Friends Like These… Only Get America New Gun Control Laws ~ VIDEO

John Cornyn
John Cornyn … IMG Sen. John Cornyn of Texas facebook

Tombstone, Arizona – -( With the Senate’s passage of the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” on Thursday, and the House’s passage on Friday, the bill is headed to the President’s desk in time for signing before everyone flees Washington to celebrate Independence Day. That seems a bit ironic, doesn’t it.

Others have already written about the numerous problems with the legislation, so I won’t dive deeply into those, but will instead focus on the political ramifications of the whole mess. As a lifelong politics watcher with over 30 years of active participation in the political process, including lobbying, campaigning, working directly for candidates, and as a campaign consultant, I’m at a loss to understand the Republican strategy of working so hard to come up with a “bipartisan, compromise” to give Joe Biden a “win” on gun control.

Sure, it would be tempting for them to want to be able to go home and say “We did something in response to the horror in Uvalde,” but “doing something” that is guaranteed to fail, with components that are patently unconstitutional, and which is guaranteed to alienate a large and very politically active segment of their base, just makes no sense.

You would think that chief Republican negotiator, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, would have gotten a clue when he was booed from the stage at a Republican event in his home state.

Instead, he referred to the frustrated Republicans as a “mob,” and vowed to stay the course in his efforts to “reach a compromise.” It was just after this that Cornyn announced language had been agreed upon. When that language was finally presented to the Senate and the public, senators were given less than an hour to review the details before they were asked to vote to approve the measure to move forward, setting it up for passage the next day.

A group of 15 Republican senators joined with the entire block of Democrats in the Senate to push the bill through. Of those Republicans, four are retiring at the end of this term, so voters can’t hold them directly responsible for their actions. [Toomey (PA), Burr (NC), Portman (OH), Blunt (MO)]

Eight were just reelected in 2020, so they’re not up for reelection until 2026 [Cornyn (TX), Graham (SC), McConnell (KY), Cassidy (LA), Capito (WV), Ernst (IA), Tillis (R-NC), Collins (ME)], and Mitt Romney of Utah, is not up for reelection until 2024. That gives GunVoters ample time to find and promote primary challengers for all of these compromisers.

The final two Republican compromisers are Todd Young of Indiana, who has already won his primary and is expected to win an easy victory in the general, even though his Democratic opponent looks pretty strong, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who has a primary in August, and actually has a solid-looking, Republican primary opponent. Alaska uses an unusual “Top 4” primary system, in which they hold an open primary, and the top 4 vote-getters move on to the general election, regardless of party affiliation, so Murkowski’s Republican Challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, is likely to make it into the general, but things get complicated from there. Taking on an incumbent is never easy, but with strong support from GunVoters, Tshibaka has a chance. Whether she can convince those GunVoters that she’s a better choice, remains to be seen. Murkowski’s done her part to drive GunVoters away from her camp, but Tshibaka will need to work to win them over to her side. We don’t know enough about her yet to make a recommendation, but invite anyone with knowledge about her, to share it with us.

The biggest problem, politically speaking, with these Republican compromise deals, is that they feed the “hopelessness” faction of pro-gun voters.

These are the folks who say that Democrats and Republicans are just “two sides of the same coin,” or that the “system’s rigged” so voting doesn’t really matter. Unfortunately, these are self-fulfilling prophecies. By abdicating their responsibilities and not getting involved in the election process, they bring about the defeat of their own ideals when they fail to vote, or only cast a protest vote for a third-party candidate with no chance of winning.

Don’t make this mistake.

Politics is a spectrum, like autism. Some politicians are far off to the edges of the scale, while others are somewhere toward the middle, and most swing like a pendulum, depending on which way the wind is blowing on a given day. It’s also a sad fact that many of them, from local City Council members to US Senators, and even Presidents, are not particularly bright. Having worked with, met with, and interviewed thousands of politicians, from all levels and all sides of the political spectrum, over the past 30+ years, I’ve been astounded by how many of them are total morons, with only one real skill – getting votes. Seriously, I would not hire some of these people to walk my dog or answer my office phones, yet they’ve somehow made their way into elected office, and in some cases, into the highest circles of power. The only good thing about these simpletons is also the primary bad thing: They’re easily manipulated. Since they have no real mind of their own, they depend heavily on other people to tell them what to say and do. If you or someone you trust are among that politician’s trusted advisors, then everything’s grand, but get a weasel in the hen house, or a politician who suddenly decides to make his own decisions, and things fall apart fast.

The sad fact is, to paraphrase Churchill, our political system is the worst ever devised, except for all of the others. It’s deeply flawed and imperfect, and it is susceptible to abuse, but it is the best available, and the more involved – and devoted to integrity – the people are, the better the system is.

Given all of that, the only way to get politicians that will vote the way you want them to vote is to first be sure that you fully understand your own political values.

What’s really important to you, and what doesn’t hit your radar? What issues are your “litmus test” issues, and how do you rank them on your personal priority list? For example, the Second Amendment might be your top priority, but you might also care about border security, abortion, economic issues, foreign affairs, etc., and the strongest supporter of the Second Amendment might be completely opposed to your position on all of your other top issues. They might be an avowed communist, or Nazi, or just a total moron on economics, or just a poor campaigner who has no chance of actually winning. So even though we often call ourselves “single-issue” voters, what we’re really saying is that our “single-issue” is a very high priority to us, but it can’t be the only criteria we look at.

Having a clear idea of your own political philosophy, is the first step to making solid choices in elections.

From there, we ideally want to work to elect politicians who completely agree with us on every issue, but that’s not very realistic, so those who agree with us on the preponderance of our highest priority issues, and who actually have a chance of winning. While there are valid reasons to tilt at windmills – to help push the debate in a certain direction, flush out charlatans, build name recognition for future races, promote a particular issue, etc. – generally, if you’re going to dedicate your precious vote, or time, money, and energy to a candidate, you want that candidate to have a chance of winning. If they are not electable, you’re giving the office to someone else.

Beyond basic issues and electability, there’s the issue of party and majorities. For example, right now, the US Senate is evenly divided, giving Democrats the functional majority, because they can count on Vice President Kamala Harris to break ties in their favor. That means the Senate floor is controlled by Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and that’s a bad thing for gun owners. This November, that majority could shift, but it could be very close, and much depends on what happens between now and Election Day. With that reality, it could come down to Lisa Murkowski being the one-vote difference in whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate. Would GunVoters rather retain the backstabber and get Schumer out of his position of control, or fire the backstabber and keep Schumer in power? Personally, I’d prefer to fire Schumer and withhold my wrath for Murkowski for another day, but there are a whole lot of GunVoters whom I doubt could be convinced to push in that direction by me or anyone else.

The most important thing for GunVoters to remember though, is that, while 15 Republicans crossed over to support this bad legislation in the Senate, and 14 did the same in the House, 50 Democratic Senators and 220 Democratic Representatives also supported it, and most of them were complaining that it didn’t go far enough.

Gabby Giffords And Mark Kelly
Gabby Giffords And Mark Kelly

GunVoters are very good at punishing backstabbers and turncoats, but we need to be better at taking on our real enemies, like Mark Kelly, the co-founder of the Giffords gun control group. He’s up for reelection in Arizona, and he should be beatable, and beating him should be GunVoters’ number one objective this year.

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona, and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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D Xing for Xi Ping

McConnell dick Xing.png

Local paper here in S. Utah, a Gannett (liberal) paper, is talking about how great Mitt is, and how loved in Utah. Mostly because of his LDS faith. Maybe in SLC, but not in the rest of the state.

Desert Rat

Looks like it’s time for a rerun of “The Battle of Athens”, TN, from 1946 and do it nationwide. Or just go to Home Depot and pick up all of that unused rope……..


Let’s see how did you put it. “By abdicating their responsibilities and not getting involved”. LMAO Here’s an idea. Get a few ballot stuffers for the Rep party. You may have a shot. Pun intended. And start selling electronic election machines. Than start a trillion dollar IT business that works in tandem with the same corrupt A$$holes you’re trying to get rid of. Hell Man I see how hard these Reps are working just to clean the voting rosters. lol And look at them trying to expose the corruption that was proven in quite a few past elections. Then you… Read more »


More convenient self-serving Chatroom Commando excuses for doing NOTHING but demoralizing others to do NOTHING.


The people who have done nothing finally got an excuse for doing nothing and they are wallowing in it. They have convinced themselves that their sloth is justified.

The turnout in the Republican 2020 Texas senate primary was pathetic. Cornyn had made it clear in 2018 he wanted more gun control and too many Texan Republican voters (the ones who don’t want yet more gun control) were just too lazy to bother voting. [I realize you already know this, but wrote it for the “voting doesn’t matter” crowd.]


And how do you know the know the numbers given are even accurate ?


There were three times as many Republican votes in the general election for the Texas senator as there were in the primary.

Not everything is a conspiracy. Some things can be explained by simple sloth.


Yeah ok Russ, lol As the visibility of the “glitches” found in Dominion Voting Systems continues to spread across multiple states, and the longstanding issues surrounding Election Systems & Software start to re-surface, one critical question has yet to be asked, “How did they manage to corner the U.S. election voter market in the first place?” On September 14, 2009, Hart Interactive, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Diebold Incorporated and Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S) alleging antitrust claims after the September 2, 2009 purchase of Diebold’s outstanding stock of Premier Election Solutions and the assets of Premier Canada.  This transaction… Read more »


Hell what did they do in 2018 when caught in Florida cheating ? And this went on in 2020 in how many States ? And I guess you didn’t pay attention or see 2,000 mules ?


You ever heard of this company ? Yeah me neither till I researched in 2018. The above screenshot. C’mon Man Joe even told you. Most INCLUSIVE VOTER FRAUD ORG. LOL


$5 trillion CANADIAN BASED NONPROFIT INVOLVED IN US ELECTIONS, yet not one word from any Reps. Not hard to see who’s team they play on. lol

$5 Trillion info sharing.PNG

Working with the same @$$HOLES were trying to get rid of. The same ones that spy on you. The same ones flying, busing illegals in. You go ahead & waste your time voting. Let me know when they even get the voter rosters cleaned up. lmao Or possibly voter IDs that are not tainted have with illegals. If you go to the website of IT-ISAC you’ll see all the voting companies logos. And if you read the article above it’s not real hard to put 2 & 2 together. Lazy am I ? Keyboard commando ? lol Yeah taking the… Read more »

it-isac election logos.PNG

When the Gates foundation has ties to the VP of IT=ISAC how much good do you think can come from it ?


Let me know when we have elections that have some form of HONESTY. I’ll take the time to be the first in line.


West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner says his office is partnering with the West Virginia Air National Guard to protect state election systems from potential computer threats.
Warner says in a news release that a National Guard member specializing in cyber systems operations will join the daily operations of the Secretary of State’s Office to assess elections systems and monitor computer security.
Warner says his office will use every resource available to protect the democratic process, protect voters’ private information and ensure voting accuracy.
I believe IT-ISAC has the same statement about protecting the democratic process. lol


Yeah ok Arny, lol conversation over.


Exactly have a nice day.

Henry Bowman

The possible irony in the name of this monstrosity is its’ abbreviation: The B.S. Communities Act. It stinks, squishes, and attracts larvae just like the other kind of BS.


it may have been intensional as a fu to court


I support Kelly Tshibaka! She’s is bound to be an improvement on RINO Murkowski!


a sheepdog would be an improvement even a bobble head of tricky dick


Murkowski is a disgrace to the Republican party, she needs to be flushed with the other RINO’s and undercover liberals posing as Republicans to get votes, then taking off their costumes to reveal the true Dem/leftist SCUM they are.


$100 says LaPew lets her keep her phony grade for the primary.


FJB and all Democrats and RINO traitors , the time is nearing when we the people will recall all these clowns by force and take our government back from all these commie traitors. Jan 6 th was a precursor for these clowns to get a clue , but as we can see they are drunk with power and they need reminder who we the people are !

Henry Bowman

J6 was a Reichstag fire for the commiecrat regime so they could justify rounding up conservatives. Already there are people being black-bagged and put in the federal gulag even though they have literally no relation to J6 and were not even in D.C. on the day in question!


this pos needs to be recalled and replaced


The problem is US Senators can’t be recalled. They looked into that when total trash and scumbag Romney voted to impeach.


so we have to drown them in septic tank
or better have new senate remove him at behest of constituents that can and should be done

Last edited 1 month ago by swmft

Needs 67 votes if I’m not wrong. Based on this gun vote you have to primary every RINO*, replace with real Rs, PLUS another 16 real Rs. Even if you R&R every Dem this year it’s not enough. Need >=2 elections of 100% success in R primaries & those generals. Or some combo of R&R incumbent RINOs, and R&R Ds with real Rs, the latter unlikely since Ds are swing or solid D states. *Assumes RINOs all voted for the new law. But they’re just the ones who were safe to F us due to retiring or ~4yrs to go.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

I am for the septic tank drowning for these traitors . These POS will be right at home in the septic tank .


and why waist ammo or soil a good rope they are not worth it

Henry Bowman

States’ power to recall senators was abolished by the 17th Amendment, something that I have yet to find an explanation or justification in the [redacted] history books. It’s as if one day, a majority of states and Congress just decided “Hey, how about we eliminate one of the most powerful checks against federal over-reach?”


Remember it was Mitch Mcconnel that pushed his sheep to join with the Communists. Mitch is most certainly under the control of the Chicoms which directly benefit from US gun control and registration efforts. In fact I would bet China has a list of every most gun owner in America and their weapons type, ammunition purchases, any affiliations with gun rights orgs, their education and employment history, and military MOS. You can be sure the Communists in Washington are following orders from the Chinese PLA.


Yeah, he tasked his RINO lapdog John Cornyn to get the job done and give the Socialist Democrat party a win to run with come November!
BTW, RINO Cornyn has indicated he is open to a compromise immigration solution also! Watch Out!


well they want cheep labor , this is all fu..c .k e d up will kill middle class, which seams to be what they want to do return to a pre ww2 america with a small rich group some small business owners land holders and abject slaves


They didn’t get rid of the middle class. Just for citizens. lol


John Cornyn faced so much blackmail
That he taught his tongue how to read Braille
He avoids lots of flak
Reading Biden’s Balzac
And his vote is forever on sale!


Keep in mind Mitch is married to a Chinese woman who worked for Trump and her wealthy family is a shipping magnet…he is set for retirement and don’t need to come back to KY…stay away Mitch


Being Taiwanese, his wife’s a double traitor. Betrays US and Taiwan for the ChiComs. Mitch is just a regular traitor

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

“uniparty…voting doesn’t matter…self-fulfilling prophecies”. Convenient prophesies.

Don’t have to:
* Vote, even in close races with a good candidate running
* Donate
* Organize
* Volunteer
* Sacrifice

All one need do is:
* Demoralize others to do zip
* Tiger talk resistance in chatrooms
* Claim to spend all one’s money on guns & ammo “for the resistance”. As if one who bloviates for not lifting a finger peacefully will become John Connors “WTSHTF” (like TS hasn’t been H’g TF in slo-mo/stop-action for decades)
* Ignore evidence the enemy doesn’t have it locked down e.g. VA flip

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Forgot: * Whore for upvotes and pretend downvoting reality alters it

Note: In some states activism & sacrifice doesn’t matter in statewide races. So move to where it can, cut the full-auto excuses, do one’s part.

No good SupCt decisions will stand if we let DemComs keep the presidency & senate, thereby let them stack the court (with RINO aid). Elections have consequences, such as courts that reverse decisions. See Roe v Wade.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Yeah they were some BIGLY WINS. lol


So what do you think happened in Virginia?


Cornyn another ageing politician who now has shown what he really stood for in the past. The Giffords liberals whose agenda is a do as I say, Those in Arizona please give them a one way ticket on the train to nowhere. As we all now know the republican party is working with the democrats towards a one political party government the only question is who will survive in the republican party. The 15 who voted on this gun bill are trying to remain relevant in there states some will retire others remain for years to come.The danger is a… Read more »