SIG’s New P220 Legion 10mm ~ VIDEO

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U.S.A. -( 10mm and easy shooting don’t normally go hand in hand, but the new SIG P220 Legion 10mm seeks to change this. Released alongside their new 10mm P320 X-Ten, the P220 Legion 10mm adapts the standard .45 ACP P220, and chambers it in the hard-hitting 10mm cartridge.

P220 Legion 10mm Auto

But since this is a Legion-series gun, the 10mm P220 is more than just that. It includes a crisp, light single-action only trigger alongside a 1911-esque thumb-safety, and a cut on top of the slide to accommodate an optic.

Other noteworthy features include post and notch illuminated night sights, and the fact that the new gun ships with three, eight-round magazines in the box.

SIG P220 Legion 10mm
The SIG P220 Legion 10mm is one hell of a gun. IMG Jim Grant

At SIG’s Media Day at SHOT Show 2023, I had a chance to fire a few dozen rounds through the new optics-ready P220 Legion 10mm, and I can say without a doubt, it is the softest-shooting 10mm auto pistol I’ve ever fired. This fact, combined with the solid accuracy of legion guns and the excellent trigger, means this big bore blaster will make a great companion for shooters hiking in regions with predators, or on the nightstand of someone who wants to crank their home defense stopping power to, ’11’. Either way, the gun is great, and should be availble at dealers now, with an MSRP of around $1799.

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Jim Grant

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Roland T. Gunner

$1800 LOL! You can get the Delta Elite or a Springfield Armory TRP variant for a third less; or a very good up-market Tanfoglio for half the price.


LOL yeah just think about that.


Or STI dan wesson specialist


Sure wish they’d make a serious-use 10mm. One with a normal length slide, da/sa trigger, and a double stack mag.

Basically a stock P227 in 10mm.

Roland T. Gunner

Last edited 1 year ago by Roland T. Gunner