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Belted Ammo

TSA’s Ammo Purchase By The Numbers

Suddenly were up to a low-ball estimate of 1.5 million rounds of ammunition expended in one shooting season in just one shooting discipline…

Empty Brass Ammo

My Take on the Ammunition Shortage

The only thing that would turn this around in the near future is if conditions change to remove or moderate the perception of economic and political uncertainty in the U.S…

Ashamed And A Little Scared

The run on firearms and ammo has started again. I am not going to predict how bad it will get, but the public is scared. Even good citizens can become very afraid of their elected leaders…

30-30 Winchester Ammunition

30-30 Foresight

30-30 Foresight is not a true measurement of a person’s ability to see clearly in the sense that 20-20 eyesight would be. In fact 30-30 is a reference to a type of rifle ammunition….

Ammunition Shortage – Rumors of My Death Maybe Exaggerate

Ammunition Shortage – Rumors of My Death Maybe Exaggerate By Alan Korwin Scottsdale, AZ –( expected, the end of the ammo shortage is a spotty affair, with readers writing to say that their neck of the woods is still sparse or barren. I did say it was ending, not that it’s over, sorry if I […]