Armaspec Battle Grip Screw – The AR15 Upgrade You Never Knew You Needed

Armaspec Grip Screw 01
The Armaspec Battle Grip Screw. IMG Jim Grant

U.S.A. -( I know what you’re thinking, “a dedicated review on a grip screw?!” And that’s totally fair. If you had told me about it before I had a chance to check out the new Armaspec Battle Grip Screw, I would have scoffed at the premise myself.

But it’s actually a very handy little item that after installing in one AR-15, I wanted this grip screw in everyone I own. So what makes it so special? Read on and find out.

Armaspec Battle Grip Screw

Grip screws for the AR-15 come in two varieties – hex screw and slotted screw. The former is the overwhelming majority of screws out there. And it works great – when you have the right Allen key.

And I don’t just mean diameter, but length is absolutely critical. Because I don’t know about you readers, but for me, I never seem to have the right one handy. So if I want to tighten the screw down or replace a grip, I’ve got to go scouring my toolbox and workshop to find the damn thing.

Armaspec Grip Screw 02
The Battle Grip Screw can be tightened with a simple coin. IMG Jim Grant

The Battle Grip Screw from Armaspec takes a much more user-friendly approach. It utilizes both a large single slot that any standard US coin fits, and is shaped like a barbell with flairs at the end.

So what?

So shooters can just use a coin or flat-head screwdriver to securely install their grip. And that’s it.

I won’t waste your time going on about how much I love it, or how it’s perfect or anything. But simply put, the Armaspec grip screw is just so damn convenient that it makes me wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner.

The downside? The Armaspec Battle Grip Screw is about three times the price of a standard grip screw at $10.99.

About Jim Grant

Jim is one of the elite editors for, who in addition to his mastery of prose, can wield a camera with expert finesse. He loves anything and everything guns but holds firearms from the Cold War in a special place in his heart.

When he’s not reviewing guns or shooting for fun and competition, Jim can be found hiking and hunting with his wife Kimberly, and their dog Peanut in the South Carolina low country.

Jim Grant

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Really. A hex drive is so much better than a slotted screwdriver. Only a Torx would be better, but you probably don’t have any of those. Troll on…


Whitesheep, Torx would definitely be the best option.


I’m going to be knd of an A-Hole here, but it’s only because I’m a tad OCD about my tools.

How dare you not know where every tool is? Blasphemer! 50 points off your man card, you Wastrel.

LOL. Told you, I’m OCD about my tools.


Slow day in the office that you had to waste time on this garbage ??
Grips on the ar platform are generally a once installed and done thing.


Cap… Try UTG AR15 contoured SNIPER’S PISTOL GRIP I think you will like it . Even has a cover so it can hold that bottle of oil .


Since BIDENFLATION I don’t have any coins left and may have to pawn or sell l my screwdrivers.
When I win the lottery I’ll buy several ARs and experiment with grips that mimic a. 1911 angle.

American Patriot

I don’t know about anybody else but once I have my grip on I don’t need to take it off again. Plus my grip has a cap on it & I keep my optic & laser adjustment tools in there!


I’m glad that I don’t have a need for eleven dollar grip screws.


It’s a 1/4×28 thread , can be found at any hardware store for less than a dollar ! If the grip is loosening it may be from the bolt head tearing up the surface of the grip . A star type lock washer should prevent any mechanical problems . There’s no fix for stupid and you aren’t working on tractors use a little common sense (I know short supply these days) and don’t over torque the damm screw !

Country Boy

Alsa it won’t work with my Magpul grip that holds the oil bottle….maybe they need to make a oil bottle that works with it?


I bought a screwdriver-style hex driver for my grip screws. It lives on the wall above my bench. I don’t use it for anything else. And I’m starting to buy the grips with the little plug so I can store a tool or other items in the grips, so this wouldn’t work for that. But I can see the appeal otherwise! That’s a nice looking piece of hardware.


I have a small 1/4 drive socket set that came with a six inch extension, a magnetic bit driver attachment and a set of hex head bits. Cost me $15.


$35 for a screw that you may never remove? Somebody out there has screws loose and it is not on their gun.


Blue locktite is cheaper than that screw


Maybe we need to find a way to replace ALL the screws on ALL our firearms that might ever loosen, and that can’t be tightened with a coin. What a great idea! (Meanwhile, my grips seem to all have lock nuts, haven’t loosened in the least, and if they ever do, I will probably tighten them, as if that were the usual maintenance thing….)

Knute Knute

I read this to mean that 10.99 was the price for this ‘special’ screw, and that the standard screw costs 1/3 of that. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine why someone would need to remove or install their AR pistol grip at the range. There’s nothing under there except the detent pin and spring that holds the selector in. Normally, they’re locktited in place and don’t loosen up. What, someone wants to bring a dozen different grips to the range and try them all for comfort? Even if one should want to do that for some reason, isn’t that something that could… Read more »


I use ss allan head screws and never paid more than 90 cents , as for his lack of tools ……..


Never have a hex wrench long enough? Maybe someone could invent one shaped like a capital L.
Seriously, Jim, have you been watching too many Biden speeches?

Knute Knute

You really should give the author a break. I’m guessing he was assigned this product to hawk at people and did his best. How many words can one come up with to sell a special screw that nobody wants or needs? How many ways can you say; “you might not have a wrench with you, but you might have a coin?” Poor guy.

Knute Knute

I notice that the byline says: Posted July 17, 2022. Shouldn’t that say: REposted July 17, 2022? How else could I post a comment 8 months ago, to an item only 5 days old otherwise? 🙂

Boxer dog

I emailed Ammoland about recycled pieces… was given the reply of “it absolutely doesn’t happen.” In my reply, I forwarded the two stories sent months apart, haven’t heard back since… I only stick around for Dean and Robs articles… oh, and the comment gold! Until next time…


A solution in search of a problem.
Its main function seems to be transferring $$ from your pocket to theirs, like most AR “upgrades”.


if you need this all your pins should be threaded too and captured springs for easy play


I had quit up voting or down voting anything !!! I decided I would up vote this one . It tells me I already voted on this , Who , What the hell ?
Democrats counting votes ?????

Last edited 26 days ago by Oldvet

Weren’t you aware we are in a coin shortage ? Quit hoarding all the change to tighten your grip. lol

Last edited 9 months ago by Arny

Oldvet,I haven’t seen that commercial. Are they selling a glue ?


Oldvet,I haven’t seen that commercial. Are they selling a glue?


Oldvet,thanks. As you said it could be a regional type commercial. I’m really curious now and want to see if I can pull that up on YouTube.


Is this April fools day ? Who the hell changes grips every week.?

Or year ?

Or lacks a screwdriver or allen wrench ?

Maybe folks who shouldnt be messing with their guns.



Yep, a fool and his… I use a stainless, 3/4″ Pan head Phillips screw that I get at the hardware store for $.25. They have a large head that accepts a #3 Phillips screw driver making it very easy to tighten. Anybody who pays even the $3+ mentioned for a grip screw is an idiot.

Then, too, how much tension are you going to get on a grip screw with a quarter? Pass!!


My thought as well, even buying Torx Cap Heads only takes it to $1.25. Even paying $4.99 from the Part Houses is R-A-P-E.


the glades are great, come on down.


Hell, we might be neighbors. Born and bred in the swamps of the Fla Glades. Ever busted caps at Pops range ?


Pops range !? It’s been along time since I shot at Pops range. Sharon, who has been running it ever since Pops died, has always been a very difficult person to get along with. She routinely throws temper tantrum’s and kicks people out or flat out bans them for no reason at all. The only reason to shoot there was that they allowed machine guns and Used to allow tannerite . Palm Beach has opened a five-star facility across from Corbett wildlife management area. The Palm Beach shooting sports complex is the nicest outdoor range I’ve ever shot at. if… Read more »


Pops was close the home. About 2 minutes away. Thats what made up for the the issues one might have encountered.with his daughter. Anyhow I never had any difficulties there.

moe mensale

Daughter? Sharon was Pop Dean’s wife!


With all the ball python ya can eat!