To Whom Does The Country Belong: The People Or The Government?


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“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” ~ “1984,” by George Orwell, Part 3, Chapter 3.

Does the Country belong to the people? One wonders.

Trivially, one answers “yes.” That’s what the Founders intended, and that’s what they sought to achieve in fashioning the Nation’s Constitution: their Blueprint for a free Constitutional Republic.

But, has a fervent wish and hope of the Founders degenerated into nostalgic sentiment, bespeaking a fleeting, misty bygone reality, dead now and buried?

Well, not as long as the Bill of Rights remains intact. It is still with us—barely!

What’s required? It is the persistence of Americans’ natural law rights, in particular: free speech and an armed citizenry. These are necessary conditions to keep a free Constitutional Republic alive and keep tyranny at bay.

These two Rights subsume all the others and are inextricably tied to each other. Both are integral to the functioning of and preservation of the Nation as a free Constitutional Republic.

The Right To Free Speech

The natural law right of free speech entails the right to dissent.

This right is essential to the sanctity and inviolability of one’s Soul, and it is one of two fundamental natural law rights necessary to keep the tyranny of Government in check. Through the exercise of it, a person expresses his individuality. But erase it, and a person becomes like unto a Zombie, or, in archaic Judaic folklore, a “Golem.”

A Zombie or Golem is a creature not of God but created by man—a thing of mud and dirt, unfinished—with the makings of a man, and seeming to be a man in rough form, but lacking the Divine Spark, the animating breath of life and Being and Spirit, and Soul, bequeathed to man by the Divine Creator. The Divine Spark comes only from the Divine Creator alone—the source of free will, moral conscience, creative energy, drive, motivation, aesthetic sense, and self-awareness—thus, the idea of Man in the Image of God.

A Zombie/Golem is not of God, and, therefore, but a forlorn creature, lacking will, conscience, motivating impulse, aesthetic sense, and self-awareness, not a man.

That is what the Biden Administration would wish to make of all of us—a thing that doesn’t think but only reacts to the gospel the Biden Administration preaches, as echoed by the Administration’s vast propaganda organs—a formless mob that does not engage in conscious thought and reflection, and that is incapable of engaging in creative thought or exchange, but simply does as it is told.

The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms

The right to keep and bear arms entails the right to self-defense in the broadest sense.

The natural law right to armed self-defense is essential to the maintaining a person’s security and physical well-being, keeping predatory man, predatory animal, and predatory Government at bay. Through the exercise of the right to own and possess firearms, the citizen keeps his sovereignty and dominion over the Government in check, lest it degenerates into worst tyranny.

The Right To Dissent And The Right To Bear Arms Are Both Necessary For The Preservation Of A Free State

These two basic rights, Free Speech and the Bearing of Arms are essential fixtures of a free Constitutional Republic, inseparably linked and fused as one.

  • If Man has the right to dissent from the encroachment of tyranny but lacks access to firearms, he may have the will to resist, but he lacks the means to do so.
  • If Man has access to firearms but lacks independence of thought, Man’s mind is adrift. He lacks the will to preserve “the security of a free State.” And, his firearms come to naught.

The government thus binds a free man to its dictates, suppresses man’s creative impulses and drives, and insinuates itself into every aspect of man’s life. And in making man’s life miserable, the Government at once makes certain that man cannot fight back against that Government. Its actions become more incessant and more aggressive.

Nothing remains private or sacred; nothing remains beyond Government’s all-seeing eye, and nothing remains beyond the power of Government to poison and destroy all good things—all to promote the “Good Society,” i.e., the well-ordered society, the well-behaved society, the conformist society.

The government even deadens a person’s instinct for self-preservation: there is no “Self” left to preserve. A person thus comes to view himself as merely an insignificant, lifeless cog, in a lifeless, cold, remorseless machine.

Arbalest Quarrel has previously pointed out that the natural law right of speech, i.e., independence of thoughts, and the natural law right of self-defense, which logically entails armed self-defense, are inextricably linked. See our article, titled, “The Right To Dissent And The Right To Bear Arms Are A Bulwark Against Tyranny,” posted on this website.

In the pertinent part, we wrote,

“. . . if one is prevented from exercising one’s freedom of speech—the freedom to dissent, the freedom to exercise independence of thought—one’s mind, spirit, and soul is damaged.

And, if one is prevented from exercising his freedom to bear arms—one’s right of defense against a predatory beast, predatory man, or predatory government—then the safety and well-being of one’s physical Self are imperiled.

The two most basic rights—the right of self-protection and independence of thought—go together. To lose the one is to lose the other.”

Autonomy of Selfhood is impossible where the individual is helpless—physically, psychically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually. In the absence of strength of will, through the expression of one’s individuality, and in the absence of the force of arms, the tyranny of Government is not only possible, but it is also inevitable.

Make no mistake: The government, this Federal Government, is coming after Americans’ weaponry, doing so incrementally in dribs and drabs.

Any setback leads immediately to another effort. The Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress won’t stop until they have de facto erased the right of the people to keep and bear arms, codified in the Second Amendment, and have confiscated millions of firearms from the civilian citizenry. The campaign of confiscation will continue indefinitely under the dictatorship that this Country is moving toward by leaps and bounds.

The Government claims this is necessary, and it creates the myth that it is the armed American citizen who induces fear in all other Americans and that public safety and order demand that Americans relinquish their firearms. It is all nonsense, of course. The criminal element will not be affected nor deterred by this.

Note that the Biden Administration and anti-Second Amendment groups’ efforts are always directed at creating laws targeting the average American citizen, with little to no mention, ever, of the criminal element.

This should give discerning Americans pause, as it undercuts the Biden Administration’s contention that its arms control policies to end Gun Violence—their present go-to catchall phrase—are directed at promoting public safety and public order for the benefit of Americans.

Given the lack of any coherent Government policy to tackle rampant violent crime, whether criminals use firearms or any other implement at their disposal, the inference to draw is that the Biden Administration and the captive, seditious Press, and Anti-Second Amendment groups, such as the Brady antigun group, and Everytown for Gun Safety, aren’t interested in dealing effectively with violent crime, but simply intend to go after gun manufacturers, retail gun dealers, and the armed citizenry.

The Government, presenting itself as a Guardian of public safety and order, incongruously claims a need to protect the unarmed John Q. Public—not from the criminal element or the homicidal maniac—but from the armed John Q. Public citizen. The Government posits that the armed John Q. Public is, because of his desire to exercise his natural law right of armed self-defense, an inherent danger to public order and harmony and of societal norms.

What is really going on here is Government Tyranny imposing its will on those who will not accept the imposition of Tyranny upon the Country but taking pains to hide that fact.

As this Federal Government, this Biden Administration dismantles our Free Constitutional Republic, some Americans accept this. Some even laud it. But many others realize the danger this Government poses to the well-being of the Republic and to the sanctity and inviolability of their individual Being. And they will have no part of it.

The theme presented by the Government’s propagandists is——

New Age Remodelers of America, “the Sensible Americans,” vs. Old Age Preservers of the Republic, “the Irrational Americans.”

Drilled down to its basics, what the perspicacious observer sees is the age-old battle now come back to haunt us, Americans:

Tyranny versus Liberty.

It is really that simple. And with each passing day, the dynamic playing out throughout the Land is ever clearer. Which shall it be? The “vote” is out on this.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information for free.

For more information, visit:

Arbalest Quarrel

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well said! if we don’t have rights we are slaves.
the only input i have is that many citizens in America have given up their rights without government approval, thereby becoming a slave to government. a moral person questions those in power and acts to ensure they do not subjugate others. government, especially government agencies, exists to accumulate power and wield it over its citizens. this is something we have to stand against. it is the moral thing to do. there are few issues in this world that are gray, most are black and white, metaphorically speaking.


Very true – however, the difficulty becomes lone individuals trying to stand against the current day behemoth that is our Federal Government. Our so called Spiritual Leaders have failed us miserably. One look at Franklin Graham and the spineless loser he’s become compared to his father, and the current Pope (Lefty central) along with all of the “NGOs” assisting the government in destroying our sovereignty by transferring illegals all over the nation – the moral compass you refer to has been smashed. How many young families do you see going to church together anymore? The only way to end this… Read more »


Well good morning Satan! End tax exeption for churches huh? That will incentivize young familys to go to church? Which is where Americas problem is stemming from. With no moral foundation taught from youth, the college student is easily brainwashed in college. Then you get the level of intellect out of these people comparative with Swallwell & AOC.


Big Jim, you are correct, the majority of Americans have lost their moral compass. The majority of parents have let the public schools take over raising their children indoctrinating them with liberal views. It’s even worse in the universities because these young adults have been exposed all throughout their schooling career. And the parents are the ones to blame because of their lack of interest in what the children have been taught. Convenience of a “babysitter” due to both parents having to work for a living. It’s even worse with single parents. The family unit has been destroyed years ago… Read more »


and the infernal idiot box,


Steve is correct on Churches using the tax exempt status to do the Govts work. Who do you think is helping bring in the illegals ? I quit going to church long ago. But have attended a few times since. They now have a all Spanish Mass. For they are easier to fill the seats & brainwash. An all LATIN mass for Americans ? Where was it 40 years ago ? Or even 10 years ago ?


“This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.” – Abraham Lincoln (March 4, 1861)


“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

Last edited 1 month ago by Tackleberry

Actions speak louder than words! As in all of his violations of the constitution.


If you want real change, then people in their masses need to be galvanized to it.


And we all can see how Fjb is trying to change who the inhabitants of this country are .


Amen! As many (mostly Democrats) before him have done.


Another surprise I just read about on Federalist Wire coming this april is a tax on transactions of $600 and more payed through paypal and the like money transfers tracked and reported as part of the American Rescue Plan could send your taxes through the roof .

Last edited 1 month ago by Oldvet

It seems to me that will not only increase Paypal et. al.’s costs, but could seriously reduce their business. I suppose that it will, as usual, start low enough to be just a nuisance, and soon increase.


inc… The thing that caught my eye is another tracking method by our government .


The article said our tax bill in april so I suppose paypal and others it mentioned would be tracking and reporting .


Make that ARE tracking???


Looks like craigslist is going to get more people. We need a new anything trader that is a non profit.


mm44… I reread the article it seems that all “side hustles” as they referred to including uber drivers etc would be required to report anything over $600. annually . I just came across Federalist Wire and would recommend it . Especially if you would like to see what Fjb has planned to make the U. S. Army his personal leftest police force !!!


Recommend Reading Federalist Wire The censors can’t censor them !!!


Actually that’s The Federalist Wire .


The article stated it was a direct method to end the “gig” industry !!!


My buddy sells vintage motorcycle parts on Etsy and Ebay. He got notices from both stating if he sold more than $600.00 annually he shall report all transactions to the IRS. Look who Brandon’s goon are really targeting.


Bigfoot … Was there ever any doubt ?


Only with the naive, and truly deficient.


If there was any doubt that the country does NOT belong to the people, Abe Lincoln ended it!


Words on paper are meaningless unless Patriots put the power behind them. Hence, the Second amendment, again words on paper. As did our Founding Fathers, WE have to implement them. A right not exercised is a right not held.

Last edited 1 month ago by StLPro2A

What is notably lacking in the analysis is the key component of the 1st Amendment to the We The People’s Constitution. Probably purposefully so and not out of ignorance: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”. Or in the words of John Adams “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” A true relationship with the God who created this cosmos is the author of the “moral compass” others allude to. Religion has served as the individual moral… Read more »


The people may own the country in theory but that’s where it ends. Consider your most expensive possessions such as your home, technically you own the property and everything in it, however miss paying your taxes and the government will eventually take it. Your truck or automobile is yours, but stop paying your registration and you’re forbidden to drive it on public streets. The government has been trying to take your firearms for decades, the only reason is they haven’t figured out how to legally do it. As government swells to unmanageable obesity, the more we are less likely to… Read more »


Let it be known that people that yielded weapons in those public “buyback” spectacles are much to blame for what’s going on now. Because the sight of Americans across the country meekly surrendering weapons was slowly creating the impression that disarming the nation would be reasonable and quite easy. And with many of them all you have to do is ask.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ledesma

A simple truth that apparently eludes the big gubmint and absolutists is that without PEOPLE to lord over, there would NOT be a government. IOW without US they would all be out of a ‘job’. End of discussion.


Sic semper tyrannis


Excellent piece. The biggest “danger” to the continued adherence by this federal government is the current members of the Supreme Court as it is constituted. If there is any more “tragic deaths” of SC Justices like what happened with Scalia, there will be a move to pack the court with committed Leftists. Might as well burn the Constitution and we then go into full blown civil war. I truly believe Justice Scalia was murdered, his family was threatened to keep quiet – as were any of the local officials that were in charge of investigating his death. Now that the… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Steve

There is but one answer, one response for the current Tyranny. Everyone best get on board with that answer, because neither the courts or the Law can be trusted to uphold these two entwined rights.
Lock and Load Ladies and Gentlemen. Prepare to defend yourselves.


It has always been, WE THE PEOPLE are “The Country” – and the government works for us.

The “Transformation of America” started by Obama, and now raging strong in OBAMA’S THIRD TERM (Clain and Rice work for Obama and direct Joe to sign and speak), works as follows:

The government is the country – and THE PEOPLE (LIVESTOCK) belong to the government.

(Livestock has no free will, makes no decisions, and has no choice but to submit to whatever is being done to it . . . livestock can be culled)

Last edited 1 month ago by KK

started with rosevelt


You’re right. Then Woodrow Wilson came in and started the “Progressives”, Brownshirt/Antifa style thugs, which paved the way for yet another loser FDR. Any prez that has been known by their 3 initials, FDR-JFK-LBJ have been total disasters.



Wild Bill

Yep, it was Wilson. Ron Pestritto details Wilson’s manipulations in “Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism”

Pa John

It is vitally important to counteract the filters of U.S. corporate media, so to speak. I generally see a lot of reader comments about how “the majority of Americans” think or believe about various things, but those comments themselves often appear to be based on carefully manufactured media illusions as well. This is actually the American left’s greatest weakness and we seriously need to avoid repeating it: The left BELIEVES what they see within heavily slanted and censored U.S. corporate media, and they BELIEVE that Facebook / Twitter (prior to Elon Musk) / Google / etc. represent the real world,… Read more »


Excellent advice.

Henry Bowman

Excellent article! Truth!
…And the best part is, I don’t get my vibe wrecked by an insipid article from WLP shill Harold!

Back Country Wanderer

Good article and thanks for the link to Arbalest Quarrel


#FJB summed up the problem quite succinctly when he said “no right is unlimited.” Of course he meant that because government has already managed to go outside it’s constitutional limits – we should allow it to continue and go further. In reality the problem is that we have allowed government to restrict our speech and worship, search without warrants (and issue warrants on flimsiest of evidence), seize property without cause or compensation (CNF & red flags), and regulate and restrict all manner of unenumerated rights (9A). Solution is not to go deeper into tyranny but to reclaim civil rights and… Read more »


Voters determines the make up of the government. That most gun owners don’t vote, they let others make decisions for them.


And what source are you getting your “that most gun owners don’t vote” fact from?


Contrary to your statement that most gun owners don’t vote, I think a little research would disclose that gun owners are among the most active members of the voting public. There are a multitude of “single issue” voters that make their choices for political leadership based on the candidate’s stance on the Second, alone. But even an overwhelming majority will not and in fact can not overcome those who willingly falsify the numbers in the ballot box. I encourage you to get personally involved in the election process. Volunteer to become a poll worker. Or volunteer to become an observer.… Read more »


Cappy, you and I think alike concerning this topic. Well said, I wouldn’t change a word. Your last paragraph is sage advice to us all. Thank you.


Good, but how do you check on a vote counting machine???


The words of “Uncle Joe Stalin” come to mind. “ It matters not who votes, it’s who counts the votes that matters.”
All one needs to do is look at the last two National elections.
If voting did any good, they’d make it illegal! We truly need massive reform in this system!


that is why they were opposed to having an audit


Until some group consisting of lawyers & IT PROFESSIONALS that are not easily bought off or scared. Makes a concerted effort to investigate the outcome of these elections & machines. The people will continually loose ground. The Govt has trillions in tax dollars & decades of technology to generate the outcome they choose. Being a poll watcher only catches the ordinary citizen which hardly has an affect on the outcome of elections. Better think bigger. No disrespect meant. Rules & regulations are not followed. And not enforced judicially. So would it even matter if you would catch them in the… Read more »

$5 Trillion info sharing.PNG



Who are these members you ask ? If you read the earlier article posted the writing is on the wall.

it-isac election logos.PNG

Lets do our own poll & ask people at the range. I bet its over 90%.


In my red county deep, deep, deeply behind the blue curtain of the Soviet of Washington, our county’s only rifle and pistol club which is going to exceed 1,000 members in 2023, is extremely active politically. We invite all candidates to come and speak to us, the smart ones come. Next year, I’m going to propose to Board and volunteer to start up a club political action committee. We’re a rather small county, 76,000 or so and to think a 1,000 of them belong to our club is pretty impressive and by forming a PAC, we’ll immediately become a force… Read more »


Do you think they will admit to not having voted?


In my experience, the 2A crowd, whatever their motivation for being in the 2A crowd, are not prone to lying about whether they vote or not. Why are you insinuating that we’re a bunch of liars?


I’m not insinuating anything! Please stop trying to put words in my mouth. It is my suspicious nature. I’m merely questioning the value of polls!


There are good reasons to vote by mail, but they are limited. But,.One of my sons works out of town. Can hardly be expected to give-up a day’s pay to vote! I am 92 years old, nearly deaf and lame. For several years, I have voted by mail. I live in a small, rural town (36 sq. mi., about 1,200 residents). The town clerk, who I suspect is a Dem., has been very helpful! If someone is just too lazy to get their butt out to vote, they should lose that right!


Which is what totally amazes me. We have a National Holiday every year for a fat man in a red suit. A black man that gave a speech. And some people even get off for religious holidays. But yet NO HOLIDAY for the most important day for a Nation. That occurs every two or four years. Why would that be ? Seems a little ass backward to me. And to top it off as being the most important day to determine the Nation & world outcome. Is to make it possible for any yeehaw to vote. Be it a citizen… Read more »


i dont belive that most gun owners dont vote. we must stop mail in voters. and ALL must have voter ID.