There’s No Such Thing as Ghost Guns

U.S.A.-( Ever wonder why we are hearing so much about so-called “ghost guns?” Some may argue that the term “ghost guns” is used simply to scare people into supporting gun control. “Ghost guns” is the nomenclature used on people who don’t know any better. The idea of these spooky devices lurking around our streets is enough to send the most irrationally fearful, ill-informed people into hiding. Fear is the strongest human emotion, and the gun-grabbers understand this. For those who harbor beliefs cultivated by the left-wing narrative, fear is typically the dominant motivator. Fear is often used as a political tool to get people to vote for the politician who promises them safety. Look no further than non-elected New York “governor” Hochul and her willingness to release violent criminals from jail while disarming law-abiding New York gun owners. But there’s much more to “ghost guns” than meets the eye.

Not only does the political term “ghost guns” bring with it fear, but it also suggests the idea that guns “should be” registered. You are supposed to believe, that because these guns are untraceable, the government needs to step in and do something. As if, not being able to track guns to private homes is a preposterous notion. Do we ever stop to think about the fact that our Founding Fathers never intended for the government to know who has guns and where they were located?

The 2nd Amendment was written for the purpose of citizens having guns as leverage against the government, should it become tyrannical. It has always been necessary to preserve freedom. Somehow, scaring people with the term “ghost guns” encourages some to overlook the fact that gun ownership has never been any of the government’s business. But that simple fact gets overlooked when terms like “ghost guns” and “gun violence” are used because fear and political domination become much stronger motivators to some. You can read more on the importance of the term “gun violence” in my article, “There’s No Such Thing as Gun Violence.”

According to an article by, “Justice Department statistics show that nearly 24,000 ‘ghost guns’ were recovered by law enforcement at crime scenes and reported to the government from 2016 to 2020.”

“Federally licensed firearms dealers must retain key records until they shut down their business or licensed activity and then transfer the records to ATF as they are currently required to do at the end of licensed activity.”

Is the DOJ suggesting that all 24,000 guns found were homemade? Is it curious to anyone that stolen guns, and guns with serial numbers grinded off are also being labeled “ghost guns?” This isn’t just about homemade guns. This is about any gun that can’t be traced back to your personal home address. But wait a minute. I may never want anyone to know about my guns. Isn’t that my right under the 2nd Amendment? When did it become acceptable for people, who don’t want me to own guns, to know what guns I have and the exact location where they can be found?

Let’s assume the American Communists get their way and can enact legislation they would consider a solution to their so-called “ghost gun epidemic.” What would that look like? Is it any coincidence that the “solution” to their manufactured crisis is not stricter penalties on violent people, but rather a tool called “universal background checks” specifically for the purpose of creating a gun registry? You’ve heard them say, “the majority of Americans support universal background checks.” It’s not true but it’s a great way to make you feel like you’re in the minority should you question their motives.

“Ghost guns” are the gateway to “universal background checks.” But let’s go back even further. Do you remember “SWATing” and then the big push for “red flag laws?” SWATing was the act of turning in your neighbor without cause for simply having a gun. SWATing grew legs and became law in some States under the name “Extreme Risk Protection Order,” (a.k.a “red flag laws.”) “Red flag laws” are the vehicle by which guns can be confiscated, without due process. It’s no coincidence that “red flag laws” and “universal background checks” are being pushed simultaneously because in order to confiscate guns, the American Communists would first need to know where they are located. The “ghost gun” narrative is a tool by which support for universal background checks (a.k.a. “gun registry”) legislation would be garnered. Firearms dealers would be legally leveraged to share your personal information with those who want your guns. “Red flag laws” are the vehicle by which those registered guns would be confiscated.

I don’t remember reading in the second amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, as long as the Government knows the address where your guns are located.”

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

Dan Wos

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Let’s start nobody knows how many firearms private Americans have built for themselves.The government cannot account for trillions of dollars spent on items in their own inventory. None of the alphabet agencies democrats created can account for any if not all of the funding of our taxpayer dollars and what the hell they are spending our money on. If americans audited the federal government there would not be enough jails to hold those appointed and elected after that audit. Red flag laws ghost guns assault weapons all words that are invented for more restriction on we the people. Americans own… Read more »


The gvt wouldn’t need to know anything at all if GCA’68 & NICS were repealed & replaced with a BIDS system (better yet not replaced at all). Long as gvt does “background” checks, a prudent man must presume buyer names are kept illegally – de facto gun owner registration – since no one at ATFBI is ever punished for crimes against the Constitution. Also prudent to presume that a tyrannical gvt will presume owners are lying who say their guns were stolen or sold, and arrest the owner.

Gun owner registration can be as dangerous as gun registration.


Many years ago (about 1979) I was attending a “public” range in Sunrise Florida. They wanted my drivers license to use the range. I asked WHY? Well they wouldn’t tell me and I refused so they wouldn’t let me use the range. I then went outside to the fence which was blocking my entrance from that direction and asked everyone there for my attention. I then told them that the Broward county commisioners were registering GUN OWNERS that used the range. To which one good slave said “I have nothing to hide.” After leaving I was blocked about 1/4 of… Read more »


Well done! Did anyone else leave?

Some jag0ffs downvoted you, but now you’re up 2. They don’t like anyone who notices when LEOs dishonor on the oath.


No one left. I suspect since they had already sucombed to the con that they had no reason to leave.


if you brought your own target frame they did not ask for it, like a bar with a pool cue, they would hold it to make sure you returned target frame in good shape the other crap they did was uncalled for. you want to see ss in florida, pasco county needs to get reamed they have a Stalinist sherif

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“Trouble maker” is frequently the title given to people who support the principles of freedom.

There are different types of totalitarians. Those cops were one type.


They did not see your guns, but they did register you as a gun owner and a troublemaker.


think about the time it happened, no computer in car , written in scratch book by hand quick note, there is no current record


I used that range many times and all I did was fill out a waiver just like you do at any range that is not a member’s club. Even though I belong to a gun club, who does a background check on new members, we just signed up for a yearly pass at another range and guess what we had to produce ID.


Who needs to be concerned about the cops tracking you when you join a gun club if you have a CCW. In fact, before they pull you over, dispatch says if you have a CCW or not. If you do, often they follow you until they can get another officer to join in on the pull over no matter how bad the tail light was broken or the bulb was not working.



Apparently they must have changed some policy due to back lash.


Damn, that sound like something I would expect from kommiefornia!!!!

OreGONEISTAN where your carry permit from another state isn’t worth squat.


cut off the hand that they lied with ,few thousand would make an impression


Abso freaking lutely.

Green Mtn. Boy

The language of leftard civilian disarmament proponents who are either ignorant or too stupid to know better.

Bill B

Serializing a gun should be illegal unless its the owner who does it! The government shouldn’t have a clue who owns what, that is the line the founders would have supported and i would rather criminals have guns than our government know what i own! I trust common criminals more than i trust our dirty, crooked, power hungry government! Any day of the week!

Monkey Mouse

Here in liberal utopia NJ, only 120 or so “ghost guns” – made from kits with no original serial #’s were confiscated in the last 2 years. There were several thousand “normal guns” confiscated during the same period. The typical confiscated gun is a Glock 19 gen 2 from over 20 years ago – well worn and passed around by gangs in different cities. Also it is rare to find a “new gun” – one that was recently made and almost unused on the street.


So, 120 ghost guns were found in the last two years that actually shot someone? How many of those 80 percenters were not 80 percenters that had the serial number ground off. Those are questions that need to be answered that they never provide. I no longer take what the government says at face value because since obummer I have determined that I have been lied to on a daily basis, the only problem they have with me is that I see the truth and they are not manipulating me and I am informing others of the treachery that takes… Read more »


They been lying longer than Obama. lol


Love the last paragraph Dan. Excellent way to make a point just like it doesn’t say which kind of gun we can or can’t have.

Thanks for the great article.



If you ever have the good fortune to debate or encounter an anti-gunner (the smart ones know to avoid us, since they cannot match our truth), always challenge their statements by asking to cite statistics. Invariably, they don’t have any. Other than racists and racialists, can you name any other advancers of narratives as arrogant in their ignorance? But it’s incumbent that you come prepared, Use “The World Almanac & Book of Facts” (available everywhere),It contains all the latest FBI Uniform Crime Reports as well as other stats on crime. Too, I recommend, “Gun Facts and Myths: A Second Amendment… Read more »


There is a new book in town and right now it is number one at Amazon.
Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism (

Mine is on its way and should get here today.

OreGONEISTAN where it is recognized by some that there is more than one way for the RIGHT to arm itself and it’s called knowledge.


I’ll check it out. But do we think it’ll get a good review from The NY Times, if reviewed at all?



2A Gun Guy

Looks like someone is thumbs downing every comment here. Why?


There are tons of butthurt Iibbies trying to suppress the truth.

Wild Bill

No, it has nothing to do with the comments. It has everything to do with people standing up to the local hate group of two.


Wassup troll? More projection. You’re the hater. Stop stalking.


Here hear!!!!


It’s hilarious how when the media start using terminology that has been drifting around the gun world for awhile, suddenly the gun media starts crying “THERE’S NO SUCH THING!” I’ve been getting spam emails for the last several years trying to convince me to get my “ghost gun” before its too late, but I never heard that term used by the anti-gun media until lately. Now that the media has picked up on it the gun world tries to disavow its own terminology. Same thing with “assault rifle”, a term that was widely used within the gun community until the… Read more »


The term “assault rifle” has been floating around at least since the advent of the StG44 (Sturmgewehr 1944) and has even been defined by the DoD as a select fire rifle that fires an intermediate power cartridge. Think AK47 or M4 but not MP5 or M14.

The term “assault weapon” was created out of thin air and used in a white paper written by Josh Sugarman of the Violence Policy Center.

Some people interchange the terms out of ignorance or a desire to confuse the issues involved.


Due to all the publicity about “ghost guns” I did a bit of research and then purchased the best kit I could find. I just finished it and want to share it with everyone here! Tell me what you think! The major issue I have is that the local range won’t let me use it in there because he said it would blow out all the light fixtures. Which sucks because I really am a good shot but this puppy just doesn’t shoot straight ahead like I would hope. Plus the range is limited. No matter what I’ve tried the… Read more »


plasma stream, or photon particle?


The first time and many times after, that I heard the term “Ghost Guns” was in these Ammoland articles and comments. People seemed to think it was cute new name and then the antis got a hold of it. We did it to ourselves.

Oh, and it has no “effect” on me. Not “affect”. It does not affect me, so it has no effect.

Last edited 9 months ago by Norm

Wrong! I believe it was so e Scumbag politician in Comiefornia!


Words have a “denotation” Denotation is the literal meaning of a term as you would read from a dictionary. Words also have a “connotation.” Connotation is an implied and/or emotionally laden baggage that a word carries with it above and beyond the denotation. For example “dirty old man” implies something more than advanced age and/or lack of personal hygene. Frank Luntz has made a pretty good living studying the differences between connotation and denotation of words and phrases, they emotional responses they create in listeners and readers, and the effect on the debates where those phrases are used. He happens… Read more »


But, but, but, Dan, you missed the “Need Clause” prominently incorporated in the Second Amendment. Oh, wait. I can’t find it either. Aw, the magical “NEED” ploy. I must have the V 1.0 of the Second Amendment. My copy has no “NEED” clause in it. Or, “less than 10 rounds”….”suitable for sporting purposes”…..”no full auto”….”no short barrels”….. Come on, Man. There’s a LONG list of NOTS my 2A doesn’t contain. Only NOT in my copy is “…..shall NOT be infringed.” No NEEDs and only one NOT. Pretty concise and to the point. I’ll keep my 2A V1.0. Government, keep your damn hands off my “keep and bear.” Government hands… Read more »


You left out the most important NOT.

You can’t buy a cannon.


Hey Dan…I’ve added your exception! Just want you to have the credit! The NEW 2nd Amendment of the amended US Bill of Rights… (sorry, we no longer follow “proper procedure” for amending these pain in the ass listed rights) A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed EXCEPT: You are buying the firearms for yourself. EXCEPT: we already did away with the Militia by passing the Dick Act in 1903 EXCEPT: you say something that we deem to be verbally inappropriate.… Read more »


On the other hand, there is this alternative:

 The rights of the people, irrespective of age, sex or ethnicity, to keep, carry, use, purchase, sell, transfer, import, transport, innovate on, communicate about, or manufacture arms, their accessories, components, and munitions shall not be restrained by prejudice or by law, by regulation, by treaty, by extraordinary tax, by fee, by tariff, by executive order, by history, nor by any other contrivance or treachery by Federal, Territory, Protectorate, District, State or Commonwealth governments or any subdivision thereof.