Republican Senator Models Florida’s Gun & Freedom of Speech Laws on Cuba

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Republican Senator Models Florida’s Gun & Freedom of Speech Laws on Cuba

Sen. Jason Brodeur (R-Lake Mary, FL) doesn’t like the First Amendment. He wants anyone who writes an opinion piece—where they are compensated for their work about the Governor, Lt. Governor, or any Legislator—to register with the State within five days of the work being published. Those who do not register can be fined daily.

Of course, being compensated for one’s work doesn’t just refer to monetary payment; it can also refer to any type of recompense. For example, if you’re a blogger who wrote an opinion piece or vlogged about a lawmaker, and your blog/YouTube channel is sponsored by a local gun shop by means of a free case of ammo every month, you’d be targeted because Sen. Brodeur considers that to be a form of payment.

That’s what Senate Bill 1316 does. Among other things, the bill will “require[e] bloggers to register with the Office of Legislative Services or the Commission on Ethics, as applicable, within a specified timeframe.”

I’m sorry, but last I checked, this is the United States of America. We are not in the Republic of Cuba, the Communist hellscape that lies 90 miles south of Florida.

The idea—that anyone who expresses any political thought piece, and is compensated for their work, should report their works to the state or be punished—is completely antithetical to the reasons why our nation was founded.

I would expect this to be proposed by dictators like Cuba’s Miguel Díaz-Canel, Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, or North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. But, to see a Florida Republican propose such legislation is sickening.

Worse though, this isn’t something completely shocking regarding Sen. Brodeur. Back in 2018, when he was a State Representative, he voted in favor of the Parkland Gun Control bill.

He had no problem stripping lawful Floridians of their Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights. He voted in favor of stripping any young adult under the age of twenty-one from legally purchasing a firearm. He voted in favor of Red Flag laws—which are gun confiscation orders that strip people of their Second Amendment rights, while trampling upon their Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, as well. He also voted in favor of a mandatory three-day waiting period.

As I’ve always said, the way a lawmaker treats the Second Amendment is a barometer that measures how he or she will treat your other inalienable rights.

Sen. Brodeur, your bill is anti-freedom, and I am purposefully influencing the public to let them know where you stand as a lawmaker. As a Cuban-American, I find your legislation to be insulting.

About Luis Valdes

Luis Valdes is the Florida State Director and the Director of Outreach for Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands for Gun Owners of America. A life-long advocate of freedom and a firearms shooter, hunter, competitor, and collector. Luis is the first of his family born in the United States of Cuban Immigrants who fled Communism and who’s family saw firsthand what gun control truly results in.Luis Valdes

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The trouble with RINOS is that they were never Republicans to begin with. They are political opportunist who would just as soon run as a Democrat if that was the ticket to get them elected. No honor among thieves.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH

Sounds like  Brodeur needs to be given the vacay of his dreams – to Cuba – one way – permanently. Rescind his citizenship and passport on the way over. Oh, and it should be relatively cheap, just a short 90 mile jaunt.The only way he should be allowed back into the US of A is if he arrives the way many Cubans did, by 90 mile water trip on an improvised raft with little to no food/water. If he doesn’t value his freedoms that much to sacrifice to regain them, then he can stay in Cuba. Obviously he doesn’t value… Read more »


i would pay for his one way first class ticket to havana with the exception that he does not come back. you like it so much stay there and live under that rule of law.
here is a good article about him and it.
he wrote it, sponsored it and no one else is interested in it.
i feel sorry for the idiots that elected him, not.


Everything Sen. Brodeur says is anti-second amendment. He would make a fantastic Demokrat, walks like one and talks like one.

Roland T. Gunner

Strip the “R” from him and brand a “J” on his forehead…for jackass.


Yeah, we got a big problem in this country.
It seems more and more that our freedom is as much an illusion as it is a reality.


This jerk was never a conservative! He is just a commie infiltrator. He should be booted from our midst and shipped to NYC or SF.

Desert Guy

Senator Brodeur is an example of why I no longer “self-identify” as a Republican.


You know the one that goes “All insects are bugs, but not all bugs are insects”, right?

In a similar fashion, all conservatives are Republicans (or should be) but not all Republicans are conservatives.* And that’s why you should avoid the term RINO. it says that you are assuming that all Republicans are conservatives. That assumption has bit more than one person on the behind. I suggest we all try not to be that guy.


  • There used to be conservative Democrats, but they’re pretty much extinct these days.

So Luis – do us ALL a favor. Get together a group of your fellow Patriots – and pay that piece of Communist excrement a personal visit. I know you can find some willing participants who will gladly stay anonymous after said visit.


On the other hand … laws infringing on the 1st Amendment that mirror anti-2A laws would be quickly overturned in the courts and set precedent in our favor. Just saying.

AZ Lefty

How DeSantis of him; DeSantis is attacking speech guns will be next


I guess the name says it all.

Roland T. Gunner

You cannot fix stupid.


How’s he doing that ? I am open to your review your views, if you can back them up ?


Arny, guessing, probably won’t see those views. And a lack of evidence to back them.


Yeah he usually does this. Makes an off the wall comment to never supply any sources to back up what he says. I think he’s one of those goof balls that thinks you should search out their nonsense. Do your own research is usually their remarks. Man are they ass backwards lol

Get Out

Appears to be a violation of the 1st Amendment. Florida wants to force bloggers writing about DeSantis to register ( A Republican Florida state senator has proposed a bill that would require paid bloggers who cover Gov. Ron DeSantis, his cabinet or lawmakers to register with the state or face steep fines. State Sen. Jason Brodeur’s Senate Bill 1316 would also force bloggers to disclose who is paying them to write about Florida’s elected officials and how much they are pulling in. The bill defines “elected state officer” as “the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, a Cabinet officer, or any member of the… Read more »


So Desantis came out supporting this ? And what is this nonsense ? Kind of vague at best when using the word WEBSITE. It’s like both political parties try to outdo the other with nonsense these days. LOL
Quote from NY Post article:
It defines a blog as “a (website) or webpage that hosts any blogger and is frequently updated with opinion, commentary or business content.”

The proposed legislation would NOT apply to newspapers’ (websites) and other similar publications.

Last edited 13 days ago by Arny