Hybrid Light Journey 600 Flashlight & Charger Review

Hybrid Light Journey 600 Flashlight
Hybrid Light Journey 600 Flashlight

Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- I recently wrote an article titled “A Survival Kit For Your Truck” for Texas Outdoors Journal. While working on that project the publisher, Bill Olson asked me if I had ever heard of HybridLight? No, I hadn’t. After checking them out I was intrigued by the features they offered and I was soon testing a few of their models.

A few features caught my eye.

  • 1. They have a solar panel. This is a big feature when backpacking. That way you don’t have to pack along extra batteries. The two big enemies that you’re always fighting when backpacking is weight and bulk. I’m the eternal tightwad. If an electronic gizmo doesn’t eat up batteries, I’m all in.
  • 2. It is also rechargeable. So, you can plug it in before you leave on a trip so you start out with a full charge.
  • 3. And then as if the first two features aren’t enough, you can also charge your other electronic items off of the flashlight after using the solar panel to charge it up. This is a big deal if you’re out in the backcountry. Think, you can charge up your cell phone, camera, 2-way radios, etc. Although while back in the backcountry I don’t have reception, I do use my cell phone to take pictures and videos with it.

Hybrid Light Journey 600 Flashlight & Charger Operating Instructions.

So, now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s go into the operating details. Press the power button to turn it on. 2nd click turns the beam to low white to change to High green hold the button down, to move to low green click the button. To move to high red, hold the button down, and to move to low green click it once more. If you wonder why they offer the green and red-light option, it is the widely accepted view that red and green lights don’t scare game near as bad as a white light. In fact, many people say they flat out can’t see it. This knowledge is good for when calling predators at night or walking out of or into your blind in the dark when you don’t want to spook game.

Charging the Hybrid Light Journey 600 Flashlight & Charger.

It has a Micro USB port for rapid charging the Journey 600 Flashlight & Charger or you can use any light source to keep your flashlight charged through its built-in solar panel. Right above the on/off button is a small light that indicates the charge. Red means it needs charging and green means that it is fully charged.

How To Charge Devices Off Of Your Hybrid Light Journey 600 Flashlight?

Unscrew the top and it has a USB port for charging your mobile devices. Such as your cell phone, 2-way radios, camera, GPS, and so forth. It comes with a charging cord.

The Hybrid Light Journey 600 has 600 Lumens of light and runs up to 20 hours on a full charge. It is waterproof which is great since on many of our outdoor adventures we encounter rain, snow, and wet conditions. It also floats which is a great feature for you fishermen.

I see this as a great flashlight for when you’re hunting, fishing, backpacking or even to keep in your truck for emergencies. Just this week I was over in Colorado helping out with a Rodeo Bible Camp. When we concluded the camp, I stayed the next couple of nights at my buddy’s ranch. After we’d broken camp Friday night we went to check his cattle and finished the evening by checking on one of his horse pastures. Someway (which only horses can do) a newborn colt had gotten straddled over a single wire electric fence. Luckily it was off but still, it was only a few days old so not strong enough to get its two legs over the wire. We got it off but it was getting dark. I’d left my Journey 600 in the bunk house since we thought we were just going to run around and check out 6-8 pastures with plenty of daylight left. It’d of been nice to have had it to ensure he didn’t get cut any before he scampered off (We then determined that it hadn’t).

I think you’ll find the Hybrid Light Journey 600 coming in handy. The MSRP is $56.00. (cheaper $ online)

Hybrid Light Journey 600 Flashlight & Charger SPECS:

  • Holds a charge for 7 years
  • 600 Lumens
  • 5 hours on high, 20 hours on low

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2 specs lacking here and at seller

Solar charge duration-How many hours to fully charge ?

Is the battery replaceable with a common cell size and what is that size ?


I’m by no means a rancher & still keep a rechargeable & other lights in my truck. But I do on occasion look for a lost cow. So does the light work as specified ? Does it recharge devices as advertised ? How long to recharge on solar ? etc lol


Went to GoWild and Amazon, neither had any mention of this light having red and green light features ????
btw GoWild has a much better price.