Officials React to Coyote Infestation in Massachusetts

Officials React to Coyote Infestation in Massachusetts, iStock-1354299697
Officials React to Coyote Infestation in Massachusetts, iStock-1354299697

U.S.A.-( In 2022, the officials of Nahant, Massachusetts, started noticing they had a coyote problem. The coyotes had become so disdainful of people they had snatched, killed and eaten three pets directly from leashes. Numerous other pets were killed and eaten. No one knows precisely how many.  From December 15, 2022,

Local officials said eight to 12 coyotes inhabit Nahant, a densely settled town of about 3,300 people on a peninsula about 15 miles north of Boston. The animals have killed pets, including three that were taken straight from leashes held by their owners, said Antonio Barletta, the town administrator.

Coyote populations are on the rise all over the country. They are causing problems, killing pets and livestock and even attacking the occasional person, from California to Texas to now Massachusetts.  Several coyote attacks against people prompted a program to reduce the coyote population in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Nahant town officials decided they needed to reduce the coyote population. They decided to hire federal agents from the Department of Agriculture. From

The town of Nahant will become the first community in Massachusetts to bring in trained marksmen to shoot and kill habituated coyotes. Town officials voted Wednesday night to enter into an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture.

“We have risen to a level of public safety threat in the town,” said resident Vivien Gere who lost her dog Snoopy to an aggressive coyote back in June. “I had him on a short leash and the coyote just took him off the leash and slaughtered him and ran off with him right in front of me.”

Nahant is a densely populated, square mile peninsula where coyotes have multiplied and gotten used to humans. Officials say trapping has proven ineffective, and local law enforcement doesn’t have the necessary training.

Trapping of coyotes using traditional leg-hold traps is very effective, given a skilled trapper. But Massachusetts banned the use of leg-hold traps in 1996. The ban was by initiative and passed with 54.7% of the vote. Massachusetts law prevents the hunting of coyotes, and trapping is only allowed by professionals. From

But Tom O’Shea with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife says coyotes can’t be hunted in Nahant and they can only be trapped by professionals.

Pet owners and animal lovers are upset at the widespread killing of their pets by animals who see pets as just another food source. From

‘It was heartbreaking,’ she told the publication. ‘He proceeded cruising down my street, carrying this cat in his mouth, and went in and out of people’s yards like he was trying to get back to his den.

Other animal lovers insist there is no reason to be alarmed.  From May 1, 2022,

“I feel like why get upset?” Ford said. “Let them live. But a lot of people won’t agree with me on that.”

But Suzanne Walsh would.

“My feeling is, if we’re responsible pet owners and we’re aware and treat coyotes with respect, we’ll all get along fine,” she said.

Cleveland Amory lived in Nahant.  Amory was a famous and rabid “animal rights” promoter who pushed for the hunting of hunters.

Amory proposed, on air and during viewers’ breakfast hour, the formation of a hunt club where human hunters would be tracked down and killed for sport, arguing that killing hunters in cold blood would be humane and kind owing to their overpopulation.

The estimated household income in Nahant is $103K, with an average home value of over $500,000.


Officials believe there are eight to twelve coyotes on Nahant. That is one or two family groups. With an intense hunting and trapping campaign, the coyote problem could be eliminated until the next intrepid mated pair made it to the coyote heaven from the mainland.  The coyotes have plenty of water, no danger from humans, no natural predators, and plenty of food provided by clueless humans, often in the form of pets.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Green Mtn. Boy

The people of Comiechusetts have brought this upon themselves,I have little compassion for Communist’s.


City people have no clue in the vast majority of the country coyotes are treated like varmints and are shot on sight.

Most likely there is not a good citizen there that owns a pellet rifle or a 22rf and a box of CB longs.

The report from both is easy covered by a passing vehicle. Placed properly well result in a dead yote.

Citified Americans have become weak and ineffective.

Knute Knute

“Citified Americans have become weak and ineffective.”
Which, IMO, is a very good thing. Soon they will become too weak and stupid to process oxygen, and so will automatically perish, leaving the planet to those of us still smart and strong enough to breathe! 🙂


will these nature lovers continue to support these beautiful, peaceful animals when their pet has been snatched or they have been attacked by a coyote?


When banning beaver trapping was debated in the People’s Republic, the conservationists cautioned that an increase in the beaver population would support an increase in the coyote population.

The anti-hunting / anti-trapping people didn’t heed the warning.

Our neighbors in Canton lost 2 terrier-sized dogs from their fenced backyard. The built a taller fence. We saw coyotes walking through our backyard in the middle of the afternoon. No fear of people.

The Crimson Pirate

For a few years now I have been referring to people walking small pets as “Coyote anglers” 😉


Enough eaten pets will eventually change their attitude.


Don’t bet on it! There seems to be no limit on stupidity.


In the End Times God promises to put a strong delusion on the unbelievers. This is one such case. Folks like Amory live in a fantasy world. The real world will soon catch up and over take them. Just like the prowling lion in scripture.


Absolutely irrelevant to this article. Go try somewhere else.


The three S rule – Shoot Shovel Shut-up!


Too densely populated. Someone would see and report you!


I predict they will wipe out coyotes who live there. Then they will have an infestation of rats. Likely too late with current population, but important to keep local coyotes fearing humans. These people obviously need better pets. No self-respecting dog would allow themselves to be snatched from a leash. Even the smaller ones should be able to warn their person and persist long enough for human intervention. Admittedly I live in Texas, where I carry a pistol when walking my MIL’s 80 pound golden-doodle – so I am better prepared to protect Teddybear than most Massachusetts residents would be.… Read more »


no guns no pepper spray no tasers, a bat or knife big enough to do any good would get you arrested mass is just another commie state


Actually, you can have pepper spray or tasers in MA. You can also have a permit for guns, depending on where you reside (although that _should_ improve after Bruen).


But, even the pepper spray requires an FID!


vermin of all kinds will increase ,there needs to be a balance. They should have never tampered with the trapping!


Good point, however it didn’t work that way in my city. My guess is that domestic cats prefer mice as rats can be big, tough and dangerous. Only time I’ve ever seen rats was after city had an eradication program. City eventually recognized futility of their efforts, coyotes came back and rats disappeared again. Did not see huge numbers of rats, so quite possible cats were taking over the job and had not yet multiplied sufficiently. As my daughter explained it to me – due to differences in procreation rates impact of such a change typically leads to fluctuating populations… Read more »


It might be that cats, a favorite of coyotes, were afraid to go out hunting.


Maybe all these bleeding heart leftist should adopt a coyote. The coyotes are obviously homeless and are just misunderstood.


And a lot of damn fools to protect such vermin. Respect them! HA! Who the hell is she kidding!


I bet she’s blond. Just kidding but I am sure she is a tree hugger and a vegetarian.

Last edited 1 month ago by musicman44mag
Big George

Do you think these coyotes were bused in from the Southern Border?!


Smuggled in by….”coyotes?”


Stop feeding the wildlife, it’s not only against the law, it is not fair to them and not fair to us because that is why they have no fear and steal and kill our pets and some times children. Do it for the children.



mm44, I can remember back in ’53 while traveling from one navy base in Virginia to another in Cali, when my folks decided to pass through Yellowstone on the way. I literally saw a woman get out of her car and attempt to feed a grizzly. The bear took a swipe at her to get the piece of bread and she began to run. The only thing that saved her was my old man got on the horn and distracted the bear for an instant. The bear then came over to our brand new ’53 Desoto, climbed on the hood… Read more »


He should of had her pay for the damages. Was she blond?


At the age of six, I wasn’t into women so I don’t remember. We, my family and I were terrified though. THAT I do remember.


LOL, and thank you! I have had a lot of bear experiences in later years, but only one other had a woman in it. It was my ex-wife and if it only had turned out differently, things would be different now. Again, LOL! Take care.


Should have just watched the bear improve the human gene pool!


I had no choice in it and my old man was a naval aviator. In those days they were still heroes. Maybe she was a blond?


The main reason for the “infestation” is because so called “men” in the state of Massachusetts have become more sissified than their females. I mean, come on…look at Lizzie Warren’s “he man ” up there – lol. Those she-males don’t go hunting anymore. To them, a good day of “hunting” involves cruising for young boys on Grinder.

Knute Knute

It is in the interest of tyrants to reduce the people to ignorance and vice. For they cannot live in any country where virtue and knowledge prevail.”

Samuel Adams

And boy, have they been pursuing their interests in the USSA! For my whole life, I’ve watched as we’ve declined into the cesspool of ignorance and vice that we now find ourselves in. And I’ve been shouting it at the top of my voice since 1988! But only now are some few starting to listen…

uncle dudley

Hard to feel sorry for idiots.


Have had great affect hanging dead coyotes on perimeter fences. Others take the suggestion and move on. Politicians applicable????

Knute Knute

So rather than hire some actual, experienced, coyote hunters… they prefer “well-trained” government agents like these:
etc… etc… etc…. On and on, ad infinitum. Well… maybe the Dept of Agriculture is a bit better than the DEA…. and the FBI… and the local Leos… and the…….
Well…. OK, probably not… 🙂


Massachusetts banned trapping. their own F&W told them what would happen and not to do it. they said ‘we don’t care, we wanna! i’m smaaaht i wena cahllege!” This short report is what happened. Their wetlands environment is now worse off than before and headed to even still worse. it used to be done for free by a fractional percent of sportsmen. now there’s nothing but more spending in their future. the people will complain, the government will raise their taxes, and the people will elect the same back to office. hard to do anything with that level of… Read more »