ATF Revokes FFL of JA Industries, LLC After Uproar From Everytown

ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd
ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd

HENDERSON, NV-( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has revoked the federal firearms license (FFL) of JA Industries, LLC.

The decision came after Everytown for Gun Safety and Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas pressured the agency to revoke the Nevada-based company’s FFL. Paul Jimenez founded JA Industries after his last business, Jimenez Firearms, declared bankruptcy. Everytown accused Mr. Jimenez of founding JA Industries to escape lawsuits filed against Jimenez Firearms by multiple jurisdictions and anti-gun groups.

In 2020, Everytown for Gun Safety and Kansas City sued Jimenez Firearms for creating a public nuisance and illegal gun trafficking. Jimenez Firearms produced budget pistols that ran between $100 and $200. Anti-gun groups have long claimed that Jimenez Firearms was the tool of criminals and insinuated that the company knew that its firearms would fall into the hands of violent felons.

The vast majority of Jimenez Firearms have never been used in crimes. Bruce Jennings founded the company in 1978 as Jennings Firearms. The company was reorganized as Bryco Arms before being acquired by Bryco’s former factory foreman, Paul Jimenez in 2003, after Jennings was arrested for child porn.

Gun rights activists say that anti-gun groups and politicians used the same tactics to attack Jimenez’s companies as they have to attack makers and sellers of unfinished frames and receivers. They believe these anti-gun forces team up with the media to demonize the products they want to be removed from the market.

The price point puts a target on the back of firearms companies such as Jimenez Firearms and JA Industries. These guns are cheap, making them accessible to the masses that cannot afford $500 for a Glock. Anti-gun groups believe that the price creates a low entry barrier to the firearms world.

Everytown purchased all Jimenez Firearms in an auction when the company was liquidated. The anti-gun claims to have destroyed all the firearms. It is alleged that the destruction of the pistols was to prevent them from falling into the hands of people from the inner-city.

Everytown celebrated the decision to revoke JA Industries FFL. The Bloomberg-funded group hopes that the ATF revoke other gun manufacturers’ and dealers’ licenses. The Biden administration vowed to crack down on “rogue dealers,” and the ATF has changed rules to revoke more FFLs.

“We can only hope this decision marks the beginning of a new era at ATF, one that is consistent with President Biden’s commitment to holding rogue and reckless members of the gun industry accountable for breaking the law and putting lives in danger,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. After decades of serving as the gun industry’s lapdog, it’s time for ATF to do its job and be the American people’s watchdog.”

The ATF refused to address the specific reasons for revoking JA Industries LLC’s FFL. Still, ATF spokesperson Erik Longnecker did say the “ATF revokes federal firearms licensees who are found to have committed willful violations of the Gun Control Act and have an adverse impact on public safety. The vast majority of federal firearms licensees are law-abiding businesses.”

JA Industries can appeal the revocation but has not announced its decision on whether to file one. Rarely the decision to strip a manufacturer or dealer of its FFL is reversed on appeal. AmmoLand News reached out to the company for comment, but our emails were not returned.

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Why does everytown hate the poor?

Wild Bill

yes, a lot of that begins with self hate.


they fear them

uncle dudley

Who will these anti-gun fools go after next, will it be High Point firearms because of the low dollar price point.
We need judges who will follow the rule of law and not the left leaning politicians .


that would make atf the criminals


The ATF are the criminals. They commit a never ending amount of felonies daily without any consequences. Their sole purpose is to make felons out of law-abiding firearm owners and supporters of the 2A. ABOLISH ATF,RESCIND NFA!


as should and must be……

Country Boy

And after HiPoint they’ll go after Taurus


I said Kel-Tec, but yeah, I hear Taurus does not have the best reputation.


You hear? I’ve owned several Taurus handguns and had zero issues with them. ATF going after any handgun, on their own volition, is a criminal act and should be treated as such.


Gofer,if you like your Taurus handguns and what you paid for them that’s all that’s important. It makes no difference what anyone else says or thinks.


JA needs to appeal and sue.


NSSF, where are you?!


It is time to go after the anti gun crowd


That’s what it going to take to end this BS.


Quinton Lucas is our filthy — mayor. Just saying… he’s SCUM who plays the race card at every turn, in my humble opinion.


Since they purchased firearms in bulk, does this mean everytown is now an FFL?


it would seem so. UNless they destroy them all and document athat, they are still in possession of them. I wonder, to, did anyone go through a NICS check over the transfer of all those guns they boutght? Or do the Mad Mamas have an FFL themselves?


anyone remember the song Saturday night special , these fit the bill ,in the 70s this would have been a 20$ gun that said there needs to be a quality inexpensive gun . there are lots of good decent poor people they deserve a safe dependable way to defend themselves


<— absolutely!


These pistols, even under the previous manufacturer names (Sterling, Jennings, Bryco,etc) are nothing but serialized PAPERWEIGHTS….
BUT, they do have the right to manufacture under the law, the Everytown bulls**t and lies has to be stopped. The “sharks” knew that Jimenez didn’t have the assets to operate, nor sue them, thus the purchase and claims.

Watch um

I had a Jennings 22 that never failed me. I could hit a 3 inch target at 25 yards. It was very accurate. I worked for the railroad and carried it all the time because it was so dependable and accurate. Yes some were not the best and flavored certain types of Ammo but my little Jennings was a real shooter.


Maybe an knitting needle behind the ear would have them change their tune to BAN KNITTING NEEDLES!


It would be amusing to take a good look at the cars these antigun creatures drive. How may drive Kia, Hyncdai Suzuki, Geo, the low end Honda and Toyota and Mazda cars? NOW why do they who tend to purchase “more affordable” cars to drive, turn and scream against companies that manufacture “affordable” handguns? Hypocrites all. And I’lll lay high stakes at long odds many of these beligeraents have their own “protection plans” in place.. the pres of Everytoewn, is he unprotected everywhere he goes, or is there an armed security detail to protect him? Their mouths all have two… Read more »


speak with forked tung


who actually purchased the firearms when liquidated? everytown cannot fill out the 4473, a person has to. how many firearms did they purchase and for how much? isn’t that a red flag for the batfe, multiple handgun purchases within a short amount of time? where are the paperwork associated with the disposal of all the firearms?
sounds like everytown doesn’t care about inner city folks and don’t want them to be able to protect themselves.
what bizarro world does feinblatt live in, he seems delusional at best.

Country Boy

Obama is the one behind this all. Biden is just Obama and the CCP’s puppet POTUS


The Firearms Industry has let it happen before and if we dont join together to fight this type of action, without a doubt, it will happen again. Jackals go after the weakest of the pack. I was the RG Ind. National Sales Manager from 1982 Right after Hinkley/Reagan Shooting to when the closed in 1986 it was reported that RG was the junk cheap gun saturday night specials. I agree but they worked for how long years if properly cared for, or less than a year in a tackle box.I have a RG 16 22 mag derringer I was given… Read more »


Shame on the ATF unless there were real violations. I would never own a JA pistol. But that doesn’t mean others should be denied access. From what I understand is the JA/Jimanez pistols worked. They aren’t ugly like a Hi Point. If price is the last straw, Hi Point will be next. Another gun I’d never own.


Next would be Kel-Tecs. Crazy-looking pieces, which I wouldn’t own. But I am not your father, and our 2nd Amendment recognizes our natural right to keep and bear the best small-arms we can obtain.


Gotta remember, there’s a lot of honest, but low income, people out here, who could only afford a pistol under $200. As I said to Don, above… you can’t let ’em decide to start taking them away, because they’re affordable to people such as myself, who barely gets by on SSI. Once the door is open to the ATF’s own discretion, we are all in danger of becoming criminals, because we don’t own something that’s “pretty” and “Expensive”.


Gofer,I agree with you.


High point is a very accurate pistol. I have one and I’m pleased at it’s performance. The only drawback is it is’t one to break down for cleaning. BUT… I’ve always had no problems cleaning it anyway. You sound like the ATF … “Oh, it’s a cheap gun. We better get rid of it so some dude on social security can’t afford to buy a gun for self defense. People like you, had better be damned careful for what you wish for. Your gun may be next, once the groundwork has been laid by the a$$holes at the ATF and… Read more »


This was a company that had deep questionable roots.


They’ll just sell to another family member, change the name and go back in business just like the last 3 times.


Nothing wrong or illegal about that. I hope they do. Not everyone who buys a “cheap” pistol, is a crook or worse.