State Senator Claims Second Amendment “Given” by Misogynistic Slave Owners

From, a campaign event. Megan Hunt is the Senator of District 8 in Nebraska. District 8 is a tight urban district near the center of Omaha.

U.S.A.-( In this Humanist article, Megan Hunt is described as an openly bi-sexual, atheist, Progressive.  She was born in 1986, so she is 35 years old.  Hunt recently gained notoriety for this tweet. From

Owning a gun isn’t a “God-given right.” It’s a slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right. I’m not against 2a, but be real – the Constitution was written by people! Today I’m filibustering a bill that would allow concealed carry without training or a permit. #NELeg

It is hard to see how filibustering a bill that restores Second Amendment rights to Nebraska can be “not against 2a”, but Progressives are famous for changing the definition of words to make their arguments seem logical.

Senator Megan Hunt illustrates a profoundly different world view, with profoundly different assumptions about the nature of reality, then the majority of Americans.

Furthermore, she inserts a strawman argument;

“The Constitution was written by people!”

As far as I know, no one disputes the Constitution was written by people.

Notice Hunt irrationally restricts the Second Amendment as a right to “own a gun”. She conveniently eliminates the right to bear arms.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has written he doubts the right to bear arms was only meant to apply to the right to carry a rifle from the kitchen to the bedroom.

The philosophical basis for Hunt’s argument is pure Progressivism. One of the core beliefs of Progressivism is that the Natural Law theory is false. Hunt seems to believe Natural law theory depends on the existence of God.

There is no doubt a Christian worldview was the basis for much of the theory of American governance.

However, Natural law does not depend on the existence of a Christian God, or of God in general.

It depends on the nature of man and the nature of reality. Progressives do not believe in human nature. One of their core beliefs is that humans can be made to fit whatever niche Progressives create for them.

Natural law theory is that humans have rights that governments should respect, because of the existence of human nature.  Those rights consist of free speech, thought, and exchange of ideas, as well as a natural right to property and self-defense. In Natural law theory, one’s own body is owned by the individual.

Progressives reject Natural law, in large part, because it places limits on what a government may legitimately do.

The Second Amendment derives from the Natural law theory of the right of self-defense, as well as the necessity of restraining the power of government. Part of that restraint is to have countervailing force possessed by the bulk of the people being governed.

It is part of Natural law theory that a constitution and a body of law is a contract between the government and the people being governed.

Progressives deny the theory of a social contract between the government and the people. Instead,  what a government can do is only limited by the power they have to implement their schemes.

Progressivism has no core principles or permanent objectives. The only core objective appears to be obtaining and holding political power.

Government control over guns is in Progressivism’s DNA.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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People this stupid shouldn’t run for office. And the voters of Nebraska better wake up.


can we trade her for a goat with the taliban?


No trade needed. We should give her to them for free and they will fix her permanently. We should throw Governor Kate shit stain brown of OreGONE in there for a bonus.

Green Mtn. Boy

She has just proven herself a un educated activist, thus disqualifying herself.


Megan Hunt is described as an openly bi-sexual.
No need to say more. Governor kate shit stain brown of OreGONE is the same kind of diseased animal and pulls the same bullshit here.


Don’t forget about Colorado’s peter puffer governor, Jared Polis.


Whaa?? I heard he was a pantaloon-wearing knob-gobbler. (he’s especially scary around Halloween)

Roland T. Gunner

Can you get a spring knob-gobbler permit on your hunting license here in Texas?


Please don’t remind me. I live in Colorado. Libtard Poleass.


Carpet Munchers are known for extreme emotionalism. Frazzled nerves, counseling and dependence on tranquilizers are their Hallmarks. Sad, but normal for them.


LOl, it took me a minute to figure out what a carpet muncher might be. Too funny. Yep you are right. It always takes a professional opinion in order to determine what’s right. I can’t figure out why some population that thinks it is so dam smart is so dependent on someone else to tell them what is right or a study to make a decision for something that only takes common sense to determine.


Another Brainwashed libtard! She wants to become a slave owner by taking away the second amendment!

Wild Bill

Well said! Absent the Second Amendment recognized Rights, we become slaves to government. She would be part of government.


Dean – you hit the nail on the head: “Instead, what a government can do is only limited by the power they have to implement their schemes.”

Our politicians today want control.

Wild Bill

It started with Robert Morris, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, even before the American Revolution was over. Please see “The Quartet” by Joseph Ellis.

This book also documents why another convention of the states would be a very bad move.


It’s still “Consent of the Governed”, but for how long?


Why is anyone giving her any credibility? She is very insignificant and does not deserve any attention.

Wild Bill

The democrat party will push her career.


She is a poster child for the democrats Bill Progressive liberal Gay Women who is anti establishment.


I have to ask how she got elected a liberal gay progresive that opposes fundamental American rights while supporting minorities in her district adding she is pro abortion. She just another democratic progressive liberal in America. She is young enough to cause issues for years to come targeting a % of the population that has no voice without her and others like her. . Sen. Megan Hunt Opposes LB773 (Brewer): Concealed Carry without a permit Removes the requirement for one to receive a permit to conceal carry a handgun which in turn means people will not have to take a safety… Read more »


These people get elected because a lot of us are busy living our lives and not paying attention.


Yes sir that is a true statement Thank you This is just my opinion folks need to pay attention to there local elections first as those will effect them immediately. Local Mayors as we have seen during the pandemic weld a lot of power and are hard to remove once elected. We have lost control of those 545 elected in Washington who now do the bidding of foreign governments to enact policies that will affect trade commerce and how corporate america were and can do business. There are some things most Americans are unaware of do to the daily stress… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, the marxist democrat party counts on it.


I have go do some chores around here today.
have wonderful day


yup! we get the government we deserve by our inattentiveness. A six pack of beer and a television is all it takes to lose our rights!

Wild Bill

How she got elected? The marxist democrats tell the poor and the jealous that they will take from the haves and give it to you. They tell the perverts that we will make your depravities legal. They tell that certain one eighth of the population that “It is your turn to be in charge.”

Last edited 10 months ago by Wild Bill

As long as we call them “Second Amendment rights” we feed into people like her, and arguments like hers. Whether or not the Constitution or any of the amendments to it were written by and for slave owners is irrelevant. The right to self defense, and the right to own the means for self defense were discussed at length by legal scholars, including Locke and Blackstone, long before the American revolution, and certainly before the Declaration of Independence mentioned the existence of creator endowed rights. Our calling them Second Amendment rights obscures their history, and implies that they somehow are… Read more »


Well said!, from time to time an anti gunner like Bloomturd will grudgingly and dismissively concede that the 2A “gives” us the right (quickly followed by that 3 letter word BUT). Their choice of words and use of language is quite deliberate. Anything that is “given” to us by words on paper can be taken away by more words on paper. The constitution gives us nothing, it recognizes natural rights and places limits on the power of government.


We’re going to need more rope….

Wild Bill

I got some in the barn. Three eights or half inch?!

Last edited 10 months ago by Wild Bill

Can’t have enough rope!!!

Roland T. Gunner

I’ll bring the chips and salsa!

uncle dudley

This womans beliefs is exactly why we need the second amendment, the founding fathers were wise, as this woman isn’t.


Dean made a very good point: the 2nd Amendment is not just about guns. It states specifically: “…the right to keep and bear ARMS…”. Were the founders and the authors of the Constitution imprecise in their choice of words? Were they ignorant of the exact meanings of firearms and arms? Megan Hunt needs to be locked in a cage with nothing but the Federalist Papers and the 1787 Constitutional Debates, until she can express a true understanding of our founding documents.


God save us from the godless heathens like this state senator.

She checks off all of the progressive boxes the Dems love. She’ll be a rising star in their party…


Obviously, “It’s” parents were allowed to reproduce without any training or permit either; and you see how that turned out!


Rug Doctor! Steaming mad at the Second Amendment!


I’m assuming that District 8, Meagan Hunt’s District, “tight urban district near the center of Omaha”, isn’t a whole lot different than the center of many heavily populated liberal sπitholes in America.

Roland T. Gunner

Austin comes to mind.


Please post my awaiting approval. It’s been 3 hours and I know it is the weekend but I feel what I said is relevant and important as well as the truth. I don’t see why it is on hold.

Saying that the 2nd should really be the first in todays world and my points are valid.


@m44m: I have had some of my posts NEVER SHOW UP. There has NEVER been a reason behind the CENSORSHIP.
As for the ordering of the Amendments, It really does not affect the IMPORTANCE of them as to the number. A lot more American Citizens are BEGINNING to comprehend the FACT of; No Second Amendment = No First Amendment!!


And, yet, another puss filled boil on America’s ass. A Liberal application of warm brass-‘n’-lead ointment would clear that condition right up.


This Woman is too Stupid to be in Government! Seems like it takes a serious lack of intelligence to be a Democrat or a Progressive!

Wild Bill

I am beginning to think that we send the dumbest to our state capitols and to Washington, DC because we don’t want them around us.


we seam to do the same with teachers, the old those who cant do teach seams to be true
wb had a thought after I wrote this. those to stupid to be teachers become politicians

Last edited 10 months ago by swmft

There ARE/WERE some VERY BRIGHT CONSERVATIVE Teachers in the field of cultivating minds on HOW TO LOGICALLY THINK — FOR YOURSELF instead of the current crop that only teaches “what to think – indoctrination”. Time to REMOVE the INDOCTRINATORS, PROPAGANDISTS for communism. Bring back the “THINK FOR YOURSELF” CONSERVATIVE TEACHERS.


I would love to see the education taken back by ,people like this, now there are just private schools that are islands fighting an up hill battle some even have to fight state regulators for certification of their curricula. truth is power and they dont want to share


I have watched over the past 3 years private schools fall for the propaganda. The same churches affiliated with these schools promoted it. So much for having faith in God their creator. I suppose he comes after masking up ? I am by no means a spiritual person. I attended these schools as a youth. And was taught their faith. That faith which does not exist so much these days. I didn’t see any fighting. lol

Roland T. Gunner

Yunh hunh


Interesting how her last name rhymes with another word I would use to describe her.

Wild Bill

She should have it tattooed on her forehead.


Lol. So glad I waited. I was going to make a suggestion on a letter change but I would have posted the letter. You did it much better. LOL

See, good things do come to those who wait.

Last edited 10 months ago by musicman44mag

I cant put my true thoughts here about this disgusting B***H, we will just leave it at that…….


Shouldn’t that H in her last name be a C ?????


What are your thoughts regarding Kevin E. Spencer?

He lobbied against the referenced legislation that Hunt voted against.

Do you find it interesting that Dean has never written an article about the many, many law enforcement agencies that have lobbied against permitless carry and SAPA legislation?


The Omaha Police Officers Association, the Lincoln Police Department, and the Nebraska Police Chiefs’ Association lobbied against this legislation.

ShOULd THey TaKE a CLaSS in on the TrUE ConsTITUtion?

Do their “oaths” matter?


they would need to be able to read and understand, to be in violation.


there are very few in leo community willing to look at the bad ,they always say its just that one ,or that one its like a mother that says why did you have to kill my baby he was such a good boy……robing an armored car killing the currier she sees nothing wrong police are the same way mother could have saved the son police could stop the bad police but the blinders are on tight


let the down votes begin……then go look in the mirror you all know this is true


Happens all the time here.

She’s a Democrat.

She’s not elderly.

She’s bisexual.

She’s an atheist.

What about all the Republican, elderly, heterosexual, God-fearin’, enforcers who lobbied against this legislation?

Last edited 10 months ago by JSNMGC

Notice, Sen. Megan Hunt said, “I’m not against the Second Amendment”. It’s called “playing lip service”. From the French Revolution all the way to now, nobody does rhetoric and narrative better than the Left.


Megan Hunt needs to understand some of the issues her party has advocated in the past.

I quote
” Megan Hunt is member of the political party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, the KKK, Jim Crow, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.”


i bet she does, control freaks lie till they are cornered then modify the lie, they never admit the truth


@swmft; Totally Agree!


the CONSTITUTION does not need REVISIONIST interpretation. it does not need interpretation at all. it is written for all including the added AMENDMENTS!


Where Ms. Hunt is fundamentally wrong is actually easy to see. It’s based upon the Liberal belief that the Constitution and Bill of Rights limits We the People. The Bill of Rights specifically limits the Government, not the People. Both the Federalist and Anti-Federalist essays make that point clear as water. That was the BOR’s entire reason for its creation and Ratification by the States. It’s also one of the few early documents that refers to the people regardless of gender, race and creed, as it applies to all of the People. Historically, Gun Legislation enacted by various States after… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Chuck
Wild Bill

Good synopsis.


Awaiting approval. Please post this. Thank you.


I see some people’s posts 3 minutes ago and others 7-8 minutes ago. Mine however, are from hours to days. I guess some of us are on a hold list because of our past mess ups.. Makes it hard to join in on anything that is relevant.


HI Oldman. I asked a question to ammoland and they posted this statement. I told them that I would share it with those who were asking about awaiting approval. Ammoland awaits To try and answer some of your questions. AmmoLand News has been forced to set our “comment spam filter” for lack of a better term, to a stupidly high setting. To fight the continued bombardment of link spam, fake accounts, and trolls that post hate speech, threats, and garbage to our pages. That high setting gets our regular readers caught in the approval hell circle. Believe me when I… Read more »


Thank you… I already saw all this BS….Not flying with me…

Roland T. Gunner

Stupid tunt.


Just read the TITLE — ALMOST fell off my chair with LAUGHTER!!
This WOMAN needs to go take a REAL CLASS LESSON on the TRUE Constitution and the FEDERALIST PAPERS which EXPLAINS the REASONING behind much of the Constitution!


Anybody else having a problem with getting their post that is awaiting approval not getting approved today? I have never not been approved so I don’t know if they tell you they wont post it and why or if they just don’t post it and say nothing..


can take up to two days before anyone reads it to approve or not


Throw this one at her. She, along with others, contend that our rights are granted to us by government documents, which were written by people. Example #1: If you’re a homeowner, and you find evidence of termites in your house, you call an exterminator who promptly puts your house under a tent and gasses them to death by the millions. Example #2: If you’re a poultry farmer, and the government finds that your flock of chickens has avian influenza, they will slaughter millions of your birds. Example #3: In the 1940’s the Third Reich sent millions of Jews, Slavs, Gypsies,… Read more »


35 is very young to have attained the level of complete idiocy she has reached.

Roland T. Gunner

LOL a’int it though?


I have to disagree that the natural law does not rely upon the existence of God. Look at the creatures on Earth that do not tie themselves to their creator, their God, such as sharks, rats, and democrats. Unfettered by the strictures of the Divine, they take what they want when they want it and will kill anyone who gets in their way. The fact is that, absent “God says so” there is no natural answer to the question “is it okay to take stuff my neighbor has?” Absent God, all we have is natural selection, which would answer the… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, the way everything fits together is the result of thought. Non- thought leads to chaos. There has to be a thinker.


greed leads to same place ,look at Ukraine, putin no god self important ,all they do is destroy, never create

Roland T. Gunner

A watchmaker, as a brilliant professor I had in college put it.


You need to understand that progressives, liberals, and Marxists aren’t “godless”; they have a god, and it’s the government they control.


I am tired of hearing that the 2nd amendment is there to protect our first amendment right. What our government is doing to the truckers and did to the churches with covid is proof that this statement has become a fallacy. The numbers should be switched. Our second should become our first because without the gun we are powerless to do anything. Right now, though we still have guns, the tyrants are winning while we are using what free speech the government via technocrakkkts allow to no avail. While we keep fighting in the courts, they keep adding new illegal… Read more »


Just another uneducated, blind to the truth, liberal politician that has no clue!


Megan Hunt joined the Omaha Police Officers Association, the Lincoln Police Department, and the Nebraska Police Chiefs’ Association in lobbying against this legislation.

Never forget.

Meanwhile, the Nebraska Sheriffs’ Association did nothing.

Neil Miller, do you tell your neighbors you are pro 2nd Amendment?

Last edited 10 months ago by JSNMGC

Neil Miller
President of Nebraska Sheriffs’ Association
Sheriff, Buffalo County
Phone: (308) 236-8555

Last edited 10 months ago by JSNMGC

all the anti 2a leos dont like you calling out one of their own


It’s interesting how they apply one standard to one group of people working to infringe on rights and make one excuse after another for another group of people who are working on the exact same goal.

They’re worried more people are going to catch on (some people pick it up quickly, but others take decades to critically evaluate information and change their views).


Vote his ass out in the next election


need to dump a lot of the people that work for him too ,these people will fight tooth and nail to prevent change


It seems change these days is a little one sided with those elected

Wild Bill

The primary elections are key in screening out party hacks.


Yes that is my hope also I worry about election fraud we need more educated voters that no longer trust the media and those influencers on social media. That is asking a lot these days. Look is in the White House O boy


“There are three and only three ways to reform our Congressional legislation, familiarly called, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box”. – Fredrick Douglas

These past several years have shown us that none of these institutions have much integrity remaining. Where does that leave us? Add to that, with few exceptions, our parties are only giving us the choice of which party hacks they are willing to let us elect. Most are little more than a degree off from one another and we have only polish and personality by which to choose.

Last edited 10 months ago by Tackleberry
Ansel Hazen

All I can say is that nearly all of my discretionary income is going to guns and ammo at this point. I don’t see any point in putting an x in a box on paper until we know for sure that our elections are once again secure. And I think a lot of Wild Bills rope will be needed for that too.


I would agree……Anybody that will go on Hannity and not Tucker, is afraid of being asked questions that might reveal the truth if answered truly. Tucker is real.

Wild Bill

I never did follow him. I suppose now he bears watching because he is a candidate.


Rs need to roll over these commies. Best way to save swing states: Jam the whole agenda down their throats ASAP. Lefties can move to Cali-NY-IL. Make states like Nebraska havens for sane citizens fleeing to where they’re appreciated & their vote matters. Leftists won’t go to “fascist” R states that man up & implement true social & economic conservatism. See Florida. 1st time R voter majority ever just this year. Refugees are not on balance bringing leftist politics to Florida.

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r