Can “Pro-Gun” Democrats Be Trusted?

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Biden’s plan is the same as ever: gun control. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.-( From time to time, the topic comes up in which we are tasked with deciding if a Democrat deserves our vote based primarily on their support of the 2nd Amendment. I was in a discussion about this topic and realized that there’s a major problem with this. Often, we hear Democrats announce that they are “gun-owners” and/or “hunters” prior to some sort of anti-gun statement. I have my doubts as to whether their “gun ownership” amounts to much more than a dusty old war rifle that grandpa left in the attic and their implication to be “one of us” is often a tactic used to gain some sort of “authority” in a gun-control debate, but let’s look at this from a practical perspective. If I were to support a Democrat who claims to be “pro-gun,” (whether that be a Senator, Representative or even the President,) what other policies am I inadvertently supporting, and how high on the hierarchical scale of values are gun rights for this person?

Show me a Democrat who claims they don’t support universal background checks, red flag laws, magazine capacity restrictions, waiting periods, 21-year-old age requirements, semi-automatic rifle bans, bump-stock bans, suppressor bans, forced reset trigger bans & suing manufacturers out of business, and I will show you a liar.

What makes them a Democrat? Isn’t the very reason they vote on the left, to support the policies of those on the left? How many more left-wing policies do you want your children and grandchildren to be burdened with? Is it likely that they will actually go against their party on gun rights when you need them to? Have you ever seen that happen, and in the rare case it might, where else are they compromising your values? Some strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment are willing to support a Democrat who claims to support gun rights. Is this because they believe we are converting them? Good luck with that. The real question is, what else are we getting in that dysfunctional social package?

In an announcement on April, 11, 2022, on “ghost guns,” Joe Biden revealed this exact hypocrisy when he called firearms dealers “merchants of death,” yelled and screamed about “weapons of war” and then went on to say, “and by the way. It’s gonna sound bizarre. I support the 2nd Amendment.”

When we support a so-called “pro 2nd Amendment Democrat,” are we also supporting their position on open borders, abortion, CRT, bisexual bathrooms, “sex-ed” for Kindergarteners, the termination of oil drilling in America, the green new deal, ESG, the early release of prisoners, bail reform, never-ending medical mandates, the defunding of our police departments, welfare dependency and the overall forfeiture of our basic ability to make our own decisions? Because if so, I’m out.

So why are any of us being asked to put at risk, and most likely compromise, traditional American values and Conservative beliefs, just to get a “2A-friendly” vote in Congress by some politician who claims to support our gun rights? (Which by the way, probably wouldn’t happen when it comes down to actual voting behavior due to massive Congressional pressure from their peers.) Could it be Democrats recognize how strong the 2nd Amendment is and how protective of it, most Americans are? Could presenting a so-called “pro-gun Democrat,” be a way of coercing Republicans into unwittingly compromising at the voting booth with the hopes of saving our 2nd Amendment?

Sorry. The 2nd Amendment is not up for debate or compromise.

When I hear people suggesting that I should support a Democrat because they are “pro-gun,” I smell a rat. I have a problem trusting most Republicans with the 2nd Amendment. Now you’re asking me to vote for a Democrat? I don’t think so.

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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

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John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton all claimed at one time after another to support the Second Amendment. Someone should ask them “Which Second Amendment are you talking about?” I’d be willing to bet the rent money that their answer would involve hunting and/or hunters. Look again at Biden’s recent quote. “Talk to most responsible gun owners and hunters — they’ll tell you there’s no possible justification for having a hundred rounds in a weapon. What, do you think deer are wearing Kevlar vests?” So there you have it. Their version protects hunters access to sporting goods. Their version… Read more »


Biden who has hundreds of rounds in their weapon that’s is just Bull S-it Democrats want and need to remove our firearms so they can have control over a unarmed society. As for deer hunting almost done with a box of 20 that is a dear a year for our freezer do the math. Just looked 3 rounds left Biden is a joker. Your are correct their version of america has people living in apartments driving unsustainable electric cars powered by fossil fuels that American will buy from other countries. So those same democrats can claim we have gone green.… Read more »

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It is quite common for Democrats during an (re)election year. To resort to the age old Democrat tactic of ALAR. Act Like A Republican in order to get (re)elected. Suddenly soften or have a complete change of stance on a previously held ideology. Other Democrats along with the Fake News media will not call them out or criticize them. On this sudden change of heart, because they know that once (re)elected. They will return to the fold and continue to support their previous stance on Democrat ideologies and agendas.


Don’t forget the cover they provide each other. Manchin for example is from an area that produces coal. Coal is a four letter obscenity to the left but if Manchin voted with his party on this he’d find himself a commoner after the next election, so the dimocRAT caucus gives him a pass and probably even scripts his opposition to his party’s position. Of course with the likes of Pierre DeFlecto et al, they really have the ability to keep the status quo…or at least they have been able to maintain their elaborate facade until recently. The worm has turned… Read more »


True. Of course many “Republicans” also do ALAR in election years. e.g. “A+” Mike Crapo, Pierre Delecto, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham.


How do believe that democrats are pro anything that gives Americans freedom each day they prove different.
A judge has ruled the mask mandate is unconstitutional. The DOJ at the CDC request will appeal that decision in court of there choice that can reverse that decision.
The democratic party can not be trusted they have lied misled and left Americans behind in Afghanistan committed treasonous acts against all Americans.
Democrats are sleeping with China which will come back to bite them in their ass.


Recent poll allegedly shows 56% of Americans want mask mandates on flights etc: 80% of DemComs, 33% of “Rs”. Pathetic. Most DemComs & RINOs don’t want to wear masks, they just want to force conservatives to wear them because they know we hate it and they get off on telling others what to do.


I looked at that poll. It is an Irreverent and worthless poll simply because it is based on conjecture. Due to it’s small sample size of less than 1100 respondents. Which equates to approximately .000003% of the entire population of the United States and in No way can be considered an accurate representation of the the Nation’s population. That is the problem with All Polling. Polls like this are little than an attempt at political hyperbole and to acquire talking points to reinforce the preconceived ideology of the person or organization paying for the poll. If it didn’t meet their… Read more »


I have doubts about it too, but in probability & statistics theory 1100 is pretty good, ~3% margin of error, if done properly and honestly – I doubt it was. Could be a “push poll” too.


Check out all the cowardly troll downvotes, for reasons they can’t explain because they would look ridiculous.

Love it. Over the target. 🙂

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J Gibbons

The poll may be legit. However, I suspect their selection methods are faulty. If so many really wanted it, why would the airlines announce the mandate withdrawal mid-flight? Why would passengers be celebrating? More Orwellian manipulation at play here.

And they accused Trump of being a wannabe Fascist dictator…


I agree, but airlines were getting killed by the mandates. Despite being run by wokesters & appeasers they’d begun lobbying against them. Look closely at the pics: Not all were celebrating. In the one going around most, a few in front were really happy about it. Most had masks off, but many looked away, and a number of virtue-signaling sour-puss Karens kept theirs on.


Can demonratts be believed when they say they support the second amendment? I would have stopped at, can demonratts be believed and just said NO afterwards. We all know that they are liars, manipulators and thieves.

Last edited 9 months ago by musicman44mag

I have tried to find one honest dimocRAT president going all the way back to Martin Van Buren and Andy Jackson. The only one who even comes close to being an honest dim, someone supportable, was the 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman. He famously said “Show me a man that gets rich being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook!” He is describing his party and the GOPe denizens. I don’t think there are any others in the dimocRAT party that would make a statement like that today. If they did, I would instinctively think… Read more »


I read your paragraph and got to the last line and LMAO. Thanks for the great start to my morning.


Truman had a sketchy record on firearm rights. He liked to shoot firearms, but what did he ever do to advance firearm rights? He was Franklin Roosevelt’s vice president – later, as President he did nothing to rescind the unconscionable laws Roosevelt promoted and signed into law.

Truman also supported the socialist framework and policies Roosevelt put into place and tried to expand them.


If a democrat says they are for the Second Amendment, they are simply lying.


“Can “Pro-Gun” Democrats Be Trusted?”
Absolutely not. Next question?


Really, I didn’t even have to read the article to answer that question.


What comes to mine is the fable “the Scorpion and the Frog.”


What we have is the Harlem Globe Trotters vs the Washington Generals and it is us being played.

how are mcconnel, romney, crenshaw and every other paid off suck up to china republicans “trustworthy”.

it is to laugh!


How are the republicans any less bought and paid for traitors?

and whats with the removing comments????


All DemComs are traitors. Not all “Republicans” are traitors, just most. Thus, the importance of primaries. Wos should address this.

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Wild Bill

Wos should do this. Ammoland should do that. Should do’s for every politician and LEO in every state and county. What a total manipulator!


What a total stalker! You cover for Oathbreakers who abuse & kill innocents, thus enabling more of it. Why do you hate civilians?


No. Full stop.


“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

Idaho Bob

Frankly, I don’t trust any Democrat. They are either communist, socialist, marxist or totalitarian at heart, or a mix of them all. I have nothing in common with any of them.
“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness (2 Corinthians 6:14)?”


Bob – you are likely correct about their ‘heart’ but I imagine that a few of them are just plain old power hungry. Come to think of it, those ‘character’ traits you listed are really all about power and control.


Afternoon Ammoland I know this does not have anything to do with the second amendment. I just wanted to pass this on the poultry market is getting rocked due to the “Avian Bird Flu” Some of the highest prices ever traded today pertaining to all things chicken. Turkeys are also being killed and then destroyed due to the H5N1 Bird Flu. My advice is shop smart if you eat chicken now is a good time to buy a little extra folks. Turkey which means cold cuts two will be affected in this struggle. Beef the packers are as 5 /15… Read more »


For a Democrat to forswear gun control, he or she would have to stand against the base plank of the party. The DNC, not to mention the leaders of the House and Senate, unlike Republicans, would never tolerate a maverick. Only Republicans seem to have some internal, emotional need to show diversity of ideas. There’s no better example than NY Senator Gillibrand. She was purportedly pro gun before election to the senate. Soon afterwards, at the public behest of then senate minority whip, Chuck Schumer, she towed the party line on guns as if her claims of gun ownership and… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Wass

Wass -“never tolerate a maverick” – true enough, just look at how that party treats anyone that goes against them – Manchin and Sinema are prime examples. OTOH the most ‘famous ‘maverick’ was probably juan mcamnesty – he fooled a lot of people for a lot years.




True, but “pro-gun” Manchin & Sinema backed gun grabber Ketanji for SupCt, a more critical, durable DemCom vote than a bill they can still vote for after their next election when they’re secure for 6yrs. On the other hand their votes may not count after this year if Rs get enough majority to cancel closet DemComs like Murky, Pierre Delecto & Collins.


The once=democratic party, no longer democratic, by the way, was along ago taken over by the Progressive New Left. This was not so obvious to those who depended upon national corporate media but over the past few years these radical cultural Marxists have taken off the mask. They no longer feel the need to hide behind ‘liberal’ masks and are now publicly, shamelessly advocating a leftist mantra. Elected officials must continue to navigate through a narrow window of acceptable perception in order to be reelected. But they need not necessarily vote that way. The Progressive New Left, the new democrat… Read more »


You mean trusted? As in ……can be trusted to do the right thing for America? As in telling the truth and supporting the constitution? With traitor rinos Like crenshaw? McConnel? Romney? Murkowski? ETC..The rino sellouts owned by china are just playing us.

Standing by for the stumbling, bumbling, lying us into nuclear war and famine on behalf of their paymasters

take my guns! If it saves just one congressional traitor……


True, The once-Democratic Party was taken over by the Progressive New Left during the 1990’s. Think cultural Marxism. The Republican Party has been a classical Progressive party for decades. Think Woodrow Wilson. Conservatives are only a painful thorn in the side for the Republican Party but a very, very necessary thorn in the side. Conservatives are the source of money and votes and nothing more. Think Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Ditch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski et al.


No Ds are truly pro-gun & most “Rs” are closet Ds. Traitors in our tent are more destructive than open enemies. E.g. A dozen “A” rated “Rs” confirmed Soto, Kagan & other anti-gun DemCom “Justices”. They’re why we never take turf even when allegedly holding all FedGov branches. Only way to fix it is bounce them in primaries, but it’s hard with NRA and other corrupt groups protecting the swamp with primary endorsements (e.g. Crapo). Wos should address this in addition to bagging on the obvious enemy.


Most “pro-gun” Republicans can’t be trusted.


More to the point


.308 – yep – that is especially true of “professional” politicians (40 years or more as a ‘public servant’) – ie those who have never held a real job outside of that ‘career’.


You mean when I dial that back down to all about 6 years. Anything over six and they’ve given up on the voice of their constituents, IF the constituents even bother to pay attention to what’s going on and lend their voice.




Trust democrat party people?
But those who know how to play the game, yes.
I own full auto and dd nfa items and I’m a registered democrat.
But why would I be ??
Because I hate the pricks so much that I want to vote against them twice, first in the primary and then in the general election.
The rest of you might want to think about this because if more did that we could potentially have a greater effect.

Henry Bowman

No Demorat can be trusted and likewise neither can 2/3rds of Republicans (aka RINOs).


Depends a little on what follows. For example “I support the second, but do not support mandatory gun ownership for all.” In my case – “I support the second amendment but have no need for a machine gun, only a need for the right to own one free of government regulation, oversight or registration.” Another one…. “I support the second amendment, but lack skills to take on the full force of nation-wide law-enforcement alone.” How about I support the 2A, but need to practice and train a lot more.” I suspect most of us are guilty of “I support the… Read more »

Joe R.

No. If you need any expansion on that, I’d ask why. But if you really did need any, I’d say that you can’t trust evil satanic-communist (D). They are satanic in that they want to be able to kill kids in the womb, and new-born. They want to be able to tax you bigly while getting million dollar kick-backs from Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups who are getting huge amounts of money from groups and companies buying the dead baby parts for various and not wholly known nefarious purposes, but the known and overt ones are to use them… Read more »


You can paint a skunk all white, but it is still gonna’ stink up the place. “Sorry. The 2nd Amendment is not up for debate or compromise.” “In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Tommy. Tommy J. an old white guy. My Freedoms, Rights, Liberties, traditional American values and principles are not style!!!! Had it with PC Socialist/Elitist/Politicians/Divisionists/Revisionists trying to sweep us with the current. They continue to degrade our freedoms et el because we allow them to do it. On the 2A, we have said “OK”….go ahead, infringe our… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by StLPro2A

No! Neither can many so-called “pro” gun Republican’ts.


There are no pro-gun Dems. Besides what you highlighted, every “pro-gun” D without exception votes to confirm gun grabbers like gender-confused “Justice” Ketanji. All “pro-gun” Ds like Sinema, Manchin & Tester endorse gun grabbers for other races e.g. Obama, Hillary, Biden, Harris.


Worse are the traitors in our own tent, more destructive than the obvious enemy outside. 12 “A” rated “Rs” confirmed anti-gun “Justices” nominated by Obama like Soto & Kagan.

Crickets chirping. Dan?


As others have pointed out, the answer to your question is “of course not.” Dan, don’t you think it’s about time you move on from the “Democrats are trying to take our guns” red meat you throw to the shrinking group of people who can’t think past that simplistic distraction? The posters below have given you some good examples of authoritarian Republicans who have managed to get elected (and stay elected) despite their lack of real support for firearm rights.  Why don’t you do a deep dive on Crenshaw? He got elected largely on pandering to people who think any Republican… Read more »


Do an article on Presidio county judge Cinderella Guevarra. US Army veteran ran as a Democrat to get elected in a left wing county. The queen of botching up the Anton Scalia death, boogered-up Texas’ first ever Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution in Presidio county, then violated that after one of the city administrators from Marfa Texas wanted me to start running gun shows for their area and then shut down the largest gun show they would have ever had 4 days before the show after spending 3 months promoting it and bringing in large vendors from across the country, violating… Read more »


Thanks. Did she win the primary? Is there a challenger worth donating to?


Cornyn is a shill. His office failed miserably in my complaint against the FBI NICS background check system for maintaining that I was a felon and not allowed to own firearms where firearms transfer of a gun that I already owned didn’t go through and during the appeal process I said in copies of my honorable Marine Corps DD214 my FFL class 1 short number, my class A explosives permits from the state of Washington and my concealed carry permit. In corning’s office still bought into the bullshit from the NICS system and the dweeb that was the assistant director… Read more »



Wild Bill

Sorry to hear that, and yep, Corny is a big time phony!


Cali’s had term limits for 32yrs. Made it worse. Flushed the babies with the bathwater, refilled the tub with even more corrupt water, accelerated the reconquista & transformation into Calizuela. There’s no magic formulaic substitute for voters doing their job & firing corrupt pols.


Term limits for elected officials ONLY is a terrible idea that folks haven’t thought out. Want an OMNIPOTENT Deep State? Make term limits for elected officials and you will see exactly that. Staff, all the way down to janitors, needs to be included in any conversations about term limits. This goes for staff for local offices too. Staff rules now, just watch Brandon if you doubt me. I used to be the reign man on the term limits stagecoach until I got involved in a local zoning issue and saw first hand how staff leads the elected around by the… Read more »


Wow. Good points. Never thought of it that way.