Remembering 9/11 Then and Now

9/11 Then and Now, iStock-659660568
9/11 Then and Now, iStock-659660568

U.S.A.-( September 11th, 2001, was not that long ago…and what remains?  I can remember where I was when I learned of the attack. I can recall how I felt. I recall some of the conversations I had with strangers, for I was traveling that week just over two decades ago.  I won’t forget the surge of patriotism and unity we experienced as a nation, as we were clad with the cloak of what appeared to be righteousness, if even for a short time.

We banded together against an enemy that sought to take from us our dignity, sovereignty, and our sense of safety.  These were not things they wanted for themselves, but rather, things they simply didn’t want us to have, hold valuable, or revere.

And today?  Some might say they see an enemy in every direction, some of them fellow Americans. Can anyone chart for me the moment, or even the path, that led to our place now?  I often wonder when we’ll stop trying to perfect the imperfectible.  Man is flawed.  Man makes laws, rules, and regulations.  Thus, man’s laws, rules, and regulations are flawed.  Some terribly, some only minutely, but flawed nonetheless.  Or, in many cases, the interpretation and practice of man’s law deny the context and original intent of the lawmakers that erected such a thing.  That trends to the heart of the matter for me.  As it should for you.

I see the nations we endeavored to free and the stranglehold of tyrants abroad now punishing women for wishing to finish school, anyone not of a singular religion cast out as lepers or worse, and door-to-door confiscation of firearms to remove the ability to resist authoritative rule.  And if anyone has already forgotten the human beings, so yearning to escape such living hell that they’d grasp ahold of a moving aircraft on the chance they could cling to life only to plummet to their deaths as their literal grip on life slipped, shame on you.  Does the image of men and women plunging to their end from the twin towers come to mind?  Quite a parallel.

And what have we learned?  Did we learn to turn the other cheek when we were wronged?  Did we help first and accept help from others?  Have we elevated the needs of others over those of ourselves?  Maybe, for a time.  But I strain to see it these days.

If the gratuitous killing of thousands in a grotesque act can unite a country, cannot love and care?  Even those with stark differences can love one another.  Or have we abandoned such practices?  Mind you, practices stem from thought.  Thus, we’ve made up our minds to no longer love one another if I’m to glean the mean, median, and mode of our culture properly.

But can we not correct our trajectory?

9/11 is one of the most horrific tragedies to befall this nation in my time.  But, rather than solely dwelling on the loss, tragedy, and fallout, I seek to consider it also as a cautionary tale.  Whenever a body, whether individually, as a group, organization, or even a country, embraces the wholesale removal of liberty in an effort to deprive others of autonomy, it must be met with stern conviction and stamina by those who would salvage freedom.

And in our case, we must both seek to be the light of the world and the salt of the Earth, for our autonomy touches others, theirs also ours.  If we do this well, we can avoid a future 9/11.  And we’ll elevate our culture along the way.  But we must think first, act second, and risk the uneasy platform that is freedom.  TRUE FREEDOM is not freedom FROM responsibility, but rather, freedom OF responsibility.  Decipher carefully what responsibilities you’re willing to accept and carefully court them.  We’re bound to the consequences of the choices we’ve made.  Choose wisely.

About Michael Ware:

Michael is a Christian husband and father to two children. He owns and operates Controlled Chaos Arms, a premier custom weapons shop in the Midwest. He serves as Chairman of the board of Directors at the Iowa Firearms Coalition. The pursuit of truth drives him in research and his writing.

Michael enjoys shooting, hunting, and fishing throughout the Midwest and Rockies. An avid outdoorsman and tireless supporter of all Second Amendment virtues, he can be found in his gun shop, in a tree stand with his kids, or on Capitol Hill lobbying in support of Freedom and Liberty at any given time.

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9/11 was krystalnacht for America resulting in the Patriot act and ushering in the U.S. surveillance state.

The question has become…..Are Americans too stupid and too gutless to be a free people anymore?

Are we so constrained by our golden handcuffs that we will suffer any treason by the congress, the senate and deep state assholes?

Where have the Americans gone?


Terrorists attack and the clowns in DC pass the patriot act to strip Americans of our rights . Be aware of the terrorist in foriegn countries and in our government that want to take our rights from us . They will use any tragedy to accomplish thier goals to take our rights and freedoms . The clowns in DC are not to be trusted after all 9-11 went down under thier watch . They have never been held accountable , instead they pass the patriot act to limit our rights and freedoms. Time they take responsibility and leave Americans rights… Read more »


It sure would be nice if we can do that as a nation, l know I’m not man enough. The far left is so far removed from my believes that makes it impossible.


Why is it that people are afraid to say who did this? It was the MUSLIMS. Don’t be afraid to say the truth. That is what is wrong with this country. People are afraid to say the REAL TRUTH!! Grow a pair! Just sayin’.


That’s what I originally thought, but as time goes on, it begins to look more like Rothschilds, Bushes, and similar were the main culprits.


Rothschilds are behind everything.

…hey, you’re a pretty smart fella

Wild Bill

Soros, Diamond, bankers, countless hedge fund managers, politicians, lobbyists, Netherland bureaucrats that write regulations for the EU, the CCP, Putin, marxist socialist democrats, and countless others. The world economy is just too big to be controlled by on faction, family, or secret club.

Patriot Solutions

Here’s a clue to who did it.

“They don’t ban hate speech they ban speech they don’t like” Elon Musk

Exactly like right here on Ammoland.

Last edited 16 days ago by Patriot Solutions

Just as a “kingdom was lost for want of a nail” (a famous poem), on 9/11, tragedy could have been avoided, for want of a .22 caliber pistol.

Deplorable Bill

What no one ever seems to talk about is WHY they attacked us? What were their goals? The TRUTH of who they are. These muslim people wanted to cause a worldwide financial meltdown. They thought that the world would implode when the towers collapsed. This is actually a reasonable assumption because they hit wall street. Wall street has butchered the world’s economy for so long that an honest man can not afford to survive on an average salary. Some people call this inflation or a financial reset. This was true before 911 and it is still true today. They figured… Read more »


Yet it’s common practice for the mOslim men to f*CK each (as in, intercourse) other, and use their children as martyrs… strapping ied vests to them, and sending them out to coalition convoys…

Last edited 12 days ago by Boom
Patriot Solutions

Who exactly is the enemy you vaguely state?

Say who they are, I double dare you.

The lack of stones here is appauling but I guess it’s still not as bad as cuckin for that ol bitch the Queen who worked on the moter pool trucks after sacraficing children.

Last edited 16 days ago by Patriot Solutions
Wild Bill

I thought that you said it was the global, Zionist, Masonic cabal.


I’m just as pissed off on 9/11/2022, as I was on the morning of 9/11/2001, if not more pissed off. The heads that needed to roll, are still attached to the same arseholes that financed the attack. The same members of our Government that knew this schitt was going down and allowed it to happen are still breathing. Now, thanks to the (Un)Patriot Act and its perversion by those Arseholes in Congress and the White House, we’re living George Orwell’s novel while our rights are Stripped from us one by one so some Fairy Butt Pirates and Muff Munchers can… Read more »


REALLY? After 21 years we get articles like this in our face? 9/11 A CONSPIRACY THEORY…