When You Can’t Afford to Miss – Patriot Ballistics Flak .45 ACP Ammunition

Patriot Ballistics
Patriot Ballistics

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Picture this: It is 2:00 AM. You hear a window break, followed by the sounds of footsteps headed toward your bedroom. You get out of bed, pull out your trusty .45 and confront the perpetrator who seems to be wielding something in his right hand. You aim your weapon with hands shaking and beads of sweat in your eyes. You can hardly breathe. Your heart feels like it’s about to jump out of your chest. You close your eyes and pull the trigger. Next thing you know, you see a bright flash of light and hear a sound like someone has knocked on your front door. You missed….unfortunately, he didn’t.

Also, consider this: In 1990, the NYPD officer hit potential was only 19%. That means 81% of the rounds they fired at criminals missed their target. At less than three yards, they hit only 38% of the time. From 3-7 yards, 11.5%, and from 7-15 yards, only 9.4%.

What is a fair fight? It has been said that a fair fight is a fight where you have a 50% chance of losing. Patriot Ballistics feels that it is their job to assist in decreasing those odds to better insure your survival. Many manufacturers focus on the “lethality” aspect of a critical defense cartridges by pushing the limits of physics and material sciences, while at the same time ignoring the most crucial element: the operator. Patriot Ballistics takes pride in its philosophy, of “K.I.S.S.,” where we implement simple solutions for ignored problems.

FLAK .45 Cal

Shown above are the different volumes available, from the G.I pouch to the “shock and awe” jar.
Shown above are the different volumes available, from the G.I pouch to the “shock and awe” jar.

We can all agree that a situation, such as the one described above, is horrible. Nobody would ever want to face that scenario, but unfortunately, today the threat is a real one. High stress, surprise, limited visibility, limited time; hitting a target is difficult under the best circumstances. How do you raise the odds of hitting your target? Machine gun? Shotgun? You have your .45, and that’s all.

We just solved the problem.

So here it is. It is not the answer to every problem on the planet but a problem solver for some. Our FLAK 45 cal cartridge was designed and is built using the highest grade materials available, implementing the most stringent quality control process in the market to ensure functionality. What does that mean? We have been able to achieve velocities greater than 1,000 fps and flight characteristics surpassing typical .45 ACP cartridges currently available.

Our projectile is incredibly stable even at the increased pace, something easily witnessed in the high speed video. Our secondary measure, “FLAK,” shows excellent concentricity in firearms of all sizes and the 233.6 grains of total inert mass will function efficiently even in the most concealable firearms.

Patriot Ballistics Flak .45ACP Cartridge Diagram
Patriot Ballistics Flak .45ACP Cartridge Diagram

When you can’t afford to miss; when your life and the life of your family depends upon that first shot; in perhaps the highest stress moment of your life, you want to make sure that the first bullet in your chamber is a FLAK .45. Simple, elegant, and it works.

Problem solved.



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Mitch Prodani

The video chosen by the editor was incomplete and it makes it very hard to see the FLAK.
Copy and paste the above link into your browser to view the complete video which will show the cartridge fired from a M&P shield compact .45 and the video also makes viewable the projectiles 12.5 ” post mussel this allows you to see in fact how stable our projectile is in flight.
Co-founder of Patriot Ballistics

Todd Campbell

Double Tap has the same concept of two hits on target with one round.


How does your product compare to Double Tap rounds?

Mitch Prodani

Our product was designed to deliver a cloud of high density alloy 13 inches in diameter at 13 feet. The purpose of this feature was to disable critical sensory organs in the event of a miss with the primary element . The FLAK cloud travels at 1,000 fps and has shown excellent concentricity.
If you refer to the patriot Ballistics website you can see the complete video which will show the difference in our product. DT has two projectiles where we offer roughly 160

Roy D.

P.T. Barnum is still alive and well I see.

Timothy McCoy

It seems to me this round with the shot followers can clear a hallway pretty quick.

robert penny

in the vid the last round turned and went thru causing a ragged oblong hole.

Mitch Prodani

Second round was not a round it was the wod that propelled the FLAK

The initial impact was designed to miss low left by 14″ to see if the FLAK made contact with the critical sensory organ region.

Mitch Prodani

We would like to increase everyone’s odds of survival even further if anyone of the readers can write in less then 200 words why the Flak.45 is a effective concept and we use your comment patriot will send out a Gi pouch to your home for free. Also if you make a purchase from our website and write a comment that we use we will double your order.
Good luck and thank you.
Senior principal
Patriot Ballistics

EG 2nd amendment supporter

Well you can end things VERY QUICK how you ask a Remington 870 12ga with buck shot or a mossberg with buck shot all you do is point and let it rip problem goes away. Period and a 45 acp backup.


15 feet the spread of buckshot is about 6 inches! You BETTER do more than POINT & SHOOT!!!

Mitch Prodani

What if you only have one arm?

Mitch Prodani

That’s a 1,700 firearm all said and done. And a 12ga with one hand can be done but not realistic. See most people that are disabled have more then one ailment and as a result many struggle financially as well. There are many solutions one being just hire a bodyguard 24 hours a day or a trained attack dog the point I’m trying to make is that they’re very little solutions that cost less then $20


I’m glad that Patriot Ballistics is offering a solution to the problem of high stress-low accuracy. Training at the range or even 3-gun cannot prepare one for the “gravest extreme.” I used to keep a 45 ACP for home defense. Now I keep an AR-15. Presenting a rifle might cause the criminal to turn and run. It will also cause me to hit the target if he doesn’t. I’ll leave the 45 ACP to the better defenders.

Mitch Prodani

What is shown in the video is one pull of the trigger all the little shot particles hit after the initial projectile the object that hit the target in the head was the ” brass wod” that propels the flak.

Wild Bill

@Mitch Prodani, Thank you for taking time from you schedule for commenting. V/r, Wild Bill

Ana Bueno

As a woman who admits she’s not the greatest shot, mainly due to a tremble in my right hand… I thank you Patriots Ballistic!

Patrick Sperry

Sounds more like a sales pitch than anything new or improved. As noted by Michael, the second round is indeed in a tumble. Not good, not good at all. Is this just another gimmick? Not sure where the other poster came up with $3 per round, but I will stick with XTP’s, and Golden Sabres thank you very much.


Are you kidding me. In the video I can see the first shot . The body shot. the round is on a spinning collusion with the target . However the second shot , the headshot , appears to tumble end over end. tumbling , in my mind is an indication of serious problems . And yes there are a lot of variables to account for the spinning , and account for the tumbling . which aren’t posted , we don’t know the distance to the target we don’t know what type of Rifling or length of the weapons barrel. Please… Read more »

Mitch Prodani

The second “round” is not a “round” it’s the brass wod that propelled the flak. And the initial projectile was intended to miss low. The shot was fired at 13 feet. The target was only fired upon once. Everything you see on the target was a result of one pull of the trigger and the anecdote written was a actual account by a women who was a victim of a “hot burglary” she missed was assaulted and stripped of her weapon. Your 100% correct practice makes perfect just like brushing your teeth prevents cavities but not everyone does what they… Read more »

James Bailey

Hey Mitch, Once I can afford to get another sidearm chambered in 45 ACP, I will indeed take a hard serious look at your ammunition! I’m physically impaired and so you’re not able to practice like other folks because of both budgetary concerns, and physical inability to practice like healthy folks! Sadly, most of the writers who write articles these days about being on target, practicing with your weapon, omake absolutely huge assumptions: but everyone has the money to shoot two to four hundred rounds a week, has the money for gas and the $10 to get into the range,… Read more »

Mitch Prodani

Mr bailey,
I read your comment and I will admit it struck a cord with me. We would like to make, free of charge for you some “FLAK” cartridges in the caliber of your choice for review.
Much thanks
Patriot Ballistics team

James Bailey

Hey Mitch, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but ‘Life’ has a tendency to intrude sometimes! I’ve caught up with the debate on your ammunition and quite frankly, I don’t think it’s getting an open-minded hearing! A few more videos addressing the collateral damage issue would probably be your best bet, and with that addressed I’m sure that you could alleviate much of the concern from folks. Further, I noticed that a lot of the comments that were not in favor of your ammunition didn’t seem to bother reading the actual text of the article,… Read more »


Can anyone say “handload”!


Sounds like NYPD needs allot more training or new officers.


But their bystander hit rate is over 60%!

Roy F. Wilt

“You close your eyes and pull the trigger.” What do you think? Of Course you are going to miss! Practice with your Firearm! You can get yourself up to 100% first round hits! Even while you are crapping your pants!


Multiple projectiles will still miss if the aim is off.


Looks mean! $3 a round mean? I don’t think so.