Illinois Jumps on the BAN-Body Armor Bandwagon

Ban Everything
Ban Everything

Illinois – Illinois’ new House bill HB3238 “Provides that, with certain exceptions, beginning January 1, 2024, it is unlawful for any person within this State to knowingly possess an armor plate, body armor, or military helmet.”

The bill got to the Criminal Committee of the House this week. We hope it dies there. This wave of new armor bans shows how little lawmakers care about the oath they take to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

There are some exceptions! But these exceptions aren’t anything to celebrate. Under this new rule, if you already own armor, that’s fine; you just need to submit an affidavit letting the police know that you do. It appears they’d like to make a registry of armor users – the liberty-loving troublemakers that would get in the way of corralling the population.

“This Section does not apply to a person’s possession of an armor plate, body armor, or military helmet if the person lawfully possessed that armor plate, body armor, or military helmet prohibited by subsection (c), if the person has provided in an endorsement affidavit, within 6 months after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 103rd General Assembly, under oath or affirmation and in the form and manner prescribed by the Illinois State Police:”

Muskets Are Cool, But They Are Not the Only Arms

The right to bear arms laid out in the Bill of Rights is intentionally broad so as to keep its power as time went on. And it includes armor.

This is unsurprisingly ignored by HB3238’s sponsor.

As noted by Justice Scalia in the landmark District of Columbia v. Heller, “The 1773 edition of Samuel Johnson’s dictionary defined ‘arms’ as ‘weapons of offence, or armour of defence.'”

The right to keep and bear those things means the right to possess those things- and not have the government take them away or keep you from buying them.

First, it was Connecticut. Then New York. Then California began considerations.

Now it seems that’s encouraged Illinois.

“Come on, little sis. Let me show you the wonderful world of unlimited government!”

These lawmakers are the Constitution’s very domestic enemies that they swore to protect against.

Thankfully, We Already Built an Arsenal You Can Own to Fight This

If you’re looking to arm yourself in Illinois while it’s still an easy process, check out our Liberty Arsenal. Rest assured that we are actively looking for ways to subvert this law if it gets passed. We have some new tricks to try on all these tyrant states.


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AR500 Armor

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Body armor is purely defensive so banning it can only mean one thing. When they shoot you they want you to die.

Arkansas Rob

(sarcasm) your body armor is a micro aggression and makes me uncomfortable. Besides, why do you need it?


Since passive, purely defensive gear is now under attack, I wonder how long it will be until they decide strong deadbolt locks and reinforced door jambs on your house need to be banned as well – you know, to facilitate no-knock raids at zero dark thirty. (I vaguely recall reading many years back that some state already had an “anti-barricading” law on the books limiting door strength, but I haven’t been able to find anything online to confirm this.)


After 9/11 would you comply with any of it?


Each day, another of life’s little things is ordered to go away. To disappear. To no longer exist.

uncle dudley

It wasn’t that long ago after one of the school shootings that kids backpacks were being sold with armorer plates, someone needs to go after the elected idiots for being against kids.
Illinois is becoming the land of Nazi’s.


The socialist cops in Illinois, are the kind of evil people that those of outside that state own weapons to keep away from our Liberty. They violate the 2nd Amendment every day they punch in to enforce Illinois state laws, and conservatives have made it to where we Citizens have to cower to those socialist enforcers for exercising our rights to carry and use our guns. My children both have backpacks that are level 3. They are more expensive than what I have hanging on my safe, but they are lighter for the kids.. Illinois is the state that gave… Read more »


I didn’t think I needed any of this stuff until today. I drive by HESCO, daily, I’m going to stop in and check out some of their stuff Monday.

My state has a symbiotic relationship with Illinois and Kalifornia. Depending on what day it is, when Pritzker or Newsom open their mouths, if you look close enough, you’ll see the top of Jay inslee’s head from him having not only his head but his entire body shoved up those guys ass’s.


It is clear that more and more of our government, at all levels, sees the American Citizenry as an opponent they are going to have to defeat militarily.
They want you restricted to inferior arms, limited ammunition, and easy to kill.


They know that most are too cowardly to do anything, like our Founders had experience with and observed, and that strategy has worked out for the government. Kind of why socialist cops can kill us armed Citizens for exercising our rights and the cop was scared. Older folks made it to where we have to let our fear of the cops harming us for carrying, is greater than a street predator harming us. If I was the left and I wanted to remove the Bill of Rights, I would be thankful for conservatives as my useful idiots, who made it… Read more »

Get Out

Meh, same old song again. When they say something should be banned like firearms, now body armor what happens? People flock to buy it and the politicians are clueless.