Women’s Lacrosse Lodestar 400G Boots Break-In & Review

two thumbs up on the Lacrosse Lodestar 400G Boots.
Five stars on the Lacrosse Lodestar 400G Boots.

Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- Periodically I like for my wife or daughter to test outdoor products so as to interest the female

Regular AmmoLand News readers. If I write a product review article telling how great that this or that woman’s item works they’re going to say yeah, yeah, what do you know but if my wife or daughter tests an item and gives their input, then the women will set up and take notice. So with that said, let’s see what my daughter who is my little backpacking buddy says about the Lacrosse 400G Boots.

Lacrosse Lodestar 400G Boots

Lacrosse Lodestar 400G Boots
Lacrosse Lodestar 400G Boots

Whether it is 1950’s style high heels, or my trusty old Doc Martin boots, I love shoes. Several years ago, I noticed that though I have a plethora of shoes in my closet, I did not have one pair of hiking boots, which in my household is almost a mortal sin. As I prepared for my first big backpacking excursion as an adult, I went to a thrift store and tried on a clunky pair of hiking boots. After a couple steps and a quick glance in the mirror, I opted for my older, yet much cuter pair of tennis shoes. While these shoes held up great in town, I quickly learned that when backpacking with my daddy, you are going to be trekking in crazy backcountry, up steep hills, through streams, and down paths that barely pass as trails anymore. More importantly, I learned that it’s rather important to be able to run while in bear country, where even the innocent-looking chipmunk can become a territorial menace. After my first painful hiking trip, my tennis shoes were all but rags, and my sore blistered feet informed me that it was time to try hiking boots again. I was rather put out, assuming that I would be stuck in less than attractive hiking boots which would hide in the back of my closet until spring and summer rolled around with my annual daddy-daughter hiking trip. Thankfully, however, my father informed me there are now many options for women’s hiking boots.

When my father asked me to try out the Lacrosse Lodestar, I was a bit skeptical, having never viewed them. Upon opening the box holding my new boots though, I was pleased to note that these boots would not need to be stashed in the back of my closet hidden until each hike. They are neither unsightly nor clunky. I was even more pleased after wearing them and finding that they are not only visually appealing but also comfortable. Who knew hiking boots could meet both standards? The ankle is high enough to provide secure ankle support without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. The material is light enough to not weigh down your step, yet strong enough to ensure support and protection from the perilous environment I am sure to encounter during my daddy’s ‘easy backpacking trips’. I love the extra coating on the toe and heel because it delivers an added layer of protection, which is nice when you confront sharp rocks hidden under foliage or the occasional stick, which somehow manages to defy the laws of physics by laying at just the right angle to stab your big toe. Lastly, I know some folks who believe women’s feet do not sweat; thankfully these boots are breathable just in case my feet leak that non-sweat perspiration.

One of the best lessons I learned from traveling around the world and backpacking is to take care of my feet because they take me everywhere. I know shoes are not important in the grand scheme of life, but when you want to enjoy nature, you need to care for your feet so they may care for you. You don’t want to have to worry about sore feet, blisters, twisting your ankle, or your shoes falling apart.

So, whether I am stocking up on survival items, walking my beast of a dog in the park, or braving a backpacking trip in the wilderness, I trust these boots to carry me home safely.

This is Tom again speaking. The MSRP on the Lodestar 400G Boots is $240.00 (way less $ online) and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

Lacrosse Lodestar 400G Boots SPECIFICATIONS

“Weather in the backcountry can quickly shift from bright and sunny to chilly and damp, and cold wet feet can cut your backcountry hunt short. The Lodestar Boots by Lacrosse were built to stand up to the worst possible conditions and keep your feet dry and comfortable. “

  • Style 516334
  • Weight 3.3 lbs per pair
  • Height 7″
  • Insulation 400G Thinsulate Ultra
  • Color Brown
  • Footbed Open Cell Polyurethane
  • Shank Nylon
  • Last Type DT-4
  • Lining Waterproof
  • Liner GORE-TEX
  • Manufacturing Imported

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