Do you Think Tennesseans Will Have REAL Constitutional Carry in 2023?

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Constitutional Carry

Tennessee – -( Tennessee simply does not have REAL constitutional carry, and since at least prior to 1810, it never has.

This means that it is not a crime to carry a firearm with the intent to be ready to defend yourself or your family. In Tennessee, carrying a firearm with intent to go armed is a crime. Tennessee’s Legislators put the burden AND expense on you to prove that you fit into one of several statutory affirmative defenses.

There is a big difference in lawfully exercising a constitutionally protected rights and … being stopped or arrested for doing so and having to prove that you were complying with a defense (like having a permit)!

Many members of the Tennessee Legislature, including most Republican incumbents, have campaigned and promised that they are strong Second Amendment supporters.

Where is the proof? It certainly is not in the laws they have passed – particularly those passed since the Republicans attained super majorities and the office of Governor in 2010.

Now is the time to reach out to your legislators and let them know you WANT them to enact REAL Constitutional Carry in 2023. Tell the Governor! Tell Speaker Cameron Sexton! Tell Lt. Governor Randy McNally! They will not do it unless they understand clearly that you are putting a priority on this and imposing it as a priority on them.

To help you demand that your rights be honored, Tennessee Firearms Association has invested in an advocacy tool that helps you to stay in contact with your legislators. It gives you a proposed email body (you can edit everything in the subject and body of the email) and shows you who your legislators will receive the email.

Get started now by going to the TFA website’s Call to Action page.

For even more talking points, see TFA’s Constitutional Carry Talking Points.

You do not have to be a TFA member to use this tool. We want and encourage you to share this link and this tool with your friends, on social media, and on any email lists you have access to in order to make this available to as many 2nd Amendment supporters as possible.

John Harris
Executive Director
[email protected]

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The Tennessee Firearms Association is dedicated to defending the right to keep and bear arms and promoting the responsible use, ownership, and carrying of firearms.

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TN also needs to fix where state law only allows long guns to be carried unloaded in most circumstances.


I sure hopes TN gets it passed. I didn’t realize TN was so messed up on their firearms laws.


If you dig deep enough in most states you will find something that keeps you from doing your normal, Ok, everyday, thing. In Mississippi it is often the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. For some reason they believe they are deities, like most government agents.



Does anyone think Florida will ever have constitutional carry?


No ! Desantis and the rest of Florida’s RINOs say they will ! Say they will! ….Won’t ever happen. They aint even doing anything to get rid of Florida ERPO’s ! No other states have ERPO’s and CC !!! They are opposites of each other. CC in Florida ? Lmfao!

Last edited 9 days ago by Ope
J Gibbons

That’s not accurate, Ope. Most of the time, they don’t go together, but I know that both Indiana and Vermont have both ERPOs and constitutional carry.


@J Gibbons, I stand corrected and appreciate you pointing that out.


In some states so-called “Constitutional Carry” is nothing more than “Permitless carry”


@KenW, you’re absolutely correct about that.