Stop Making Killers Famous

Stop Making Killers Famous, iStock-1176304612
Stop Making Killers Famous, iStock-1176304612

U.S.A.-( When a mass murder happens with the use of firearms, the media is quick to blame the gun and call for its ban. Mainstream media forgets is one of the driving factors in almost every mass killing is that murderers want notoriety for their heinous act of violence, and that is precisely what the media gives them.

The moment the killer is identified, their name and picture are on the cover of every paper and magazine in the country. The media digs into their background, highlighting their twisted ideas, and publishes parts of their manifesto. It gives them exactly what the killers want.

This idea isn’t just my theory. Academics have done multiple peer-reviewed studies into if the media coverage of mass shootings creates copycats. All studies I have found show that naming the killer and showing their picture does inspire others to murder.

According to a study by Jason Silva of William Paterson University and Emily Greene-Colozzi of City University of New York, “[F]ame-seeking shooters were more likely to receive media coverage than their counterparts, thereby reinforcing their initial motivations.”

The Silva Greene-Colozzi study looked at mass shootings from 1966 to 2018. When Columbine happened, the media started posting the killers’ faces and names everywhere. Other mentally disturbed people latched on to the idea if they wanted their name to go down in history, they needed to carry out similar attacks. It is like a virus; the carrier is the mainstream media highlighting these killers’ evil deeds.

Most of the killers and loaners suffer from some type of narcissism. They crave fame and look for anything to get their name in the media. By carrying out a mass killing, not only can they get the media to talk about them, but they can get the President of the United States to hold a press conference about them. Our President is quick to exploit any situation for political gain.

A 2015 study called Contagion in Mass Killings and School Shootings showed that media coverage of mass shootings increased the chances of another mass shooting in the next two weeks following the attack. Then there is a 2017 study called Mass Killings in the United States from 2006 to 2013: Social Contagion or Random Clusters believes that coverage of mass shootings increases the chances of another mass shooting within the following year. That study was by Adam Lankford who is extremely anti-gun, but even he agrees that media coverage leads to more mass killings.

It just isn’t academic studies that argue media coverage of mass killers inspire others. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has pointed out the copycat syndrome of mass shootings. You will notice that other mass killings are referenced if you read these killers’ sick twisted manifestos.

A few groups are trying to get the media to stop using names and pictures of killers. The FBI joined forces with the University of Texas to launch Don’t Name Them. There are plenty of resources on their site to show why mass killers shouldn’t be named. There is also No Notoriety which was founded by the parents of two people killed in a mass shooting. Both groups have pleaded with the media to stop using the killers’ names and pictures. But their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

You might wonder, “If the evidence is clear that the coverage of mass killings leads to other mass killings, why does the media keep doing it?”

Well, the old adage of “if it bleeds, it leads” still rings true today. The mainstream media doesn’t care about the murders that they may inspire. The mainstream media only cares about ratings. It doesn’t matter if it is a right-wing or left-wing network; the bottom line is all that matters.

Nothing will change until viewers start calling out the vile practices of these media companies. Every time they blame the gun, we need to fight back by showing the hard data that they are more responsible for inspiring the killer than a tool. We must shame them by using the same rhetoric they use towards groups like the NRA and GOA. We need to fight back.

Will it stop the mainstream media as a whole? Probably not, but maybe we can change a few outlets’ coverages of these tragic events.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!Got it!! Make the SOB’s rot in hell or in prison without anyone knowing their name or face……
In the cases of 100% identified perp, execute him publicly within 10 days !! Enuff Bullchit with the delays and appeals and talking to his Sunday school teacher. Fry the bastards QUICKLY!!


Let’s face it these animals are COWARDS and LOSERS. We shouldn’t give them the notariety they seek. Call them out as cowards and losers!

Last edited 1 month ago by PMinFl

The media wants more mass shootings….The one and only thing they care about are ratings!

Arkansas Rob

Mock them. Shame them. Show how worthless they were.


Connect the TERRORIST’S actions with the MISSUSE of the weapon! STOP HOLDING Law Abiding America Citizens at fault for the actions of a TERRORIST —- ESPECIALLY when the LAW OFFICIALS, who had contact, FAIL TO FOLLOW THE LAWS!


The father & the Highland & state police departments need to be held accountable as we now have begun to understand all the players. Those in law enforcement that looked the other way or just simply did not do their jobs while responding to Crimo violent behavior and threats to himself and others.




The removal of como was to replace him with someone who would be untouchable able to comply with the party’s needs. The democrats never prosecute their own his replacement a women woke who no one would dare to challenge. If you have been watching the party is using gender to progress the party’s agenda.

No offence to any women in the world


and should be held accountable to all the families who lost loved ones :financially and legally


at very least he should have been made to get a psychological exam and clearence because of recent “2019” meltdown but got fiod in 2020 without one . what worth does any check have when this recent stuff did not flag him? do any of the bozos in government do their jobs?


One can argue that crazy begins at home while a good upbringing children grow to become successful. There is a whole lot of parental interference these days and the political system is to blame. If you are suspect to my claim public schools have become nothing more than youth training centers under the federal governments control. The states do have their own rules but schooling trends to the federal level for funding on the state level. Teachers most are out of touch guidance counselors have never impressed me as top notch problem solvers. School boards well Merrick Garland has shown… Read more »


The police failed on all levels the father failed the civil lawsuits will call for deep pockets as those who lost loved ones learn the truth. Total lack of accountability on many fronts. Not the fault of responsible people! Fox News contributor and former D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams faulted the Illinois State Police for failing to properly log Crimo’s violent behavior in their database when they responded to a call in September 2019 where they were forced to remove all knives from Crimo’s home after he made violent threats against family members. Williams said their negligence likely caused Crimo’s… Read more »


Clearly the toughest gun laws did nothing local police failed the father is copable in this event Crimo was a highly disturbed young man. The media continues to talk about the weapon not the individual and his family surroundings. The media continues to be the spokesman of the democratic party not journalist seeking all the facts reporting the truth. Crimo was able to purchase guns despite the Highland Park Police Department flagging him as clear and present 2019 after he made threats against his family. At the time, officers confiscated over a dozen knives from Crimo before they were returned… Read more »


gun laws are just about controlling the population not protecting them , police do not fill out paperwork if they dont HAVE to so someone with a mental problem is not recorded they go out and kill with the police knowing they were nuts .. they think no one should should have guns send them to Afghanistan to collect and destroy all the guns(was thinking russia but the fuckups in this government left thousands of guns in middle east get them first)


Crimo’s dad & every IL Statie who knew about the psycho & did ZIP to block his buys should be tried as mass murder accomplices.


Hanging quickly, publicly would help their frame.


On the courthouse lawn after a lengthy trial of 10 minutes or so.


putting them in psych ward when they melt down first time keeps this kind of stuff from happening,(oh but some one has to file a report) problem comes down to dirty laundry ,or skeletons in the closet pass the buck no one takes responsibility family would not commit him dont know about Illinois, but florida police “could” backer act someone for erratic behavior(paperwork); but even that does not show up if involuntary commitment is not sought by doctors(few and far between see paperwork) state shrinks number of hospitals for mental patients, number of prison beds grow Im not sure which… Read more »

Patriot Solutions

But keep those reptilian masonic khazarian nazi crown killers being arrested across several countries in the news because it’s making my day knowing nobody will ever see them again because they are being executed. I have perma grin thanks to them.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patriot Solutions
Jim March

THANK YOU. The mindset involved was never more obvious than with this latest idiot who had massive tattoos all over his face and claims to be an up-and-coming “rap star”. He was seeking fame. CNN, Fox and the rest of those morons gave it to him. If you Google the subject of “suicidal contagion” you find lots of scholarly references to a similar concept: when people off themselves in some particular weird way, it triggers more to do the same, such as jumping in front of the local subway train or whatever. In fact there was an outbreak of exactly… Read more »