Glock Confirms the Existence of the AR-15 Glock Carbine

Glock Confirms the Existence of the AR-15 Glock Carbine
Glock Confirms the Existence of the AR-15 Glock Carbine

LONDON, UK -( Glock has confirmed to AmmoLand News that the pictures that set the Internet on fire of the AR-15 style Glock carbine are real.

“Glock is always in development of future products and technologies through the pursuit of perfection,” Ainsley Cash Conner, Communications Manager for Glock, told AmmoLand News. “The image shared is of a product developed for select solicitations and it is not available for the general market at this time.”

Glock Carbine ~ 1st Look

The images were initially released by British YouTuber Sean Odinson but went unnoticed by the firearms world since the YouTube content creator rarely does firearms videos. Someone involved in the trials then reached out to fellow YouTuber Matt Hoover (CRS Firearms) with more information about the carbine and the individual was able to be verified as working on the project. The source followed Hoover and noticed that he posted a past video about Glock developing a carbine.

Shortly before Hoover released his video, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) released a rolling release of imports that included Glock carbine barrels. This discovery led to widespread speculation that the Glock carbine was coming to the civilian market. Glock, for its part, did not comment on the existence of the firearm.

The Glock carbine designated the GR-115F is in trials with the British Army. The British Army is looking to replace its current SA-80 rifle. The British Royal Marines awarded a contract Colt Canada to replace its existing stock of aging SA-80 rifles with M4-like rifles. It is reported that Glock is up against Knights Armaments (KA) and Lewis Machine and Tool Company (LMT) for the lucrative British contract. However, there could be other companies in the running.

According to the source, the GR-115F is chambered in 5.56 NATO, which is the standard round for all NATO countries. The rifle has a 14.5-inch barrel like the American military’s M4 carbine and an OSS suppressor with a flash hider. The Glock rifle appears to have an impingement gas system. The handguard is marked “Glock,” which indicates the firearms giant makes it. It has an MLOK rail system to allow for easy attachment of accessories. The handguard also has quick detach mounting points for things like slings.

The fire controls on the rifle are ambidextrous with safe, semi-automatic, and automatic settings. The bolt release on the gun is also ambidextrous. The GR-115F also has a Magpul pistol grip and an oversized trigger guard. The firearm is equipped with a standard buffer tube and a Magpul CTR stock.

Glock GR115F a new Glock Carbine Rifle
Glock GR115F a new Glock Carbine Rifle
Glock GR115F Carbine
Glock GR115F Carbine

The rifle the British Army is testing has a variable optic sight to enable soldiers to engage enemies at a distance. The gun is also equipped with Magpul pop-up backup sights. AmmoLand cannot confirm the make or model of the optic sight.

Although Glock has confirmed that the pictures are real, the company said they are for select solicitations and are not available to the general public. It appears any hopes for the Glock carbine to be available to the civilian market will have to wait.

It doesn’t mean that we will never see a semi-automatic version hit selves in the US, but for now, the firearm is just for select contracts.

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Ced Truz

So what part exactly is Glock actually making? From the looks of things, they are just putting these rifles together from other parts. Is the lower receiver polymer?


does it look oversized, extra thick, reinforced? nope. however, if anyone can produce a durable synthetic receiver ( real carbon fiber) it would be Glock.


I don’t know, the Kaiser’s look pretty cool..

Matt in Oklahoma

Will it be a good carbine? Probably
Will I get rid of mine just to have one? No


Just goes to show that all the M16, Mattel toy Sayers from the 60’s were very wrong.


Does it take Glock mags?


5.56 mags?


It was a joke…play on words….the endlessly asked question: “does it take Glock mags…” Hehe. Haha. Get it?

Watch um

I will just stay with what I have. I like Glock pistols but another carbine made by them does not interest me.
As an 80 year old man ain’t much interest me anymore except when I am hungry or can’t have my coffee.
I did buy a Kel Tec shotgun, KS7 and doing a few things for it.


i bought the tavor ts12 new ones balance


Glock cannot innovate? It sure seems that way.


It’ll be yet another in the line of overpriced due to the “brand name” attached, to a normal AR15…
If you are into collecting different manufacturers AR’s, heeeeres another !


I have a Geissele “Super Duty” with a Surefire can that shoots sub-MOA all day long with my handloads. Also have several other Rock Rivers that are excellent rifles. If they gave me one I’d take it, otherwise, I’m pretty set in my ways.


That’s pretty cool Mr. Crump…just goes to show…there’s always some one to take the place of domestic manufacturers, as a state arms dealer


So a company that has no history of Long Gun Manufacturing enters the AR platform market.
Excuse me for not being impressed.


Coincidentally, a glock ad in the side post shows a man sharing his hobby with a woman while his finger is on the trigger. HEADS UP AMMOLAND!


“Glock is always in development of future products and technologies through the pursuit of perfection,”

… produces an AR-15 that literally any American can clone with really available parts and no new technology.

And… plastic sights.


WOW!!!! So glad to see Glock making an AR platform rifle with so many unique ground breaking features. ARs have been so difficult to get, what with so few companies making ARs…. DUH…. For the Slo Joes among us, that’s sarcasm. Note to Glock: If your offering is not truly something new to meet an unmet need in the marketplace, stay in your own lane, the AR lane is already overcrowded. “Me Too” products in a mature market are rarely successful. Note Barrett dropped their very well made AR style REC7 and REC10 offerings in July.

Ansel Hazen


My money is getting put in the sock drawer for the Steyr STM 556 “Sonderedition 2023”

Roland T. Gunner

Awesome, another Armalite based carbine.


Do we really need another foreign firearms manufacturer making an AR-15 platform. especially Glock who seems to always fall short of modern innovation. Is this the official sign that the AR-15 has nothing else to offer, when it comes to modern innovation. You would think that Glock could have at least designed it, without being dependent of the buffer tube. which in my opinion is antiquated, and the biggest flaw in the AR-15 & Ar-10/308 platforms. besides the rear charging system, but that I can live with. I guess that is what distinguishes the AR platform from any other MSR.… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

Because the original Armalite “aesthetics” ie ergonomics, are just about perfect; and actually suffer greatly when morphed throughh A2 into M4 variants, with all the extraneous accessory crap bolted on to it.