‘Woke’ Mob Attacks North Carolina Youth Group Over Gun Raffle

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South Carolina – -(AmmoLand.com)- The “woke” mob is once again voicing its intolerance, this time over a western North Carolina youth group holding an AR-15 rifle raffle to raise money.

The East Henderson Youth Football and Cheerleading (EHYFC) team in East Flat Rock, North Carolina, is holding a raffle to buy equipment.

Said an organization representative: “The use of the field, stadium, and facilities are not free, the lost uniforms, mouthpieces, chin straps, ear pads, bows, and socks are not free … Equipment is not free, the insurance is not free, and all the other fees the league must pay are not imaginary.”

2022 EHYFC Youth Football and Cheerleading AR15 Raffle

2022 EHYFC Youth Football and Cheerleading AR15 Raffle
2022 EHYFC Youth Football and Cheerleading AR15 Raffle

But of course, that isn’t good enough for the left, which quickly trolled the team’s Facebook page with comments like:

“So proud (not!) to live in NC.” Another woman wrote on Facebook, “Sad, I can’t imagin [sic] with all the school shootings and with children … bad 🙁 .” Another posted, “It’s disgusting and deplorable.”

And leave it to the leftist media to pile on as the McClatchy “news” picked up the story, attempting to further shame a group simply trying to provide sports and character-building opportunities for kids.

So let’s help these kids out, shall we? Forward this alert far and wide, and let’s make this raffle go viral.

Immediate Action Required

Buy tickets: On Venmo: @EHYFC, Paypal: @EHYFCEagles, or by email: [email protected]

Forward this alert to others!

Express your support on Facebook:

About Grass Roots North Carolina:

Grass Roots North Carolina is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights. Our main focus is the right to keep and bear arms. GRNC was central to drafting and passing North Carolina’s concealed handgun law and, since that time, has continued to push for improvements to gun laws.

For more information, visit www.grnc.org.

Grass Roots North Carolina

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Ansel Hazen

Gonna buy 5


Just bought 5 tickets using Venmo.

Go Eagles!


I am so proud to see posters on this board supporting the school especially if they can’t have the gun if they win. I am especially proud that the owners of this board are publicizing this schools fight. Mabe they could make this a regular action posting all schools that are raffling tickets for guns, opposition or not. We could up the annie for school support, show the kids how many support guns rather than hate them and their owners and teach the left a lesson all in one kind act and everyone will be a winner. Alot of Ammoland… Read more »


anyone who wins that cant have the gun or whatever gets to set rules for new drawing /and ticket sales


I think whoever wins can choose who gets the gun in what state and so long as they pass the background check, that’s good enough. A winner is a winner and deserves their chicken dinner no matter who is served.


I just bought 10 tickets. I would also like to thank the libtards for helping to get the word out for these kids :o)


Just sent $20 even though I can’t have this rifle in wonderful NYS.


As a NYS Escapee, I still feel your pain.


with luck scotus will take a case and make all those false laws go away so you can take it home


An American to admire and respect.

Desert Rat

If you win the rifle, send it to me and I will hold it until you move to Texas and then I can gift it to you.


you know as well as I do he will retire to florida, we have more newyorkers than newyork


It appears these liberal anti gunners will make this raffle a huge success with the extra exposer due to thier ignorance . GO EAGLES !


Just bought 5 tickets.


Me too.


“Woke Mob”! Why is it that less than 2% of the country gets to intimidate and harass the rest of the country? We better grow some and dismiss these powder-puff bullies. What you allow will continue.


Im all for tar and feathers run them out of the country


Happy to have upped the anty, this rifle now comes with a Negrini Locked AR case. Good Charities should never have to go through ridicule for helping kids.


This is a prime example of what we call “guerrilla marketing.” I am wondering how many varsity level football players have taken up school shooting? I think not many.


Yup.Activities like school sports are nmajor help in setting kids on a good pathway. They learn to work together, respect each other, rely on others for help, share a common goal, and other such things.. precisely the sorts of character the school shooters lack. For them its all about MEEEE woe is MEEEEE I am SO abused and its all “THEIR” fault, so Imma gonna even up the score by going out and killing some folks. Yeah, that’ll show THEM!!!. Perverted.


Got me 5 even though I don’t have much luck at these drawings. I buy a lot & only ever won once. But it’s always for a good cause. Usually fire halls.


I bought 10. I am 65 and never won anything in my life. Glad I could help these kids.



Just sent $20.00

Wild Bill

You are a very good man!!


Get that sand out of your V yet, Bill?

Patriot Solutions

It’s priceless when the woke intolerance hate speech ADL tribe posts this stuff.


Last edited 19 days ago by Patriot Solutions

I just sent $s, but they’ll need to open a Zelle account.

Last edited 20 days ago by Russn8r