Polymer80 To Start Selling Unserialized Gun Frames …Again

Polymer 80 RL556v3 AR15 Blank Receiver
Polymer 80 RL556v3 AR15 Blank Receiver

LAS VEGAS, NV -(Ammoland.com)- On Monday, August 29th, 2022, Polymer80 announced it would sell unserialized 80% pistol frames again.

Polymer80 was at the center of controversy as the Biden administration took aim at privately manufactured firearms (PMF). The number one maker of unfinished pistol frames in the world stopped selling its products after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) final rule surrounding what the Biden administration calls “ghost guns” went into effect on August 24th, 2022.

When Biden announced the ATF’s new rule redefining firearms, he held up a Polymer80 kit and demonized the popular products. Many view the new rule as an attempt to put the company out of business.

Polymer80 will no longer sell the complete unserialized kits to try to comply with what it calls the new “unconstitutional” rule. Before the ATF’s new rule, Polymer80 sold kits with an unserialized 80% frame, a jig, drill bits, rear rails, pins, and a locking block. After the rule went into effect, those kits are now considered firearms. It would be illegal to sell the kits without the frame being serialized and the buyer filling out a federal background check form (ATF Form 4473). Those style kits must also now be shipped to a federal firearms licensee (FFL) to complete the transfer.

Instead: Polymer80 will have three (3) build-you-own gun-kits options for buyers.

The first option would be for the buyer to purchase the unserialized 80% frame, pins, rails, and locking block without the jig or drill bits. The drill bits can be purchased at any hardware store. There are plenty of jigs floating around the community that a builder could get their hands on, or the buyer could simply print their jig using a cheap 3D printer. Online retailers place Ender 3 printers for sale for $199 and less at various times throughout the year.

The second option is for buyers to purchase the classic kit with one big exception. The frame will be serialized. The gun owner will need to have the kit sent to an FFL and pass a background check to complete the transfer. The paperwork might turn off some buyers who see this as defeating the purpose of buying a Polymer80. Others still like the challenge of building a firearm from an unfinished frame, and except for the widely available lower parts kit, this kit has everything a builder needs to complete the frame.

The third option is what Polymer80 calls a “Build Back Better” kit. The kit’s name is a shot at President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan. This kit has everything a builder needs to produce a working firearm. This option gives the user everything in the serialized kit, but it also includes a slide assembly and an upper parts kit.

Most companies will not sell unserialized frames because it is a legal gray area. Several companies that AmmoLand News spoke to said they do not plan on returning the product to their lineup on the advice of their counsel.

Polymer80 seems sure that it can legally sell the frames. The Polymer80 announcement will test the waters and maybe clarify some of the rule’s ambiguity.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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My late father once opined “If you packaged it properly, advertised it and promoted it correctly, you could sell the average dumb American a package of Horse Sh*t.” Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you Joe Biden.


milorganite, joe and his friends could feed the world……to what is the question


Via cheating and lying and stealing the election. Joe Biden is the president of NO PLACE. A lying thieving con man can’t be a legitimate office holder PERIOD.


C’mon man that’s an incredibly unfair comparison. Horse sh*t is far more useful than the”Big Guy”.


MP71,as you say, when horse sh*it is compared to Biden, that really is unfair to horse sh*it. Horse sh*it makes an excellent fertilizer and dried makes an excellent heat source also. Biden is good for nothing.

Wild Bill

Yep, at least horse shirt smells good.


….and Diesel smoke.

Sound the Charge.


Well… He is good for making you feel better about yourself…and as a catalyst for the natural defiance that is deep within all true Americans.


P80 is radioactive right now. I’d hang back and see how things shake out. Unless you don’t mind the serial and FFL transfer; in that case I’m sure they could use the business. In any case, the product is still top shelf, but I”m going to wait a bit to see what else Pedo Peter has in store for them.


That explains your profession, posts & sock posse to upvote yourself & DV those far smarter than you, Officer Ope-TEX

In case Ope-TEX-Bruce-Will-FordWill et ilk deletes the dumb post & RUNS AWAY again:

“You remind me of how my father use to think. He always used common sense and logic in his decision making. Man I use to hate that.”

Last edited 27 days ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

Are you sure? Because I see no change in his comment and the one that you captured. Seems like a lot of effort for no real good reason because many change their minds about a comment and edit it.
Maybe some things are just too de minimus.


Too diminimus. Like the honor of Opevoting yourself, Bill.

Son of Waylon



You need to climb out of your basement and go out…

Wild Bill

Most humorous!


Hope ya all stocked up on the 80 % kits with the bits and jig FJB and the ATF .


Good for Polymer 80!
Up yours, Biden and the BATFE!


Love the idea of the Build Back Better kit. What better way to say FU other than to buy it, build it and bury it for a rainy day.

Patriot Solutions

Drill em & Kill ems are great.

Rob J

“Polymer80 will again be selling semi-solid blocks of material that can be milled into firearm frames by the purchaser (as can most any other semi-solid or completely solid block of material) for the historical purpose of building one’s own firearm at home.”

There, fixed it for you.

*grammar edit

Last edited 27 days ago by Rob J
The other Jim

Nice, but $119.99 without Jig and bits, thought it would be less. Biden deliberate self-inflicted inflation? Biden diesel fuel/transportation costs?


The have to pay for the lawyers


“what it calls the new “unconstitutional” rule” You put unconstitutional in quotes? Like duh John. It is EXACTLY that. I’m having issues trying to figure out what NEXUS binds us to specifically perform for the ATF? What agreement did I make with them? What license did I get? How do they GAIN jurisdiction over any of us without a NEXUS? I understand the nexus for the FAA. I have a plane, I have a license, that gives them jurisdiction. I understand the nexus for the FCC. I have a license I have to abide by their rules because I have… Read more »


You got downvoted ’cause you have a plane. Haters.


Maybe some jealousy. Mainly he doesn’t suck up to Wild Bill & his low-IQ fanboy sock puppet Ope-TEX-Bruce-Will-FordWill etc, who dishes out the DVs.

Wild Bill

Who or What is the BATF? by Dan Meador. B.A.T.F. from I.R.S. On June 6, 1972 Acting Secretary of the Treasury, Charles E. Walker signed Treasury Order Number 120-01 which establishes the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. He did this with the stroke of his PEN citing, “by virtue of the authority vested in me as Secretary of the Treasury, including the authority in Reorganization Plan No. 26 of 1950.” He ordered the, “transfer, as specified herein, the functions, powers and duties of the Internal Revenue Service arising under laws relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives (including the… Read more »


See all this is a perfect example of what I was talking about in several other articles on the same topic of frames and receivers rule change. It is proof there is no WE THE PEOPLE or no Militia. if there were, this would have never happened, and what a perfect time for WE THE PEOPLE to have made a stand and nothing happened. there were not even enough comments made during the comment part to the AFT Rule making process, or what ever it was called but you know what I mean. Where was he 2a and pro gun… Read more »


“not even 1/3 of the gun community replied in protest of the new rule comment duration, that could have stopped before it even started” That ” rule change” was going to happen regardless of how many comments they got. The ONLY group outside of “AFT” that could have kept that from happening would have been CONGRESS passing a law that would have defined what the ATF kept stating in their letters – receivers that are unfinished are just a hunk of material and are NOT firearms. This could only happen when the House, Senate, and POTUS were controlled by the… Read more »