GOP Sells Out USA, Gun Control Bill Passes, Next Stop President Biden

Danger Red Flag Warning

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( The United States House of Representatives has passed the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” (S.2938).

The bill originated in the US Senate by a group of ten Republicans led by Texas Senator John Cornyn and ten Democrats led by Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy. All Democrats in the Senate voted for the gun control bill. Fifteen Republicans crossed party lines to back the bill blocking a filibuster and sending S2938 to the House of Representatives for approval.

Nancy Pelosi’s House swiftly passed the bill and sent it to President Biden’s desk for his signature. Once the President signs the bill, the act will become law.

This act is the most significant gun control measure passed by Congress since the 1990s. Anti-gun groups celebrated the gun control victory.

Almost all gun rights groups opposed the bill even though John Cornyn claimed to have worked with gun rights groups. The bill has several provisions that these groups claim violate America’s Second Amendment rights, the equal protection clause, and the due process clause of the Constitution.

The first trouble section of the bill will provide funding for states to enact already proven deadly “red flag” laws. The laws allow the police to remove firearms from the homes of people they believe to be a threat to themselves or others. Red flag laws are also known as extreme risk protection orders (ERPO). Some gun rights groups refer to these orders as gun confiscation orders.

A judge signs these orders in secret, and the gun owner doesn’t have the ability to defend themselves in a court of law or even know about the hearing until the police raid their home and take their property. Gun rights advocates claim that these orders violate a person’s civil rights by violating the Fifth Amendment and the due process clause of the United States Constitution.

A second troubling provision of the bill is the closing of the so-called “boyfriend loophole.” This provision expands on who is prohibited from owning a firearm to someone who is dating or has “recently” dated a person who is prohibited from owning a gun. The idea is to stop a person who is prohibited from possessing a firearm from getting their significant other to buy a gun for them.

The problem is that the law punishes someone for the actions of another person. Also, the future law isn’t clear about what it considers “dating” and doesn’t define “recently.” If someone breaks up with a violent person, the law prevents them, the potential victim, from getting a tool to defend themselves!?

The law also changes who must get a federal firearms license (FFL). The future law requires anyone that buys a gun to make a profit to get an FFL. Many collectors will purchase firearms at a good price that they plan to sell in the future for a profit. Many worry that the new requirements will prevent this practice.

The law also enacts enhanced background checks on gun buyers under 21. The juvenile records of the gun buyer will be examined. The enhanced background checks will take around three days but can take up to ten days. Some believe this provision violates the Equal Protection Claus of the Constitution.

Also, gun owners will lose their gun rights for five years for a domestic violence misdemeanor. This provision expands on who is a prohibited person. If the gun owner doesn’t have any additional charges, the person will have their gun rights restored after five years.

The next stop for the bill is President Joe Biden’s desk, where the President is expected to sign it into law.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at


John Crump

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So, the House approved Senate bill amounts to simply a list of unconstitutional exceptions to our Constitution’s 2nd amendment , designed specifically to infringe our rights as guaranteed by the amendment, and becomes law when the village idiot signs it, while grinning like a cat eatin’ paste.!? BE PREPARED!



back to court someone needs to put a bunch of these trash in a dumpster, or jail


. . . so what do we do?
Republicans pass gun control & we overturn Roe v Wade.
Talk about doing everything you can to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Knute Knute

Could we have expected any less? I mean, knowing that both sides of the aisle are bought and paid for by the anti-gun crowd, shouldn’t we EXPECT them to stab us in the back when their master says to get busy stabbing?

Roland T. Gunner

I hate that frigging scumbag Cornyn. I hope he dies a painful, lingering death from the sores on his mouth he acquired under McConnell’s desk.


In the White House, behind closed doors
John Cornyn always gets on all fours
And offers his tongue
To the wide open bung
Of the tyrant that he most adores.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Beto Cornyn and Mitchy have forced me to leave the GOP.


Mitch McConnell’s a useless old cuck
And we hope he soon runs out of luck.
Who wants the Senate to be led
By a corrupt turtle head
Like that inbred gun grabbing schmuck?

Pa John

The following old quote provides an excellent example of how much the democrat party has changed over the decades: “You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered.” – Lyndon B. Johnson Unfortunately for us, the republican party has likewise moved leftward during that same period of time. BOTH political parties are now well to the left of the U.S. Constitution, which the left – and eventually the right – increasingly refer to… Read more »


All of the Republicans that voted for this need to be removed from office sent to the gallows


And when the next Mass Shooting occurs, they’ll claim it’s because they need more restrictions, and that this bill didn’t go far enough.
It’s all Death by a Thousand Cuts.

Shakespeare’s character ” Dick the Butcher” said it best, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the Lawyers.”

Roland T. Gunner

I think Mencken got it better with his reference to hoisting the black flag and slitting throats.


The GOP (Geriatric Old Pussies) Party just lost my membership. For the rest of my life I will be an Independent Constitutionalist and the GOP can kiss my contributions goodbye.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chuck

A treasonous RINO called Mitch
Took millions in bribes without hitch
His fellow GOPs
Are Grand Ol’ Pussies
And now he’s the FBI’s bitch.

RINO on R small.png

Oh my, some deeply offended Glow Jobs out today.

The group called the F B of I
Recently got a black eye.
To search James O’Keefe
Some F B I queef
Broke dozens of laws on the fly.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r
Roland T. Gunner

Yeah, ’bout half a dozen overdue bitch slaps.


A group called the F B of I
Lost all credibility. Why?
They’ve become deep state actors
And that’s just one of the factors
Why each word from their mouths is a lie.


and the theft from safety deposit boxes criminal

Knute Knute

And don’t forget their “crime lab” that just made up their results w/o even bothering with testing. “Fred Salem Zain was a police forensic expert in West Virginia and Texas for nearly 15 years. Hired as a chemist by West Virginia State police crime lab in 1979, he testified as an expert in dozens of rape and murder cases about tests he had never done and results he had never obtained. Despite complaints, nothing was done. “- DESPITE complaints… nothing was done. Ever. Sounds rather familiar doesn’t it? Despite millions of complains about the election rigging in 2020… nothing WILL… Read more »


the “fake ” agent they arrested is as real as the rest


The GOP has been selling out for decades.

Roland T. Gunner

But not as long as NRA.


Who do you think helped enact the NFA?

Deplorable Bill

Red flag laws are unconstitutional tyrannical and treasonous. There is no due process. There is no true verification. There is no jail time for false accusations. If history shows us anything it’s that GOVERNMENT will abuse the people and their rights with/through this law and others like it. This law has already been abused by government and citizens alike and there have been murders associated with enforcement of these unconditional laws. Imagine;. You are rousted out of bed at 0500 by people breaking down your door all the while saying they are the cops. You have done nothing wrong and… Read more »


It’s critical to live in a state that does not have ERPO’s.


I’m waiting to see who brings the RED FLAG LAWS to THE SUPREME COURT for a RULLING!!!!! Being done without any DUE PROCESS, GUILTY and HAVE TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE INOCENT, then try to get your GUNS BACK if EVER!!!!!! Just remember it only takes a phone call, and it is an anonymous call on top of it!!!!!!!!!!


This is the worst gun bill in my lifetime. I had an especially sick feeling about it after they used the covid-gain-of-function-made-in-a-lab-by-Fauci-in-Wuhan- to take away our businesses, church services and freedoms and even built quarantine camps all over the country and the guns were next on their to do to us checkllist. And what they did and are presently doing to the J6ers, violating their rights for excercising their freedom of speech, the US government are violating all of their constitutional rights, torturnig them and depriving them of counsel and due process; is exactly all the treasonous enemies GOP &… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by LilHuck
Patriot Solutions

Now that the masonic gov has signed it into law we get to see the Leos who will readily assist enforcement including standing down for the tyranny. 2A sanctuary Sheriffs are gonna have to grow some stones and bone up on the 10th amendment but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening.


I disagree. I think lots of sheriffs across the country will uphold the Constitution and the second amendment to the bitter end. Of course the war will have had to start first.


What a joke.

“Sheriffs across the country” have been lobbying for more gun control and have been enforcing existing unconscionable laws.

Your blue glasses have too much tint.


You really gotta ignore all evidence to the contrary in order to come to that conclusion.

uncle dudley

Every congress person who voted for this garbage of a bill can now be called sexist, using the term boyfriend loophole is a form of sexism.
Old poopy pants signed this into law this morning but he wouldn’t stick around for any questions, he is just a puppet for obama.


Absolutely! Then again, how many women do you think will be affected by this law?


Yea in Utah here we’ve got demorat loving traitor romney. He’s a real winner. If you try to compete to primary him out, the mainstream Mormon church and the Rino money bags eliminate the competition. You would think this state would be smarter than that but nope. Might as well have chuckie Schumer.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bucketboy

The Mormon Church has become like Scientology ..I guess all cults are similar because they serve the same master; but a whole state ruled by one is a disaster!

Last edited 1 month ago by LilHuck

His name is Satan…alive and well with destruction where ever he goes


It just astounds me they crafted some new laws that would have stopped NONE of the supposed ‘mass shootings’ they were designed for. They will only trample the rights of lawful owners through expanded checks and protection (confiscation) orders. As for the ‘boyfriend loophole’.. I don’t even know where to start with that one. Marriages are typically hostile endings but shorter ‘relationships’ often end even more destructively. These reports will EXPLODE and then half the legal firearm owners in this country will be on some ‘list’. I have to inform every woman I move in with that firearms will be… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Rodoeo

Today the current agenda is to disarm all americans to progress the global commit this country has made. Trump stopped the effort for 4 years the democrats took less than Biden’s first week in office to undo everything Trump did to put our country back on track. Dems a Rep rhinos continue today to punish everyone who supported Trump that includes all of us who voted for him. The agenda on the fast track destroying our constitutional rights has been in the making for many years. What you should know about the Agenda 2030  There is nothing more implicitly genocidal… Read more »


Excellent piece of work. Here is the point folks need to understand concerning the Republican Party, the republican establishment and Washington DC.First, the Republican Party is a progressive party. It has been for over 140 years. Conservatives are only a necessary evil in that party along with evangelicals and some of those pesky minorities. The Republican establishment knows it cannot form an effective coalition without these pesky and demanding interest groups and they have found a way to exploit issues for the purposes of fund raising and vote marshaling without actually committing to acting on promises. Think Mitch McConnell’s famous… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by nrringlee

POLICE IN RED FLAG STATES ARE SAYING TO YOU…..We will do anything for a paycheck serf!

I see NO BASIS for “ backing the blue” in any state with red flag laws. Either they support the constitution and the citizens or they are jack booted thugs standing up for confiscation in exchange for a paycheck.

if you remain a cop in these red flag states you are no different than the kgb or stassi

stop pissing down my back and telling me you will not confiscate guns

you hear me california cops?


You do know most LEO’s support this stuff.. up to and including full confiscation. They might not say it out loud but they’re all for it.


most should not have the job, but look what went down in parkland and texas they are not there to protect <In texas boarder patrol went in so take their guns and let them piss and moan baton and stun gun only


That’s police in every state. Every state has arms laws and every agency enforces them. They prove every day that their oaths mean nothing to them.


The SCOTUS can fix this just like they did the permission slips to carry in New York . Red Flag laws are unconstitutional and the courts will throw this crap out and tell these idiots to try reading the constitution before they legislate more unconstitutional garbage that won’t pass the test in court . Time for 15 RINOs to be looking for a new career out of politics or find themselves on the wrong side of history. The Britts learned this lesson the hard way . Is that the what needs to happen again for thse tyrants to get the… Read more »


next president to use title 18 how it is supposed to be used put ex senators and members of house in jail and police too


$100 says SCOTUS does NOT fix it.

All they need do is use a bad faith subversive denial of “standing” as an excuse, as Trump’s 3 FedSoc noms & John Obamacare Roberts did to do him brown, assisting The Big Steal in 2020, setting the precedent of a de facto state’s right to steal elections. Or decline to hear the case at all and not give a reason as they do with 98% of righteous cases. And if they do hear it, they’ll leave much or most of it intact.

SCROTUS Big Steal.png
uncle dudley

Red Flag law is the new no knock warrant act, innocent people will be harmed from over acting cops and others who want to get even with someone they don’t like.
The republicans who voted for this need to be sent packing down the road.


They also act as Civil Asset Forfeiture laws on steroids. In many progressive jurisdictions like California your guns, once seized will never be returned. One such case is a very valuable Mauser collection seized in Rialto, CA In March of 2016 shortly after Jerry Brown signed California’s red flag law. Even when the original case is dismissed quickly as spurious the property can’t seem to be found. This case is still in the courts. Think about it. Six years later.


If I understand the “do something” bullshit act’ correctly it doesn’t effect states at all that don’t already have ERPO’s. States pass/reject ERPO laws not the federal government. With this new law the federal government will try to financially bribe states that don’t have it into getting it, and giving states that do have it money to expand their red flag laws.


There will also be cop deaths over this. It’s only a matter of time before the citizenry pushes back.


Bunch of Treasonous, Sh*t eat Dogs!

Henry Bowman



ANYONE who persists on simping for NRA is PART OF THE PROBLEM. Yes, YOU, Harold!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Henry Bowman

I think you posted this on the wrong page. The author is not Harold.


Would Elmer Fudd work better for you, Russn8r?


Did you read the article? Have you read his other articles? Crump is no FUDD.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Low-IQ coward downvoters should provide PROOF that Crump is a Fudd.

Crickets Chirping…


Check out all the Glow Job sock pups lurking on Ammoland.

“Almost all ‘terror’ plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model.” -Julian Assange

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r
Henry Bowman

No, I posted on Harold’s article, seems some simp with mod powers pulled a switchy-switch on my post, somehow. This isn’t the first time, though!!


Wow. F’d up simping chimp.


Almost ALL gun rights groups opposed the bill”.

That excludes NSSF, which took “no position”, and NRA, which did NOTHING to stop it because it’s what they WANTED.

No gun rights group calls ATF “our federal partners” as NSSF does.

Had NRA wanted to stop it they’d’ve immediately-publicly downgraded the 10 quisling “R” deal-cutters, then announced there would be immediate downvotes for cloture & floor votes and oppo in the next primary. But LaPew indulged his preferences: wink-nod, kneel-bob, rollover-reacharound. Pols rely on NRA’s 30-yr record of making plausible deniability noises while refusing to cut phony grades.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r
Henry Bowman

Actually it was 15 RINOs, and they split Radioactive Wayne’s 43 MILLION used to SELL US OUT. WLP is an enemy of liberty, and everyone who defended him is a low-information simp for this DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE!

Now because I dissed NRA and called out Little Quisling Harold (see above), expect to see the gazillion downvotes I’ll soon get from trolls & fudds!

Last edited 1 month ago by Henry Bowman

10 RINOs cut the deal. 15 RINOs voted for it.


Henry, most folks don’t realize it, but the NRA has been selling us out since 1934. They helped write the NFA, the GCA, The Lautenberg Amendment, and other gun control legislation. Not just nodded their heads, they helped WRITE it. In the March 1968 American Rifleman, the NRA actually bragged about how they helped write these gun control laws, because they wanted everyone to “know they were ‘reasonable’, ‘willing to compromise'”. They have been compromising our rights away since 1934. I was a 23 year member of the NRA until the Lautenberg Amendment passed and the NRA NEVER NOTIFIED US… Read more »


And your claim that he was referring to Crump is absolutely wrong.


Dude, NSSF is a trade organization and only supports gun rights insofar as they are necessary for business and their own members agendas.

They are aligned with gun rights much of the time, but they are not, nor have they ever been, a gun rights group.


Thank you for the clarity.


Dude, I’m well aware of that. I’ve known their leaders for decades.

NSSF pretends to support gun rights.
NSSF is a group.
Therefore NSSF pretends to be a gun rights group.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Was pretty sure you did. It seemed relevant to say so.

When they say “our federal partners”, they’re talking about the capacity in which they help their industry members comply with regulations to avoid issues. “Partnering” with ATF helps them get ahead of the nits ATF intends to pick, or at least NSSF seems to think so.

I’m sure you knew that too, but again, it seems relevant, dude.