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America Burning Civil Disobedience

Our Constitution in Peril

Our Founders knew and understood how fickle and dangerous the “whim of the majority” can be. Accordingly, they made the process of Constitutional Amendment arduous, multi-layered process…

No Guns

NO GUN Signs, Signs, and more Signs!

The purpose is of No Guns Signs, is to make concealed carriers of guns feel ostracized and unwelcome, thus discouraging the practice. I’m sure armed-robbery suspects will “feel bad” too…

Malik Shabazz New Black Panthers

The Baltimore / Ferguson Bully Model

We have a permanent cadre of perpetual race-bating blow-hards, with the all-too-willing assistance of the liberal media, to whom facts never matter, openly encouraging criminal violence…

AR15 Black Rifle Assault Weapon

Who Has Eyes, Let Him See!

There are real risks that attach to any course of action, or inaction, we, as individuals, choose for ourselves. You don’t get a risk-free life…

Disarmed Hands Up Hold Up

Neutered Sheepdogs

They want us armed, but only when we’re protecting them, as, of course, they will never assume personal responsibility for protecting themselves…

Tiny Obama

Barack’s Five O’Clock Follies

The Iranians, sensing weakness, will drag it out negotiations indefinitely, as they have for the past fifteen years, while sanctions the only bargaining chip we have fades away…