Over 20 ATF Executives & Personnel to Attend 2022 Firearms Industry Conference

From EPS, FEID, ORA, NFA & More.

Firearms Industry Conference 2022 Banner
Firearms Industry Conference 2022 Banner

HARTFORD, CT – -(Ammoland.com)- Orchid and Williams Mullen’s Firearms Industry Group are pleased to announce over 20 executives and personnel from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will attend the 2022 Firearms Industry Conference (FIC), to be held in Atlanta on April 25–27. Notable ATF attendees will include Acting Director Marvin Richardson, Acting Associate Deputy Director Tom Chittum, and directors and chiefs of Firearms & Explosives Industry Division branches.

“Connecting all sides of the shooting sports industry is paramount to organizing the Firearms Industry Conference each year,” said Jon Rydberg, Orchid CEO. “By bringing federal agencies, industry leadership, and FFL professionals together, we achieve greater understanding of how our industry can work together to navigate compliance, technology and operations. We’re grateful for the continued support of FIC by the ATF and are excited for attendees to hear from their executives again this year.”

ATF and their counterparts at FBI NICS, DDTC and BIS will address attendees during several breakout sessions, working group roundtables and in private FFL/ATF meetings. FFLs who wish to discuss confidential matters with the ATF should contact Marianna Mitchem at [email protected] for availability.

ATF executives and personnel attending FIC 2022 include:

ATF Executive Staff

  • Marvin Richardson, Acting Director
  • Tom Chittum, Acting Associate Deputy Director

ATF Office of Enforcement Programs & Services

  • Alphonso Hughes, Assistant Director
  • Andy Graham, Deputy Assistant Director

Firearms & Explosive Industry Division

  • Marianna Mitchem, Chief
  • Matt Wren, Acting Chief, Firearms Industry Programs Branch
  • Gary Griffin, PM, Firearms Industry Programs Branch

Firearms & Explosives Law Division

  • James Vann, Attorney
  • Kim Easterling, Attorney
  • Ben Hiller, Attorney

Office of Field Operations

  • Curtis Gilbert, Deputy Assistant Director (Industry Operations)

Office of Regulatory Affairs

  • Andrew Lange, Chief
  • Vivian Chu, Attorney

National Firearms Act

  • Steve Rosenthal, Chief
  • Barry Beshears, Branch Chief
  • Bob Voyten, Liaison
  • Rebecca Sinclair, Specialist

Firearms & Explosives Services Division

  • Gary Taylor, Chief
  • Max Kingery, Chief, Firearms & Explosives Imports Branch
  • Eric Leber, FEIB Specialist
  • Austin Funk, FEIB Specialist

Firearms & Ammunition Technology Division

  • Earl Griffith, Chief
  • Daniel Hoffman, Chief, Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch

“FIC provides a unique opportunity for FFLs to meet, learn from and interact with our industry’s regulatory agency executives,” said Camden Webb and Chuck James, partners and co-chairs of Williams Mullen’s Firearms Industry Group. “The attendance of key ATF leaders and policymakers is an invaluable resource everyone looks forward to at the conference.”

Held April 21–27, FIC 2022 features virtual and in-person educational sessions led by federal agency executives, firearms industry professionals, and subject matter experts. Sessions are broken intro three comprehensive learning tracks: Firearms Industry Law & Finance, FFL Compliance, and FFL Technology. FIC On-Air™ will be held online April 21–22, followed by FIC Workshops on April 25 and the main FIC event on April 26–27 in Atlanta.

To register for or sponsor FIC 2022, visit orchidadvisors.com/FIC. A portion of all event registrations and sponsorships will be donated to Project ChildSafe. Attendees are encouraged to make hotel reservations at the Westin Buckhead Atlanta at orchidadvisors.com/FIChotel.

About Orchid LLC

Orchid LLC and its family of companies, including partner firm FFL Law, have been offering business software, firearms-friendly payments, and legal and regulatory services to the shooting sports industry for over a decade. With powerful POS, ecommerce, ERP and Bound Book solutions, as well as expert knowledge of ATF, import/export and state-level regulations, Orchid helps FFLs profitably manufacture, distribute and sell firearms with great efficiency and the utmost compliance. Get started today at orchidadvisors.com.

Orchid Advisors

About Williams Mullen

Williams Mullen is a regional, full-service law firm with offices across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The firm’s Firearms Industry Group helps industry members navigate legal issues from regulatory compliance to e-commerce development, financing needs and interest from the venture capital world. In addition, Williams Mullen attorneys provide advice and counsel in matters involving Import/Export Controls, White Collar & Investigations, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Employment Law, Government Contracting and legal aspects of social media marketing. Learn how Williams Mullen can assist your company at williamsmullen.com.

About Project ChildSafe

NSSF, the trade association of the firearms industry, launched Project ChildSafe in 1999 (originally as Project HomeSafe). Since 1999, the program has provided more than 40 million free firearm safety kits and gun locks to firearm owners in all 50 states through partnerships with thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country. That’s in addition to the more than 70 million free locking devices manufacturers have included, and continue to include, with new firearms sold since 1998. While helping to prevent accidents among children is a focus, Project ChildSafe is intended to help adults practice greater firearm safety in the home. For more information, visit projectchildsafe.org.

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I hope they have the good manners to disinfect the place after the BATF leaves. Of course, cooties would be least of their worries being in the same room with BATF. Coming out alive and not having their families targeted or killed would be the primary concern, but making the place usable for the next folks to use the facility would be decent thing to do.

Wild Bill

A terrific and informational article. I am impressed by the big business and legal money making structure that has grown up on the foundation of an Unconstitutional statute. I am amazed how many lawyers, businesspersons, and bureaucrats make an otherwise unattainable livelihood on the backs of firearms buyers.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill

Saw the invitation yesterday. Great information sumit. imho Way over prices where is the cost to justify 550.00 for 3 days. Are the speakers being paid set up in hotels meals comped or are they doing a zoom meeting from home. I did conventions for 10 years I know what costs are I dont see it for online.?

Big George

Do they charge for autographs?!


Post their home addresses.


Come to the class, kiss our ass & maybe we won’t shut you down.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arny

Kill all they send


Be sure to advise them how to comply with the 2nd amendment. That is what we the people will be following, and our employees at the BATFE need to get their act together and start complying, or their employment will be terminated.