Maloney’s Oversight Dog-and-Pony Show Hearing: Blame Guns

U.S.A.-( Anti-gun Democrat Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, chair of the House Oversight Committee, was terse, interruptive and ultimately frustrated during a five-plus-hour hearing on what Roll Call described as “the role of gun manufacturers in the wave of mass shootings in recent weeks.”

There were moments of flaring tempers, robust rhetoric and political soundbites for which such show hearings have become famous.

Maloney challenged the heads of two prominent firearms companies—Chris Killoy at Sturm, Ruger and Marty Daniel at Daniel Defense—to “accept responsibility” and apologize to victims of mass shootings and their families. It was a grandstand play and set the tone for the remainder of a contentious hearing during which Democrats repeatedly called modern semi-auto rifles “weapons of war” while Republicans steadfastly defended private gun ownership.

Maloney first directed her fury at Daniel, demanding, “Mr. Daniel, you have sent thoughts and prayers to the victims of Uvalde but you have never accepted responsibility for selling the weapons that killed these innocent children. And you testified earlier that there has been a decline in personal responsibility. I want to give you the opportunity now to show personal responsibility. Will you accept personal responsibility for your company’s role in this tragedy and apologize to the families of Uvalde?”

Daniel’s response seemed only to frustrate Maloney: “Chairwoman Maloney, these acts are committed by murderers. The murderers are responsible…” at which point the 30-year Capitol Hill veteran interrupted, turning her attention to Killoy.

“Mr. Killoy, how about you,” Maloney asked. “Will you apologize to the victims her today and the victims around our country and their families in Sutherland Springs, Boulder and other cities who were harmed by your products?”

Killoy, maintaining his cool, replied, “Congresswoman, with all due respect, while I grieve like all Americans at these tragic incidences, again, to blame the firearm, the particular firearm in use here, the modern sporting rifle…” at which point Maloney interrupted him, also.

She then stated, “So let me get this straight and with all due respect, you market weapons of war to civilians and children, you make millions by selling them, but when someone pulls a trigger, you refuse to accept responsibility.”

There was no question heading into the hearing about where Maloney had wanted to take the discussion. Prior to the session, Maloney had issued a lengthy statement in which she demonized the firearms industry, “My Committee’s investigation has revealed that the country’s major gun manufacturers have collected more than $1 billion in revenue from selling military-style assault weapons to civilians.  These companies are selling the weapon of choice for mass murderers who terrorize young children at school, hunt down worshippers at churches and synagogues, and slaughter families on the Fourth of July.  In short, the gun industry is profiting off the blood of innocent Americans.”

She called the industry’s business practices “deeply disturbing, exploitative, and reckless.”

Her statement announced, “Today, my Committee will hear testimony from CEOs of two gun manufacturers, and I look forward to these executives answering for their actions.”

Translation: This was not a hearing but an inquisition.

Still, there were several moments when fact got the better of emotion, which may partly explain why, as reported by Roll Call, “House Democratic leaders pulled back on planned votes this week on a package of public safety bills that included police grant funding and an assault weapons ban, amid division within their caucus.”

Congressman Jody Hice (R-GA) demanded from Maloney early in the hearing, “I want to know when are you, chairwoman Maloney, going to apologize to the American citizens for not dealing with the real issue and showing responsibility and accountability? When are we going to have hearings in this committee holding people responsible in cities and municipalities and states and right here in our own Congress for being soft on crime?

“When are we going to have hearings,” he continued, “to do away with the ridiculous, outrageous policies of defunding the police? And do we really think that is a good idea when it comes to crime? Would anyone in their right mind think that crime would go down when we attack and defund police when we’re soft on crime?

“My colleagues seem to forget,” Hice observed, “that the American people have a right to own guns. It’s a constitutional right to defend themselves, and yet we have a perpetual barrage of politicized buzz words like have already been used here this morning, like ‘assault weapon’ and ‘weapons of war’ to support arbitrary gun grabs, not from criminals but from law-abiding American citizens.”

Ohio Republican Jim Jordan’s moment came when he told Democrats, “We should just cut to the chase. The Democrats’ beef is with the Second Amendment. They don’t like the Second Amendment. They want to get rid of the Second Amendment but they can’t because in the Constitution, the American people like the fact that we have the right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves, our family, our property. They like that fact, and it’s a cumbersome process to amend and change the Constitution so they can’t do that. So they’re gonna say ‘We’re gonna ban a certain type of weapon, let’s call them ‘assault weapons,’ or they’re gonna come after gun manufacturers and try to sue them…That’s their course of action. Their beef is with the Second Amendment. They can’t change that, so they’re gonna go around it.”

For all the rhetoric and blame-gaming, the hearing consumed more than 5 ½ hours and it is unlikely anyone’s position changed. Media reports continue to use the term “assault weapon” despite an Associated Press style tip earlier this month suggesting they stop, and while it may lead to some action in the House, gun control legislation may not survive the Senate, especially if Republicans recapture control of Congress in November.

Perhaps Killoy, at Sturm, Ruger, summed it up by reminding the Oversight committee, “We firmly believe that it is wrong to deprive citizens of their constitutional right to purchase a lawful firearm they desire because of the criminal acts of wicked people. A firearm, any firearm, can be used for good or for evil. The difference is in the intent of the individual possessing it, which we respectfully submit, should be the focus of any investigation into the root causes of criminal violence involving firearms.”

It was not the direction Democrats want to take their investigation, and it was obviously not what they wanted to hear.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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If we were to magically remove bad folks from society then killing would all but stop. Remove guns and nothing but the means of killing changes.

Which one is actually responsible?

BTW, the comments below are great! No bitching, name calling, or what-not. Just interesting information and points of view. I’m proud to be here.


Killoy and Daniel should have drawn a comparison between Libturds wanting to punish good guys with guns for the action of bad guys with guns versus punishing innocent politicians (are there any???) for the actions of bad politicians such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro. The 100s of dead from bad citizens with guns aren’t even significant rounding errors compared to the 100s of million dead by the bad politicians in scenarios of dis-armed citizens with only police/government having guns. Were the reduction in dead bodies the true agenda rather than elimination of citizen 2A rights, Baloney would… Read more »


Democrats hate America it’s clearly evident in the people they elect to represent them in washington’s political theater. The counstituion is a problem for the elected democrats they want to shred this document and the protection it grants the American people. Every article is about the one party who wants to remove firearms from law abiding people. Nothing has changed in that respect only the timeline as changed for the global elite. There new date for a global one world government and it is 2030 and the democrats socialist party is counting down the day hours and minutes.To accomplish this… Read more »


They want to get rid of the Second Amendment but they can’t because in the Constitution, the American people like the fact that we have the right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves, our family, our property. What these clowns cannot recognise is the FACT that even if they DID manage to “repeal” that pesky Second Article of Ammendment, our right to arms would remain. WHY? Because it is granted by the same god who made us all, and, having given us the very breath in our lungs, has also, as a part of that gift, granted that… Read more »


The german people thought that same thing till the nazi removed the german constitution & freedom of speech and that is now history. Democrats are on the same path and there danger ahead.


when the move to remove rights you have to be willing to kill them to protect others

American Cynic

What makes these people believe they will succeed in this war on guns? Have they won the war on drugs?
Have they won the war on the poverty?
How about the war we could have won and opted not to, in Vietnam?
Afghanistan? The Southern Border?

My view is this… keep saying “NO” to the Democrats, eventually they talk themselves blue in the face.

My biggest concern is with such a stalemate in the Senate, just one RINO can screw us over much the way John McCain did. Who will it be this time, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins…?


Don’t forget the RINOs in the House. Dems exert communist style party discipline, Repubs don’t.

Wild Bill

You, both, have excellent observations!


people who believe in self reliance only work together when they have to. you dont talk about personal things unless it is volunteered , you offer to help if it looks like you could but you never ask for help but accept if offered , tools and knowledge to use them is part of it democrats want a disposable society …broken throw it out that includes workers demoncrats are about control and the craziest nut is usually at the top Hitler Stalin Lenin Mussolini


Yes getting rid of LEO will stop a lot of crime. Victims won’t need to worry about being arrested for doing what should be done. And exactly who would enforce the Govts LAWS ? LMAO

Wild Bill

Yes, send ALL of the LEOs to a conference in Hawaii, for two weeks and we could clean up the mess before they got home.


fire all the ones that have violated oath to constitution , the few remaining would be sooooooo busy arresting title 18 violators we would have to protect each other

Mystic Wolf

This can be solved fast, just have the gun makers stop production for one year, no one gets any new guns nothing for the military nothing for the police nothing for the private security the those in office use, no ammo for any of those mentioned either and see how they like being disarmed with only the criminals having guns, well gee their views will change faster than the speed of light within the matter of a few months. Those in office should realize that when gun makers are gone then the military will have no new guns the police… Read more »


Thank you Dave Just for those of you still ranching or farming As a much better than expected month of July for Beef comes to a close, there are many indications that it will continue through August and Into the Labor Day weekend. The USDA choice cutout held together very well for a month that typically would have seen a downward correction of at least 8-10% from June. The main reason is that retail has continued to be more aggressive priced on Ad features, plus the HRI trade has been brisk as they have tried desperately to staff up to… Read more »

Wild Bill

Good report, but what is HRI?


Hospitality Restaurant Industry As a much better than expected month of July for Beef comes to a close, there are many indications that it will continue through August and Into the Labor Day weekend. The USDA choice cutout held together very well for a month that typically would have seen a downward correction of at least 8-10% from June. The main reason is that retail has continued to be more aggressive priced on Ad features, plus the HRI trade has been brisk as they have tried desperately to staff up to take advantage of good weather throughout the North East… Read more »


Hospitality Restaurant Industry 

Wild Bill

Oh … thank you.


sent the hog report awaiting approval

Bill S

You mean Chaina’s hog report? They DO own the worlds largest hog slaughter house in N. Carolina and The worlds largest pork processing company in Virginia, named Smithfields and all the smaller companies owned by Smithfields, like Hormell and others. Thank Obama and Hillary and our corrupt US Congress for this in 2013.


What does any of this have to do with guns? I thought that was what we were talking about here… just asking


Some others have a interest in these troubled times of uncetin pricing. Just passing on some info to help.

Wild Bill

His reports go to preparedness. War with China; war with our own government; or just inflation.
If you have to spend 20 percent more on groceries, rent, or 50 percent more on gasoline, … you won’t be buying that Ruger 10/22 for your kid’s Christmas.


Maloney and company are playing to donors who are convinced it is the tool and not the artisan. In this case they ignore criminal intent and focus on the implement. In their world view the shooter is just one more victim of bad potty training or whatever and evil does not come in to play save the honest people who make and sell great guns. That is the fundamental difference between conservatives/libertarians and progressives/socialist. WE acknowledge evil exists and put it in its proper place in the evil doings of people. Progressives and socialists believe not in evil but victimhood… Read more »


Communist traitors should be hung then shot

Wild Bill

Bullet to the head and keep moving.


People die from obesity. When will we see congressional hearings accusing Oneida silverware of making people fat?

Mystic Wolf

When will we see pencil makers put on trial for making kids get wrong answers. These gov idiots will never learn that it is not the gun that commits the crime but the thug that it holding it.

Bill S

The Govt knows that!!! Its all about taking our guns so they can control us, and if anyone objects, guess what they will get!!


Why can’t they just say it (THE CRIMINAL IS TO BE BLAMED). don’t blame manufactures don’t blame the innocent don’t blame the American people who want to own and protect them selfs there family and loved ones . Don’t blame the person who breaks into your house at 3 am and you shoot them in self defence ( Who are they going to blame ) YOU. NOT THE CRIMINAL.Hell criminals have all the rights we don’t . AND STOP PRAYING ON RECENT MASS SHOOTING. When is Congress going to realize the 2nd amendment was placed there so we the American… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by Robert
Mystic Wolf

That is the problem the SATAN WORSHIPPING DEMONCRATS only want to be able to control what people have what they do and what we can say, the DEMONCRATS are nothing but a bunch of dictatorial monsters, think zombies this case, do as I say or you will be killed, this is how the DEMONCRATS want things.


As pro-gun people we (Hear me lazy Republican politicians?) need to vastly improve our messaging and tactics. We should stop wasting our time debating how gun control doesn’t stop crime and just hurts honest gun owners. We need to – repeatedly – go for the rhetorical throat of the Democrat enemy, by loudly exposing the real reason for Democrat gun control lies. We have to reach the vast numbers of voters who address the issue of gun control solely in dumbed-down sound bites. Just like Democrats do daily on all topics they lie about. Except WE tell the truth. How… Read more »


Language patrol. It’s preying, not praying. I wouldn’t have pointed it out but those two words, in this discussion, really make a difference.

Captain Sloog

So now Ford and GM CEO’s are going to be hauled up for all the drunk driving deaths caused by their vehicles. How do they dare to sell these dangerous weapons of intoxication!!!!


What’s more, car manufacturers often market their products touting their speed and performance. Aren’t they responsible, using Maloney’s and other pols’ logic, for irresponsible driving catastrophes?

Mystic Wolf

Look up some of the crash channels talking about tragic endings, when you have a vehicle going over 120 and slamming into another car tragic.


Same for all the cell phone makers, for distracted driving accidents. The medicinal marijuana growers, the list could be loooong.


Along with Jack Daniels and Budweiser.


C’mon Man leave Jack out of this, please. lol


Raskin, is my definition of a raving Liberal.


When politicians lack real knowledge on a subject , they just make it up to fit the narrative they want . Carolyn Maloney appears to have a credibility issue or is she just clueless ?


I do not believe that Democrats are clueless in their lies. I fully believe that they are purposely lying to fool the masses. The Republican continual failure to in-their-face challenge the lies is inexcusable.


I would agree. democrats lie for a purpose like hitler. Overall control. republicans possess no spine to shut down the move to marxism.. Republicans would loose out on that cash cow and its privileges afforded to only a few. And at least 50 percent of the population who are brain dead buy in to their lies and BS. maloney is useful puppet. Probably with soros’s money and thumb up her a__. She has no credibility, It doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s not the trigger’s fault; it’s the POS behind the trigger. And said POS needs an expedient… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by macdog



I believe that every politician should be required to take a gun safety course and spend a day at the range in training before they start trying to take our guns away. The biggest reason for their lies is, they know NOTHING about guns whatsoever. They are ignorant school children fighting on the playground, at least that’s how they act.


When are people gonna just stand up and leave when they are continually interrupted?

Just stand up and say “If you don’t want to hear the answer there is no reason for me to be here, good day” and walk out!

Last edited 12 days ago by Hazcat

they need to talk over the trash an if their mic is cut leave

Lesko Brandon

This “weapons of war” world salad seems to be the new go-to phrase, despite semi-auto versions NEVER being used in any wars ever. I don’t like the term, but considering the Democrat’s policies on defunding police, catch & release, no cash bail, no prosecution for shoplifting, expanding homelessness and open drug use have turned most major cities into war zones, maybe we need weapons of war?


I agree with everything except the last 6 words.

We don’t need weapons of war, we need cheap ammo so we can train more often.


I can never understand why NO Republican, gun industry representative, or anyone at all on the pro-gun side asks anti-gun crazies to name one – ONE – country which uses these semiautomatic firearms as alleged weapons of war – for war. Not for military police units on military bases, but actual weapons used in war. I know of no such country that would engage in or prepare for war with a semiautomatic firearm. I have called several Republican politician offices, including those of US Senator Cruz and Congressman Bill Posey, and pleaded with them to simply force Democrat gun haters… Read more »


we do use semi automatic Barrett 50s , but because of cost noone has used one in a shooting

Monkey Mouse

Several states have banned 50 BMG rifles due to either watching “the dark knight” or “miami vice” movies, otherwise zero shootings with them.


You have made a good point of this exception, but this is what I would call a highly-specialized boutique weapon, that serves a limited role. The weapons of war lexicon Democrats use is almost exclusively related to AR-15s and other semiautomatics owned by citizens, which are not used for war. Interestingly, common semiautomatic handguns ARE used for war, but the Democrats have not claimed they are weapons of war. Yet.


Yet. Trust me, sooner or later one will show up. If for no other reason than to supply more basis for banning anything over .49 calibre. Some states hve done this, California amongst them. Which is what led to the development of the .438 Lapua (might have the calibre size off by a bit) VERY similar ballistics but Caifornia legal. For now.


It takes a STUPID liberal to blame a gun for the evil men do!


you cant point out the evil if you are evil


What a bee atch!


That atrocious and creepy old hag is a worthless liar. According to a study done by The New England Journal of Medicine, Motor Vehicle accidents of all kinds kill more children annually than Guns ever have


drugs kill more children and young adults than both of those together


uncle joe did that! ” the border is secure”. What quid pro is treasonous joe making off the cartel/ uncle xi jinping.


if you have to read from a script and use video of victims to make your point, it is not a very strong point. if they want to take away the protection of the plcaa, will they take away government immunity to be sued for the deaths they have caused with their policies? justice scallia said “not unlimited”, that doesn’t mean that you can take it away. you cannot take away a God given right. you are not God, ms. baloney. deaths by drugs have surpassed deaths by firearms. will congress do something about closing the southern border? why not… Read more »


Ms Bologna Maloney, do you take responsibility to making all of us sick and tired of listening to your bullshite? You make zero sense blaming others for the evil that murders do. How about getting violent criminals off the street, put them in prison and keep them there! I want an apology from you why you are not doing your job.


The gun manufacturers should refuse to sell to all government agencies, and limit sales to civilians, since these lefty authoritarians have such a negative view on guns. Why supply police, the IRS, FDA, USPS and Dept of Education with “weapons of war”?


The won’t, because they and their lobbies NSSF & SAAMI are too busy sucking up them.

Monkey Mouse

They sell 20x more weapons (if not more) to civilians than the military/ABC/police in an average year, let alone the last 2 years. can’t survive selling only a few thousand guns a year total to new recruits and if the military puts out new contracts.


Good point. But what’s the profit margin on sales to the government, vs more competitive civilian sales?

Wild Bill

The government agencies would just buy from foreign manufacturers. Homeland security bought HK, for several years rumored to be payback for Germany agreeing to be an “ally” in Operation Desert Storm. Just a rumor, though, I have no evidence. The Army bought Beretta, etc, etc.


Barrett at one time stopped selling to or repairing of any 50 cal Barrett rifles of any California government agency

Wild Bill

What was the result?


Further, the politicians soft stance on crime, refusing to jail or even prosecute murders and assailants and rapists, and no bail policies all encourage crime. When will they apologize for rewarding criminals while harassing citizens who are able to defend themselves? When will they apologize for arming terrorists like Biden did in Afghanistan, to the tune of 50 billion dollars in weaponry?


It was nothing but a chance to berate the CEO’s and get sound bytes. Manufacturers have zero responsibility for how guns sold under approved government regulations and fbi checks are used. Nor for guns stolen. Lefty authoritarians would rather the 3,000,000 people who defend themselves annually with firearms were defenseless victims. The left claims the 400 or so killed by all rifles combined out weight the 3 million lives saved annually. Lefties can take that and shove it where the sun don’t shine. The have zero authority over our choice of firearms, or the possession, building or selling of the… Read more »


I think Tom Rich said something like that.