Felony Gun Ban Points to Unequal Treatment Under Selective Service Law

Signs of the times show how government-created cognitive dissonance renders laws absurd to the point of being ridiculous. (Photo: David Codrea)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- There are signs on the wall of my hometown Post Office, signs it’s reasonable to assume are prominently displayed at USPS facilities throughout the Republic. One is from the Selective Service, reminding draft-age men they have to register and the other is the ubiquitous “No Guns” sign, reminding all that no matter what the laws in the surrounding state are, you have entered a “gun-free zone.”

The way society has “progressed” in the past few years has rendered the top sign an anachronism, even though the law it represents is still active, with serious penalties for violations.

“According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday,” the Selective Service warns. “Failure to register is a felony and non-registrants may be denied the following benefits for life…”

Curiously, out of all the negative impacts they list, penalties on student loans, jobs, and citizenship proceedings (they’ll still allow that?), they neglect to mention that a felony charge also means that someone convicted will be a prohibited person “for life,” forbidden by U.S. Code to own a gun.

And because that law only applies to “men,” the law and its risks are sexist, unequal, and unfair. But that’s not the half of it, and here’s where things get ludicrous.

The thought strikes that since even new Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson cannot define “woman” (neither, evidently can Merriam-Webster), and with the example set on the world stage by Admiral Rachel Levine, a “man” could claim the law doesn’t apply to (zim?) because (zie/they?) identifies as a woman. Updated DOD policy would appear to support that.

Conversely, equal treatment under the law demands that any born-biological female now identifying as a man be prosecuted for failure to register. After all, like the Selective Service sign warns, “It’s the law!”

Don’t kill the messenger here. I’m just pointing out what the new “woke” paradigm means to “settled law” because, at the end of it all, that law has the potential to order a citizen disarmed for life. And that’s serious business.

As for the “No Guns” notice, suffice it to say that since Ohio has gone “permitless carry,” those committed to regularly violating “gun laws” out of principle, but with minimal risk of detection, owe “pro-gun Jon Tester” their “thanks”…

Any bets on who the government is more likely to prosecute?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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“John Tester was rated ‘A’ by NRA & voted 2011 ‘Legislator of the Year’ by NSSF.”

This after it was known Tester confirms gun grabber noms (e.g. Sotomayor, Kagan, Holder, Jumanji), votes for gun grabber leadership (e.g. Schumer), endorses gun grabbers for key offices (e.g. Obama, Clinton, Biden).

No surprise NSSF calls ATF “our federal partners” and NRA pushes “enforce existing gun laws”. All you need to know about these corrupt groups. Tester wouldn’t be a senator today in a pro-gun state without their support & phony grades putting him over the top by a hair.

NRA treason 3.png

“since even Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson cannot define ‘woman’, and with the example by Admiral Rachel Levine, a ‘man’ could claim the law doesn’t apply to (zim?) because (zie/they?) identifies as a woman.”

Good catch. You misspelled Chimpanzee though.

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American Patriot

Chances are they would only prosecute a white republican male, prove me wrong!


No mater how inebriated I might get; I would never confuse “Admiral” Rachel Levine for a woman! Beer goggles that strong just ain’t been made!
“She” has zero experience as a member of the Armed Forces, and the appointment as an “Admiral” carries about the same weight as an appointment to head the local PTA.
For that matter, I see no reason for any member of the Public Heath Service to be given a commission as an officer and be permitted to wear the same uniform as a United States Naval Officer!

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there is a long list of critters that could scarcely be called human,fugly through and through

John Dow

In general, how many born female “transition” to male? I don’t see that many. However, it seems a great many born male transition or identify as female. Could this be a dodge to avoid getting drafted?
Just asking.


Ah hell let’s not leave the border jumpers out of the equation. They get free lawyers, healthcare, etc. Then they should be registering as they enter the country.


lets send the border jumpers to recover our stuff in Afghanistan

Henry Bowman

Who will be targeted? Simple! Our Resident of the United States and Cackling Kamala have both identified their enemies; Christians (should not be allowed to exist, Biden says, because just the fact that our lives are an affront to LGBTAIAP+ people); Conservatives (Kamala said we should be hunted down, rounded up, and put into camps); and white men – also just because our existence is an act of “white supremacy”. This may sound batsh!t crazy, but people said the same thing about Adolph H!tler.We, my friends, are “the new Jews”. Stay armed, my friends, so you don’t go for a… Read more »

Boxcar Guns Genocide Democide.png

Oi Vey !!!!

AZ Lefty

You seem triggered there snowflake


This country needs to make conscription mandatory – you either serve in the military or the federal government according to your (in)abilities, but you serve three – five years, no lifetime benefits. Such a “price” for being a US Citizen would provide an opportunity for many to become aware that “freedom is not free”, and importantly lead to an immediate reduction the permanent federal workforce including reducing the “standing military” by increasing the post-service, “reserve numbers”. I dare say the permanent federal work force could be reduced near term by 40 – 50 % with a goal of 90 %… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Mandatory service for the nation is certainly a necessity if the return to the militia system is fully implemented as it used to be at the birth of our nation. The Swiss adopted our militia system with a 3-year obligation for ALL citizens who are physically able and do not have a bona-fide religious obligation to the contrary. The Western Goals Foundation issued a white paper on how we can adopt the Swiss model which was adapted from ours. We can in fact get back to 1776! You do your 3 years and unless you wish to serve in the… Read more »

If This Flag Offends I
Henry Bowman

I replied. but it’s being “held for review”. Let’s see if the comments section stands for free speech or if I’m to be censored. I refrained from serious cussing, but now I wait. A Right delayed is a Right denied!


So you support slavery?



No. How do you not recognize that at present every taxpaying, non government worker / contractor is a “feudal subject”, i.e. a “slave” ?

I expect you have never heard of or read: “The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude”. Here a link to where you might download the essay for free:


You will learn something about yourself.


Improved analogy: Net taxpayers are the slaves. Gvt employees & “clients” (welfare recips, contractors, etc) are the serfs. Serfs had limited duties for limited benefits. In neo-feudalism, those duties are, vote for the Laird, defend the handouts, riot on command etc.


To clarify, my proposal in the beginning is serious to effect smaller, less costly government and involve the citizens who might then understand why we would all benefit from being involved to ensure a smaller, more purposeful and efficient federal government. My latter sarcasm is to emphasize the citizens of this country have been accepting “conscription slogans” for the last 80 + years. True the “conscription” has been in the form of government sticking their hand in every taxpayers’ pocket and requisition your property in the form of taxes and “targeted inflation goals”. Three to five years involvement in government… Read more »


Advocating for mandatory conscription is advocating for slavery. There are numerous countries that have mandatory conscription and it hasn’t resulted in a smaller, less costly government so I’m not sure why you believe it would work here. Are you assuming that conscription would take the place of many government programs?

Wild Bill

If young people were required, for some short period of time after high school, to work for the government, they would find out early that government is not the answer.


Very true and at the same time they would learn discipline, honor and responsibility, three things that the new younger left is missing and is not taught in school.

Out here in Oregonistan it is said that being on time is a white thing therefore it is racist. I call it being responsible.


And yet that hasn’t worked in all the country’s who mandate it.

Wild Bill

Do you mean to say that the young persons that were forced to work for the government, in those countries, did not catch on to the government sausage making?

Wild Bill

The federal draft statute is still there. Conscription could start up again, this afternoon if “they” wanted.
The S. Ct does not consider it slavery because the troops get compensated.


Oh, I’m aware. Doesn’t make it any less shitty.

Wild Bill

Yes, I am of two minds on the subject. On the one hand, there is the forced to serve objection.
On the other hand is the argument that absent being forced to work for some government supervisor, people will never learn how inefficient, illogical, non-common-sensical, onerous, ignorant, and often unconstitutional government really is. Government is not the answer and although necessary, must be kept to a minimum.

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Style over substance. Pay them $1/day, therefore “not slavery”.

Wild Bill

I’m merely writing to inform the readership of what the S. Ct. has decided.

Patriot Solutions

Selective persecution is the basis of the game.

For example, a person convicted of a drunk driving can lose their 2A rights in a particular state under federal law even though at the state level gun rights may not even be affected at the state level but the same exact conviction of a different person in a different state can render no federal prohibition because states have different sentencing guidelines.

For those who don’t know rules must be applied equally to be constitutional and federal firearms prohibitions are anything but applied equally.

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Again in the woke world word play is paramount

Today how many young Americans have not registered for selective service.

The democrats do not want that on their resume under Bidens administration. AOC and friends would lose her liberals mind if that became a media news event.

I still believe in carry concealed it is my business no else’s, a sign Gun Free Zone has shown how ineffective it really is when bad people are going to commit bad things that becomes a target that leaves people defenceless.

Last edited 19 days ago by john

Huge portion of those who have not registered for selective service are among those who support “Assault Weapon ban” while unable to define an assault weapon beyond saying that we know what they mean. For many of these, threat of permanent loss of their legal firearms possession is of no import (in their minds).

However given how many of these are in college and looking to start a career, knowing they are risking felony charges and destruction of their career would probably get their attention.


Assault Weapons are rifles nothing more the term Assault should no longer find its way into print.

Tactical another word that sold products for manufacturers for profit.

Anyone please describe tactical shoes or tactical pants or tactical underwear.

Comfortable Shoes Pants With Extra Pockets Under Draws With Extra Room Maybe Keeps You Extra Dry

COMBAT WEAPONS Fully Automatic Not Available To The Public

The Anti Gun Agenda Has No Bases For Their Actions Word Play


Why ? There’s nothing wrong with any of those words ? You’re sounding just like a looney liberal. FREE SPEECH !
Fully auto is available to the public, if you have the cash. But only IF, you are granted the privilege by the ALMIGHTY, with MORE of your extra cash. And if someone tries to harm me. Guess what my rifle will be an ASSAULT RIFLE. It will also be tacticool.


I wonder if they get all the laws passed that they want and there are no more ARs etc. and only guns that hold five rounds for hunting are left, when they will make new laws that say you cant have a gun that is accurate over 500 yards, then 400, then 300 then? You get the point. It will never end until all of our guns are gone and we are a third world country. I hope WE the PEOPLE don’t ever let that happen.


OR until we back them all into the corner and they realise we will NOT be disarmed and there is naught they can DO about it. Back two and a half centuries or so they tried that (the Brits, that is) and we were forced to “talk” some sense into them. Some think that “conflict” arose over a tax on tea. No, we were far more serious about things than that. The tea tax, along with the effective confiscation of the three privatley owned merchant ships that carried the tea over from Tilbury London, were not worthy causes of war,… Read more »


Yes we will find out. Unfortunately, the kids in school if taught anything about british rule are taught that we went to war over tea. That is what my 24 year old great niece that is going to be a teacher said when I questioned her. In addition the war between America and Japan was the Japanese American war and Washington crossed the Delaware to kill the Indians. They are so dam dupped. She was taught CRT along with my 40 year old niece, her mother and didn’t even realize it because it is called Social ??? not studies and… Read more »

Wild Bill

I feel faint.


The term assault weapons refers to anything that is semi auto or has a magazine according to our illegally elected president. Out here in Oregonistan they are trying to make it where anything over five shots is an assault weapon. Yes that means your old six shooter that isn’t good for self defense anymore.

Wild Bill

And, of course, FJB has that definition wrong, too. They are trying, now, to change the definition of recession to avoid admitting failure.


I heard yesterday and read in my Rules for Anti Radicals that if you control narrative then you control the power. That is what the left always does they even create their own terminology, so they have arguing points to give them the power and others the perception that they are smarter and therefore better than you. In a law makers standpoint they believe that since they made this fact (in their own minds with their own words) they should make the decisions that affect your life since you are not smart enough. They also make up terminology to bring… Read more »