Enhanced Background Checks Discriminating Against 18-20 Year Olds to Start Nov. 14

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Washington, DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- As a result of the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) of 2022, the NICS Section has been working towards the implementation of an enhanced background check process for persons between the ages of 18-20.

The enhancement provides the opportunity for additional outreach and research to be conducted regarding the existence of any juvenile adjudication information and/or mental health prohibition. As a result, transactions on persons between the ages of 18-20 will initially be delayed allowing for the additional outreach. To conduct this outreach and research, the address of the individual will be collected so that the appropriate local law enforcement entities may be contacted.

For all FFLs conducting checks through the FBI, the enhanced process for persons under the age of 21 will begin on November 14, 2022.

NICS transactions for persons under the age of 21 could be extended for a period up to ten business days. As a result, it is possible for an FFL to be contacted with an updated Brady Transfer Date in certain scenarios. In these situations, NICS staff will be calling to advise of the change. For now, any updated Brady Transfer Date received from the NICS Section should be notated in Block 32 of the ATF Form 4473. Please remember when telephonically contacted by the NICS Section, you will be asked to verify your FFL license number and codeword. In preparation, this may be information you want to have handy for your staff and/or remind them of. If you are a NICS E-Check user, please note calls related to any change to the Brady Transfer Date will be a temporary solution until the NICS can be updated to automatically send the change in date via the E-Check.

Please note, if no potentially prohibiting information is located, the transaction will be proceeded as soon as possible. All descriptive information, including address, will follow normal purge requirements (i.e., deleted from NICS within 24 hours of the FFL receiving a proceed status.)

If you have store locations in states serving as a Point of Contact (POC) state, meaning a state entity conducts the NICS checks, please note the enhanced process for persons under the age of 21 may have already been implemented and/or will be implemented as soon as practicable.

The NICS Section is working in collaboration with numerous other entities in the implementation of all aspects of the BSCA and will keep you informed as additional information and/or guidance becomes available.

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This nonsense courtesy of Cornyn and the other RINO scum who voted for the unconstitutional “do something” bullshit after Uvalde. The only thing this “will do” is violate the constitutional 2A rights of law-abiding citizens.


Well, here’s another class-action tort claim that will cost the taxpayers yet more money to defend rights that they already have? Being that congressional thugs and senate morons cannot be “removed from office”, this is one of those sad issues where he will actually, and this makes me sick to say, “voted out of office”. Looking back at the 2020 election, we were harshly screwed all around as the focus was on Trump and the stolen election. “Cornyn and U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R–San Antonio) were the only Republicans in Texas’ congressional delegation to join the Democrats in passing legislation… Read more »

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Ansel Hazen

Something I would find helpful when I read articles like this, maybe others would too, is a link to the voting record for the bill in the article. Could be helpful for those of us inclined to demand that these critters represent us.


I hope everyone goes to the polls this election remembers the Republicans who enabled these laws. It would never have passed without their help.


Stag, no truer words have ever been spoke. I just hope the upcoming “red wave” don’t turn out to be a damn “RINO wave”. Those SOB’s are destroying our 2A rights quicker than the socialist trash alone ever could.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ope

Hopefully everyone also remembers the ones who went along with business closings, mask mandates, school shutdowns, etc..

Dubi Loo

Thanks Traitor Joe, we were running short on Tyranny.

J Gibbons

If local law enforcement has not already dealt with the issue, what makes one think they would if they get a NICS referral? This will do nothing to stop a teen hellbent on committing mass murder and do everything to delay the that group from exercising their constitutional rights.


This is discrimination based on age, pure and simple.


The absurd contradiction posed by this sitation is similar to a story from my police recruit class. Most of us were 21 or older, some by quite a bit. We had recently lowered the age of majority in my state to 18 (1973 Florida), but the federal age for buying firearms was still 21. One of our recruits was 20, and had to have his mother illegaly buy his service weapon via a straw man purchase. He was good enough to go to Vietnam at 18, had he been called, good enough to risk his hide daily for his community… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by TGP389

The whole point of the new “extra-extended” background check is to extend it SO far that Americans no longer qualify.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ledesma

Too late to fix the Republican Party and turtle boy leader. With Cornyn Romney and other losers helping out Schumer and company, we need a viable third party.


I disagree. A ;third party would only keep the dumbocrats in office. What we need is to make sure that we vote true conservatives in the Republican party. McConnell, hopefully, will not be elected leader in the Senate ever again. The race in Alaska has a lot to do with that. Murkowski is just another democrat in Rino clothing.