.30 Carbine Ammo at Lucky Gunner Ammo

.30 Carbine Ammo at Lucky Gunner Ammo

Wolf .30 Carbine Ammo
Wolf .30 Carbine Ammo

Lucky Gunner.com
Lucky Gunner.com

Knoxville, TN – Lucky Gunner Ammo has just received a huge shipment of .30 Carbine ammo. This extremely hard to find ammo is currently in stock and ready for shipment today in quantities of 50 round boxes and 1000 round bulk ammo cases.

Both the Wolf and Aguila brands of ammo are currently available. The current pricing on this in stock .30 Carbine ammo at Lucky Gunner Ammo is as follows:

  • * 50 Rounds of 30 Carbine Wolf 110 gr FMJ ammo: $20.00
  • * 1000 Rounds of 30 Carbine Wolf 110 gr FMJ ammo: $340.00
  • * 1000 Rounds of 30 Carbine Aguila 100 gr FMJ ammo: $495.00

For those who shoot a .30 Carbine, this particular ammo has been very hard to come by as of late. Lucky Gunner Ammo currently has .30 Carbine in stock and ready to ship today. For compatibility purposes, the European designation for .30 Carbine ammo is 7.62×33.

Regarding the different manufacturers, this particular Wolf ammo is newly manufactured in Wolf’s legendary Russian facility. Every round is steel-cased, berdan-primed, non-corrosive, and non-reloadable.

The .30 Carbine Aguila ammo is made in Mexico at a plant established by Remington in 1961. The plant produced some Remington-branded ammo and the staff was partially trained by Remington. Aguila supplies ammo for the Mexican military and police forces and is sold worldwide. This is excellent ammo for target practice and is non-corrosive and brass-cased.

Lucky Gunner.com was started by two businessmen whose passion for sport-shooting has helped to build a following of law enforcement officers, members of our military, and many responsible citizens. Our focus at this time is narrow: to source and supply law enforcement and defense agencies as well as responsible citizens with quality ammunition for a competitive price.

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Yancey DeLapp

I am looking for M-1 Carbine tracer ammo.

Can you help?

30 carbine

wolf ammo sucks dick get better ammo like remington or federal


Is this steel cased ammo and is it also "varnish" finished?