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Guns at Home

Record-Level of Support for Guns in the Home

For decades, anti-gun groups have been trying to scare Americans into getting rid of their guns. But whatever they’ve been doing all these years apparently hasn’t been working…

HPR Black_Ops_45_Auto_150gr_OTF

HPR Introduces New Black OPS Ammunition

HPR Ammunition, manufactured in Payson, Arizona, is positioned in the market as a high quality and innovative brand and is announcing their BLACK OPS line of defensive ammunition…

“Defend Yourself: A Comprehensive Plan for the Armed Homeowner”

Rob Pincus Releases Sixth Book “Defend Yourself”

Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program has released his sixth book, “Defend Yourself: A Comprehensive Plan for the Armed Homeowner” published by Gun Digest Books.

a new firearms online news portal for consumers and industry

GunProPlus: Online News Portal Launched Today

GunProPlus is a news portal that includes a new firearm products and accessories sections, offers demonstration videos, and featured articles. It will also be covering news for consumers and industry personnel.

Domestic Espionage and Your Child’s Safety

Five months into her baby-sitting, however, the Jordans noticed that their trusted and loyal dog, Killian, had become overly protective of Finn when the baby sitter came around…

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Joe Biden’s Advice on Home Defense Backfires!

A Vancouver man decided to take that advice. Professor Paul gives his 2-cents on the incident. Shooting a firearm using the advice of Vice President Joe Biden or even that of President Barack Obama may not be the best idea….

Prepared and Ready – Home Defense

If you plan to use a firearm to defend yourself and your loved ones, a right that I strongly defend, you owe it to them, yourself, and every other person who exercises that right to become trained…

Home Defense

4 Layers of Effective Home Defense

If there is anyplace you should feel secure, it’s in your home. But statistically speaking, your home is the most dangerous place to be simply because you spend so much time there…