Japan: Abe Assassinated with Electrically Fired Homemade, Double-Barreled Gun!?

The homemade gun was used to assassinate former PM Abe in Japan. IMG Twitter

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)-— Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated with a homemade gun on July 8th, 2022, in the Japanese city of Nara.

From video of the event, it appears the assassin fired his weapon at Abe from a distance of 20 to 30 feet. The two distinct shots were fired about a second apart and produced copious amounts of white smoke.

Early reports were of wounds to the neck and chest. It is unknown what sort of projectiles were used in the homemade weapon.

Such firearms are extremely easy to make for anyone with a rudimentary ability to use hand tools.

This correspondent made several similar homemade, electrically actuated, multishot, muzzleloading black powder firearms 40 years ago. Electrical firing mechanisms are much easier to make than percussion systems used in modern firearms. A simple switch is a trigger for each barrel. Batteries supply the power to ignite each charge.  If you want multiple shots, multiple barrels are used. A nine-volt battery worked well in my 40-year-old experiments, as did a four-pack of AA batteries.

A simple galvanized water pipe is plenty strong to withstand black powder pressures for a few shots. The firearm used in the assassination appears to be close to a 12 gauge bore size. Larger bores and projectiles create sufficient energies at the lower velocities on such firearms.

The propellants for such guns are easily made at home. Many high school students successfully made black powder in my youth. Fireworks can be disassembled as another source of propellant. It has been reported that people in prisons and the former Soviet Union used ground-up match heads as a propellant. Making propellant is much more dangerous than making the guns.

Japan Abe Assassinated with Electrically Fired Homemade Double Barreled Gun
Japan Abe Assassinated with Electrically Fired Homemade Double-Barreled Gun

This correspondent disagrees with professor Daniel Foote of Tokyo.

From Bloomberg.com:

“This actually shows the extent that Japan gun laws are working,” said Daniel Foote, a professor at the University of Tokyo specializing in law and society. “Very few people have the ability to create such a weapon.”

It is unlikely the professor has ever done the experimental work to make such weapons. Forty years ago, this correspondent was able to make a four-shot repeater from 12 dollars of materials obtained from a hardware store and Radio Shack, using about 12 hours’ worth of labor. In order to be effective with such weapons, testing and practice is necessary. It appears the former Naval officer did the preparation required.

From the newyorkpost.com:

Police found several possible explosives during a raid on Yamagami’s home, and the suspect confessed that he had “manufactured multiple pistols and explosives so far,” NHK said.

Other local reports said that he told cops he initially planned to blow up Abe, but decided to instead build a gun because he feared a bomb was less reliable.

Some sources are saying the assassination occurred at 10 feet. In the video referenced above, the distance appears to be 20 to 30 feet.  There did not appear to be any sights on the homemade firearm. Today, some sort of laser pointer would be easy to install and bore sight. But NO mention of a laser has been made to this correspondent’s knowledge.

The successful assassination of former Japanese PM Abe, with a homemade firearm in a country with some of the most extreme firearms restrictions on the planet, shows how difficult it is to regulate what is essentially a 15th-century technology.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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This unfortunate deed is done already, but one thing is for sure; The perp will reveal everything under hostile interrogation (or worse) by Japanese police, and in about a year, he’ll swing. They don’t play games over there.


With The history and tradition on our side.

Hopefully theses up and coming laws against home made firearms well fall

Alan in NH

I thought I had just about every kind of firearm. Wow, I’m going to Home Depot! [just kidding OK?]


you can make electric ignition for flint lock guns

Roland T. Gunner

Go ahead, its legal and ot is your constitutional right.


Japan is GUN CONTROL PARADISE. Big “Gun Free” ISLANDS, so how could this happen? Can’t make the Chiraq claim that it came from an adjacent state.

What now? Ban pipe, duct tape, batteries, switches & matches?

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

charcoal,,wood, fertilizer, piezo igniters the list is endless or build a society based on trust and respect …democrats dont want that ..it is like obummers “change” after they are through all you will have to live on is change they spent the rest of your money


You will have nothing and like it.


You’ll own nothing and you won’t be happy!


“Politicians and bureaucrats continue to prove they can’t disarm criminals, only their victims.”


And Adolph Biden used the event to pimp his antigun agenda before the body was cold

Wild Bill

Yes, FJB the puppet of the anti-gun, anti-prosperity, and anti-liberty Liberal World Order crowd.


Biden is the head of the Democrat Nazi party. FK the FBI, ATF and Biden.


i am sorry too


You can reload a 22lr with 4 or 5 match stick heads & a few drops of Acetone. For a primer, You can also purchase a reloading kit on line. Good tools for backup just for the SHTF scenarios. When you have to pay $1.00 a rd for 22lr you may find this quite useful. Or stuck in the wilderness with nothing but time on your side. lol


was a time you could get strike anywhere matches, these even gave you the primmer for loading rimfire (there are other rimfire calibers)


You still can get them.


Does anyone remember a few years ago, the nut in New Zealand who supposedly shot up a Mosque there and a lot of people in it? The government of New Zealand threatened its citizens with ten-year prison sentences if they possessed or shared video clips of the shooting that supposedly had been leaked. Not long after, these leaked clips supposedly were available for viewing online in the USA. IF these clips viewable here were authentic, there was little wonder as to why New Zealand’s government was so frantic to stifle their proliferation. The one I saw, appeared to have been… Read more »


I must have seen the same video of NZ shooter. And had the same thoughts. lol


It looks like they are using a insert to pokeyman or something similar ,nothing looks quite real


You are correct. The video is absolutely horrific and they realized it early on so they quickly banned it, added the 10 year prison thing, etc. By horrific I mean it EASILY proves it was all fake. I am not sure if it’s some new video game technology or what. We also saw it recently with the Buffalo shooting. The NZ one is bad. Really bad. Why nobody seized on that opportunity to expose what they’re doing I will never know. Now NZ is gun-less. Way to go guys! Folded like a cheap tent.


Back in the Dark Ages, long before the Internet, when I was in about eighth grade, I found the formula for black powder in an encyclopedia. The army has an interesting manual on Improvised Munitions. Rail Road torpedoes were a source of priming compound. This stuff is even more dangerous than black powder.


I don’t believe a single word of this purported bullocks coincidental assassination. Witness/Dignitary protection program is way, way, way further advanced than what’s being revealed.

The UN anti-gun agenda is way beyond too obvious & coincidences with videos, photographs, crisis actors, CGI being used by many deep state bad actors. Non-credible poorly crafted pastiched scripts that don’t add up or remotely make sense.

Politically Important people, shil-lebrities being intentionally disappeared from the world’s stage for many years for many reasons.

Way to many anomalies, aberrations, discrepancies & fraud continually happening at all levels of the corrupt Masonic system.

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“people in prisons and the former Soviet Union used ground-up match heads as a propellant. “
Correction: “and” is used in place of “like” here.


And like DC


RECOIL magazine recently published article “Building Joe Biden’s Blaster” …..the JBB-12detailing the build of a double barrel 12-guage made from pipe/fittings/hardware items. Rearward barrel movement slam fires the shells.


I think they will be confused for a while how could someone kill our beloved ..they will try to control information on how gun was made….TOO LATE


When I was in high School 1983, I bought a MG42 in parts with the receiver cut in half out of Shotgun News. I welded the receiver and assembled the gun. Worked great! Had if for years. Democrats are the enemy of the people and the new American Nazi Party!


the orient has always had a stratified society rulers that do what they want, but tell you what you can or cant do, military that does what they are told without question, and the slaves; just what our government is trying to do here
why do you think they make fish head soup? anything left over after the rich and powerful take what they want is what the slaves get…… not what I want for my country …the orient has a long history of assassinations too…that is what the ninja did

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft