Once Americans Lose the Right To Bear Arms, They Will Never Regain It


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New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- The U.S. is the only truly free Constitutional Republic in existence. That is how the framers of the U.S. Constitution designed our Government.

Our Federal Government is the only one on Earth that exists solely to serve the interests of the American people. It has no other purpose. The Federal Government is answerable to and subordinate to the people. The American people are supreme sovereign over the Government. Once the people’s servants fail to recognize and acknowledge these aforesaid facts and then forsake the interests of the people, the Government has descended into Tyranny.

The American people have no lawful duty to suffer Tyranny.

The Nation was founded on one singular precept, set forth in the Declaration of Independence. It is that our people are a free people and are ever to remain so, and as sole sovereign over their Government and each to him or herself, masters of their own fate, and the final arbiters and deciders of the Nation’s destiny.

How Do Americans Exert Their Sovereignty Over A Government That Has Raised The Specter Of Tyranny?

That the American people are lord and master over the Government, this is to be understood as resting not only in the limited and demarcated powers of Government but, more fundamentally, in the unalienable, illimitable, eternal, and unalterable natural law rights bestowed on man, not by Government or by other men, but by the Divine Creator, and thereupon codified in the Nation’s Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights is an integral and essential part of the U.S. Constitution.

By voicing dissent against the encroachment of Tyranny, and through the firearms they bear to thwart its inception and to prevent its entrenchment, the American people have the means not only to stave off Tyranny but both the right and the duty to do so, else they merit the Tyranny they allow to exist by their active or passive failure to resist it.

None of this can be reasonably doubted. Yet, somehow, somewhere through the passing years, decades, and centuries, these paramount truisms became eroded, and, for many citizens, they became lost to memory.

The forces that crush entire populations and nations, utilizing, in recent years, advances in both psychological conditioning and communication technology, have induced veritable amnesia in the masses of all countries, dulling their mental acuity and deadening their will and spirit. This has done much to dampen the resolve of populations of much of the European Union as well as of the populations of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

And the same insidious weakness has now infected the American psyche, brought about by similar, incessant brainwashing programs, introduced into our Country by the same forces that have crushed western Europe and the British Commonwealth Nations. And they have thence directed their toxins against Americans, lessening their resolve, fostering self-doubt, confusion, and outright fear of the very Government that was created to serve them.

This Federal Government has betrayed the American people; misused the powers entrusted to it—has turned those powers upon the American people. It has unlawfully brought those powers to bear on its own masters. In so doing the Government has usurped authority that rests not in Government and never did—authority that rests solely in the American people, and always has.

Through their many agents, the forces that crush people and nations have gained ascendancy in Government here and have bent much of the private sector to their will. In the process, they have gained substantial control over the thoughts and conduct of a broad swath of Americans.

Many Americans have become compliant, empty vessels, unable to escape from the incessant drone of hypnotic messaging, emanating throughout the Country. The messaging has infected all communication resources: smartphones, airwaves, and reading material—insinuating itself firmly into the minds of Americans, seeping poison into one’s reasoning faculties and into the darkest recesses of one’s emotions, where rests one’s fears and feelings of hopelessness.

Wherever they may be, the American public has become an oft unwilling, captive audience to the constant dissemination of noxious propaganda.

Yet many Americans have resisted indoctrination. Through inner strength of will, they are either immune to or have become inured to this indoctrination. They have effectively walled off the horrific effects of mass psychological indoctrination that have plagued so many others.

Something For Americans To Ponder When They Go To The Polls In November

As the Midterm elections loom, the Obstructors and Destructors of our Nation have shown no disinclination of easing up on their agenda to corral and control the thoughts and conduct of the American people. On the contrary, they are “doubling down” their efforts.

They intend to bring to fruition a global neo-feudalist State. To accomplish that feat requires them to maintain, as a necessary condition, firm control of Congress and the Executive Branch of Government.

How did we Americans get to this place where our foes have taken over control of our government, of our press, of social media, and of wealthy, powerful corporate and financial conglomerates?

The slow ossification of the thinking processes of Americans and the slow erosion of Americans’ natural law rights and liberties took time—commencing one hundred years ago—perhaps earlier. But it has rapidly moved ahead only since the turn of the 21st Century, made possible through major advances in communication and the consolidation and control over much of the Federal Government and our Nation’s myriad institutions.

In their discourse, the Destroyers of our Nation and their toadies endlessly go on about “Democracy,” but rarely do they mention the words, ‘freedom,’ ‘constitution’ and ‘republic.’ And they never mention the phrase ‘Free Constitutional Republic” in one breath.

That phrase—‘Free Constitutional Republic’—is an apt descriptor of our form of Government, and our Free Constitutional Republic has served us well since its founding. Because of it, we have become, in the space of fewer than two hundred years, the most powerful, successful, and wealthiest Nation on Earth—the envy of all other nations, where previous generations came legally to live the “American dream.”

But the forces that crush people and nations are many, and they are powerful, wealthy, and ruthless. They are jealous of both the power of our Country, the resilience of its people, the strength of our natural law rights, and our belief in the Divine Creator—ultimate sovereign over people and government. These forces intend to rend us from these beliefs and crush us.

These wreckers of our Nation intend to plunder our Nation’s mineral resources and, in the interim, make those resources unavailable to the American people. Have you seen the price of gas? And as they have taken control over the Federal Government’s military, police, intelligence, and judicial apparatuses, they have turned those engines of Government against the American people, as Americans are now beginning to learn.

And what these wreckers of our Nation find either unsuitable to or antithetical to their needs, wants, and objectives, they have marked them as Detritus and have consigned those items—both tangible and intangible—to the Trash Heap.

And we all know what those items are:

  • The Nation’s Constitution;
  • The Idea and Fact of the Sovereignty of the American People over Government
  • The Nation’s Natural Law Rights, Codified in the Nation’s Bill of Rights;
  • The Dismantling of the Nation’s Institutions, History, Heritage, and Culture;
  • The Destruction of the Nation’s Emblems and Symbols, and Arts and Artifacts;
  • The Erasing of the Nation’s Ethos, Ethics, and Christian Morality;
  • The Erosion of the Importance of the Family in American Society;
  • Transitioning Americans away from Reliance on Self to Dependency on Government;
  • Promoting the Precepts of Collectivism; Denigrating the Precepts of Individualism;
  • Infusing Americans with a Conformist Mindset;
  • Acclimating Americans to Conditions of Poverty and Minimal Expectations; and
  • Dissolution of Concepts such as ‘Nation-State,’ ‘Citizen,’ and ‘Patriotism.’

Our Republic is hanging on by a thread. Strength of Will and Dint of Arms is what we have left. May we hold fast to both in these trying, dangerous times!

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

For more information, visit: www.arbalestquarrel.com.

Arbalest Quarrel

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Deplorable Bill

You’re right, if we lose our RIGHT to keep and bear arms we will never get it back —– without a fight. But there is more to be said; if we loose our RIGHT to keep and bear arms, there is no guarantee against our own government deleting our other RIGHTS. There are those in government today who have abused we the people by disallowing our RIGHTS already. Take the jab — or else, get spied on and like it — or else, have agents show up at your door and arrest you for defending the innocent and you will… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Exactly! It’s ‘use it or lose it’ on so many levels. The issues we’re seeing today are exactly why Jefferson told us we need to “refresh the tree of liberty” every generation or so. We should have taken up arms against bad government and evil enforcers (‘Jack Booted Thugs’) 30 years ago when the government was willing to murder whole families, then whole churches, outright and with impunity. From hundreds to thousands, they saw that there was no upper limit to the number of Americans they could murder with impunity. So they erect their post-9/11 totalitarian police state, the finishing… Read more »


Your post reminded me of the time the Kaiser was observing Swiss troops, and asked the Swiss leader how many troops he had. When he was told a quarter of a million, he asked what would the Swiss do if he invaded with a half million men. The Swiss told him, each of his men would fire twice and go home.

It’s instructive to note that Germany never tried to invade Switzerland.

Last edited 3 months ago by TGP389

Mike is missed.


“For those who have “lost” their right to keep and bear arms through (illegal) & (unconstitutional) judicial proceedings the hope of the atfe regranting your right is a pipe dream. The atfe has NEVER granted anyone the return of their GOD given, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.” In reality, the atfe has never “taken” anyone’s rights from them. Those that stand accused have either pleaded guilty or in other terms accepted a plea deal to lesser crimes so as not to suffer as much as they would have under the original charges. All too often defendants, regardless… Read more »

Wild Bill

That 1-4, in your last paragraph is excellent straight talk.


Agree. As well, I would suggest as we are all more likely to be enpaneled on a jury than tried for lawful self defense, we all have an obligation to understand:

“innocent until proven guilty”;

“mens rea”;

the role of the “prosecutor” originated as “the presenter facts” (yet, politics have them incentivized to “win convictions” (which is why you should “still keep your mouth shut”, and perhaps “grant (some) grace” to those who do not)); and last,

“jury nullification”.


How about…No “law” should exist for a crime unless there is a victim involved. If they are willing to cage or kill me for keeping the fruits of my labor, THEY are the criminals, not me. If they are willing to cage or kill me enforcing a law telling me that I cannot smoke, eat or drink what I want, THEY are the criminals not me. If they are willing to cage me or kill me while enforcing a law that says that I can’t own a certain type of gun or because I decide to put a AR pistol to my… Read more »


That meme would be the Red Queen Hypothesis in play. Those that can adapt to the changing conditions survive.


People screw up when they try to explain why they’re innocent to a seemingly kind law enforcement officer. If you think there is even a remote possibility that you might be charged, ESPECIALLY if youve been read your rights, refuse to say anything until you talk with your lawyer.

At such times, police are not your friends.


you say nothing the lawyer speaks


Yes, the point being a lawyer can “misspeak” and then correct the statement; the subject of the investigation can not “misspeak”, they can only “dig a hole”. … LEOs get two + weeks before they have to describe any shooting incident, and their “union lawyers” are always present (quite possibly there is provision in the “contracts” which say “two weeks” and nothing said without a lawyer present is in admissible). … The “citizens” the LEOs work for have lesser “rights”.


Rights should say “…..and anything that you say will be misquoted and used against you”!


Neither are lawyers. They are BEHOLDEN to your ADVERSARY via the B.A.R. All they are there for is to make sure none of your rights are violated as they railroad you into a rape cage.

Last edited 3 months ago by CourageousLion

So, you’re going to represent yourself? Another old adage proven true…

Wild Bill

I’m just theorizing here, but if everyone went to the District of Corruption to express their opinion (a drone with a pound of H4350 strapped to it) might not that be a peaceful protest?


Spot on. One correction however, I personally know 2 people, my granddaughter being one, who was convicted of a felony drug crime, the other ex-coworker was caught growing pot with a doctors authorization and was arrested by a local/federal drug task force, (he complied with every demand but the cowboys purposely destroyed his barn as they dismantled his 4 plant grow-op with Karate Chops to the drywall and other cutesy vandalism), had their convictions vacated and they both can buy guns, have guns and both have CCW’s. A side note the leader of the Drug Task Force a Sargent with… Read more »


Before 1968 it was instantaneous. No five years crap. Once they let you out of a cage you had the same freedoms as you had before you went in.


a right is a right if you wont fight for one ,none will be what you have, and deserve

Deplorable Bill

Yup, I am sure that the British along with about half the colonial citizenry held G. Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, etc. in the same light. That being said, GOD given rights and freedoms ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR. As history does repeat, we are likely to see either another revolutionary type war or an actual civil war in the near future. F Y I; JESUS and all the disciples were considered felons by both the Romans and the Jewish religious sects. So we are in good company.

Arm up and carry on


The people working in our government have usurped authority We the People never granted to government, voted themselves new powers, new unauthorized departments, and countless infringements. The gov has zero authority to limit or restrict our civil rights, which include gun ownership, possession, manufacture and trade. Americans have tolerated these abuses, and the usurpers will not stop until We the People make them stop, and tolerate no more.


What is tolerated will continue.


FYI, what IS the government of the United States? A lot of people think that those people who work down at city hall or the Federal Building are the government. WRONG!! Way WRONG. The government of these united States is the United States Constitution and all laws made in PURSUANCE thereof. That means the “law” must FOLLOW the Constitution and that those who are ADMINISTERING the law must take an oath to uphold and defend that very Constitution. So we have the government laid out in the Constitution and those that administer it who are supposed to be the public… Read more »


“IF the Second goes first the First goes second” LSTAR


Recent years with all the evidence of government control of media and communications industries, as well far too many complying with unlawful edicts, … one might say the reverse is possible: “IF the First goes, the Second goes.”


If I could give the framers any advice, it would be to make the second amendment the first, and to leave out the explanatory phrase “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.”

I’d have them say ONLY,” The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” So much trouble could be eliminated by such a small change.


I suspect your education came from the gooberment skewl cistern. Which you unfortunately were exposed to. Try reading this and see if you think the same afterwards.


Your interpretation of a “militia” is correct to a DEGREE…read this for some better understanding. https://courageouslion380.substack.com/p/those-forgotten-and-ignored-13-words-957


The NY SAFE Act has a 4% compliance rate.
By Strength of Will, Americans will never surrender their firearms.

Monkey Mouse

0% compliance rate in NJ in regards to giving up 15 round magazines once the 10 round law was passed.


And about the same compliance in forced registration of the nefarious “assault weapons” in Connecticut, as I understand it.

Henry Bowman

ALL of the foregoing is 100% TRUTH. Especially the title of this article.
“A constitution of government, once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever” – John Adams

In the words of Bill Engvall; “HERE’S YOUR SIGN!”


Well, if they make it a law that you can’t protect yourselves from the outlaws, (them govt. employees) then we just go back to where we were in 1775 and oust our government, all over again. We know the war will be short lived, one way or another, and if we don’t win there will be no one left for them to tyrannize END of story!.

Wild Bill

Mr Katz raises the question, “How Do Americans Exert Their Sovereignty Over A Government That Has Raised The Specter Of Tyranny?” Well … a certain other group attains political power far beyond their voting numbers using certain techniques.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wild Bill

Hey, hey, hey, now, let’s not be denigrating dead people and the dead person’s vote!

Dead people have rights to you know!

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


“How Do Americans Exert Their Sovereignty Over A Government That Has Raised The Specter Of Tyranny?” BY GETTING THE FIRST 13 WORDS BACK INTO FORCE AND EFFECT!!!! https://courageouslion380.substack.com/p/those-forgotten-and-ignored-13-words-957


We were on this doorstep before. Some III% stepped-up and proved them wrong. This time around it may only be 1% as many that would have been standing along side us now have sexual identity issues AND THEY ARE IN UNIFORM IN THE ARMED FORCES! But, just like before, like it or not, we’ll have to stand our ground and in this day and age it will be far more gruesome than ever before as many have fallen to their apathy and will suffer greatly due to social media scrutiny.

Idaho Bob

John Adams famously said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” In a nut shell, this is our modern day problem. Today’s society is hell bent on killing God. Seemingly, everyone wants to do what’s right in their own eyes with no care for the direction that it is taking us or the moral ramifications of their actions. Until we bring God back into our everyday lives, this nation will continue to disintegrate. There is no other fix. The Constitutional Republic which we live was designed… Read more »


OK, I will bite. You nibble around the edges of the issues but there is one glaring exception. So riddle me this: how can you tell someone has a progressive education from a progressive university. You know them by their unwillingness to use the term ‘Progressive’ in any criticism of that which plagues our nation. Folks, the deconstruction of our Republic began in the 1860’s with the advent of the Progressive Movement. These folks cast aside the frailty of human wisdom and knowledge in their quest to replace God, yes, the God of Abraham as our source of all truth.… Read more »


There will be no Revival as you put it, only the Bust which you have as an alternative. I make this statement after watching several on campus interviews in ivy League schools, top flight schools all across the East coast, that are not Ivy League as well, similar inquiries concerning the knowledge base and mindsets of college and university freshman through seniors, with a smattering of graduate students thrown in to the mix, and the result my good man is that we are screwed, the Republic is dying and cannot be revivified. There are bona fide matriculated students at ivy… Read more »


I was at the grocery store yesterday and when I checked out, the 20 something young lady asked for my ID for the wine I purchase; I told her I was born before Pearl Harbor; she asked if that was my wife!!!!!!! We are indeed lost .


And it all boils down to this…

10th Plank.png

You’re not wrong, but I bet you didn’t realize it has gone this far…https://courageouslion380.substack.com/p/communism-american-style

Arkansas Rob

Too late. The Federal Government does not serve the people. The sheeple fear, loathe, and distrust their overlords. It’s not easily reversible. I don’t have any answers. Yeah, I vote. Yeah, I contact my representatives regularly. Yeah, I protest. Yeah, I train regularly. But I won’t cross that bright line until there is no other way.


the Government is just going to flood our great nation with illegal immigrants, to whom do not know of any of our history and rights. they just want to escape their countries communistic oppression, to anyplace that will take them. while our government offers them free money and homes, just to vote the way the government wants them to. at the same time taking religion and patriotism out of schools as well as the workplace and removing our rights 1 rule, 1 law, and 1 gun at a time. American Citizens are “Coward” there is no “WE THE PEOPLE” or… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by ashort

I voted early on 10/29/2022. Almost all of my choices were on the Republican side. Those whose party affiliation were not shown, they got a STRIKE through their names!! The only problem I see with the vote was that my PAPER BALLOT was SCANNED into a computer. I do NOT trust voting computers AT ALL!! To many times in 2020, it IS PROVEN that the count was manipulated!


“The U.S. is the only truly free Constitutional Republic in existence.” REALLY?????
Read this: https://courageouslion380.substack.com/p/communism-american-style
and this:
and this:



As I like to tell people, when is the last time government recognized an extra right? We need to preserve those that are currently recognized.

I’m talking about REAL rights, not the right for men to use women’s restrooms.


@TGP389, the restroom rights or intersex rules are the ones of utmost value to the ruling elitists. It keeps the youngsters confused so they can’t or won’t fight back for the RIGHTS of FREE MEN, they don’t know why.


Men are toxic, don’t you know. All hairy with that toxic masculinity. Unless you’re a man with a vagina. They’re fine, to the lefties.


The USA is a country of liberty. No one has the power to steal our rights, especially to bear arms. But I don’t understand the government at this point. Do they want strikes? Everyone knows that we’ll never let ourselves not give up this right simply so. I understand that we have real problems with guns now and this problem is light even in music. I’ve recently written some papers on this theme and found this reverence for my work. in my opinion, the government must fix the laws and control this field more, but the ban will lead to… Read more »

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