Ballistic Magazine Selects Federal’s 30 Super Carry For Its New Handgun Ammo Award

Winning Hearts and Minds with 30 Super Carry
Ballistic Magazine Selects Federal’s 30 Super Carry For Its New Handgun Ammo Award

U.S.A.-( Ballistic Best magazine recently recognized the all-new Federal 30 Super Carry Cartridge as an Editor’s Select Award Winner for Best Handgun Ammo. The awards were announced in the publication’s recent December 2022 / January 2023 issue.

“Federal’s 30 Super Carry round is definitely proving to be the perfect gap-filler between the 9mm and .380 ACP. We’ve run both a Nighthawk Custom GRP and an S&W Shield EZ chambered in this EDC round and have had nothing but remarkable experiences,” said Ballistic Best Editorial Director Nino Bosaz. “In the day and age of upping capacity without sacrificing power, carry comfort and shoot-ability, Federal’s 30 Super Carry is leading the way.”

With the new 30 Super Carry Cartridge, self-defense users won’t have to choose between a smaller platform with reduced bullet performance or a larger platform to carry more rounds. The 30 Super Carry has better terminal performance than a 380 Auto and as much muzzle energy as a 9mm Luger, all with a .313-inch projectile. Users will see performance like 9mm Luger with slightly less recoil and additional magazine capacity.

“The editorial staff at Ballistic Best is certainly well-versed on all of the latest and greatest guns and ammunition,” said Jesse Whiteside, Federal’s Senior Product Management Director. “We know the publication’s Editor’s Selects winners are chosen based on a lot of actual hands-on testing by dozens of their expert content creators. We are proud and excited that our new cartridge was recognized with this award. It proves that 30 Super Carry meets and exceeds the expectations of the publication’s experienced staff.”

Federal currently offers the 30 Super Carry in a 100-grain HST Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) load in a 20-count box. The load is also available in the American Eagle 30-Super Carry 100-grain, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) load in a 50-count box. New for 2023, 30 Super Carry will also be available within Federal’s popular Punch defensive ammo product line.

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With the tight ammo supply, and some fairly common calibers still being almost unavailable and over priced for the quality of the ammo why do we need the 30 super carry which seems to answer a question no one asked. A lot like chambering 350 legend in the x frame revolver.

Pa John

My understanding is that the invention of the 350 Legend was in response to certain state’s laws limiting deer hunting calibers to straight walled designs only – i.e. straight walled cartridge cases only, so familiar rounds like the 30-06 and .308 and so forth, suddenly deemed to be “too powerful” by know-nothing bureaucrat nannies – would no longer be “legal” for hunting purposes. They basically intended to limit hunting rifles to straight walled handgun cartridges only, as pretty much everything the left does assumes We The People to be nothing more than the “ignorant masses” of their Marxist ideologies. So… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma


Next up a 27acp for the between a 25 and a 380

Tom 116

Well stated Pa John.
I love this round. Federal did its homework when they developed this round. The
proof is in the ballistic testing. It meets or beats the 9mm in every critical category. With greater capacity. No its not going to replace the 9mm, but why not another option for We the Peopleto exercise our 2nd Amendment Right.
I know it’s new and change is scary for some people but I believe the 30 Super Carry is here to stay. Great article.
Hope Glock builds a firearm for it.


Dead in the Water.