New UPS Policy Requires Unlimited Access to Firearms Shipper’s Books

New UPS Policy Requires Unlimited Access to Firearms Shipper's Books iStock-1316371635
New UPS Policy Requires Unlimited Access to Firearms Shipper’s Books iStock-1316371635

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( Last month, AmmoLand News posted about the new anti-gun policies of shipping giant UPS. Now it appears that the common carrier is stepping up its anti-gun programs.

Firearms sellers started to receive a new agreement that they must sign to ship firearms through UPS. The letter contains new provisions in addition to the requirements announced last month. The most concerning of these new regulations is that UPS requires gun companies to turn over customer data and must allow UPS access to review and examine the shipper’s books and records relevant to the products being shipped upon request. The shipper must also provide UPS with invoices for any firearms-related products.

UPS Shipper Compliance Program

Most disturbing is that UPS has sole and unlimited discretion over what documents they can require the shippers to turn over. This new policy gives UPS the unlimited power and discretion to examine and review any customer documents related to firearms sales. The shipper also must agree to turn over any documents UPS requests within five business days or risk the termination of their shipping accounts. UPS says It will use its newfound power to audit the books to ensure compliance with its new policies.

UPS doesn’t tell customers whether the shipping company will keep customer information secure. The new UPS policy grants itself sole discretion to decide what it can examine and do with the data. Most customers do not want their private information given to anyone, especially a company that has made several recent anti-gun moves, including threatening to seize legal gun parts from one Florida seller.

UPS customers that ship firearms must also develop and implement a compliance program to ensure all employees of the shipper comply with all firearms laws and UPS policies. Not only do employees involved with shipping have to take the course, but anyone who works in sales or marketing must also complete the training. The company’s training must be “regarding lawful recipients, possessors, and purchasers of Firearm Products.” The compliance program must also teach “due diligence regarding customer licensure or authorization to receive, possess, and purchase Firearm Products under applicable federal, state, or local law.” The company must also implement a “self-assessment” of the compliance program to “guarantee its effectiveness.”

These new policies and the UPS policy requiring most gun sellers to use overnight air shipping for handguns instead of the standard two-day shipping will hurt online sales. Most people use online gun seller’s websites to save money on firearms, but those savings disappear because of the increased shipping price. Also, some online sellers are concerned with a private company being able to audit their books. One unnamed seller worried that this could be the end of internet gun sales.

The recent issues with “woke” credit card companies can be defeated by using things like 2AGateway’s cryptocurrency payment gateway that can take various cryptos instead of credit cards, or TUSC which is specific coin marketed for the firearms market. Beating anti-gun shipping companies will be a lot harder to do. The startup cost for a pro-gun competitor to UPS and FedEx would be enormous. Congress might be the only chance to reverse UPS’s and FedEx’s policies against gun sellers, but there is no guarantee that they will push back on these new discriminatory policies.

With shipping companies implementing anti-gun policies, it leaves gun buyers to seek alternatives to the online marketplace.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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This is the government’s proxy war on guns. UPS isn’t doing this because they “care”. They are doing this for a future payoff. I wonder what that will be? Dystopia awaits.

Wild Bill

That future “fix is in” could be spoiled by a change in the control of Congress. Let’s help out!


Ups is a Wef (world economic fund) partner member

This may be a wef / globalist plan in conjunction with the willing traitors at ups to know the gun users.

UPS IS EVIL. The firearms industry should quit ups and so should every U.S. citizen that doesn’t want their grandchildren eating bugs


And use who?


Therein lies the problem loveaduck and it’s a great question.

However, this is a problem that both calls for an immediate solution and opens a niche


I would gladly pick up and deliver firearms, ammo and accessories across the entire country overnight if I had the ability. Sadly I don’t.
It’s bad enough we have scams like Coign card taking advantage of click baiting people with false information about a product that doesn’t really exist.
We conservatives really need our own infrastructure.


Don’t forget, we had no idea that Obama’s “Operation Chokepoint” was even a thing until long after the banks and payment processors had been torturing the gun market segment for months. Then suddenly it was, “Ah, THAT’S where it came from.”
This stinks of exactly the same federal tyranny behind the curtain.


How is this even legal? It isn’t!

Wild Bill

By contract. Contract is private law between the contracting parties.
This would be illegal if UPS were acting as an agent of the government, and a nexus could be shown between government and UPS

The best we can do is boycott. Remember Dicks Sporting Goods. We boycotted, their stock share value went down. Dicks sells guns again.


Who says they’re not in the league with the government.

Wild Bill

They probably are, but we have to prove the link. Someone has emails, telephone calls, or correspondence.

Alan in NH

Flush Brown Down!


Screw UPS. The problem is that almost all of the carriers suck now. What can we resort to?


Let me tell you a short and true story. Back in the early 70’s the Sacramento Sheriffs Department in kommiefornia told the people that if they go on vacation, to inform them when you are going and coming back and they will keep an eye on your house. They did a very good job. The people keeping an eye on your house and the contents inside were the children of the cops or the cops thieving buddies that would steal you blind. Get the idea? UPS is not a government agency that we know of but in today’s Obidens world… Read more »


George Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to mind.


More Orwellian 1984 if you ask me.
Let’s change the definitions of words to suit their narrative.

Wild Bill

Yes, citizens ruled by communist governments spent large portions of their time keeping their activities secret, and minding their conversations.


Umm, when I was an FFL (6 months ago) only the ATF or FBI could legally look at my books.


100% with you on this. Like you, I had an FFL for 14 years, surrendered it in 2014. I don’t understand any of this BS, as an internet seller / shipper you are only allowed to ship guns to a current FFL holder, not individuals. Screw UPS or any other shipping company needing to know who the end purchaser is, they are not delivering the gun to that person, they’re delivering it to a gun shop, that legally transfers the gun to the final customer. They have everything that they need to know on their shipping label.


UPS has alway been the brown turds as far as I am concerned . They are as close to shit as you can get without wiping .


I wonder what DHLs position is?


Took a while to find.
Looks like they do not ship complete firearms but parts are OK.

Last edited 3 months ago by Reason

Jeffie’s Zon have been strongly antigun for years. They ONLY ship goods sold on their website. They COULD, and if I owned that outfit WOULD. But I ain’t Jeffie and I’m glad. I could not sleep at night, or even during the day, if I were doing what he does to businesses. So no, the smiley grey trucks will not be carrying anything firearms.. not even gun slings or holsters.


Unfortunately, DHL is one of the worst delivery services out there, often leaving packages in the street because their drivers are lazy or can’t read.

Green Mtn. Boy

Time to flush Brown where Brown belongs.
I will no longer choose UPS as a shipper and urge any seller that defaults to them that they lost a sale do to their choice of shipper, if it’s Brown it’s down.


I was about to purchase projectiles the other day and I asked how they would be sent to me and they said UPS. I asked if it could be fedxd instead or USPS. They said nope. I told them of what UPS is doing. The response was that they are only doing this so they can show that they made every attempt to follow the new rules set forth by the changes in law regarding shipping of firearms. I said I a was glad he knew the difference between a firearm and a projectile and hung up.


the Nazis are really showing their colors,brown shirts


I find it amazing this article didn’t even make it 24 hours.


Bet that showed them!


Any company with a backbone would tell the govt to pack sand. I don’t think your response came from someone who knew what they were talking about. S&W found out the hard way about buckling to pressure from Slick Willie.


With several of my firearms and accessories suppliers, I have requested that they not ship any of my purchases via UPS. They have complied and have a note in my file not to ship UPS. I also told every one of them if items came by UPS, that they would be returned forthwith.


Who do you use?

Green Mtn. Boy

I hope that all 2A vendors clearly indicate shipping options on their websites and make it easy to select other shipping methods. I will never use UPS again.

John Dow

UPS needs to be smacked. Their job is to make boxes go from one place to another. Period. As long as the content is legal and safe, what it is and what records may be attributed to it is none of their blankety-blank business.


Nope. They say yep to smack and crack and nope to legal guns. FU$K UPS.


Actually they do quite a bit with drugs. I worked at a hub for 4 years and my close friend retired their this year after 30 years. They used to bring drug dogs in almost everyday, particularly for the air parcels. But back to the topic at hand, I too will start finding out who my suppliers are using and not go with UPS. Looks like we may be going back to our local FFL’s and just request they bring in a particular gun for purchase. The thing to make sure of though is to not have them order it… Read more »


I’m sure private companies can demand almost anything they want in their contracts with some restrictions by government.

This is just another way to get a private entity to maintain a registry of firearms ownership and firearm owners.

UPS needs to feel some push back on this just like PayPal felt on their policies regarding free speech.



It is time to start hurting these companies –nusience law suites are a good way to start


Constant flow of calls to Congress and lawsuits.

I wonder what the Federal Trade Commission would say about all of this?

  • Contact: Contact the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Phone Number: 1-202-326-2222.
  • Toll Free: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)
  • TTY: 1-866-653-4261.

Federal Trade Commission | USAGov
Does filing a complaint with the FTC do anything?
The FTC cannot resolve individual complaints, but it can provide information about what steps to take. The FTC says that complaints can help it and its law enforcement partners detect patterns of fraud and abuse, which may lead to investigations and stopping unfair business practices.

Consumer Complaints

Last edited 3 months ago by USMC0351Grunt

The long war continues. This time it is through corporate America. Those of the Progressive New Left who have nothing better to do all day than conspire against individual liberty are having a hay day under the Harris/Biden regime just as they did under the Obama regime. Congress may be able to provide us with some protections on shipper data but that will not stop the flood of anti liberty attacks until those of the Progressive New Left are driven from office and are identified and vilified in public. So who are these people, you ask? They reside at the… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by nrringlee
Alan in NH

Goodbye UPS! Hello FEDEX.


2 Words:

[email protected] UPS




What part of shall not be infringed do these idiots not understand.



Dogma Factor

The simple solution is to use FedEx, DHL or whoever as long as it’s not UPS. Canceled my UPS account last month.


There’s still FEDX

The other Jim

I guess all of those boxes UPS is picking up are Customer Receipts and Books and Records of nextlevelburger for UPS Executive Management to review in relation to the new non-biased, non-disparate treatment agreement.

uncle dudley

If you find out what Law firm wrote this new UPS contract it should give you a trail of who is putting them up to this.
Most likely will be tied to an anti- gun senator or higher up in the current administration, might even be the old guy in the White House who has about fifty years of being an insider in the government and he knows all the dirty tricks it takes and the people to push it.


Ask your dealer to order the gun and transfer it when he gets it. This way the online transaction is in the dealer’s name and is legal.

American Patriot

Just make the FFL dealer the customer two sets of books!