Gun Owners In Court To Stop CA Governor Newsom’s Attempt To End Youth Shooting Sports

Gavin Newsom
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California – -( Friday Governor Newsom signed AB 2571 into law under an emergency order to have the law go into effect immediately. The law is will cripple youth shooting in California as it prevents the promotion of firearms and firearm-related products and events to youth.

This new law impacts Associations, Camps, Clubs, FFLs, Hunter Education, Instructors, Firearms Trainers, Youth Organizations, ranges, and those who work in association with any youth shooting program — including firearm safety training.

Any promotion of firearms to those under 18 years of age may lead to hefty fines of $25,000 per incident.

Today CRPA, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of California, and others are standing up to Newsom and his propaganda. These groups filed a lawsuit to stop the further implementation of this unconstitutional law and are seeking an immediate injunction to block the law from taking effect.

“This law is a clear First Amendment violation of speech and assembly. It’s really an attempt to wipe out the next generation of hunters and shooters,” said CRPA President and General Counsel Chuck Michel. “Politicians in Sacramento are not even trying to hide their disdain for the “gun culture,” which they neither understand nor support. They want to wipe it out.”

Newsom not only does not support Second Amendment rights; he has been working to make it practically impossible to acquire, own or use a gun for sport or self-defense. With this bill, designed to keep youth out of the shooting sports, Newsom hopes that the current generation of freedom-loving gun owners will be the last.

“We must fight for the next generation of gun owners so they can learn about firearms and their safe use, train, experience the joy of sport shooting and hunting, have fun, learn discipline, and understand their Second Amendment rights,” said Michel.

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With the Supreme Court affirming that the Second Amendment has teeth and prohibits government infringement, now is the time for a long-overdue SECOND AMENDMENT RECKONING. Gun owners must support litigation efforts and groups like CRPA, GOC, and SAF that fight for your rights, and have been for decades.

There are LOTS of lawsuits to be filed as we fight back against the BLUE RESISTANCE to the Second Amendment.

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When will it end? Worse why aren’t you rising up in California? Our founders are rolling over in their graves. They’ve given us all the tools and protections we need in the country to prosper and to protect our freedom and liberties yet we continue to let them violate said rules, checks and balances. We are all guilty of apathy. Enough is enough people!


These people will suffer for their anti American policy and no one will give a dam what happens to them just like they care not what you think of their crappy policies


So, a parent can take his or her children to a range to teach them safe handling and use of guns, and run afoul of this edict?

What percentage of the alumni of these organized youth shooting programs have gone on to become criminals or other irresponsible gun users? I haven’t seen any data, but I would bet far fewer than those who haven’t.


General disdain for human rights, period. The classical liberal used to be primarily concerned with human rights.

The modern American liberal is something entirely different.


This is exactly why we have an electoral college. We are not a democracy. We are a republic, a union of states and shall remain so. Our founders well knew the corrupting influences of city life and depended upon what leftists now refer to as ‘flyover’ country to balance the corrosive and corrupting influences of urban populations on the republic. Anyone who advocates eliminating the electoral college is doing so specifically to destroy the republic. This rash and mindless decision will destroy what has been one of the best hunter education programs in the country. California mandates hunter education for… Read more »


Wow you actually get it. I remember learning about the electoral college when I was 7 I think? and thinking how BRILLIANT it is. It was taught to me exactly as you describe. Sadly today they teach that it’s wrong, that the popular vote is more important, etc. Sadly liberalism in a person is like rabies in a dog. Once someone contracts liberalism there is no cure. They will never go back. It’s a cancer. It is like rust. It spreads and consumes. It destroys and perverts everything. It’s in a word EVIL. It really is that simple. Something is… Read more »


I know a few “ex – liberals”. Far too few, but they DO exist.


Anybody want to see this POS become the next Prez? Maybe he will just stay dictator for life in CA?


Life will be short for him and his politics


Prove it.


Only fellow travelers, dumbass women & homo’s, you know the kind, the ones who fall in love with the Charlie Manson-Ted Bundy types and of course the criminally insane dimocRAT politicians and their PATHETIC SYCOPHANTIC voters who vote this antiAmerican trash into office want anything to do with that bastard Newsome. IMHO, the Brylcreem Boy has ZERO chance of ever being president of anything other than his mutual admiration society. There is not going to be another communist dimocRAT president again for at least 12 years and hopefully forever. The dims are clones of Boris Johnson…dead birthing and fertilizing persons,(calling… Read more »


Great comment and spot on right too !