Congress Subpoenas Smith & Wesson

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( The House Oversight Committee has served Smith & Wesson with a subpoena requesting records surrounding the company’s popular M&P15 rifle.

The subpoena comes after the CEO of Smith & Wesson refused to participate in a gun control hearing in which CEO Marty Daniel of Daniel Defense and CEO Christopher Killoy of Sturm, Ruger & Co. testified via Zoom last month. Committee Democrats complained that the gun company did not submit enough documents for their liking. The Democrats claim that the information the Connecticut-based company provided was incomplete and left out key metrics around its sale of AR-15 style rifles.

“While your company refused to provide information specific to AR-15-style rifles, the limited information provided shows that your company brought in at least $125 million from AR-15 style rifles in 2021 alone,” the Committee’s chairwoman, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) wrote in the subpoena.

The Committee is investigating the top five leading sellers of AR-15 style rifles.

It says those companies have made $1 billion of revenue from selling AR-15s which might hamper Democrats’ attempt to ban the firearm. The hearing itself proved that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the country. According to the Supreme Court Heller decision, guns in common use are protected under the Second Amendment. That stat means if the AR-15 is not considered in common use, then no other rifle could be regarded as in common use.

The Committee accused firearms sellers of marketing toward children. The Democrat members showed an ad for the JR-15 rifle. The rifle was marketed as a smaller version of the AR-15 rifle. The gun fired a .22LR caliber round. It was sold as a safer way for children to learn how to handle a rifle properly. Democrats also harped on children’s gun safety, insinuating that the firearms industry was using gun safety campaigns to indoctrinate youths.

The gun industry insists that gun safety for children will reduce firearms accidents by teaching proper handling of guns. The Democrat members of the Committee were not impressed. They view anything involving firearms and kids as some type of gateway drug. Democrats even accused video games with guns as some type of gateway to gun culture.

During the hearing, Democrats asked Mr. Daniel about the M&P-15 rifle. They focused on the letters and standing for military and police. Although the “M” does stand for military, the actual military doesn’t use the rifle. They then asked Mr. Daniel about the naming of the gun. Daniel reminded the Committee that Daniel Defense is not the maker of the rifle. The Committee harped on Smith & Wesson not showing up.

Democrats are demanding Smith & Wesson turn over documents about the sale and marketing of the semi-automatic rifle.

Democrats also want to know if Smith & Wesson tracks the use of its products in crimes. The same question was asked to the companies that did show up, and the companies informed Congress that there is no way to track those stats.

Congress wants to know how the company prevents its products from going to problematic dealers. President Joe Biden, in recent months, demanded that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) crackdown on “rogue dealers.” Since then, license revocations have been up by 500%. Both companies stated that they sell to distributors and not directly to gun shops.

Smith & Wesson has not responded to the subpoena as of this writing.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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The Left is crying about youth indoctrination……LMAO.

Roland T. Gunner

What gives Congress the authority to subpoena gun company CEOs? They are not federal employees.


Ammoland, or whomever handles their comment pages…, You need to get better with how fast you moderate comments… Now my comment’s going to be way far down, if it even gets approved, and no one’s going to read it…And I didn’t even talk about killing anyone… A blog of a website that pretends to Foster 2nd amendment rights, while restricting the spirit of the first amendment… Classic. Of course, now that I have said something, you’ll post the original comment to make me look like a I always see happens.


SOME children prescribe to a much higher education when it comes to firearms training and safety


Marketing to children……Libturds know all about that as the indoctrination of children through anti-America public schools, etc. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. Lenin said, “Give me the children and I will transform the country.” Check. DONE.


Phony bolony Maloney should instead be subpoenaing manufacturers of her “self-gratification” tools; they’re obviously NOT working!


“[The JR15] was sold as a safer way for children to learn how to handle a rifle properly. Democrats also harped on children’s gun safety, insinuating that the firearms industry was using gun safety campaigns to indoctrinate youths.”

S&W can accept that “charge” without concern. All they need to say is that they marketed the rifle only towards children who have responsible parents. Simple as that.


S&W will fold like a cheap tent in a storm.


The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed – where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.


Improbable? Are you sure you know what that word means?


THESE STATS are from the CDC

Children aged 1-4 years

  • Number of deaths: 3,529
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 22.7

Source: National Vital Statistics System – Mortality data (2020) via CDC WONDER
Children aged 5-14 years

  • Number of deaths: 5,623
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 13.7

Source: National Vital Statistics System – Mortality data (2020) via CDC WONDER


If one checks the CDC stats more children die from being cut up by the broken glass from table tops being broken by accidents than die from random gunfire.


Tio,you’re so right. Remember those old sliding glass patio doors ? They have seriously injured and cut up kids and adults for years also.


I was going to get the “Don’t Tread on Me” license tag from Florida (soon to be released) but I don’t want to put up a “red flag” for the FBI.


Who cares what the FBI thinks or what a red flag is ? Just put a confederate battle flag on your back window and forget about it.


If you’re a freedom loving gun owner, it’s already too late.


Democrats also harped on children’s gun safety, insinuating that the firearms industry was using gun safety campaigns to indoctrinate youths.”

If anyone should understand indoctrinating children, it’s the Democrats.


WE are using gun safety to EDUCATE youth. NRA and the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) are the most powerful forces in firearms safety education in the world. Education is the key to firearms safety. Start with children and you will never have to worry about them. But the Progressive New Left is not about education. I present the current disastrous state of the Education-Industrial Complex as Exhibit A in my case. The Progressive New Left is about indoctrination. Case in point: I teach Hunter Education in a couple of states. I just resigned from California’s program because the California… Read more »


I’m not doubting the point you’re making…’the lunacy’ is an infection, and catches like wildfire…But personally, I dont see that happening in Louisiana anytime soon…

I often fantasize about Louisiana going “rogue”, and declaring independence… There’s alot of misconception… Louisiana has always been seen as a poor state…nothing could be further than the truth. Louisiana could do it, just like it is…by itself. . . Let alone, if; Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, went independent together…. There’s be no stopping us. ….alot’s changed since the 1860s… Add in, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, Nebraska, …..FO–GIIIIiittT-A-boout IIIiiit!!


You really can ‘jus see’ the evil permeating from it, I mean; her… But… Perhaps, 4yr olds playing call of duty…playing games stealing cars, and running over hookers isn’t that good of an idea… Not to mention the shoot em up / dice em ups in the movie house on Friday nights… The same “people” playing in these roles, are the same ones that are advocating, and even dumping their “own money” (your money) into gun banners campaigns’… The people making these games, well… You can almost rest assure they vote dim, and contribute to dims campaigns… the last time… Read more »


I would like to know where this deranged woman is getting her numbers. I’ve been looking and looking and cannot find any facts to back up her highly skewed statistics. She demands accountability, what about her accountability. She’s responsible for more deaths than those who actually did the killing by forcing nonsense, uneffective, unconstitutional gun regulation that does nothing more than embolden criminals to kill more innocents. And when was the last time anyone here heard that any of those companies sold AR-15’s to the military? Or full auto weapons to the public? Never, because it doesn’t, and can’t happen.… Read more »


she gets her numbers out of thin air….made up … listen to karens like her on internet people like her are just shit crazy, and because they are think everyone is


The Progressive New Left depends upon magical thinking to develop public policy. If you have a high tolerance for the stupid download and read the 1974 publication called the Prairie Fire Manifesto. This is where all of their magical thinking comes from. It will change your view of the current “war against the libs” as Rush Limbaugh mistakenly put it. These are dedicated Marxists, not liberals. They hate you and me and want to destroy all traces of liberty-minded thinking. Mao is their model and their god.


Again, and as always, we know the facts, but the general public is UNinformed not MISinformed.

Country Boy

“The gun industry insists that gun safety for children will reduce firearms accidents by teaching proper handling of guns. The Democrat members of the Committee were not impressed. They view anything involving firearms and kids as some type of gateway drug. Democrats even accused video games with guns as some type of gateway to gun culture.” So if you teach a young person how to be safe with a firearm, and how to use it *properly for self defense”, you are “indoctrinating the child to an equivalent of a”gateway drug” ? But it’s AOK for Democrats to indoctrinate your children… Read more »

Last edited 13 days ago by Country Boy

they dont want honest people making more than they do


“They view anything involving firearms and kids as some type of gateway drug.”

They apparently feel the same way about “Drag Queen” shows.

But in their books one kind of grooming is OK and the other is not?

Henry Bowman

Leftists are reliably hypocritical. They want to disarm you to ‘save the children’, but want to make the murder of babies (recent SCOTUS ruling notwithstanding) as easy and commonplace as people going through the drive-in at McDonalds.

Gun Abortion Libtard Hypocrites Baby Killers Png.png

im for late term abortion I vote we abort Carolyn B. Maloney,nancy pelosi and I bet we can come up with others


That list would be long.

Wild Bill

About half of the country.

Wild Bill

When Nancy was in Taiwan, she was talking about Benjamin Franklin being president. What a drunken retard, and now the world knows what is running our government.

Henry Bowman

A good argument for General Pinochet’s Helicopter Tours…

Ask Not.png
Wild Bill

Terrific memes!

Henry Bowman

Thanks! This is what I do for fun when I’m not out back shooting.


c130 with a dragline would hold more

Henry Bowman


We Need Bigger Helicopter Roy Scheider.png

gender re assignment surgery for young people that should not even be an option until someone is in their mid twenties …..god I know people in their sixties that dont know who they are….


They’re all in office.

uncle dudley

These co-called politicians should have to know how the product is made, how it works, and why it’s the best selling rifle on the market before they ask their stupid questions of the manufacturers.
Instead they know nothing about ar-15s other than the scary liberal slanted news stories they have read about.
Congress is full of very stupid people.


Excellent point. I believe that every Senator and every Congressman should be required to take a gun safety course and spend a day at the range learning how to properly handle and fire a gun. They may have a different outlook because they would actually be (minimally) educated about something they want to regulate. Ignorance of guns and an attempt to gain more power over the American people are what drives the lefts insane agenda of disarming the public. They should all be sentenced to prison and executed for treason. They have ALL violated the oath they took when they… Read more »


I agree. I can only imagine the meltdowns a lot of these lefty pols would have, even having to touch a firearm, let alone having to fire it. That alone, would be worth the price of admission.


Military experience (honorable) should be a requirement for ANY governmental office holder, after all “the civilians must control the military. Dedication to our country should be foremost in the congressional mind set and we veterans know about dedication.


not all military are honorable ,general milley is one


One can hear the Venom in that Cant Understand Normal Thinkers BS!

Henry Bowman

An upvote for your post LOL I see what you did there! Bahahaha!

Decaprio Upvote Png.png

they rant and rage at people going about their own business, think many of them need to be in mental institutions well medicated, I have had guns available to me from the age of 5 NEVER shot anything I did not intend to only mishap was a black powder hangfire (damp powder) grandfather showed me to secure the weapon in a safe direction…it did go off after a few minutes always wait ,modern cartridges are not prone to this but humidity affects black power


Contempt for Congress is not a criminal offense, but a civic duty. That has not changed since at least “Mark Twain’s” time.

Henry Bowman

I hold their kangaroo court in the worst contempt as humanly possible. Other circles would call it a ‘struggle session’. I call it tyranny. If I were called to testify, and nowadays anybody could be called for no good rationale, I’d show up, get sworn in, tell them to bite deez nuts and go fornicate themselves, and walk out. The only lawful thing they can compel (and even so, this is a stretch) is for you to show up. It would be worth it to spend gas & lodging to go to DC just to tell them off and give… Read more »

Uncle Sam Finger Png.png

which one they have so many false narratives you need to be specific

Henry Bowman

They are obsessed with the J6 false narrative, so that would be, I presume, a good starting point.


Only ignorant people in government would question a company’s success and making it a talking point. Not once have we heard that it’s the criminals responsibility for the carnage they inflect.
Politicians pick and choose who’s to blame whether or not they are.


We no longer see the criminals elected in washington answering for their acts and criminal behavior. Pass go collect a salary it has become horrible unconscionable behavior.


demonrat politicians never claim anything to be their fault. It’s always something else or President Trumps fault.


Gun manufacturers should stop supplying the us military then demand payment for services rendered immediately. SW & gun manufacturers should have questions of their own for congress to answer requiring proof of their erroneous statements. Democrats can not prove their argument on firearm safety grandstanding will prove that the democrats are on a fool’s errand. How Sig Sauer Became the Largest U.S. Firearms Exporter in 2021 International deals, including a $72 million contract with the Indian military in 2019 for some 72,400 rifles, along with dozens of other police and military contracts, have allowed the company to grow and become… Read more »


only a few manufacturers supply our military, it’s the sales to civilian LEOs need to be halted. THAT would really shake them up.


Agreed Sig is never mentioned ????


I wonder if Ford and Chevrolet track the records of their vehicles involved in DWI fatalities? S&W need to have their attorney tell the gun-grabbing socialists where to put that subpoena. Don’t comply or it will open the flood gates!


CON gress the vast majority should be in orange jump suits


Or better yet, body bags. Treason is a death sentence and we conservatives are not soft on crime.


a trench at the dump,why would you waste materials

Country Boy

or rainbow color jump suits.