist.

Last edited 1 month ago by TP11

I stopped using armslist when they created the monthly fee. The seller should pay the fee, not the buyer…


Without paying the $6.99 monthly fee you can NOT contact any seller.

Ansel Hazen

100% correct. On top of that they allow online sellers to say they are from your state so your search terms are populated with out of state sellers. Particularly annoying when you live in a state where you can sell firearms privately.