Biden Bumbles Through Latest Attack on Homemade Guns ~ “AFT”

Washington. DC – -( Today Joe Biden announced new rules to attack personally made firearms.

As with all of his press conferences, it was truly painful to watch. [as well as creepy]

Biden said that all unfinished lowers would now require a serial number. He also repeatedly referred to the BATF as the “AFT”. He could not pronounce the name of his new prospective ATF director, Steve Dettelbach.

He spoke of a place in Delaware where he did “a lot of hunting.” He claimed that when the Second Amendment was written you “could not buy a cannon.” False!

He completely misrepresented the recent settlement by the former Remington’s insurance company. It was comical and tragic at the same time.

America truly is in deep trouble and while the Democrats are no doubt desperately trying to figure out how to get rid of Joe, we suspect the Republicans would love to keep him around to help boost their credibility.

At one point in his rambling, incoherent comments Biden noted that part of his new rules would be a requirement that gun dealers add serial numbers to privately made firearms they bought from others. Biden is apparently unaware of the fact that privately made firearms may not be sold “under most circumstances”.

This new initiative is designed to harass honest people and will succeed. However, the reality is the toothpaste is out of the tube, and Joe and his cronies don’t get it. You can outlaw information, but you can’t make it disappear. We predict a surge in the sales of 3D printers.  #ad

About Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no-compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

Oregon Firearms Federation

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Green Mtn. Boy

What is Brandons fixation with cannons,agin he repeats the proven lie that in the founders time one couldn’t own a cannon. Cornpop and his bad dudes must have threatened the old dementia ridden douche bag with shooting him out of a cannon or something.


We can own them NOW. He can only say what is written for him and not well. He doesn’t have to know what he is saying, or understand it. He is, again, an empty vessel of what was totally nothing but BS the whole time. Sad………

Wild Bill

I wonder how long before they dump him, in favor of Kamala? He will still be useful as the fall guy in the Biden crime family influence peddling case after he is dead.


Think you misspelled name of our token figurehead #1 (selected by race & gender rather than ability, morality or even popularity) … I believe it is spelled Kackla.


Answer: After noon on 22 January 2023. Then Harris can step in with hopes of serving 10 years. But thanks to her being as stupid as ‘Brandon’ is senile and the demonstrated incompetence of their administration, it isn’t going to happen.


Maybe the cannon thing will be disclosed in his obituary. I’m looking forward to reading it. Soon.


He got the missive from King George III.


Well, we know that “corn pop” was a Lie. No Proof it existed.


The MORON n’ Chief is at it again.


Soros the puppeteer has created a mobile . He pulls Barracks strings and Barrack pulls Joe’s strings . But Joe can’t stick to the script so he makes them look bad so they deflect and attack a inanimate piece of plastic or aluminum. This shows just how unhinged they all are ! Joe is 80 % braindead and this will do nothing to stop the violence in democrat controlled cities . But that does not stop them from using thier failures to strip lawbiding citizens of our rights . Let’s go Brandon #FJB


Yes, you can sell your home build in a F2F person2person sale. Just can’t do it as a money making business.


It must be serialized and have the “manufacturer’s” name engraved first.


Perhaps under some state’s laws, but not under federal law. Excepting of course the rewrites by AFT who have decided that congress and the courts are redundant.


My understanding is that you must get a serial number for it and put it on there before you can sell it. In OreGONEISTAN you are supposed to do the transfer through and FFL. LOL

Last edited 9 months ago by musicman44mag

I have yet to build a ghost gun. Pricing and options have been more of a barrier than (my rather) limited time and skills to actually complete such build. If ever, got to get off my duff and make the purchases if inventories are not already gone. Have assembled upon complete lower (complete with serial number and FFL/NICS/illegal registration). That assembly with factory assembled upper is much like putting together something from Ikea (as biden said). Building on an 80% lower is more like tossing factory produced cushions on a sofa you built from 4×8 plywood and other wood from… Read more »

The left is Anti-liberty NOT anti-gun

Listen to what Dettelbach says at 1:01:56 “They don’t write the laws”

On a day when the ‘AFT’ was WRITING LAWS!

Watch um

I am sorry to say, but I don’t watch anything Biden says because it is very hurtful. First, my wife passed away from Dementia and second that Biden and I are the same age and I for one would not want to make a fool of myself or be used as the democrats have this old man. Now, as to home made guns it would have been great to make when I was a younger man and the 3D printers are a wonder to me. I did have a small cannon when I was a teenager, made it myself and… Read more »


Im pushing 70 still work, have little to no use for government worked for them saw how morally bankrupt they were quit would never trust any of them ,and I still love my hand cannons and if family history (dna) says anything I will be playing with them into my 90s


Hand Cannons, if not having one and being unarmed during an attack, that in my mind is not accepted, whatever it takes, I am older, I have small hand cannon as a last resort, but I will not go down unarmed! I practice with them; they do bite, and they are a backup, trigger pull is hard but in a chance at surviving an attack I’ll still be armed!!!!!!!!


I am not going down without defending myself to the bitter end. Theirs first.


Sorry you lost your wife and that you made the same mistake as me being a government worker. I have someone in my family that is 97 and wants to make it to 100. After that, they claim they could care less what happens to them and they don’t want to be around to see a civil war or see any more of the demise of America. They are grateful they are near the end of years but fear for the lives of grandchildren, great grandchildren and their own children because of where America has gone and where they fear… Read more »


If “Slippers” had a brain he’d take it out and play with it!


The Ender 3 series from Creality is a whole lot of printer for the money, if you get one that works, and are prepared to fix it when it doesn’t. Creality’s customer service department sucks.

For the rest of you check this out.


“….Democrats are no doubt desperately trying to figure out how to get rid of Joe…..”

This is elder abuse. Would someone please just shoot him and put him…and, us….out of this misery?!?!?!?!

“If “Slippers” had a brain he’d take it out and play with it!” Been there, done that. He can’t find it in his toy box anymore.

Wild Bill

Even in death, Joe will serve a purpose for the marxist socialists and the Biden family. After he is dead, Joe will be blamed for everything so that no one has to go to jail, and he will vote democrat for another hundred years.


AFT, another f’n treason.


Beware OreGONE. Bud Pearce is running for governor again. Read this text from his web site.   Dr. Bud Pierce is a strong supporter of the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment and gun rights under the Oregon Constitution and is equally committed to addressing gun violence in Oregon. What should be done to curb gun violence? Here’s Bud Pierce’s plan for Oregon: Commit more resources to our state’s mental health services to ensure that in-patient and out-patient treatment facilities are adequate and Oregonians struggling with mental illness are not warehoused in our prisons or living on our streets. Provide advanced technology,… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by musicman44mag
Big George

Ya’know, this demented bag of bones makes me sick to my stomach just looking at him let alone listening! I was wondering what his right hand was doing hidden behind the podium in that photo?!


I watched it as painful as it was to listen too. Again, the AFT is an agency made to protect us. He talks about it as if he knows what it is but can’t get the acronym right time and time again. What a jackASS. The lies spewing from his mouth are innumerable. Thats what white racist demonkkkrat supporting people do and uncle joe kamalatoe obiden is racisms leader, supporter and propagandist. Just because you hire someone that is black for the job doesn’t mean you are showing that you are not a racist. Hiring a black person that is… Read more »


Good but sadly it’s Abbott’s typical game, more show than action.

Meanwhile he refuses to invoke Art IV Sec 4 & Art I Sec 10. He could end the invasion immediately.

“The U.S. shall guarantee to every state a republican form of government, and protect each of them against invasion…”

“No State shall keep Troops…Compact with another State or foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

Abbott dawdles, county sends LEOs
Abbott Border Fail
Abbott Wall a Chain Link Joke