Enemies of Freedom Have An Outpost In Our Heads ~ Stop the Verbiage

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USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Not long ago, I listened to a series of lectures by a very sharp man.  A doctor, who is also a professor, made the claim that realizing “the enemy has an outpost in our heads,” is the foundation for seeking truth.

He pulled the pin on that grenade, tossed it effortlessly into the room, and strolled along his way as if the explosion didn’t matter to him.  Personally, I think he enjoyed having done it.  In fact, I know he did.  We’ve since become friends and dropping truth bombs if you will, gives him joy.  When the truth takes longer to arrive, his joy becomes great.

In my case, his joy was tremendous.  It took me a long time to flesh out what he meant by saying, “the enemy has an outpost in our heads.”  When we use the opposition’s words, accept their flawed precepts, and regurgitate their false narratives as if they were true, they become common understanding.  While they might not actually be correct, they’re assumed as such.  To say the enemy has an outpost within our gray matter is to say we’re no longer questioning or correctly identifying the flaws we’re handed.  And any thoughtful discussion requires truth, whether common ground is reached or not.

If you and I say something silly like, gun violence,” we’re probably not considering what is true of a thing.  Sure, those two words can be perfectly grammatical in a sentence.  They’re spelled correctly.  But are they true in the sense they’re offered?  No.  If I trip over a tree root while walking through my timber, am I a “stump violence” victim?  No.  What about when little Johnny pushes Mary off the playground equipment?  Is Mary a “Merry-go-round violence” victim?  Nope…

Is there such a thing as a “Ghost Gun” in any true sense?  Hell NO! 

There are homemade firearms.  There might even be DIY guns.  But there are no such things as ghost guns.  We don’t use the term “assault weapon” in place of a semi-auto rifle, do we?  No, we quit that nonsense.  We even try to resist “high capacity” for normal magazines, as we know a Glock 17 was designed to house 17 rounds of ammunition in the standard magazine, not 10 or 7 or less.

We truly need to be careful we’re not using a highly successful propaganda tool of the folks who hate liberty and despise freedom.  Words matter and there is no such thing as a ghost gun.  Homemade firearms?  Yes.  Ghost guns?  No.

The only way for truth to win out is to call out lies.  Don’t even get me started on self-refuting silliness like common-sense gun control and things like that.  After all, we know gun control is a lie too.  When you hear “gun control you can bet the farm what they really mean is “people control” or “freedom control” across the board.

Oh, and by the way, in all the confusion we seem to have forgotten that homemade firearms have been completely legal, ethical, and moral for as long as our nation has existed.  Isn’t that central to the issue?

PSA ~ Don’t Use the Language of Gun Banners | Gun Talk Radio

About Michael Ware:

Michael is a Christian husband and father to two children. He owns and operates Controlled Chaos Arms, a premier custom weapons shop in the Midwest. He serves as Chairman of the board of Directors at the Iowa Firearms Coalition. The pursuit of truth drives him in research and his writing.

Michael enjoys shooting, hunting, and fishing throughout the Midwest and Rockies. An avid outdoorsman and tireless supporter of all Second Amendment virtues, he can be found in his gun shop, in a tree stand with his kids, or on Capitol Hill lobbying in support of Freedom and Liberty at any given time.

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“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” 1984 George Orwell. That also includes the narrative. Thus the Liberal Progressive Democrats teaching of Revisionist History and the Removal of History that doesn’t fit their ideology. In the Educational system of our schools. Which they along with the NEA have had control of for the last 40+ years.


Sleepy Conservatives however are waking up and taking back control of the education system. Slowly but surely.


Control of the educational system was lost the moment the federal government touched it! Have you ever seen anything the feds have touched that they haven’t f—ed up?


I’ve long advocated against administrative law in the state and federal governments. Unconstitutional, period. I also have said that ending administrative law was going to be a tough row to hoe. Because the COVIDIOTS overplayed their hands during the scamdemic I think the leftards has given Liberty and Freedom lovers a roadmap how to effectively end the administrative tyranny. It all starts with US Department of Education. Because even a blind person can see the leftards are using the terrible school system against freedom and to groom our children to be oversexualized government dependent degenerates, there is massive pushback against… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, the whole idea of unified school districts turns education into industry. United school districts were created to save money. Central locations are where disease, drug use, and bad behaviors are spread. Too large of a class size causes children to be over looked. Profit becomes the motive, while children’s individual education suffers.


The National Enemy Association (NEA)pushed for this crap until their lobbyist bribed the federal Department of Education into doing their bidding. The “excuse” was saving money. The “intention” was to bring smaller districts (much more likely to be conservative based) into larger population areas where they can be assimilated into the liberal bastions. It worked superbly!

Wild Bill

Yes, the NEA. The states could go back to small schools dispersed throughout the townships. I suppose that the NEA has “gotten to” those officials, too!

Greg K

Here’s my favorite; “Legal Gun Owner.”
Followed closely by, “Law Abiding Gun Owner,” or “Law abiding citizen” when describing “Gun Rights.”
Obviously my understanding of the 2nd Amendment is different from theirs.

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cant be that, that would imply they are idiots. , and only ghost guns are in ghost busters movies , but they are not called guns


Per Mark Twain, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does occasionally rhyme. A case in point, within the lifetime of many of us, the “bad gun du jour” was the “Saturday Night Special”. According to what the Left said, a “Saturday Night Special” was the kind of cheap, easily concealable, small caliber handgun that minority ne’er do wells carried in their pockets when they went to town on a Saturday night. But when the laws were proposed to control this scourge, somehow the Colt 1873 Single Action Army, a humongous $1200 .45 Long Colt firing club of a handgun that… Read more »

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” The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meanings of words, you can control the people that must use the words ” – Philip K. Dick

Wild Bill

That is really true. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Wild Bill ! I most always enjoy your posts, and I appreciate the supportive response. When I first came here I was accused of ” promoting tyranny” by the “revelator” quite unfairly. I notice he doesn’t come here and pass judgement anymore.
There are way too many people out there not just promoting but trying to impose tyranny, but that’s not me.

Wild Bill

I think that for the most part Ammoland is a pretty knowledgeable and collegial group.


look at all the words they have corrupted in the past ,most were positive they turned negative gay happy,not queer; awful full of awe, or in awe of , dumb for stupid there are hundreds if not thousands


swm – that is ever the way of tyrants/manipulators – take something ‘good’ and twist it to mean something totally opposite – and usually perverted as well. One example will suffice – the rainbow.


Good reminder.
As a long time reader of sci-fi that ‘might’ very well be where I first heard the concept. OTOH it could have come from A.E. Vanvogt in “The Weapon Shops of Isher” – regardless it is a truism and we MUST always be on our guard and use correct terminilogy.


they use ambiguous language to confuse and scare people into supporting their agenda. inanimate objects can do nothing without human interaction. facts/statistics/data do not matter to the lame stream media. i very often write my legislators, newspapers and make comments on websites that use misleading terms in articles to help others understand the fallacies of the media.


I feel like I’ve been saying this 4 evah.

Gun violence, high-capacity magazines, gunman, rate of fire (in a semi-auto), bullets (instead of cartridges), etc..

When I correct PotG, most say is doesn’t matter.

i respectfully disagree.


Congratulations on waking up and DUMPING the Kool-Aid. I’ve been refusing to use their terms for years. The term “gun violence” makes me CRINGE!

Country Boy


crazy joe

The part or words that get me are “assault rifle” Every gun since the conception of time has been used in combat.

Deplorable Bill

Awaiting approval for my post as of 1743, 4/17/22 for telling the truth.

Arm up and carry on


“our democracy”

Country Boy

“undocumented workers”


This is cringeworthy. Too many people that know better refer to “our democracy.” With the Left it’s deliberate, but even some other use “our democracy.”
But the dictionary is no help, at least the online one, because it gives democracy as a synonym for “Republic.”


Let the enemy write the rules; play by the enemy rules; lose by the enemy rules. Cliff’s Notes In a nut shell, the WHY of the 2A situation since at least 1934. Time to return to our Founding Fathers’ rules….the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They don’t need to be re-written. They need to be re-read, That is all. Class dismissed.

Last edited 9 months ago by StLPro2A
The left is Anti-liberty NOT anti-gun

Reject the enemy rules; Refuse to play by the enemy rules; Defeat the enemy.

Get a hard copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Control is the result that those in Washington & democrats are striving for today. The big issue is China locking down Shanghai the largest port in that country on the yangtze river with only 1.1% new covid cases. Many companies rely on this Global trade center for goods that arrive in the United States. One item is semiconductors while multinational companies have headquarters in that city. Not to forget it is the third largest marketplace behind the New York stock exchange and the Nasdaq. Vanguard 2020 announced plans to move to that city, All goods leaving China for ports around… Read more »

Country Boy

Your answer is described in the Declaration of Independence… We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing… Read more »


about time to reform the republic


This has been obvious since Old Testament days. We have just ignored it. The concept of ‘double mindedness” describes exactly this malady. Language is both a reflection of and means to communicate thought. Imprecise or deceptive language equals imprecise or deceptive thinking. So then next time someone uses the term ‘liberal’ to ‘democrat’ to describe a member of the Progressive New Left or Marxist Left correct them. Use the term ‘leftist.’ And when folks accuse you of being a fascist because you espouse conservative thoughts correct them. Fascists are a manifestation of the political left, not the right, and stem… Read more »


I remember when I first noticed the “political correctness” movement as it related to the language. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was actually funny back when I was in my early 20’s, I’m 68 now, but Carson used to make fun of the leftards twisting of the language.

I didn’t think it was funny then and I certainly see the damage it causes now. Every poster here sees it too, fantastic. Refuse to participate.

Happy Everafter

Where is Don Rickles now? On Carson, in front of a national audience, he could point out a seriously silly term, make such a joke about it that folks couldn’t use it seriously again.
Long lost talent needed in a morbidly amoral society with a constantly moving target of ‘political correctness.’


I never appreciated George Carlin until I started listening to some of his work about the government in the last 3 years. He knew what was going on and wasn’t blind to all the garbage we are fed on a daily basis. I am glad now that he shared his thoughts on government and see what he said back then about how freedom is just a word still stands true and remains the same today. We are supposed to have ownership of property and the American dream is nothing more than a dream and those days are gone. Still not… Read more »

Knute Knute

It’s called “The American Dream”, because you have to be asleep to believe it.


sarcasm is hard as humor, when what is said is too close and hurts,its not funny. they are seeking to make us act on guilt ,it is a type of humor on a razer edge


George Carlin not Don Rickles although Don was awesome insulting people of all races, sexes, etc. without people getting offended. Different, better times.


I remember a day not to long ago when a comedian could stand on the stage and entertain you and make you laugh so hard that you would cry and never say a cuss word and it wasn’t all about sex. Those were the real comedians. What I especially appreciated was that they were witty and you needed to have whit to keep up with them at times. I loved Tim Conway, Red Skelton, Jonathan Winters Red Buttons and at times Robin Williams. Todays generation has no whit or idea of what funny is. I watch comedy movies and see… Read more »

Country Boy

Let’s not forget Buddy Hackett…….


Oh, I am sorry, you are absolutely right. He was very funny and quick whited. His expressions were so crazy. Thanks for the memories and the laugh.


comedians had to be intelligent,who’s on first ——-i dont know third base.


I like Abbot and Costello so much more than Laurel and Hardy. The three stooges were not my favorite either.


guess we are a bunch of old codgers , we need to work to bring it back, make America great again


Hell, give America some real humor again. The younger generation has a weird sense of humor that I really don’t get. Two weeks ago SNL actually had a funny show for the first time in years. I thought maybe they hired some new writers but it fell short again last Saturday. I guess genius comes in spurts now days.


The mainstream media controls what comedians can now say. Dave Chappell is on Netflix, so he can do what he wants too. So to speak. Gutfeld comes to mind also, but then again, he is on Fox.

As Archie and Edith used to sing, Those were the daysssss…..

Last edited 9 months ago by Oldman

and archie had a good description of progressives dead from the neck up meatheads


He was good at it to, made fun of the people in burbank all the time ,ed made a great straight man


It all boils down to a war of words, the left creates a narrative to confuse the public to conjure up imaginary monsters “Assault rifle”, “Ghost gun”, Saturday night special”, “SBR”, “High-capacity magazine”, and the worst one of all “Gun violence.” We can fight back on these lies, and it doesn’t cost a donation to your favorite gun “Gun rights advocate. Every time someone uses one of these terms, correct them then and there. Don’t let them control the narrative by scaring people with nothing more than words.

Last edited 9 months ago by Cruiser

I loved Lynard Skynnard until they wrote the song about the Saturday Night Special and we should throw them all to the bottom of the sea before some old fool come round here, try to shoot either you or me. Made it sound like all guns are bad and at 18 I didn’t like that. On the other side of the coin, they wrote That Smell about how bad drugs are so I can’t fault them to the point that I don’t listen to them. However, I no longer watch actors that are antigun or buy their movies and it’s… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by musicman44mag

Cruiser – NOT picking on ya by any means but you used a legitimate term – “Assault rifle” (originally Sturmgewehr) which has a legal AND military definition. The ambiguous term the antis like to toss around is “assault weapon” which has no legal nor military definition. That was originally coined by Art Agnos around 1975 and gained little traction until Josh Sugarmann picked it up a few years later and started using it specifically and intentionally) to confuse folks. Of course the lame stream media loves to use the terms interchangeably. Sort of like how they call some guns ‘fully… Read more »


I been saying all along there is no such thing as gun violence or asault weapons . This stuff just don’t exist . Made up propaganda by gun grabbers. Thank you for correcting this and putting those misplaced terms in the trash where they belong . Gun haters invent verbiage like this to scare people and make guns sound evil . People are evil guns are an inanimate tool ! Like all the tool bags pushing gun control !


M454 – I’ve been saying the same – particularly about the abominable term “gun violence” – in fact I have ‘challenged’ several pro gun writers to try to determine who created that horrible term. IMHO it has become the default term that news readers (not too many real reporters left) simply because it is a ‘catchy’ phrase rather than using actual descriptive terms. Say for instance – instead of saying a long time criminal used a gun to shoot several during a robbery attempt they call it another case of “gun violence” This serves several purposes 1) the news reader… Read more »


Sturmgewehr is translated as assault but storming is running across no mans land to take enemy lines ,m16 is a light infantry rifle ,replacement to m2 carbine and oddly m14 medium rifle the bar is a defensive lay down fire weapon

Xaun Loc

Yes, our “enemies” have an outpost in our heads.

They also have their greatest allies in the marketing departments of some firearms manufacturers and especially most firearms dealers!

Bloomberg and the Mad Marching Mothers don’t need to make up the nonsense they use to scare suburban soccer moms, they can just screen shot the ads from our magazines and websites.

Wild Bill

True, but salesmanship is the selling of dreams. Boats, selling a dream. Sports car, selling a dream. Big house to low cal desert … selling a dream.
Firearms manufacturers’ sales men also have to sell a dream. Sell or perish.
Smith and Wesson is down to $14.55 from $28.00

Henry Bowman

It all depends on the individual POV. Obi-Wan Kenobi explained this to Luke Sywalker. The hoplophobes see a scary killing machine, we see a beautiful tool that is a marvel of design and function.

Wild Bill

Except for the Hollywood movie reference, I really like that!

Henry Bowman

I sorted liked the movie when I was a kid, but I always preferred Star Trek. I like more science in my science fiction!

Country Boy

LOL I recall when the original Star trek came on TV. Many were laughing at the “automatic doors” on the USS Enterprise.saying “that’ll never be”.
Now they’re on nearly every store in America…..

Henry Bowman

And cellular fliphones! …And the military has biobeds like Dr. McCoy’s med bay.


It is a tough sell no ammo no shooting both are very expensive.


Please consider these facts Biden & a democratic congress while The United States who is not at war with Russia sanctioned funds from private citizens and banks. Biden and congress have used the Russian conflict in the Ukraine to raise the price of all food items made with wheat & grain The communist Chinese government working with the authors of The Great Reset have committed to destroying capitalism as we know it. While China shutting one of their there largest ports it will continue to disrupt the American way of life The Chinese government working with the CDC performed gain… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by john
Wild Bill

I could quibble with a couple of little things, but I’m thinking that you have covered it pretty well.


Our country is in trouble sir those in Washington have endangered all Americans.

Thanks have good day.

By the way the bird flu has ramped up again over the weeked prices went up again today 4 weeks in a row the Urner Barry poultry market continues to gain strength. Beef packers raising Middle Meat prices for the summer as that market holds firm. Pork continues stronger with the sky as the limit.


This is very true My question is how do Americans restore confidence in the midterms this November . There are lot of folks that speak about a civil uprising violence is what the democrats are waiting for. I am still waiting for a leader to stand with, so far they are all more of the same.The reality is the general public is not capable to take on the government by force. That is going to anger some people here O Boy. What is lacking is leadership training discipline a host of weapons and most do not have the will or… Read more »


there are more conservatives that have served in military than progressives, almost think demoncrats get in wars to cull the numbers

Wild Bill

Good intel. Thank you, I will take it to heart. That gives me an idea. Maybe we all could share techniques for dealing with inflation. I’ll go first: A local grocery chain, here in East Texas, credits customers with “points” for their purchases. A thousand points gets $1 off of their gasoline. So if you use a thousand of your points, you get gasoline for $2.87 (rather than the full price of $3.87). Limit thirty gallons. I fill up the pickup, typically 12 gallons, and the other 18 gallons I put into plastic 5 gallon gasoline cans, in the truck… Read more »


This web site has value for those who wish not to shop in stores good products fair prices I trade protein on a larger level Beef Pork Seafood Pork lamb veal this little web site offers a fair deal for good items it not Sams Club 12 lbs of perdue poultry fz for 78.00 == around 5.00lb for great product.


Last edited 9 months ago by john
Wild Bill

cool thanks for sharing.


Each state has a different grocery chains that offers fuel points I cash them in for by bride. As far as beef goes resource a local rancher that sells privately. The problem is that is a lot of beef to freeze. With hurricane season approaching I prefer to leave the freezer light as if the power goes the generator will work till out of fuel. I believe sharing resources with folks around the pond I am blessed to have good folks around that all feel the same. A once a month fires pit bring a plate and your own drinks… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by john
Wild Bill

I think that you are right, we are in trouble. Families might be having a can of spam for Thanks Giving rather than a canned ham.


I am running a perkins for backup,the main is solar and wind so in the event of a hurricane all that folds in to container and is secure , nearly everything is diesel so 500 gallons real stuff 6-800 bio (1000 gallon tank gets used too fast to keep it full)

Alan in NH

Two words; Rockey Brass. Make your own glockenspiel.


Well done!


Along this same line of thought (with which I agree), sources like ammoland should not be reporting crimes committed by people using firearms as there are sufficient other media doing the same. Only the good. We need to be the contradiction to everything negative the socialist/marxist proclaim.


I appreciate the fact that I can find the truth about what goes on without media interpretation of what didn’t actually happen with all their sensationalism. For instance, I had no idea that the killings that took place in Las Vegas was a government set up. There is too much controversial argument and proof for it to be what the government ran social media claims it was. Without Ammoland, I would still be thinking that one man did all the shooting. Without Ammoland I would be believing what I was fed rather than having all the witness testimony, video footage… Read more »

Wild Bill

Perhaps, but limits like that are not free speech. Mainstream media spews reports of crime with elaboration. Someone needs to inform us of the truth without elaboration. Welcome to the site.

The left is Anti-liberty NOT anti-gun

When you accept their words, you accept their argument Never – repeat – never use the poll-tested propaganda phrases of the anti-liberty authoritarians. Remember that their rhetoric doesn’t come from thin air, it’s developed and poll-tested for maximum manipulative effect.   Always use substitute expressions instead of those of the anti-liberty left. Liberal – Anti-liberty Left ERPO or Red flag orders – Unconstitutional ‘Red flag’ Gun Confiscation orders If necessary, truncate or edit their existing terms to refer to them. A prime example is the Unconstitutional ‘Red flag’ Gun Confiscation orders. This incorporates their wording while making the truth of those unconstitutional… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

You know their on the wrong side when all they do is lie. That is a general statement but it is correct and will stand to reason. The first we know about evil was when, in the garden of Eden, satan lied to Eve. He set her up, a lot like some alphabet government agencies, cops, lawyers, judges do on a regular basis. Satan lied to Eve like most legislators do. Did GOD really say that? Biden is famous for it, so is obama bin ladin, so is cumonya, pelousy, abrams, shifshow, beto, judgeyurbut and most all the rest of… Read more »


It might not change those minds that are driving the agenda of these made up terms but I call them out so maybe someone new to the firearms world, either pro/against or tbd, reading a gungrabbers tweet might be swayed to dig a little deeper. If we can stop people from falling into the trap of using these terms then we can start to win the battle of words… we are winning the battle over gun control but losing the language war. Someone clever needs to come up a #stupid twitter tag that we can all use and direct to… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by JackNeat