EDC Belt Co Foundation Belt Review

EDC Belt Co Foundation
EDC Belt Co Foundation

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Belts are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment by conceal carriers. A quality belt can help improve your comfort and concealment by orders of magnitude. A less than stellar belt can cause severe printing, reduce retention, create discomfort for the wearer, and more. As someone who is constantly trying to eek out marginal improvements, I find myself frequently trying new gear. That being said, my gun belt is something I hadn’t changed in years. However, that recently changed.

I had the opportunity to share the firing line with the owner of EDC Belt Co during a First Responder Shotgun class taught by Darryl Bolke. After hearing the praise for their belts spoken by Darryl, Chuck Haggard, and others, I decided to give them a try. How does the EDC Belt Co Foundation belt compare after more than six months of daily wear?

Construction of the EDC Belt Co Foundation Belt

The EDC Belt Co Foundation belt is a 1.5-inch wide belt designed for concealed carry. The belt is made from a mixture of Cordura and scuba webbing, secured with a low-profile tri-glide buckle and velcro. While that doesn’t sound particularly novel, the Foundation belt stands out from the crowd in an exciting way. Typically, gun belts are rigid along their entire length, but that is not the case here. Instead, the Foundation restricts the non-flexible scuba webbing to the sides and front of the belt, where a gun would normally be worn. The rear of the belt, from the 5 to 7 o’clock positions, is more flexible, being solely Cordura. This means that guns worn appendix or strong side are supported, while your back is given a break not usually afforded by gun belts.

EDC Belt Co Foundation
The low-profile tri-glide buckle and velcro tail help keep the Foundation slim.

The Foundation belt avoids unnecessary bulk by using an extremely low-profile tri-glide buckle. Wearers loop the belt through this buckle, tightening it to their preference and securing the tail on itself via a long stretch of velcro. Sizing ranges from 28 to 50-inch waist measurements, allowing users to move one size down and two sizes up by adjusting the tail of the belt. As of the time of this writing, there are two color options for wearers, black or desert sage.

Real World Use

I picked up my EDC Belt Co Foundation belt in January of 2022. Since then, I’ve worn it nearly every day. The Foundation has accompanied me on three 20-hour road trips, my hour commute, a weekend with FPF Training, and more. During this time, it has supported everything from an airweight J-Frame to a Glock 34 with an Aimpoint ACRO with spare magazines for class.

Minor Complaints

My few complaints with the EDC Belt Co Foundation Belt are less directed at the belt itself and more about nylon belts as a whole. When making repeated, aggressive draws, the nylon begins to rub my middle finger raw. This is a minor complaint, as it is only a problem during training, and the rubbing is significantly reduced compared to other nylon belts I’ve worn in classes. Additionally, the velcro noises when donning and doffing the belt could be unwanted, though I doubt many people are in situations where that’d be a concern.

EDC Belt Co Foundation
While the finish has worn on my buckle, no corrosion has appeared

Interestingly, the tri-glide buckle has seen some wear on the finish near the top of the buckle. While this hasn’t impacted performance or durability, I was a bit surprised, considering this portion of the buckle only comes in contact with the waistband of my jeans and shorts. Even with the loss of finish, there has been zero corrosion or damage to the metal itself.

Major Compliments

The EDC Belt Co Foundation belt is incredibly comfortable. This was reinforced recently when I wore my Blue Alpha Low Profile EDC belt, which is the closest comparison I have in my closet. When standing without a gun, I couldn’t tell much of a difference. When sitting or with a gun in my waistband, the difference was immediately apparent and significant. Both provide solid concealment and an excellent platform for the retention of a holster, but comfort is where the similarities end. The flexible backside of the Foundation is a godsend, removing pressure on the lower back while still supporting the weight of my gun and other gear. This was something I took for granted over the last few months until having a literal “A-ha!” moment just weeks ago.

EDC Belt Co Foundation
Here we can see the softer rear portion of the Foundation belt compared to the more rigid front and sides of the belt.

Initially, I was skeptical of the Foundation’s ability to support equipment with its flexible back segment. While comfort is essential, a belt incapable of carrying my daily carry gear isn’t useful to me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my reservations were completely unfounded. My daily carry typically consists of a Glock 34 with Aimpoint ACRO, Surefire Stiletto, POM pepper spray, a Victorinox Tinker, and your standard phone/wallet/keys. The most equipment I’ve thrown on with the Foundation is all of that, plus three spare 17-round magazines in class. Even with all of that, the belt has held strong. No sagging, no loosening, only consistent support.

Final Thoughts on the EDC Belt Co Foundation Belt

I highly recommend anyone who conceal carries to check out the Foundation belt from EDC Belt Co. With endorsements from folks like Chuck Haggard, Darryl Bolke, Ernest Langdon, and others, it’s clear that this is a quality piece of equipment. Offering incredible comfort, concealment, and durability, the Foundation has solidified its position as my go-to belt for daily wear.

MSRP on the EDC Belt Co Foundation Belt ranges from $45-49.99, depending on your configuration. You can find yours >>HERE<<

About Dan Reedy

Dan is an Air Force veteran, avid shooter, and dog dad. With a passion for teaching, he holds instructor certifications from Rangemaster, Agile Training & Consulting, and the NRA. He has trained with Darryl Bolke, Mike Pannone, Craig Douglas, among several other instructors, amassing over 400 hours of professional instruction thus far. In his spare time you’ll find him teaching handgun, shotgun, and less lethal classes.

Dan’s work has been published by Primer Peak, and The Kommando Blog, and he has been featured as a guest on Primary & Secondary.Dan Reedy headshot

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I’ve been using a riggers belt more or less successfully for about a decade now. Admittedly it is a bit stiff and likely more bulky than it needs to be. This belt sounds like it would be a bit more comfortable but being a thrifty sort of guy (it is the Scottish in me) I’m not sure I want to drop more money for something that may or may not be more better. I’d be willing to field test it if there is anyone out there willing to loan me one for T & E 😉 BTW, more power to… Read more »


I hate appendix carry. The 3:00-3:30 works best for me. I have never thought it was a good idea to carry a gun pointed directly at my junk. I use a Garrett Industries “Silent Thunder” holster. It’s an IWB leather lined Kydex holster that is not the least bit uncomfortable. It’s easy to put on and take off, retention is adjustable and, I have occasionally had to do a discrete elbow check to make sure it’s there. I will also say, the guy in the picture needs to do some “push aways” or go up a size in his pants.


push aways or sit ups get rid of the flab,yes over 40 you have to work at it ; if you dont over 65 will be ugly


I realize you are being payed to hawk these castration contraptions so prove your point have tubby (with the blue shirt) sit in an office chair take a photo like the one you posted . Show us how neat everything fits and lines with nothing !

Last edited 15 days ago by Oldvet

If anyone really wants to conceal carry like the man in the picture more power to you. I had to do that a few years and it was never a pleasant experience. Some people say concealed carry is supposed to be uncomfortable and painful,…Why? We can all be thankful Open Carry is now the law of the land! It’s the best and only way to carry responsibly.


I understand appendix is more comfortable for many, possibly most – however my sedentary life combined with non-sedentary diet has resulted in some protrusion above the waistline in front. I’m comfortable enough with 2:30-3 o’clock, but further forward creates unpleasant interactions. Thus for me strong side is more comfortable.


Being left-handed, I prefer a “left-side appendix carry, outside my pants; I wear shirts untucked that are just long enough to cover my firearm. It works best on my pants that have more space between belt loops, because then I can slide the rig more to the side when I sit. At first, I was very self-conscious about printing and such, but now am pretty successful and comfortable carrying concealed even at church, where I’m on the “stage” every service. All of our church leaders know I’m carrying, but most of the congregation isn’t. I think I’ll try this belt,… Read more »


Dan, I noticed you never responded to CJ’s rebut video he put together in response to your previous article and posted right here on Ammoland. I was just curious why you never responded to him.


Dan,that’s probably best. CJ completely destroyed your position and narrative on this Concealed vs Open Carry debate from your previous article. Esp. the part where you said OC “ is “inviting trouble” ! I sure hope your students don’t fall for that nonsense. Have a great weekend.


“Dan,that’s probably best. CJ completely destroyed your position and narrative on this Concealed vs Open Carry debate from your previous article. Esp. the part where you said OC “ is “inviting trouble” ! I sure hope your students don’t fall for that nonsense. Have a great weekend.” ~ Ope (Will/TEX/et al.) Ope, you waddle around your rural TEXAS county open carrying because you have LEOSA creds and you know many of the cops (who will treat you differently than people who have never been part of the tribe). You violate the rules of private property owners, but you don’t violate… Read more »


That’s what people say who think so highly of themselves they can’t stand the possibility of learning they might be wrong. As for my experiences: 20+ years in federal law enforcement with the army, 1996 Panama, 1998 Colombia, 2003 Iraq combat veteran, 2011 Afghanistan vet, Bronze Star w/ Valor recipient, law school graduate, and founder of the largest grassroots gun rights organization in Texas – Open Carry Texas – responsible for getting open Carry, campus carry, and unlicensed carry passed. Tell me again how I don’t understand the world or guns.


Good bet. “Ope” = “TEX” = “Bruce” = “Will” = “FORDWill” = many other known sock pups that’ve been banned here, but it keeps reinventing itself with new names.

It’s an ex(?)-cop who likes to brag about carrying everywhere as if it’s not an ex(?)-cop with special carry privileges.

No surprise it immediately downvoted you at least 3 times.


I have always had one small of the back and ankle with under arm miami rig when weather permits being a south paw may make the difference.If you are in shape and have good posture shirt hangs free in the back i can cc a 1911 no problem, a wheel gun is a no as cylinder digs the small of your back
and it does matter what and how you carry cocked and ready is a no in front da is ok

Last edited 18 days ago by swmft

Well, that’s certainly your opinion.